tagLoving WivesWife Fucks Stranger On TV: Her Side

Wife Fucks Stranger On TV: Her Side


I knew Ben had wanted to re-energise our sex lives for a while. We made love regularly and it we still turned each other on, but when he suggested we try one of his fantasies I really wasn't sure. Okay, I was kind of turned on with the idea of having sex with another man while Ben watched, but how would he really feel and why did he fantasize about me fucking other men? We talked it through and I agreed to try it once, saying he could never hold this against me, as it was his idea.

We agreed that on Friday night I would go to a club and pick up a stranger and bring him home. I checked with Ben on Thursday that it was still fine with him, but by that stage I was getting so excited. He seemed as keen as ever and I was determined to put on a show for him!

On Friday morning I called in sick and as soon as Ben left for work I started getting ready. First I would need a new outfit, then have my nails and hair done and also a wax leaving just the tiniest tuft above my pussy.

By the time Ben got home I was ready. Showered, perfumed and feeling sexy in the smallest dress I could find. Underneath I wore stay-up lace top stockings and no panties, after all, it wasn't like I was going to be playing hard to get! The expression on Ben's face as he came through the door was perfect. His hot wife was going out to get fucked tonight!

I left straight after dinner and headed to a local club. Even though it was early evening there was a good crowd in. I circulated the room feeling like a stud on the prowl, aware that all the men undressing the little that wasn't bare. There were a couple of men who caught my eye, but one in particular stood out. Like most women I like tall, dark men and he was perfect! I got a seat at the bar near him and gave him a smile. He took the bait and came on over and offered to buy me a drink. His name was Seth and he had been in town for the week on business and was killing time before his flight on Monday. We small talked and he asked if I would like a dance. We danced for a little while and he began to kiss my neck and squeeze my ass. I whispered that he might like to come home with me if he was going to misbehave. I have never been this forward before with men and the thought sent a shiver through my pussy knowing what was going to be in store.

We walked the two blocks back to our place in record time and burst through the door. I thought of Ben on the other side of the wall. Was he still okay with this? Would he suddenly burst out and it would all be off?

I led Seth to the bedroom and pushed him on the bed. If this was Ben's fantasy it was working just fine for me now! I turned and started a strip tease. Guys have always complimented me on my ass and as I slid the dress up I knew I had both Seth's and Ben's full attention. I turned back to my new lover and slowly slipped my dress up to show him my pussy. I thought he would loose it; I was in complete control of him right then. I could have told him to commit murder in order to see more and I am sure he would have. I pulled the dress off as Seth frantically unbuttoned his shirt before we took the rest of his clothes off.

I could now admire the rest of his body. He had a muscular, athletic build; not He-Man but strong and lean with a thick, long shaft saluting me from his groin. I reached forward and held it tenderly at first before grasping it with both hands and running my tongue along it before my lips and tongue started work. Seth responded, groaning as I made love to his beautiful cock with my mouth. I hoped Ben would be loving the show so I looked at the camera and gave him a wink. This was our fantasy now!

Seth's groans and breathing became quicker. I squeezed his testicles sending him over the edge and flooding my mouth with his hot cum. I don't normally like to swallow on account of the taste, but this was a fantasy now and I know Ben was loving it too! I gulped back the creamy cum, feeling deliciously naughty.

I had Seth completely under my power as I straddled his stomach and slowly undid my bra. I teased him, slowly taking it off and letting my breasts break free. I leaned forward and lowered my heavy breasts into his waiting mouth. He was like a boy in a candy store as his sucked my nipples. We started kissing passionately, and Seth slipped a hand between my legs and started stroking my soaked cunt as he kissed me passionately. I love kissing, and Seth working my clit and massaging my mound was driving me crazy!

After what seemed like an age, Seth picked me up with ease and flipped me onto my back, before kissing me down my body to my aching loins. Seth gave oral like a pro. Having another man between my legs was so different, every touch, nibble, lick -- he took me to the plateau and held me there for ages until I ached to cum, pleading with him to take me over the edge, but he refused telling me I had to wait.

He stopped eating me, his newly hardened cock now pressed against my pussy. I had to have it. I begged him to fuck me -- I needed that big cock inside me. Every cock feels different and Seth's felt amazing as he finally reached the hilt and began to fuck me, harder and harder. The sexual energy, pent-up frustration, the damn good fucking I was getting and knowing that Ben was watching as this man fucked his wife sent me over the edge and I came in a violent orgasm.

Seth didn't stop just because I came. Soon I was being fucked doggy style, my face near the camera in the headboard that I knew Ben would be intently watching as his wife, the love of his life, the future mother of his children was being hammered from behind. It was too much. I started to cum again, pushing back against Seth's thrusts before I felt Seth start to spurt inside me, his nails digging into my ass cheeks.

I woke a few hours later, my new lover curled against me. I lowered my head and gently took his penis in my mouth. He sleepily rolled on his back and stroked my face, his cock becoming rigid. I mounted his shaft and rocked back and forth as he pulled my hips and tweaked my nipples. It felt so good, so deep, so right. I wondered if Ben was awake now? I rode Seth, grinding my clit against his pelvis until we both came again.

I woke alone. Seth had gone. I put my dress and heels back on and went in to see Ben. He was asleep, a pile of towels next to the bed with the TV still showing our bedroom in the next room. I pulled up a chair and woke him. The look on his face when he saw another man's cum in his wife's pussy was priceless. This would hopefully be the first of many experiences.

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