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Wife Gets Another Opinion


All of my life I have had people to tell me to always get a second opinion. If you are shopping for a vehicle get more than one quote, auto repair make sure you get several opinions or quotes on the cost. Everything it seems needs a second opinion. Go to a doctor, get a second opinion.

Some of the times when my husband and I make love and after he fucks me, he will say "You sure are a good fuck". I know I am, but I am ready for another man to tell me that I am. His cock is the only one that I have ever had in my pussy. My mouth has had a lot of cock in it. Maybe I need to put out to some other men and get another opinion.

I have been thinking about getting me another cock for quite awhile. I would want someone that I know to have the honors of fucking me. Of course I wouldn't want to be labeled a whore or slut for getting a few opinions. I would like to be told if I am a good fuck.

Sitting in this night club with my sister in law one Friday night, with the loud music and hunks all over the place made me horny. My husband didn't mind me going to the club with Nancy. Nancy like to have fun and she did have sex with some of the men that she met here.

She would dance with a man and then come back to my table and say that she was going out to the parking lot and that she would be back. Why don't you grab one of the men and go out and have some fun. I knew she was going to their vehicles to fuck.

Nancy is my husband's sister. She sure does love sex. She said that she had worked hard all week and her husband was having his fun and she was to. I guess she has had sex at least once every night we have been coming here.

I never had but one cock, but tonight I sure did want that to change. Nancy had already said you need another cock. It would do you good to know how another cock would feel like. I am sure he would give you his opinion if you asked him.

Sure I needed another opinion, but if I put out tonight, could I do it just one time. I was afraid if I put out I would enjoy it so much that it would happen again. At least I had to try another cock one time.

So the hunk that I had danced with was coming to my table. Hey Sue, why don't we get out of here for awhile? I could use some fresh air.

I had already made up my mind before he asked. Sure, I said. I wouldn't ask for his opinion, he would have to give his opinion on his own. I guess every woman sometimes likes to hear that she is a good fuck. I know I do.

We went to his truck, it had a straight seat. It was parked in a dark place on the back of the parking lot. He opened the door and I got in and he got in right behind me.

He put his arms around me and we kissed. Soon he had my blouse unbutton and I took it off. There was no bra to take off. His tongue and mouth on my nipples was making my pussy hot and wet.

I reach down and felt of his cock, it was hard and big. I unzipped him and freed his cock. It was long and thick, I had felt of cock before and was pretty good at bringing men to a climax. I had a few of them to shoot their loads in my mouth. But they never got to fuck me. I love the taste of a man's or woman cum in my mouth.

I knew that I would suck his cock and in a few minutes I would have his cock in my hot cunt. I took his shirt off. Sucking on his nipples made him even harder. I wondered if I could take all of this hard man meat.

I had already decided that I wanted to feel his cum in me. No condom for this cock tonight. I slipped off my jeans and I was nude. No panties was worn by me tonight. I knew that I would get a second opinion tonight. When I entered the club with Nancy, I knew I would have another cock before I went home to hubby.

He slipped his jeans off and I told him to fuck me. You are so big, take it slow and easy until I get use to your size. He did, until I told him to give me all of it. He shoved all nine inches in me in one deep thrust. It hurt but soon it turned to pleasure.

Fuck me stud!!!!!!!!! I want to be fucked!!!! He began his stroke, of in and out, in and out, he sure did know how to use his tool. I was sure glad that he was concentrating on making me cum. He knew the right spot and I was almost there. When I had my orgasm, my nails dug into his back. It sure did feel good having an orgasm with another man.

He continued to pound my pussy and I didn't want him to stop. He brought me to another orgasm as I felt him spend his hot load of man juice into me. It was a big load.

He withdrew, and with my mouth and tongue I cleaned his cock of mine and his juices.

You sure are a good fuck he told me..

That was what I wanted to hear. Now I had my second opinion.

When I came back into the club, Nancy was sitting at our table. Well did you get you a cock?

Yes, I did and I got my second opinion..

Well the night is still young. Why not get another cock before we go home? So he told you that you was a good fuck?

Yes, he did. But you know what, I thank that I will get me some more opinions. A lot more opinions.

How many opinions do you need before you know that you are a good fuck, she asked.

I don't really need anymore opinions, I already know that I am a good fuck. I just needed a second one because everything you do, people tell you to get a second opinion. I have got it, and now I just want more cock and more experience.

Nancy reached into her purse and handed me a condom. Here take this, you can't go around fucking every man that wants you without some protection.

Thanks Nancy, this will probably be used tonight by another hunk that is in here. I see one now that has had his eyes on me most of the night. He will score tonight.

Way to go Sue. Now since you have already got another opinion, we can have us some good times coming here.

I am ready for another cock, I told her.

Me to. Lets find two studs and go to a hotel with them. Truck seats are alright when there's no where else to go, but I do love being on a bed.

I know that's right. My ass is a little sore from sliding around on that truck seat. I am ready when you are. I need another opinion..and there's a cheap hotel down the road a piece on the way home.

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