Wife gets Picked Up in a Hotel Bar


I later learned that some of the small talk that Mike and my wife were doing, centered on questions he had about her earlier comment that her husband knew "exactly" what she was doing. She told him that we had a trusting relationship. He wanted to know what she meant by that. She told him that her husband was a trusting man, who knew that she would go out tonight on her own, and then out some more over the weekend with her friend, and that he expected that she would no doubt get "hit on". Her husband also told her to "have fun", but that he expected her to act respectable and to tell him all the details of her fun, when she got home. In short, she said, "My husband figures that I will probably get picked up by some man looking to get laid, and that I might accommodate him!"

It wasn't really an open ticket for her to be a "Slut", but that her husband understood, if she had some "fun". He told her that every man should have a woman like her, and that her husband must be a VERY lucky man! He went on to tell her that his wife wouldn't understand if she knew he fooled around while out on the road, so what he does while traveling, stays "out on the road", when he goes home. He even volunteered to her that, he had done a threesome with a husband and wife, the last time he was out on a business trip. My wife thought that was funny, because he didn't know it, but he might have another one tonight!

It was after having this conversation, that Mike's advances towards my wife became much more bold and sexual. I saw them kiss several more times, and sometimes they were almost lost in their passion as they necked, right there in the bar! During one of their kisses, I saw my wife rubbing her right hand on Mike's left leg and it looked to me like she might be high enough to be rubbing his hard cock through his pants leg! I was really turned on by the sight of my wife acting like a "common slut", an "easy piece of ass", about to be "picked up" and fucked!

Another hour passed, and the two of them sitting close, kissing, and touching each other's leg was the extent of the action. My wife consumed a couple more margaritas and even downed a few shots of tequila that she got Mike to buy for her. I knew she had to be feeling a glow from the booze by now, and I figured that was good because she would need a little extra courage when it came time to tell him that I was here in the bar with them!

The lounge was very full of people by now and some were even dancing to the jukebox. Brandie got up and went out to the bathroom. My cell phone rang and I answered it and went out into the hotel lobby so that I could hear my "business call" over the music. I took a seat in one of those big leather chairs they have in the middle of the lobby and I was pretty free to talk, without being overheard. My wife said, "Damn! I'm getting a good buzz!" I said, "Well ease up on the booze a bit before you get too drunk." "Yeah I guess I will slow that down a bit." she said. I asked her, "So, do you like this guy?" That's when she told me his name was Mike. She said, "Yeah. He's very nice and cute too!" I said, "He's been rubbing your leg A LOT! Especially, getting his hand on the inside of your thigh, I know how much you like that. Is he turning you on?" She said, "Yes. He's making me pretty HOT!" "Has he been bold enough to reach up to your pussy yet?" I asked. "Not really "touched it". Maybe brushed it a couple of times with the back of his hand or fingers. He has gotten up to the bare skin at the top of my stockings several times though. You know I like that and it's been turning me on! He has complimented me on my fine stockings and legs several times, and he has suggested that we go to his room a couple of times already." "Well, what did you tell him?" "I really haven't answered him. Just kind of didn't say yes, or no. I told him about us and all, he's cool with all that and said he's even done a threesome before."

So I asked her, "Well, what ya gonna do when you go back in there?" I said, "It's nearly 11PM now and he probably has to work tomorrow. How much longer you going to play this out?" "Well, you know me, I'm really not that forward, I'm not sure what to do." I asked her, "Well, do you want to fuck him?" "Yes!" was her short and affirmative answer.

My cock jumped in my pants again! To HEAR my "slut" wife actually SAY that she wanted to fuck this other man, that ALWAYS turns me on! I said, "Well, go back in there and just let things get rolling. See where it goes. If you want me to, I'll approach him and tell him the deal." She said, "No, that's OK. I'll get it out somehow. If I can't, I'll let you know."

We hung up and I stayed where I was and watched as my wife came out of the bathroom, she looked over at me, smiled, took a quick look around to see if anyone else in the lobby could see her, then she pulled her skirt up and flashed me her pussy! I laughed; she smoothed out her skirt and went back into the bar. I took the opportunity to go to the men's room, and then I went back into the lounge.

As I went back in the bar, Brandie passed by me, with Mike by the hand. They went up on the dance floor to join several other couples who were dancing to the jukebox. I got another beer and took up an empty seat at a table on the floor, right in front of the railing to the upper level. I watched my wife dancing with Mike, a slow dance, and they were hugged up very tight! He had both arms around her; one around her waist pulling her very tight to him and his other hand was on her ass, rubbing it through the material of her skirt. I wondered if he knew now that she didn't have any panties on.

Brandie had her arms both, up around Mike's neck and near the end of the song; they kissed each other a long, slow, passionate kiss! I could see their tongues slip in and out of each other's mouths! A kiss like that says, "I want to fuck!" My cock stirred again as I watched my wife kiss this "pick up" in such a passionate way. When the dance ended, Mike led my wife, by her hand, back to their table, right past me. As she passed me, my wife looked at me and gave me a smile that said, "I'm having FUN!"

11PM must be the magic hour for business people, because over the next 30 minutes, the place really emptied out. I was close enough to Mike and my wife, that I could plainly see whatever they were doing but not close enough to hear any conversation, with that jukebox playing. Since that dance, Mike was much bolder now, and he had turned in his seat towards my wife and his left hand was on the inside of her left leg. His right arm was up around the back of my wife's chair and he was right in her face, talking to her very close and occasionally he kissed her. She was very receptive to his advances and never did anything to make him back off. I was able to watch the show without being too obvious because I was seated in front of, and below, where they were, and the way Mike was sitting, he wasn't paying me, (or anyone else), any attention!

Once while they were kissing, I saw Mike run his left hand up the inside of my wife's left leg and he must have been going very high, because I plainly saw the "slut" spread her legs a bit farther apart so as to give him better access to where he wanted to go! I was pretty sure that he had his hand on my wife's pussy and probably a finger, or two, in her cunt!

They broke off the kiss and Mike moved his mouth to the side of Brandie's neck. I could see my wife with her head back and to the side as Mike kissed her neck. Her eyes were closed and the way she was biting her lip, I suspected that Mike must have finally found out that Brandie wasn't wearing any panties, and he probably had a couple of fingers in my wife's pussy right there in the hotel lounge!

I looked around and the few men, who were left in the bar, were watching the same show that I was, although I probably had a better view than the others had. Even the bartender was watching as he dried some glasses. I think my wife was getting close to having an orgasm right there in the bar, because I saw her sit up straight, push Mike's hand off a bit, lean over and say something to him in his ear, and then they both laughed. She told me later that he did have a couple of fingers in between her pussy lips and he was rubbing her clit! She told him that if she let him keep that up, she was going to make a mess out of the chair and her skirt! She didn't tell him this, (he probably knew it for himself!), but, he had her cunt VERY wet and she was HOT and READY!

Brandie asked Mike to get them both another drink, which he did. When he came back, I saw her take a drink then lean over to talk in his ear. As she did, I saw him cut his eyes over towards me! I thought, "This is it! She's telling him the deal!" I saw Mike smile, say a couple of things to her, then look back at me, then he leaned over towards me and asked me to come up and join them. As I did, I looked around and except for 2 men at the bar, and the bartender, the place was now deserted. Those other guys were looking at me "joining" the "slut" with this other business man, and you could see the questions on their faces! I had to suppress my urge to laugh out loud!

I shook Mike's hand, we made our polite man-to-man introductions and then I sat down with my back to the bar opposite my wife. Mike said, "So, you been watching us all night? I hope that I haven't done anything to piss you off!" I said, "No. You've conducted yourself like a perfect gentleman, and I can't blame you for being attracted to my wife! I have enjoyed the show! I hope that you're not mad that we used you to play a little game." He said, "No, not really. Must admit to being a bit surprised when she told me! But, all in all, it has been a fun night so far and I hope it's not over yet. Your wife is a VERY HOT and sexy lady!"

At that, my wife had a spontaneous burst of a giggle and then excused herself to go to the bathroom, I suspected, she wanted me to have a few minutes to talk to Mike alone.

Once she disappeared, and we were alone at the table, Mike asked me, "How far does this game go?" I told him, "As far as she wants it to." He said, "Well, she is a very sexy woman, she has had me turned on all night!" Then being a little bolder and maybe encouraged a bit by the alcohol he'd been drinking all night and remembering what my wife had told him about our trusting relationship, he said, "I have got to be honest with you, I think your wife is one HOT piece of ass! I sure would like to get a piece of that! I've felt her pussy a couple of times tonight and it's pretty damn wet! I think she wants it as bad as I do!"

Hearing this "other man" tell me how much he wanted to fuck "my wife", and that he had already been touching her pussy, made my cock spring into full erection, inside my pants! I agreed with him that I thought she was ready to fuck! Just as I said that, Brandie came back from the rest room. She said, "I heard that!"

As she sat down, Mike once again said to me, "Damn! She's a sexy woman." I thanked him for that compliment and that now, if he wanted to, we would all go up to our room and have sex. I assured him that I was very straight and was not looking for any man-to-man sexual action. He said he understood, and that he was game to finish what we all had started! The whole time he and I were having this discussion, my wife, was quietly finishing off her last margarita. I looked over at her and said, "Are you ready?" She said, "I've been ready for an hour!"

We all laughed at that, and I knew she was feeling the liquor or she wouldn't say anything that bold! I told Mike that as we got up to go, to act as if she was "his woman", as we leave the bar, and I'll just follow along like a "friend", or something. He said, "OK."

We all got up, Mike helped my wife get out of her chair, in the back, by the wall, then he followed her as she headed out and I followed them. Mike took Brandie's hand as they walked ahead of me. We left the bar with the 2 men and bartender staring at the 3 of us all the way.

We went to the hotel elevators, I pushed the button and waited. As we did, my wife held very tightly onto Mike's hand and very close to him as if she was "with him", and I was just along with them. The elevator opened and we stepped in. Brandie and Mike stepped to the back and I pushed the button for our floor. As soon as the doors closed, Mike embraced my wife in a passionate kiss and his hand went up under her skirt! I heard the squishing sounds as a couple of his fingers worked quickly in and out of my wife's wet cunt!

The elevator stopped at a floor that wasn't ours and the doors opened. Mike took his hand out from under Brandie's skirt but they didn't break off the kiss. A couple who were waiting for the elevator looked in and I just shrugged my shoulders and said, "They couldn't wait till they got to their room!"

The waiting couple just stood there with their mouths open as the elevator doors shut and they didn't get on. I laughed out loud! As soon as the doors closed, Mike's hand went under my wife's skirt again, onto her bare ass! My cock was hard as a rock, watching this man, my wife had just picked up in the hotel bar, pawing my wife all over like the "slut" that she can be! His hand worked back around to Brandie's pussy and he fingered her cunt again! I could smell her wet pussy in the tight confines of the elevator!

We arrived at our floor, the doors opened, and we all walked down the hall towards our room. As I put the key card in the door and opened it, Mike was all over my wife again. Once again his hand went onto my wife's bare ass and his arm had her skirt tail up. There was a guy down the hallway, (he had an ice bucket in his hand so I assumed he was looking for the ice machine), who was watching the three of us, he could plainly see my wife's ass with Mike's hand all over it! He watched them making out and me opening the door, and I'm sure he was wondering what was going on here. When the door opened, Mike and my wife went inside and I followed. That should have answered any questions the guy in the hallway had!

Once inside the room, the two of them embraced again and they seemed to be trying to swallow each other's tongue. Mike had my wife's skirt up around her waist and had one hand on her ass and the other on her pussy with a couple of fingers up her cunt! He was finger fucking her so hard that she was up on her tippy-toes as he drove his fingers up into her! They were kissing and she was moaning and he quickly brought my wife to an orgasm! We hadn't been in the room two minutes and here the "slut" was having an orgasm!

She broke off the kiss, hung on tight to his neck, stood on her toes and shuddered and moaned as she went through her orgasm. It was a beautiful sight to behold! I don't think there's any more beautiful sight in the world than to see my wife having an orgasm! This is one of the most thrilling parts about sharing my wife with other men for sex! I get to "watch her" and "see her" from a vantage point that I can't do when it is her and I making love! The whole time this scene was unfolding in front of me, I was standing off to the side of the room just watching.

As my wife came down off the high of her orgasm, she slid down Mike's body till she was on her knees in front of him. She opened his zipper and his hard cock sprang out of his pants. I'm not a cock connoisseur, but he had what I would call a "nice cock". It was maybe 7" long and fat enough that my wife could barely get her hand around it. It was a bit larger than mine is, but I'm not bothered by that. My wife stroked it with her hands and then she leaned forward and took the head of his cock into her mouth. I love watching my wife sucking another man's cock! Watching the head of his rod disappear between my wife's lips, made my own cock twitch and jump!

Mike put his hands on the back of my wife's head and obviously enjoyed the feelings her mouth was bringing to his cock! Brandie loves to have a man grab a handful of her hair and kind of push/pull her head back and forth and "fuck her face" with his cock. Mike had his hands full of my wife's hair and was kind of gently pulling it and pushing on the back of her head, sort of forcefully fucking my wife's mouth! He didn't know it, but he was doing EXACTLY what she likes to have done. He said, "Oh yeah! Suck that thing, Baby! DAMN! That's good."

I watched as my wife sucked him like the "SLUT" that she can be. My wife is an expert cock sucker and I know how that was feeling! I stepped over close to him and whispered in his ear, "Use her like a "SLUT", Man! That's what she is, right now. Give her what she wants!" Without looking at me, with both his hands on my wife's head, fingers intertwined in her hair, and as he fucked my wife's mouth with his cock, he said, "MAN! This woman really knows how to suck a cock!"

As Brandie worked on Mike's cock, sucking and licking him from top to bottom, I got a beer out of the fridge and screwed the cap off. Then I stood and watched as my wife gave this man a fantastic blow job! Brandie looked over at me several times with her mouth full of cock and smiled as best she could around Mike's dick! While my wife was looking at me, I reached down and fished my own hard cock out of my pants and stood there with beer in one hand, stroking my hard cock with the other, and watching Mike enjoy my wife's mouth on his cock! She kind of nodded her head as an acknowledgment that she knew I was enjoying the show.

Mike looked over at me, and if he was surprised to see me drinking beer and stroking my cock, he didn't show it. Then he said, "Man! Your wife is one great cock sucker! Damn! She's got the mouth!" I said, "Yeah, I know how that feels! Enjoy!" He responded that he was DEFINITELY enjoying it! I really like it when I'm sharing my wife with a man, when he is at ease enough to talk about her and how good it is while it's all going on. He obviously had done this before.

The floor was getting hard on Brandie's knees, so she stood up, embraced Mike in another kiss and started to help him off with his clothes. It didn't take long and Mike was naked with his clothes piled up on the floor. He started to help my wife off with her clothes but she only let him open her blouse and unhook her bra in the front, revealing her large tits, the nipples already standing hard and erect, because she knows I like to watch her having sex with her clothes on.

I find something especially erotic about the sight of a woman with her skirt up around her waist, and fucking with her shoes and stockings still on! Sometimes with her panties, (if she had any on to start with), still hanging off from one foot! It's like, "Here's a HOT SLUT, who couldn't wait to get undressed to get it on!" I find it VERY sexually exciting!

My wife pulled Mike over to the bed and she laid down on it, spreading her legs wide and putting the soles of her shoes on the bed with her knees up. Mike went head first in between Brandie's legs and started eating her pussy! I put my beer down and quickly stripped down naked. Then I walked over to the bed and looked right down into my sexy wife's face as she lay there with Mikes face buried in her snatch and licking her towards another orgasm! She had both hands on the back of Mike's head, but she reached out with her left hand and grabbing my cock, pulled me over onto the bed. She turned her head to the side and sucked my hard cock into her mouth. I couldn't take much of that and would surely soon cum, but I didn't want to...YET! So, I only let her do it a little bit, and then I backed off the bed.

I stood next to the bed and played with my wife's tits while Mike continued eating her pussy. As I rolled and pinched her nipples between my fingers, I looked down into my wife's face and she looked so sexy and beautiful with that look of passion that Mike and I were bringing to her face. Mike's mouth work on my wife's cunt had the desired effect and she built to her orgasm. She was moaning, and saying, "Oh, YES! Oh God, YES! That feels soooooo fucking good! You're going to make me SQUIRT!"

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