tagLoving WivesWife Gets Taken At The Strip Club

Wife Gets Taken At The Strip Club


My wife and I have been married for 12 years. Susan is a 32 year old mother of 2. Her body still amazes me. I swear she is getting better looking as she gets older. We were talking on night about this strip club we have driven by several times and the fact that she has never been to one. I tried explaining what the place is like, although I have not been there in well over 10 years myself. I said, "what the hell, lets go out next weekend and you can see for yourself!" She said, "really? You wouldn't mind taking your wife to one of those places?"

"of course not!" I told her, "it would be fun." So we decided to go out the next Friday night. I was excited because I certainly don't mind watching strippers and I thought maybe this would spice things up for us in the bedroom.

We arrived at 8pm. The place was pretty crowded. We noticed the sign said it was amateur night. All the better I thought! When we got inside I immediately noticed how much the place changed since I was here a long time ago. It wasn't as nice inside, and the crowd that was there seemed a bit tougher looking. I did get a bit nervous about bringing Susan there as she was one of the few women in the place and a lot of biker-looking guys seemed to be staring at her all the time. She noticed that too and said she was a bit nervous, but we were here so we might as well stay. The first stripper came out, she was one of the regulars, nothing amateur about her. She knew exactly what she was doing. After stripping down to her thong she made her rounds along the edge of the stage where the guys would slide cash into the side of her last bit of clothing, trying a grab a feel as they were doing so. Susan turned red from embarrassment watching this. She had no idea the audience got to touch the dancers in this place. But the bouncer was right at the stripper's side. Making sure that each guy only got a quick feel of her thong before another guy got a turn.

When her time was over it was time for the first amateur to come out. She was a nice looking blonde wearing a t-shirt and shorts. She was nervous, that was for sure. And as she did an awkward dance she slowly took off her t-shirt and shorts revealing a very sexy bra and panties. That was as far as she went. I found out that the amateurs were free to take off as much as or as little as they wanted to. The next couple of hours we watched the show alternate between real strippers and amateurs. Most of the amateurs stripped down to their panties, then quit. Some of them quit before taking off their bras. Each time they decided they did enough the audience would yell all kinds of things to get them to go farther.

At around 1 am the crowd had thinned out a bit. The ones that were still there were the toughest looking of the bunch. The last real stripper performed about 2 hours before and they were getting tense from most of these amateurs not stripping all the way and not making any rounds for these guys to try to get a good feel. The owner came on stage and asked if there were any more ladies that would like to get some time in the spotlight. I still can't believe I said this, but I told Susan, "you should go up there! You'd only have to strip down to your underwear, then you will be done, and think of the thrill it would be!" I must have only said something that stupid because I had been drinking all evening. Susan had been drinking too. At first she just looked at me like I was nuts. Then after a couple minutes she said "It wouldn't make you jealous?"

"No! I think it would be a thrill, go ahead!" Again, stupid me. Next thing I knew I was raising my hand at the owner, pointing to Susan. "Looks like we've got a real babe over there guys!" the owner said looking in our direction. All eyes were on Susan! The owner reached down to help her up on the stage, she reluctantly climbed up as I saw her face go beat red from embarrassment. The crowd started going nuts. The owner walked off stage as some music started. Susan just stood there and looked at me. I mouthed to her "go for it babe."

She slowly started trying to dance. After a minute or so one of the guys yelled "come on, take it off." She slowly unbuttoned her shirt, then let it slide off her shoulders, falling to the floor and revealing her white, ordinary looking bra. The crowd started cheering. She knew what she was supposed to do next. She unbuttoned and unzipped her jeans and peeled them off, showing us all her not so ordinary looking panties. They were my favorite pair she had, red shiny-smooth satin-like material, and rather skimpy. I could not believe how red her face was now.

It was like she had just realized that she was standing in her underwear in a room full of men, and not nice looking men either. I could tell she was getting very scared as she looked around the room. The song had ended and she was about to pick up her clothes when they started yelling "show us your tits!" She looked at me and I just nodded. I was getting a huge hard on from all this, my wife standing there like that in front of everyone. She closed her eyes and grabbed the bottom of her bra and flipped it up for about 3 seconds. Giving us all a great look at her perfect tits. More yelling from the crowd, "show us your pussy!" She just shook her head no. I knew that would be too far for her. Then they started waving $20 and $50 bills at her, telling her to come over to the side of the stage so they could put the cash in her panties. I know she remembered how the real stripper got felt up when she did that, so she kept shaking her head no! A couple of the guys noticed how her and I kept making eye contact and realized we had come there together. Next thing I knew 2 of them grabbed me and threw me up on stage and said "help her out!"

I walked over to her and told her there was a lot of cash being waved in the air, and that if she wanted to I would be right behind her and hold her if she wanted to get some $50 bills in her panties. She said, "but what if they try to feel me?!" I said the bouncer would make sure that the most any of them got was a quick feel of her panties. Once again, what the hell was I thinking? Just as she started taking baby-steps toward the edge of the stage the bouncer said "I'm going to piss, your on your own!"

It was too late though, she was at the edge of the stage already. I slowly helped her sit down on the edge with her feet hanging off the side like the real stripper had done. A guy slid a $50 bill into the side of her panties then tried to feel her pussy through them. She quickly closed her legs tight, but the guys on the sides of her each grabbed a leg and pull them wide apart and held them there. Then the guy who had given her the $50 reached up and started feeling her crotch. She immediately tried to pull back and I tried to help her by pulling her back toward me. But the guys holding her legs had a firm grip and I could not pull her back up on the stage. The hand continued to grope her pussy through her panties as she kept saying "NO NO NO NO…..HELP ME!" But there was nothing I could do.

My heart was pounding as her and I both watched her panties get pulled aside as the hand started touching her bare pussy. As the guy started touching her she started squeezing my hand with all her strength and continued to plead with him to stop. I knew we were in serious trouble and whatever was going to happen; I would not be able to stop it. After a minute of watching him moving his hand around inside my wife panties another guy started feeling her thigh and said, "my turn!" As the first guy withdrew the next one slid his hand inside her panties and we could do nothing but watch as he played with her.

A couple other guys took their turn feeling her, and it looked like they all slide their fingers into her as we watched the movement inside her panties. Susan was beat red and shaking. All of a sudden I saw a knife by her thighs, and in a few seconds her panties were cut off at the side and thrown into the crowd. Her pussy was fully exposed to them, her cute little triangle of hair and soft pussy lips seen by all. Then the fingering continued. I could see she was getting extremely wet despite her still trying to get away. One after another, more men took turns playing with her pussy and fingering her. She looked back at me and said," I'm trying not to…….but they're making me….ohhhhhh," and she came despite trying not to.

Suddenly, someone came up from behind me and pulled me away from her. He dragged me over to the other side of the stage, about 8 feet from her. As he held me there he gave a thumbs up signal to the rest of them. They quickly pulled her up on the stage and layed her down on her back. I saw her bra go flying off into the crowd and hands all over her. Her tits were getting groped and there were hands all over her pussy. Then I saw a guy standing over her with his dick out. The other guys moved away but one held her hands above her head and two others held her legs apart by her ankles. The one with his dick out got down on top of her. I could see her eyes close as he pushed himself into her. He fucked her hard for only a couple minutes then pulled out and came on her stomach.

Another took his place, then another, all cumming on her stomach except the last one, he fucked her the hardest, really pounding into her, then pushed in as hard as he could and stayed there. I could tell he was cumming deep inside her. They all got away from her and went to the bar, the one holding me got up also and headed for the bar. She just layed there for a few minutes, then looked over at me. I went over to her, helped her get her get her shirt and jeans on, then made it out to the car. I said I was so sorry to let that happen. She said lets just go home.

After she had a long hot shower and came to bed we talked about what happened. The more we talked about it the harder I got. She noticed my reaction and took her panties off and told me I had better fuck her and fuck her good. As I was ramming into her she started asking if I noticed how many times they had made her cum. She said she had cum several times while getting fucked. Hearing this sent me over the edge and I cannot remember such an intense orgasm as I had that night. I came so hard it actually hurt for awhile afterwards. We never went to any type of bar again. We never wanted to even come close to repeating that night, but our sex life was forever changed, for the better.

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