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Wife Has Sex With Neighbor


Judy and I like to take our boat out to one of the small islands off the coast. We like to beach the boat and set up a tent and campsite and spend the weekend. It is a great get-away and we can enjoy the sun and surf without a crowd. Almost as soon as we pulled away from the dock Judy removes her bikini. She loves to ride out naked. She gets a thrill when boats pass...she even waves as they pass. She always gets tooted at by the shrimp boats. I think they all know our boat. I shouldn't have to tell you that Judy is a big time exhibitionists. When we go out she loves to wear short skirts and revealing tops and she gets a thrill out of the attention she gets.

Anyway, we got to our favorite spot on the island and set up our camp. The island is usually deserted as it was today. We had been swimming and were just relaxing. Judy does even bring clothes ashore! The few times that we have run across people she just acted natural (we lived in Europe many years where she had become accustomed to being nude on the beach). Sometimes she got some stares...usually people would walk by as if they didn't notice. But, anytime somebody came to 'our' island she got turned on.

We were alone all Friday evening and made love in the sand on the beach. Early Saturday morning another boat pull up to our side of the island about a hundred feet down the beach from us. A man got out and pulled some fishing equipment out and set up for fishing there. Judy was laying down on the beach at the water's edge, he could not help but see her. I made us some lunch and we ate sandwiches and beer. After a couple of beers Judy said that she wanted to walk along the beach (I know that she wanted to get a better look at our new neighbor - and wanted him to get a better look at her). We actually walked right past him and I asked how the fishing was...he was trying to be polite and not stare at Judy, but, it was like his eyes were glued to her body. His name was Tony and this was his favorite place to fish he had already caught a couple. Judy and I made small talk and walked off...I knew that as we walked away his eyes were stuck on Judy's naked ass as it swayed along the beach.

On our way back we passed Tony and invited him up for a beer later. He suggested that he bring up his catch after he cleans it and we can have a fish fry...sounded great to me. I knew that Judy would enjoy it.

By mid-afternoon Tony had wandered up to our camp with his fish. It was a little early to be cooking so we talked and drank beer. All this time Judy is strutting around him totally naked. I could see the bulge in his shorts. While Judy had gone into the woods to go to the bathroom Tony told me how lucky I was to have such a fine wife. I told him how she loves this and loves the attention. He said that if she keeps this up he is going to embarrass himself and come in his shorts. I told him that I think Judy would rather fix that herself. He just looked and me and we both grinned.

Nothing else had to be said. I suggested that we go for a swim and we all went into the surf. Tony's shorts were baggy and bulky and Judy convinced him to remove them. He was wearing white briefs. When they got wet most everything he owned showed. Judy and Tony got very playful together. I'm sure that he got hands full of all parts of her body. When he was in shallow water Judy pushed him over and pulled down his shorts...after a bit of struggling she had them off and was running thru the surf, Tony in pursuit. He caught up with her and pulled her down. He was on top of her at the water's edge. A second later they were kissing passionately. I caught up to them and Judy looked up at me with these eyes that begged 'please can I?'

I nodded and that was all it took. She loves to be in control when we have sex and she took control now. Tony was more than happy to play along. Soon Judy was sitting on top of him and she eased up and down onto him. She guided him in...it was a little difficult because of the salt water but soon she was rising and falling with her back arched. She loves to look at me when she does this and our eyes were glued to each other as she was fucking Tony. He was caressing her breasts and pulling on her ass as she rode him. She was very vocal when she came and just laid forward on his chest. She rolled over into his arms and just let the water lap up against them as she played with his now limp dick.

Tony stayed with us all afternoon. He and Judy stayed naked and even ran out to the surf naked to wave at a few boats that passed close ashore. For me, it was like watching a movie. They played in the surf, we laid in the sun together. She put lotion on his body, he on hers. We had our fish fry and more fun in the sun and surf. Judy and Tony went to the tent for some 'serious' sex (as she called it) and I went to the surf to fish...but, I was too turned on to fish and ended up watching them through the tent flap. When I came up Tony had his face between her legs, she looked up as I approached and just smiled at me. She mouthed 'thank you' and laid back as she started to climb. Soon she was grinding as he continued with is tongue. Her ass came off the tent floor as she came she looked right up at me with glassy eyes. He pulled himself up on top of her and entered her with ease; she was so wet. They fucked until he came; then they took a nap together.

Tony left in time to get back to the mainland before dark and we spent the rest of the weekend together. I think that we must have fucked a dozen times between Saturday night and late Sunday afternoon when we left the island. Judy didn't dress until just before we pulled to the dock. She had a gorgeous tan with no tan lines and looked very satisfied.

All week long our sex has been great. We can't wait until we get back out to our island and maybe a new experience.

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