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Wife Helps Our Friends


We were seeing them after almost 3 years now. A telephone really was a poor stand in for the close friendship we shared with Rehan & Sunitha when they stayed in Jamshedpur.

Getting to Bangalore together with my wife had taken some planning and we eagerly looked forward to catch up on all the missing years.

Oh! The joy on seeing Sunitha when she opened the door!

The instant flash of that wide smile was enough to warm the cockles of my heart. We'd had some swell times with the pair of them.

Sunitha looked different though...she really glowed; a direct outcome no doubt of the fact that she was carrying a child – now finally after 8 years of serious attempts. At eight months, she was really bulged out and her ample frame did little to hide the fact. Al almost 65 kilograms, she was a well rounded woman of 34. Standing quite tall at 5'6", she had an ample bosom and really wide hips.

Standing behind her with an almost silly grin on his face was Rehan; at 5'11 inches, he stood almost 2 inches taller than me. Fair like his wife, he seemed to have put on some weight compared to the slim guy I had seen off from Jamshedpur.

There we shrieks of delight immediately as Preeti held out her hands to clasp Sunitha's. The usual hugs ensued and it took us some time to settle down in the drawing room.

"Yaar! Amit, it's really great to see you guys," said Rehan, "It's a shame we stay so far apart now."

"Well, let's make the most of this then!" I said. This was going to be one hell of a night. It was great to repeat a pattern that I so badly missed. Great conversation – drinks – even better conversation – deteriorating to a blast as we went through dinner and stayed up messing around till the wee morning hours.

The gals would catch up on all the gossip as we retired to a balcony to polish off peg after peg of drinks and packs of cigarettes over long conversations.

Rehan and I almost always ended up drunk by the time we were ready to have dinner and stayed that way long after, sitting cozily under muted lights with our wives. We just never seemed to run out of things to talk about as the drinks wore off towards the morning.

This time was just no different and after a scrumptious meal, we were back together, this time in their bed-room as that was the only room with an air-conditioner.

Sunitha was cuddled into a blanket sitting up against the bed-rest with Preeti sitting beside her sharing the blanket. Rehan and I were sitting beside the bed in low chairs with our feet up on the bed.

As the conversation flowed from topic to topic, my mind drifted as gazed at the two women contentedly chatting away. Preeti was a complete contrast to Sunitha. She was dark-skinned like me and of a smaller build. Just 4'11" in height, she was a small dynamo- a very shapely body with good boobs and flaring hips. Sunitha was very fair and had much more ample breasts that seemed to have grown with the pregnancy.

Its not that I had never thought about her in a sexual context; in fact, many of my fantasies hinged around my having access to that luscious body and I spent many a great moment contemplating how she would look naked. All in a fairly innocent way of course; she never had any reason to suspect anything as all such thoughts usually were the farthest in my mind when I was in their presence.

But just now, my drink muddled mind was teasing me into that realm again. I hoped that it didn't show on my face.

I don't know if it had appeared on my face just then, and was the reason for the turn of events immediately after that. Did Sunitha see the expression on my face and get nudged to starting it all off? I'll never know. But what happened that night, I'll never forget.

The conversation had generally drifted towards the personal and we were discussing how she had finally managed to conceive and the effect being pregnant had on Rehan's and Sunitha's life.

There was a lull in the conversation and Rehan was reclined into the chair and had a contented look on his face. That he was quite drunk did show on his face and must have done on mine too.

Sunitha was looking at me and I don't know if she really planned it out, but what she said suddenly had all three of our minds sit up on the alert!

"You know, we have a queer problem," Sunitha said, "having conceived after trying so hard, we are really scared to have sex now..." There was a pause as we looked up, "poor fellow, Rehan is living the life of a forced bachelor!"

I looked at Rehan and even in that state, he seemed to blush! It was a regular happening - us putting one person on the spot and enjoying their discomfiture. Preeti and I discounted the boldness of the statement and enjoyed his squirming.

But it seems Sunitha had more on her mind. "The fellow is really getting grumpy now after almost eight months! Doctors have advised us that there is just no problem in having sex, we have even watched these Preggo videos, but just cannot bring ourselves to try."

Rehan glared at Sunitha, but she wouldn't relent. "For some reason, Rehan just will not get off any other way...."

Preeti & I burst out into laughter.But Sunitha was not finished.

"Ok so he cannot enter me, I myself am scared, but other things also just wont' work!"

"Come on Sumi!" Rehan said, afraid she would continue... Preeti and I looked at each other...we never had gone this place before! But continue she did.

"You know you guys are our closest friends and I must talk to someone about this. I'm actually scared now."

"He's been getting irritated at every small issue and goes off into a limbo ever so often."

Both Preeti and I now appropriately adopted a serious look trying to look as though we were seriously discussing an issue.

Rehan seemed to be reconciled to the fact that Sunitha would have no stopping now.

My stupor seemed to be on the ebb at a fast pace. Sunitha just proceeded to speed up that process.

Even as Preeti looked on, she said "Hand-job, oral...just nothing works. For some reason, he just does not ejaculate!"

My heart began a steady thud now. None of us had ever spoken such words before.

Here she was – a regular object of my fantasy – discussing sex between her and her husband with me and Preeti! Immediately the blow-job was mentioned, my eyes shot to her mouth; Preeti's mind must have conjured up an image of Rehan's penis – she didn't dare look at his crotch though!

A demon seemed to have got hold of Sunitha and she forged ahead "You know, I was almost considering asking him to go look for a prostitute!"

"Sunitha, it's not that bad OK? I'll get by – it's just another month! For god's sake!" Rehan tried to get her to stop.

"One month? You going to bang me immediately I deliver the baby, Rehan?" she asked, "It's going to take at least three months now!"

Preeti and I were now gleefully enjoying Rehan's squirming. As for myself, I was additionally trying to stop my mind from wandering to Sunitha's body and everything she was referring to

Three months seemed to be something Rehan had not considered and his face seemed to darken.

'Poor guy!' Was all I could think of.

"Every time I think of sending him off to a Pross," Sunitha continued, "I start to worry about so many things. How do we get a safe woman? I cannot of course ask him to start off an affair!"

We just waited for her to go on.

"Then there's the problem with my ...I'm sure I will get to wondering about what's going on when he goes to another woman!-Pross or not." "I don't think I can take imagining all sorts of scenarios - whether he did more with her than he ever did with me? will he get tempted to cheat on me again. Whether she did more to him than I ever knew and ruined it for me as I would not know what to do after...just...the very thought...that I may look inadequate to him would put me under stress...don't know if I could take it...you know...it could spoil my relationship with him!" her rambling seemed to peter out.

"Hey! I'm not going OK? Don't work yourself up" said Rehan.

"Well that's the problem!" Sunitha sat up, you won't go because I cannot stand considering you with an UNKNOWN woman..." She looked at Preeti with wide eyes all excited and then to me..." And you will remain grumpy and I'll throw a fit one of these days!"

God! Was she getting at what she seemed to be?....

Preeti seemed to have caught on too. She turned to me with a jerk. 'Is she saying what she is saying?' she seemed to ask. My heart was positively thudding now and the blood seemed to be rushing into my head!

I barely managed to break contact with Preeti's eyes and looked at Sunitha, then at Rehan and back at Sunitha.

We all had sat up now. All vestiges of the drink seemed to have had flown out of my system in a flash!

Turning to Rehan, I caught him staring at Preeti and for a moment, I saw a flash of unbridled desire cross his eyes. Then he masked it, though Preeti was not venturing to look at him. She seemed to be mortified!

None of us offered to break the silence...

"Look, I know its asking too much, but I'm at my wit's end and you are the only guys I can even dare to ask for help."

She had said it now...it was out in the open-what she wanted. "If you feel offended, Preeti, you can slap me and we'll forget it. But I me desperate now."

None of us was capable of responding and she turned to me with pleading eyes and continued "I know Rehan loves me but he is unable to control his urges and that is what is causing a lot of tension with us now. Look, we are too scared to try it now as I don't think our way of doing it would be safe."

I think she sensed that she had an opening with us since we had not reacted wildly. Sunitha must have seen the confusion in our faces and she decided to press her point.

"Look Amit, You guys are the only ones I can hope will understand."

For good effect, Sunitha paused, and letting her head fall back on the back-rest of the bed and looking upward with teary eyes, she said "Oh God what am I saying!, but I just cannot think of what else i can do."

I looked at Preeti & where I expected to find indignation and anger, I found what was almost an understanding looking her eyes... she looked like she just needed a little push to relent!

My heart was racing now and I could not prevent myself getting excited.

Sunitha drew up her legs, hugged her knees and looked at each of us in turn before deciding to forge on. Sunitha must have seen that she could have her way here with some persuasion.

I finally made an effort to speak, but before I could, Preeti interjected "Sunitha, I don't know if we should, I sure appreciate the problem, but maybe we need to discuss this...There must be another solution."

"Preeti, think about it, you guys are our closest friends, you also live far away from us and there cannot be any complication. Furthermore, Rehan is not an unknown entity. We are sure that there is no health risk both for you or Rehan. Then there is the comfort in knowing that I am present when it happens. Amit will also be here – so both of us will not screw up our minds wondering what happened..."

Sunitha turned to me and said "Please Amit, there is no other solution, Please allow Rehan to fuck Preeti in front of us tonight, please! Preeti and you must do us this favor...I will never forget it!"

"Uh..." I looked at my wife for support and my heart almost jumped out of my chest when I saw that look of acceptance in her face. She looked me in the eyes and gently nodded her acquiescence!

I looked at Rehan who seemed to be totally bemused by the turn of events. It seemed to slowly dawn on him as to what his wife had gotten arranged.

Perhaps he must have had fantasies of Preeti just like I had had of his wife and could now let those thoughts show in his eyes. A feverish desire grew in his eyes as he realized that he could fuck Preeti. He looked briefly at me for permission and I nodded, feeling a fresh rush of blood heating up my nape.

Sunitha pulled off the blanket that she was sharing with Preeti from over their legs and made to move to a convenient position. Preeti however was also getting up and Sunitha stopped her, "Where are you going?"

"Uh...I need to wash up first!" Preeti said.

"No, don't do that Preeti, Rehan likes the natural smell of pussy. You guys have spent a long time without a wash, you must smell really strongly in your pussy. Don't deprive Rehan of that pleasure, let him smell your cunt and taste your juices!"

'My God!' I thought, Rehan was really a lucky guy to have this woman! Preeti was blushing deeply now, but a feverish look came into her eyes as she looked at Rehan. Here we were, talking of my friend seeing, smelling and tasting my wife's pussy!; the thought nearly drove me crazy! I had expected to feel very possessive of Preeti, but all this talk of Rehan sucking on her pussy was only making me more excited! I was now sporting a painful hard-on.

Rehan was in the same dilemma, he was wearing a soft track-suit and could do nothing to conceal the tent pole in his groin! It was clear now that he was not wearing any briefs.

Acknowledging that he could scarcely conceal his bulge, Rehan threw away all pretense of hiding it and proudly held his waist thrust forward as he stood up.

Preeti was looking at his bulge as Sunitha eased her to the centre of the bed with Preeti's back still against the rest.

"Amit, you come over on the other side of Preeti, I'll sit here to her left. Rehan, you come here in front of Preeti."

Sunitha was now acting like a master of ceremonies and as she took complete control of the situation. I knew now that she was not averse to using any term while she spoke! God! This was going to be one hell of an experience!

"Here, Rehan, kneel down in front of Preeti," Sunitha said as she took off the dupatta Preeti was wearing to cover her bosom.

I don't know if my eyes were playing tricks, but Preeti's rather ample boobs looked huge. She must have be really excited and I was sure she was wet now between her legs. As we gazed at Preeti's bosom, Sunitha took hold of the Chudidar Top at Preeti's lap saying "Here let me help you out of this."

Preeti Shifted from side to side raising first one side and then the other as Sunitha slipped the material from under her bottom. Then getting Preeti to bend, she unclasped the hook at the back and kneeling up, she pulled the Chudidar top up to freeing it from Preeti's hands that were stretched upwards.

Sunitha sat back then as the three of us took in the sight of my half clothed wife. Naked waist up except for the 36C white bra, Preeti was a vision of sexiness. The white material, stretched across and barely concealing each beautiful mound contrasted with the dark and smooth skin of my wife.

I felt a great sense of pride, seeing her plump body exposed with all the soft curves. I really do not dig slim women and the sight of the curves of a plump woman gets my blood running much more than those reed thin models.

"Go ahead Rehan, feel her breasts," said Sunitha, watching her husband hesitate to initiate contact. For a moment, Rehan shifted his glazed eyes from the half-naked wife of his friend to look at me. He was asking me permission to continue. Looking directly into his eyes, I nodded my head letting him know that he could go for it.

There was an audible gasp from Preeti as Rehan's palms made contact with her bra-covered breasts, one on each side. After first tentatively squeezing the breasts, Rehan seemed to gain in confidence that this was now an allowed thin- his probing my wife's breasts- and he enthusiastically explored the soft turgid orbs.

At first, Preeti had her sights trained on Rehan's hands as they squeezed her breasts. Then, after glancing at me for a moment, she looked up to Rehan's face to drink in his expression. Rehan looked up at her and their eyes locked.

As I looked on, the pair of them looked deep into each-other's eyes as Rehan proceeded to play with her breasts. He quickly learnt to tease her by flicking his fingers over her nipples which were straining through the material at the tip of the bra. Every time he did this, there was a gasp from Preeti. As the play continued, Sunitha gently pushed Preeti forward, reached for the clasp of the bra at the back and released the hook. Then gently sliding the straps from Preeti's shoulder, she let the bra fall off as Rehan paused to allow the scrap of cloth to fall.

My wife's breasts were now revealed in all their glory to the probing gaze of Sunitha and Rehan. The dark areolas surrounding the turgid tips were a stark contrast to the wheatish color of Preeti's breasts. Her nipples were now fully puckered, reacting to all that stimulation, and Rehan lost no time in placing his hands on the naked skin and continuing to tease Preeti's breasts.

Preeti was now moaning with her eyes closed.

Suddenly pausing for a moment, Rehan took off his hands and waited for Preeti to open her eyes. When she looked up at him enquiringly, he places a palm on each side of her face and slowly drew his face closer to hers. Then gently, he let his lips rest on Preeti's closed lips for a brief moment and withdrew slightly. He continued to place gentle kisses all over her mouth till she got the idea as to what he wanted. Letting go of herself, Preeti parted her lips and Rehan immediately stooped to kiss her again. This time, I knew his tongue was inside her mouth and in a few moments, after starting off tentatively, they were kissing each other with abandon. I looked up to see Sunitha watching me intently and she broke into a wicked smile. I smiled back and looked towards Rehan & Preeti who had now withdrawn. Still with his eyes locked into Preeti's, Rehan moved his head downwards till his mouth was in line with the nipple on her right breast. Then teasingly, he closed the gap to take her nipple in his mouth. The moment his mouth made contact, there were two gasps; one from Preeti and the other from Sunitha. When I looked up at Sunitha, I found she had her eyes trained on the sight of her husband sucking her friend's breast while she had a hand slipped inside her panties through her chudidar bottom and was caressing her pussy!

Rehan continued to suck on Preeti's Breasts and place kisses all over, moving from breast to breast. Sometime during the almost five minutes he spent on her breasts, Preeti brought her hands forward and clasped Rehan's head holding his mouth to her breasts. Eyes closed from the extreme pleasure, she was now guiding his head from breast to breast. Rehan caught on very quickly and immediately learnt as I knew that the underside of Preeti's breasts was really sensitive and licking and sucking there was sure to get her squirming.

By and by, he ceased the pleasurable torture and sat back on his heels.

Sunitha took over now. "Preeti, now it is time to show Rehan your pussy, here, let me help you" she said.

"Rehan, time to close your eyes!"

Preeti and I looked at her as Rehan dutifully closed his eyes and straightened to sit up. This seemed to be a ritual with them and I looked on knowing something special must come.

As Sunitha helped Preeti with getting the bottom of the chudidar off, the red cotton panties covering the plump and most private parts of my wife came into our view. I was right, the whole bottom gusset of her panty was wet & dark. There was no other time I had seen her showing such signs of arousal. The panty must be positively dripping with her juices.

As I waited, Sunitha hooked her fingers into the waistband of Preeti's panties on either side and pulled as Preeti lifted her bottom to allow her slide the panties off. The moment the panties were off, Sunitha sat back on her haunches and brought up the panties to her nose. She inhaled deeply as Preeti & I looked on shocked at her actions! Then, extending the panties to Preeti's nose, she made Preeti inhale of the aroma. 'This is what he will smell,' she seemed to say. I saw Preeti's eyes flare open as the blood rushed to her face. She was mortifed and excited at the same time!

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