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Wife Home Alone


Cindi got home from her morning errands at about ten in the morning and smiled. Like every Friday before she had the house to herself: no husband, no kids. Like every Friday before she dressed up in a nice dress, hose and heels. At 5'8" and age 53, she still elicited looks from men as she walked. Like every Friday before she looked forward to a quiet day of doing nothing.

Unlike every Friday before a hand closed over her mouth and a knife was put under her chin.

"Be still and I won't hurt you." Growled a voice in Cindi's ear. She was pulled roughly against the chest of the owner of that voice: a Man with a tight grip on her.

The Man had known Cindi would be alone today. He had been stalking her for a month after spotting her in a store. Her long legs visible in glimpses under her dress, the Man knew he had to make her his rape victim.

Tears of fear appeared in Cindi's eyes as the Man pulled her into her bedroom, his hand still over her mouth.

The Man released Cindi and turned her around to face him, knife under her chin.

"Please don't hurt me." Cindi sobbed, eyes on the knife.

"That is up to you. Be good and do what I want, and you'll live through this. Understand?"

"What…do you want?"

The Man smiled, reached out and grabbed Cindi's right breast. "To make you my rape victim. Now be still."

Cindi sobbed as the Man took his hand off her breast, reached around and unzipped her dress. He pulled it down and off her body.

"Please stop. Don't do this." Cindi shivered as the cold air of her room touched her skin.

The Man put a finger to Cindi's lips then used his knife to slice off her bra. Cindi yelped as the bra fell to the ground in pieces. She tried to cover her breasts with her arms. The Man slapped them away and began to suck on her nipples.

Tears rolled down Cindi's cheeks as she endured his lips on her breasts. Cindi was scared; scared that her family was going to find her dead body in her bedroom. If surviving meant letting this Rapist have his way with her, so be it. It almost made his touching her like her husband palatable. The Man bit her nipples and she winced. Well, almost palatable.

The Man kissed down Cindi's belly and began to finger her clit through the pantyhose. He smiled at her.

"No panties?"

Cindi blushed. " I don't like wearing them under my pantyhose. This pleases you?"

"Yes, " said the Man breathlessly. "Your entire body pleases me. Go sit on the bed."

Cindi obeyed, wincing as the Man slapped her ass like a playful lover as she walked toward the bed.

The Man kneeled before Cindi and caressed her long legs. Cindi took a deep breath as the Man lifted gently rubbed her right foot, lifted it and put her nylon-covered toes into his mouth.

Cindi moaned with pleasure. She loved her feet rubbed and her toes sucked. The warmth of pleasure --and shame-- moved over her body.

She moaned louder as her did the same to the left foot. It was surrealistic: she was getting turned on by her rapist.

The Man put her feet together and kissed the top of them. Then, separating her legs again, he kissed her ankles, lips moving up her calves and then the top of her thighs. Cindi cried out as the Man kissed the inside of her thighs his lips finally landing on her clit. He sucked her clit through the hose.

Cindi leaned back and, to her surprise, spread her legs further to make it easier for the Man to suck on her. She was lost in his touch. Her fear was still there, but he was treating her like a lover, not a piece of meat.

The Man ripped open the crotch of the pantyhose and slid a finger inside her, his lips still on her clit. Cindi groaned and pushed her hips up to meet her Rapist mouth and finger. Her body had taken control of her.

The Man paused long enough to look up at Cindi.

"Cum for me," he whispered. He returned his mouth to her clit as Cindi did exactly what he wanted and came, crying out, her body shaking from the intensity.

Cindi was still basking in the warmth of her orgasm as the Man pushed her down on the bed.

"No. Please go. I was good. Please…stop…" begged Cindi.

The Man smiled, grabbed Cindi's right wrist and bound it to her right ankle with a plastic tie.

"PLEASE DON'T TIE ME!" wailed Cindi as the Man bound her left wrist to her left ankle.

The Man caressed her tied helpless body. Cindi cried. She was going to die. He was going to kill her anyway.

"You are so sexy. Ready to become my Rape Victim?"

"Please don't. Please, I've been good. Let me go. Don't rape me." Cindi looked at the Man with tear filled eyes.

The Man smiled, put his hand over her mouth and drove his cock into Cindi's pussy.

Cindi screamed into his hand as the Man pumped in and out of her. It was horrible. This stranger was raping her. Taking her.

And she was getting excited again.

It started slowly, but the familiar warmth spread across her body. Her body was responding to her Rapist again.

"Yes," whispered the Man. "You are mine, now: my Rape Victim. Cum for me, Cindi. Give yourself to me."

The surprise at hearing her name almost derailed her body. This Man had been stalking her. She never had a chance.

With that realization, Cindi pushed her hips up and came for her Rapist again. Her screams of pleasure muffled by her Rapist hand over her mouth.

The Man thrust down into Cindi, grunted, and filled her with his semen. Cindi moaned in pleasure from feeling of the liquid warmth pouring into her.

The Man rolled off of Cindi and picked up his knife from the bed. Cindi's eyes went wide.

"Please don't kill me. I won't tell anyone. Just…NOOOO!"

The knife moved…and slit apart the plastic ties, releasing her. The Man kissed Cindi then put a finger on her lips.

"Our little secret. Understand?"

Cindi nodded. The Man kissed her again.

"You will always be my Rape Victim, Cindi."

He left Cindi on the bed.

Cindi never told anyone about the rape. Shame and fear held her tongue.


Some Fridays, when she was alone, she would put on the torn pantyhose she was wearing during her rape, take a vibrator and relive every second of it.

Maybe, someday, he would come back….

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