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Wife Lusts For Hubby's Friend


We are a couple staying in Pune (India). My wife Anjali (29) is a true beauty. Right at all the curves she has tits one can dye for. Coming from a middle class family, she was very conservative. Her dress sense was also very poor. But after getting involved in my social circle & introduction to my friends she started taking keen interest in her attire, style etc. Being very good looking she did not need introduction. Wherever she went she had the guys flirting with her.

It was a difficult task to keep the young guys away from her. At first she felt a bit embarrassed with the flirting but soon she started liking the attention she received everywhere. She started wearing sleeveless, tight fitting dresses, low cut blouses etc. She started to mingle around with the guys wherever we went. Very soon she confessed that during our love sessions, she fantasizes about making love to my friends. During lovemaking, she use to switch off the lights, & imagine that it was my friend who was fucking her. She also started flirting with my close friends, who were very obviously very thrilled & were waiting for an opportunity to screw my lovely wife.

She even started a bit of exposing for my friends. She loved to expose her lovely body before my friends. Many of my friends were eagerly waiting to fuck her. Once during our trip to Lonavala we met my friend Sunil. He had come to Pune for some training & had come to Lonavala to spend the weekend. Sunil, a bit short, but smart, fair, with large moustaches came with us to Bushi Dam. Very soon I noticed that my wife was attracted to him. With my wife's encouragement, even Sunil started flirting with her. He spared no opportunity to touch her.

We were sitting on the steps with water flowing, when he started taking photographs. My wife was wearing a T Shirt & slacks with nothing inside. Her nipples were hard & were clearly visible thro the wet T Shirt. She was posing very daringly. Soon she asked me to remove some photographs of Sunil. After two snaps he said "Anjali Bhabhi, why don't you join me in the photograph." She looked at me & without waiting for my approval went & stood with him. At first they sat on the steps besides each other. Then he asked Anjali to sit one step below his & casually put his arm around her necks. He could feel my wife's tits. Anjali also sat in such a way that her back was glued to his chest. Oh...... what a feeling it was.... to see your friend feeling your wife's tits with you taking snaps.

After this there was no looking back. We started splashing water on each other. She splashed water on Sunil, & he ran to catch her. He caught her from the back & lifted her & while doing so they fell & rolled down with the flowing water. I noticed that they were hugging each other openly. I was getting very excited. I had never thought that I will see my wife Anjali in such a position with my friend Sunil. After sunset, we retired & invited Sunil to stay in the Hotel we had been. After Dinner, & a fast fuck we went to bed. After some time, II saw Anjali going out of the room. I slowly followed her & saw her going to the Sunil's room which was next to us. I returned back to the room & thro thr gallery I entered the adjacent gallery. Sunil opened the door & was stunned to see Anjali. Seeing her red satin gown he said "Hello, You are looking damn sexy bhabhi. "

She blushed & said "If I can call you Sunil, Why don't you call me Anjali. "

He said "Fine, what can I do for you Anjali?"

"You have been eyeing me the whole day. You even tried to touch my tits. " she said. He stammered & said "I am sorry. I didn't mean to... but after seeing your sexy body I couldn't control myself. " She said "Do you find me so sexy, Sunil?." He replied " I would die just to see your beautiful body." She blushed & kept silent. He went forward, took her hands & said "I know you like me seeing & feeling your body. Isn't it true?."

She just moaned & said " Strip me naked Sunil. I want you to see me naked. " I couldn't believe it. My wife was telling my best friend to strip her naked. I had a raging hard-on. He removed her gown. She was standing with only Bra & panties. She said "Oh my darling Sunil, make love to me. I have been fantasising about your lund in my pussy. Fuck me now."

He was getting mad, by the words she was saying!! " Oh my darling Anjali, you shameless bitch. you want to be fucked by your husband's friend.?" She said " Yes, I am mad about you. I want to suck your dick. Make me your Randi. I am all yours tonight. " She felt his hardness & pulled his dick & started sucking it. He was pressing her tits.

To be continued...

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