tagNonConsent/ReluctanceWife Of The Party Ch. 01

Wife Of The Party Ch. 01

byR L Whitcomb©

Stacy struggled and tried to scream through the hand that was clamped firmly over her mouth, but only a muffled sound could be heard. The men holding her wrists on either side stretched her taut as she lay helpless on the soft, king-sized bed. John and Rick each grabbed one of her long, slender legs as they kicked aimlessly in the air and slowly pried her open. She lay there totally pinned now, her beautiful young tits heaving up and down as her labored breathing revealed her state of terror. The soft blonde down between her thighs didn’t conceal the pretty pink lips beneath. I remembered the first time I had seen that luscious pussy, back when Stacy and I were first married, and my cock hardened at the thought of six strangers fucking it raw.

Gary moved between her legs, his steel hard cock in his fist. “Now you’re going to get what you’ve been begging for baby,” he said as he touched the head of his shaft to her moist slit. Stacy could only shake her head no as she renewed her struggles to no avail. “Hold her tight, boys,” he commanded as he began to force his beefy ten inch cock into her squirming cunt.

This story all began when I was reading some erotica on the internet back in January about wife sharing. After several very good stories I knew I had to experience this for myself, but at the same time I knew that Stacy would never go along with it. So, I came up with a plan….

Stacy had always been a little tease and loved attention from other men. I figured that all I needed to do was get her in the right situation with some strangers of a certain type and they would take it from there. I talked her into letting me buy her a very sexy little party dress when we were out shopping one weekend. When she tried it on in the store she looked like a wet dream come to life. It was the color of orange sherbert and shiny, with the hem only inches below her pussy. Her bare, tan shoulders were accented nicely by the thin straps of the dress and her tits strained against the material that was stretched tightly across the chest. The color contrasted just right with her blonde hair as it flowed over her shoulders.

Stacy looked at her petite twenty-one year old body in the mirror. She couldn’t deny how perfect she looked in the dress. Her legs looked a mile long and her tits looked twice their normal 34B size. “Oh Bob, this dress is way too sexy,” she laughed, “I could never go anywhere in this, I’m a married woman, remember?”

“You look fantastic.” I told her, “You’ll fit right in at most dance clubs and I love it when you make other men drool, it makes me hot for you.” Stacy’s face turned bright red when I said this as she loved it too.

“Okay,” she said after some thought, “but I hope you know what you’re in for. I’ll need some nice panties to wear with this because people are going to be seeing a lot of them,” she giggled. We picked out a snow white lacy spaghetti thong, cut high on the hips. From the back, her firm, well rounded ass looked like she was naked as the thong disappeared totally up the crack. It made my mouth water for a taste of her pussy and I knew it would have the same effect on any man. With the addition of some four inch heels, large hoop earrings, and a cross necklace, she looked like an absolute sex machine and my cock stiffened as I watched her strut around; knowing what I had planned for her tiny young pussy.

We went to a nice, but wild club that night and all the men looked her up and down as she walked by. I pretended not to notice but I could see that she was making eye contact with most of them. I could feel the electricity of her excitement with these eye games. I selected a table near the dance floor purposely so she would seem more available to anyone who wanted to dance with her. After we ordered drinks and had a few sips I asked her to dance. We headed out on the floor.

I’m not much of a dancer, but I don’t think it mattered, as every guy was watching Stacy while she shook her perfect ass to the beat and whirled around the floor. She was all smiles, she knew everyone’s attention was on her and she loved it. When the song ended, we returned to our table and worked on our drinks. I knew the other guys would be approaching our table, asking for their turn to dance with her very soon. “This is fun, I feel so sexy in this dress, its like magic. I’m going to need some hot loving when I get you home later, buster, so don’t you drink too much,” she said as she gave me a wicked smile.

We ordered more drinks and Stacy became very talkative like she does when she can begin to feel the effects of alcohol. She almost didn’t notice the good looking young stud that was standing next to her asking for a dance. She looked at me and asked, “Do you mind?”

“Of course not,” I replied, “Just come back in one piece.” The stranger took Stacy by the hand and she lifted her enticing body up from the chair. She was glowing as she turned to him and their eyes met. They moved to the dance floor. I sipped my drink as I watched her get it on to the music. Her dance partner stared intently as her body seduced him with it’s sexy movements. This didn’t go unnoticed by some of the other guys as soon she was dancing with three of them. She flitted from man to man like a bee jumps from flower to flower, bumping and grinding for their satisfaction while always giving each one in turn that eye contact and seductive smile. Her sexy bare ass showed itself more than once, much to the delight of onlookers.

Stacy danced two more numbers with these three before returning to our table, each one hotter than the one before. The guys didn’t want her to leave the floor and I could see them trying to lead her to their table before one of them kissed her hand and mouthed the word “later.” When she sat back down her eyes had a glassy, far away look to them and I knew my wicked little plan was working like a charm. I slid a fresh drink across the table that I’d taken the liberty to order for her. She downed it quickly as though she was dying of thirst. “You looked fantastic dancing out there,” I encouraged, “I’ve never seen anything so hot in all my life.”

She smiled broadly, “I was a little worried that you’d be getting jealous.”

“Actually, a little jealously is quite a turn-on for men,” I offered, “It really gets our juices flowing. Right now I’m so horny I could jump you right here under the table.” She laughed out loud and squeezed my hand.

Soon the band started up again and the three men were back at our table, coaxing her back out onto the dance floor. After my earlier encouragement she was more than willing and eagerly followed them out. This time the music was slow and sensuous and the three surrounded Stacy in a tight circle. She put her arms around the neck of the first stud and gazed into his eyes as they swayed with the music. He put his hands on her waist and soon her short dress was sliding up until her sexy white thong was showing for all to see, but she didn’t seem to care. One of the other men quickly moved behind her and she responded by grinding her bare ass against his groin. The two men were encouraged by this and quickly squeezed her into a tight sandwich, grinding and caressing her beautiful body. She didn’t try to stop their roaming hands, but instead locked “Studly” in a passionate kiss while the other two men took turns at her backside.

It was obvious that Stacy had gotten a little drunker than I’d thought as she was passing her kisses around to all three now while they continued to grope her hot body. Each man tried to outdo the other with how much he could get away with and the competition was getting pretty wild. One man lifted the back of her skirt and started groping her ass, letting his fingers slide between the cheeks and tracing the tightly wedged thong. Not to be outdone, “Studly” lifted the dress in the front and slipped his hand into her thong. Stacy moved her legs slightly apart and cuddled close to him, letting him finger her pussy all he wanted while her hips moved gently in fucking motions. She laid her face against his chest and closed her eyes as her body began to jerk very subtly. I knew she was having an orgasm with this stranger and my cock was hard and throbbing for her in my jeans.

The music stopped at about the same time as her orgasm subsided and she quickly excused herself and returned to our table. She looked ashamed and embarrassed as she sat down with me. “I think we should go home now,” she said hesitantly.

I was all for that as I couldn’t wait to get her between the sheets, so I said, “Fine, if you’re ready.”

As soon as we got in the car and were driving down the road Stacy asked in a quiet voice, “Did you see what happened?”

“Of course,” I laughed, “It was great!”

“Then you’re not angry?” she asked, “Because I feel so ashamed at what I let those men do to me.”

“That was all just a game, sweetie, you didn’t do anything but tease a few strangers in order to turn your husband on, and it worked very well,” I said as I reached down and slid my hand up the inside of her delightfully smooth leg. She let out a barely audible gasp as I reached the top of her thighs and rubbed across her wet thong. I could feel her still engorged clit through the material. She moaned a little and slid down in her seat to give me greater access as she guided my hand inside the panty. When I slipped two fingers into her love hole I was surprised at how sopping wet she still was. Those guys really had turned her on. Stacy held my wrist as she ground her pussy against my hand and soon I felt her walls clenching in orgasm on my fingers. She withdrew my hand and licked my fingers clean as we pulled into our driveway.

We stripped each other as we walked hurriedly through the house towards the bedroom. As soon as I had her on her back I slipped my cock into her and pumped her feverishly. She loved this rough treatment and moaned with passion.

“Are you thinking of fucking someone else?” I asked coyly, knowing full well what was in her mind.

“Bob,…. you know…. I would never cheat on you,” she replied between pants as she continued to hump her slim hips.

“I know that silly,” I said, “But you want to, right?; in fantasy I mean?”

Stacy hesitated for an instant and then panted, “Y-Yes….Yes, I’d love to be fucking all three of those men at the club right now, all at once….To have them taking turns stuffing my pussy while I suck their delicious young cocks deep in my throat. God, I feel like such a slut right now!”

Just then, she convulsed with such a huge orgasm that I lost it too, emptying my balls deep in her wet hole. Her silky cunt felt soooo fucking good as it milked my cock of every drop it had to offer. I knew she was ready now for phase two of my wicked little plan.

For the next month we fucked like rabbits almost every night as we talked of fantasies and remembered her wild night at the club. She was absolutely opposed however, to having intercourse with anyone but me; except in fantasy of course. I supported her 100% in this, but what can I say, hell, I lied! She knew nothing of my own secret plans. When I suggested that it was time to give her magical little party dress another workout, she jumped at the idea enthusiastically.

I’d heard from some friends of mine about a little roadhouse with an attached motel about an hour’s drive from here that has a reputation for wild goings on. It sounded perfect for my purpose. I spent the next week talking her into a little game that I wanted to play with her where we would go into the bar separately and she could tease me along with as many other men as she could attract. She was to tell all the men that her husband was an over-the-road trucker and was gone for the weekend.

Stacy was excited, but a little nervous as we drove to the “Bonanza” club Saturday night. It was about 9:00 when I pulled the car over about a mile from the bar and Stacy took the drivers side to continue on alone. I didn’t want anyone to see us together so I was to walk the rest of the way. I kissed her goodbye and she was on her way. I must have miscalculated because it took me nearly an hour to walk the rest of the way to the bar.

When I walked into the bar I was a little surprised how rough it looked inside. The lights were very dim and the air was thick with cigarette smoke. A live band was playing on the far end and it was obvious that they were trying to make up for their lack of talent with extra volume. Stacy was sitting at the bar and already had three of the local boys sniffing her up. I took a stool at the bar next to a guy who looked about my age and asked, “Who’s the babe?” as I gestured toward Stacy.

“I’ve never seen her before but god is she hot, wait till you see her dance,” he said, “by the way, my name is Tom.” I introduced myself and he went on to tell me that John, Rick, and Gary (Stacy’s new friends at the bar) never miss and that, “If that little missy thinks she’s only here to be a prick tease, she’s got a surprise coming her way.” My pulse raced at those words. Two more men that Tom identified as Dan and Carl walked in and joined my wife and her new friends.

The band finished their break and started to play again. Stacy took a few steps away from the men and, turning to face them, began to bump and grind for their enjoyment. She could move her ass in ways that made you want to make a meal of it. She slid her hands up her sides just enough hike up her dress a little and give the men a peek at her goodies. The guys urged her on so she pulled her thong to one side and toyed with her clit. John asked for a taste so she offered her finger to him and he sucked it clean. Tom suggested we go over and check this out, so we grabbed our drinks and walked down the bar where Tom introduced me to the others. Stacy smiled when she saw me, and then went straight to Gary and gave him a wet, cock hardening kiss while she rubbed his bone through his jeans. His slid his hand down her belly and inside her thong, fingering her pussy while she sucked his tongue and humped his hand. John took the opportunity to feel up that sweet ass of hers. She obviously loved it when he toyed with her asshole.

“I think this babe needs some action tonight,” Gary said, grinning at Stacy.

Stacy hit his arm playfully, “I told you before, no sex….I’m a married lady, I just like to play around a little.” I could tell from the sound of her voice that she’d had a fair amount to drink before I arrived. Gary turned her around with her back to him and felt up her small tits while everyone watched. Then he slid her dress up and put his hand in her soaking wet panties to continue teasing her clit. She leaned back and moaned blissfully as he worked her over.

Gary bragged, “Your mouth may be saying no, but your pussy is telling me different you little tease.” Dan moved in between Stacy’s legs and began to dry hump while Gary held her. Tom and Carl held her lovely tan thighs apart wide to give Dan better access. She leaned her face forward and French kissed him passionately. I overheard Gary tell Rick to go next door and get a room while Dan continued to grind into my wife. She was aching to fuck all of these guys and they knew it.

For the next hour the sex play continued as Stacy became more and more wanton with the men. She rubbed their cocks through their pants at every opportunity. At one point she was on Tom’s lap facing him while he squeezed her tits. She sucked his tongue like a cock while she worked her cunt against the stiff rod in his pants. I knew she had him on the edge of orgasm. John leaned over to me and said, “We’re all going to take this little slut next door and fuck her brains out in a bit, you want in?

My cock twitched in anticipation at his words. I pictured Stacy spread out as all these men fucked her like any common whore. “You know it! Count me in buddy,” I replied.

“Hey baby, how about stripping for us so we can see that fantastic body of yours?” Carl asked.

“Oh, I’m so sure, right here in the bar?” Stacy asked, “I’m not that drunk.”

“No, next door at the motel, we have a room rented so we can make this party a little more private,” Carl replied. Stacy thought it over for a minute, then agreed so we all paid our bills and headed for the door. Stacy looked like the belle of the ball as she laughed and flirted on her way across the parking lot to the motel.

Once inside the room Stacy went into the bathroom to freshen up while the rest of us had a beer from a cooler that someone brought in. She was in there for maybe twenty minutes. When she re-appeared she had seven horny men staring at her every move. That’s when it happened, she suddenly lost her nerve and looked scared. “I’m not so sure about all this, I think maybe I should leave,” she said with a shaky voice.

“Not fucking likely,” Gary said, “You’re not walking out on us now, baby!” Stacy tried to make it to the door but John and Rick quickly moved between her and the door. Dan grabbed her from behind with his arm around her throat. She tried to scream but he squeezed with his forearm until she was quiet.

John and Rick each grabbed an arm as Gary approached her. “Now let’s see what this solid gold body looks like naked, if you won‘t strip, I guess I‘ll need to do it for you,” he said as he ripped Stacy’s party dress off. “Mmm, tasty little tits,” he said as he sucked first one, then the other. Both nipples were rock hard and standing straight out at least half an inch. Then he reached down and ripped her wet thong off as well. He pried her thighs apart and slipped two fingers into her drooling cunt. “Oh yeah, she’s ready to fuck guys, this babe is in heat.” I could see that his words were true, her pussy juice was actually running down the inside of her sexy thigh. “Put her on the bed and hold her down tight.” he ordered. The other men were on Stacy in a flash, forcing her onto the bed despite her resistance.

Stacy struggled and tried to scream through the hand that was clamped firmly over her mouth, but only a muffled sound could be heard. The men holding her wrists on either side stretched her taut as she lay helpless on the soft, king-sized bed. John and Rick each grabbed one of her long, slender legs as they kicked aimlessly in the air and slowly pried her open. She lay there totally pinned now, her beautiful tits heaving up and down as her labored breathing revealed her state of terror. The soft blonde down between her thighs didn’t conceal the pretty pink lips beneath. I remembered the first time I had seen that luscious pussy, back when Stacy and I were first married and my cock hardened at the thought of six strangers fucking it raw.

Gary moved between her legs, his steel hard cock in his fist. “Now you’re going to get what you’ve been begging for baby,” he said as he touched the head of his shaft to the moist slit. Stacy could only shake her head no and utter a muffled scream as she renewed her struggles to no avail. “Hold her tight, boys,” he commanded as he slowly slid his beefy ten inch cock into her squirming cunt. My own cock throbbed as I watched my wife’s tiny love hole forced open wide to accommodate Gary’s huge prick. I’d been planning this for months and the thrill was all that I’d hoped for. Stacy began to whimper and I could no longer resist pulling out my own meat and stroking it as I watched her being stretched by the biggest cock I‘d ever seen. My excitement grew with each of his savage strokes as he thrust himself harder and harder into her tender cunt. After several minutes of merciless pounding Gary’s back stiffened as he drove his cock home one last time. I watched his large balls rise and fall as he filled Stacy’s tunnel with cream. “This is one fine piece of ass boys, help yourselves,” he said as he pulled out and wiped his cock on her thigh. To my delight, Stacy’s pussy didn’t close back up, it just hung open and waited for the next cock. Gary’s cream was oozing out of the hole.

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