tagNonConsent/ReluctanceWife Punished in the Shed

Wife Punished in the Shed


After yelling at my husband in front of our neighbors, I learned real quick that was not the thing to do. He grabbed my arm dragging me thru the garage and out the back door. He opened our shed and shoved me in closing the door behind him. The glare in his eyes told me I had gone too far this time. I was beginning to shake as he came closer.

"You think that kinda shit is cute, huh, yelling at me in front of the neighbors?" he asked. I tried to apologize but he cut me off. "Maybe if I busted your ass you would start showing me a little appreciation!" I started shaking my head no telling him I was sorry but he had already started taking his belt off. He grabbed my arm turning me around and pushed me over the workbench. I was still telling him to stop.

The next thing I felt was the sting of the leather as it hit my ass. I yelled as it hurt like hell and I really thought he was joking. WHACK, the second swing made contact and tears started running down my checks. Three more swats were delivered and by this time I could no longer feel my ass it was numb with pain.

He pulled my shorts down to admire the red welts on my ass and asked if it hurt. "Yes" was all I could say. He grabbed an old bottle of lotion that was on the shelf and poured it on my cheeks. The cool sensation felt wonderful as he started rubbing it over my welts. Even though my ass hurt, I was beginning to enjoy his hand as it rubbed the lotion in. His hand moved toward my muff and a little moan escaped my throat. As a finger approached my hole, it was obvious I was getting hot. His finger disappeared inside me as I moaned louder. His slow rhythm only made my juices flow more as my hips began a circular motion keeping his pace.

He chuckled, "You little bitch, and you like this don't you?" All I could do was nod my head yes. He smacked my ass with his hand, "My little girl likes being punished don't ya?" I gave another nod still enjoying his finger in my twat.

He turned me over and had me lie back lifting my legs. I had a leg in each hand holding them apart as he went to his knees in front of me. This time I felt two fingers enter me as his thumb began massaging my rose bud. This moan was louder as his thumb made its way inside. I was so wet I could feel my juices running down my ass. As his fingers fucked both my holes, his tongue began circling my clit. My hips came off the bench to meet his tongue. He fucked me faster as his tongue flicked over my clit. I started breathing faster as my orgasm approached. As my orgasm hit, my hips bucked up and met his tongue not letting him up for air. He kept fucking me immediately bringing another orgasm crashing thru my body.

I pushed his head away and clumsily unbuttoned his jeans shoving them around his ankles. His massive erection was finally free as my lips covered it. Hungrily, I took his dick in my mouth. As my mouth went up and down his pole, my hand went with it, stroking him in and out. I brought my other hand up to his ass and started playing with his asshole. He had never let me do this before, but his moans showed he liked it. I slowed my pace on his dick but I wanted to give him the best BJ he ever had. After tightening my grip on his pecker and sucking with all my might, I could feel him tighten up as his load began covering the back of my throat. He moaned as he pumped more and more down my throat. I swallowed all I could and the rest covered my tits. I rubbed it in as I stood up.

This was by far the most intense oral sex we had ever had. As we got our clothes back on, he told me to take a shower and wait for him. He told me what to put on after my shower and to fix a couple of drinks. An hour or so later he came inside. He came up behind me and put a blindfold over my eyes. He led me to the dining room table and had me lay in the center. He told me the shed was just the beginning of my punishment as I felt my wrists and ankles tied down.

The front door opened and I could hear whispering in the other room. Two sets of footsteps approached the table and two sets of hands began roaming over my body. My tits were pinched and rubbed until my nipples were completely erect and another hand was massaging my pussy.

My panties disappeared and fingers began exploring. I felt a dick rubbing against my lips wanting inside my mouth. I opened my mouth and began sucking. While I have a dick in my mouth, another enters my pussy, which has become wet again and fucks me hard and fast. The motion between my legs is shoving the dick in my mouth further down my throat. The prick in my mouth explodes making me gag while trying to swallow. Sucked clean, the dick removed and fingers begin fondling my clit. I am fucked senseless when the dick explodes and my orgasm hits at the same time. All I hear is thanks as the two leave. I am still tied to the table. Two hours later, my husband lets me up and tells me next time my punishment will be a lot worse as I head to the shower.

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