tagLoving WivesWife Reamed Out By Hubby's Friend

Wife Reamed Out By Hubby's Friend


I awoke from a deep sleep to hear squeaking sounds coming from the living room. I arose from the bed rubbing my eyes. I stumbled down the dark hall, drawing closer to the sounds. I quietly stepped to the corner and stopped to peek around. I had found the source of the noise.

Chapter 2

A few hours earlier I had found joy in drinks and conversation with a friend of mine from work. Tim had come by that evening to talk about going fishing the next morning.

Our talk lasted quiet a while and a few beers. Angie asked Tim if he would like to stay and have dinner with us. He agreed as he was single and had nowhere to go.

Tim is a nice looking man and extremely hung. I am not a cock gazer but many times pissing by the lake I had caught glimpses of his member. He did not brag about it much but everyone knew what he had.

In hind sight, I made a grave error in telling my wife how large Tim's cock was. She didn't seem interested in it at the time.

I had told her months earlier, "Damn that Tim is hung like a mule."

"What?" Angie asked wide eyed with her mouth open a bit.

"He is hung like a blame mule, we all took a piss today at the lake and Tim was so drunk he just took it out in front of us without turning around."

"You mean you look at other guys there?"

I laughed, "No baby, but you see it if they have it out, not stare at it though, and if they are that large you can't help but see it."

"Oh I see, so he was big?" She asked with not much enthusiasm.

"Yeah hell he looked like salami you see in the store, thick and long and that was soft!"

"Well he probably doesn't know what to do with it." She said and changed the subject.

Chapter 3

The three of us sat around after dinner talking and drinking. Angie drank her white wine while Tim and I drank beer. I found myself growing very tired to the point where I could not keep my eyes open. I told Tim that I was about to go to bed.

"I am about to leave, I am going to eat a piece of Angie's cake and be on my way." Tim answered.

"Well help yourself buddy, I am going to hit the sack."

"Goodnight, I will be back about eight in the morning to pick you up." Tim said watching me walk down the hallway to the bedroom.

"Goodnight." Angie called out as she was clearing off the table.

I lay down and quickly dozed off, only to be awoken two hours later by sounds emanating from down the hallway.

Chapter 4

I peaked around the corner; it was dark where I stood. I saw them; the light from the kitchen gave them away. Tim lay between Angie's legs driving down on top of her. His ass would raise high in the air and then he would plunge into her. Angie's legs spread wide, one foot rest on the back of the sofa while the other seated on the coffee table. Her knees straight up.

The rhythm of my heart quickened its pace. I grew flush. I could feel the redness in my face. I thought I was dreaming at first but the soft moans coming from her quickly eliminated that possibility. The sloshing sounds coming from between her legs made me aware that, yes, Tim was inside her and not only that, she was soaking wet. A gasp sounded from her mouth every time he plunged downward deep inside her.

I was frozen in place. I watched as the rhythm and power of his hips drove Angie's ass into the sofa. I could see how his cock had split her open. His up and down motions were much more pronounced than mine. Angie's hand grasped at the cheek of his ass, the other clawed at his back. She sounded as though she was trying to muffle her sounds. She could hardly hold back the moaning and gasps.

All of the sudden, I was aware of my own bodily functions. My hand grasped my cock. It felt harder than it had ever before. I was rock hard from the sight of my wife's infidelity. Go figure. I could not speak out, I could not move other than the fact that I had started to stroke myself. It was a live porno with the exception being, the actress was my wife and the actor my best friend. How did this happen? My wife isn't like this. She has always been an innocent angel, a perfect mom.

Angie's head started to thrash from side to side, her hips raised as if to give him more of her. He never lost his rhythm as she began to lightly squeal. I heard him trying to quiet her.

"Shhhhhh." He sounded off in a whispering tone.

"Ohhhhhhhhh...mmmphhhhh." She moaned and squealed as she came with more intensity than I had ever seen her cum with.

Angie's hips collapsed on the sofa. Tim did not let up. He kept fucking her, driving inside of her. He plunged to such depths that his nuts slapped her asshole.

Tim started jerking pounding down into Angie's hips so hard. He started to grunt as he came. He drove down and stopped for a second, back out and in and stopped. I knew he was shooting his cum deep inside Angie. I felt an enormous jealous emotion but it mixed with such arousal that it was exciting to the point that I came right there on our carpet.

Tim had finished, he rested on top of Angie and they began kissing. Angie's hips began to grind as Tim had never pulled his massive piece of meat out of her. She humped up at him while they tongued one another's mouth. She was grinding her hips into his, feeling his meat inside her. I thought at the time the size of his cock was rubbing against her clit. I found out later that to be true. I heard the wet noises which were louder now. His cum had mixed with her juices and was nothing but a wet mess.

Angie began to jerk and groan. She came again. She had never done that before.

Tim pulled himself from her and sat up only to lean back on the sofa. Angie laid spread eagle. I could see what a mess her cunt was. The lips lay out soaked, her cunt was gaped open and her pussy was shining in the soft light. She looked so used.

She then got up and moved her head to his lap taking his cock in her mouth. She began to suck him with such vigor. He looked enormous in her mouth and she bobbed her head up and down slobbing. She would stop and kiss the head and run her lips and tongue along the shaft. I watched as she stopped at the slit of his cock and probed it with the tip of her tongue moaning all the while. She made love to his cock with her mouth.

Tim began to fuck her mouth as she started stroking him. It only took a few minutes and he spewed loads of cum in her mouth. It leaked from the sides down over her lips and chin. She withdrew him, closing her mouth and forcing gobs of cum out which fell to the sofa.

I quietly made my way back to bed. I started jerking off again as soon as I lay down. My orgasm was so intense from what I had just witnessed.

The next morning I woke up and immediately looked at Angie, she was sound asleep. I got up and got ready for Tim to pick me up. I would not confront him with what I saw just yet. I would ask Angie about it tonight.

I will reveal the confrontation next chapter.


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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous09/18/17

Fantastic story

Amazing story! You have great imagination and storytelling skills!
I came so hard while reading it
Looking forward to more stories from you, mate!

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by Anonymous08/22/17


Just another closet fag.

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by Anonymous08/04/17

You what

I just hat it when women write these stories. They make the man out to be a spineless wimp. Just stick to women's stories as you in no way can write a real man.

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by Anonymous07/13/17


Come on someone else fucking your wife and you quietly back away? Please bring us into the real world. An actual man would have picked up the fireplace poker and bashed the rapist over the head severalmore...

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