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On a Friday evening, I showered, shaved, and put on dress clothes. On the way to Gina's home, I bought a bottle of Fendi perfume and a small bouquet of flowers.

I was excited because I was going to have dinner with Gina, my first girlfriend after my wife died, at the elegant Mario's Pasta Place. Also, because my young daughter went camping with her friends, I had a chance to spend quality time with Gina.

Gina hugged me at the front door, accepted my gifts, and gushed, "Thanks for the gifts."

I noted she had on a scoop-neck top and said, "You look lovely in maroon and the jewelry."

She blushed and said, "Thanks. I'll put on the perfume you brought."

As we drove to the restaurant, Gina and I talked about how Kim, my daughter, was eager to go camping. At the restaurant, as she walked ahead of me, my cock got stiff just watching her undulating buttocks, and black-nylon clad, well-toned, legs.

While sipping wine and waiting for our food, I admired Gina's blonde hair, blue eyes, short nose, full lips, wrinkled cleavage, and lined upper arms. Even when she put on her reading glasses, her face looked lovely.

I said, "You look gorgeous. I love your wavy hair."

Gina smiled and said, "I'm glad you noticed," and I felt her nylon-covered foot rub my right leg.

I said, "I'm a lucky man. You're a beautiful woman."

She said, "Thank you."

After dinner and coffee, Gina said, "We can have dessert at my place."

At her home, Gina hugged me and said, "I need to freshen up," and went upstairs.

I watched TV in the den and waited to see if she would come down stairs, but several minutes later, I heard her call, "Brad, come on up."

In her large bedroom, I saw Gina with her back to the door, in a sheer, black, robe. When I got closer, I saw she was brushing her hair and examining herself in the dresser mirror; she had on a black, peek-a-boo, bustier with garters, and g-string panties, and matching stockings and stiletto shoes.

As I admired her large, hanging, 38D-boobs, I mumbled, "Wow, awesome. Wow, awesome."

Gina blushed and said, "I'm glad you like the peek-a-boo look. I thought my boobs sagged too much and I made a mistake buying it."

She giggled, when I mumbled, "They look great. I love everything: lovely face, arms, and long neck."

I could not wait any more. I stepped forward and, after I gently grasped her lovely boobs, her large nipples became stiff between my fingers. As I kissed the left side of her neck, her perfume filled my senses

Blushing, she said, "Take off your clothes. Love me."

Quickly, I removed my clothes and Gina's robe, and hugged her from behind. I pushed my stiff cock in to the crevice between her buttocks. Slowly, Gina raised her wrinkled hands, put them behind her neck, and rubbed her large buttocks against my stiff cock. It turned me on watching her lovely face and bountiful boobs in the mirror. After fondling her boobs for a while, I knelt down and fondled her sexy buttocks and kissed them.

Giggling, Gina asked, "What is your intention, young man?"

I whispered, "I want to love you."

I nudged her to face me and kissed her firm thighs from her knees to her crotch. I lowered her g-string and, in the lights of the dresser, admired her hairy pussy and ran my fingers through her dense blonde pubic hair. As Gina moaned, I inserted two fingers in to her pussy, scooped her nectar, and licked my fingers.

I mumbled, "Here is my real intention."

I stood behind Gina, gently grasped her boobs, pressed my cock in to her behind, and slowly humped her buttocks as I kissed her neck passionately.

She giggled and said, "What else?"

I pleaded, "Can we use the love swing?"

Blushing, Gina said, "Of course," and led me to the adjacent, small, room. Besides the love swing, the carpeted room had cushions on the floor, mirrors on the walls, and a cushioned stool and a chair.

I mumbled, "John was a genius to plan and purchase the various items. We should call it John's Love Den."

Gina said, "He had the swing custom-made to fit my butt and back. He taught me to enjoy love making. During the year he was ill, we had oral sex. Before he died, he told me to not mourn too long for him and to live my life to the full."

My heart was beating fast, but calmly I said, "Let me see if the swing fits you."

Blushing, Gina sat on the swing and leaned back so that she could watch me and our images in the mirrors.

After I placed her ankles in the stirrups and sat on a padded stool, Gina whispered, "Lick me good."

I was in awe of Gina's exposed treasures: smooth, nylon-clad, thighs, and her heavenly crotch looked lovelier than when I saw John licking it; her thumb-sized clit and her thick labia got my cock twitching more. As Gina watched me in the ceiling mirror, I brought my face in contact with her crotch. While keeping track of her breathing and moans, lovingly, I licked her hairy, slick, labia; I held on to her boobs that were barely held by strips of silk. I was delighted when she achieved a long orgasm.

She mumbled incoherently, "Ohhhhhhhh. Ahhhhhh. Ahhhhh. Cummming. Cummmming."

I stood up. Trembling with excitement, I leaned forward, and French kissed Gina. My pulsing cock was at her gaping, slick, pussy. I pushed it in slowly until my brown pubes mingled with her blonde, matted, curls, and stood still holding her luscious boobs in my hands. I then pulled my cock all the way out, then pushed it even deeper, and then pulled it all the way out.

I mumbled, "I'm too excited; I'm going to cum soon."

Gina said, "Go for it. I'm sure there's more in you."

My cock throbbed uncontrollably in Gina's glove-like pussy grasp; soon, my cock spewed out jets of cum at her womb. I just groaned; there were no words.

Gina said, "I'm thirsty. I need to freshen up too."

After I helped her remove her ankles from the stirrups, I said, "I will bring water."

When I returned upstairs, I found Gina in front of the dresser; she still had on the bustier and was putting on lipstick.

She saw my image in the mirror, smiled, took the glass water, and said, "Thanks, love."

I hugged her from behind pressing my still stiff, cum-coated, cock in to her buttocks and said, "Get naked."

Gina looked down, saw my stiff cock, and said, "Ok. Sooner or later you have to see me nude. Wait for me in bed."

Later, I watched Gina walk towards me on the bed wearing a robe; smiling, she removed the robe and stood smiling at me with her hands on her hips. I noted she had the classic hour-glass figure, with her hips being larger than her chest. She looked voluptuous with only a small ridge around her waist.

Gina whispered, "I'm nude except for the jewelry and sandals."

I said, "You're perfect."

Gina grasped my stiff cock and said, "I want to ride you."

She then got on the bed, sucked my cock several times, smacked her lips, and said, "Love the taste."

My cock stiffened more and it was coated with her saliva and lipstick. Gina straddled my waist and slowly impaled herself on my cock. As she fucked me slowly, I lifted my head and kissed her wrinkled neck, and grasped her lined boobs and tweaked her nipples.

Smiling, Gina hugged me, French kissed me, and mumbled, "I'm close to cumming."

Gina had sheen on her reddened boobs and face. She shifted in to a squatting position and, as her clit rubbed against my cock, she pounded my crotch until she collapsed on my chest, mumbling, "Ohhhhhhhh. Ahhhhhh. Ahhhhh. Cummming. Cummmming."

After a while, she sat up, smiled at me, and said appreciatively, "I don't remember when I had a second orgasm in one night. You're still hard. I love every minute with you."

I hugged her, pressing her boobs against my chest. Thankfully, Gina angled her buttocks upwards allowing me to fuck her in long, rapid, strokes. After savoring her charms for a while, as my cock released jets of cum, I had another intense climax. Soon, I fell asleep.

When I woke up in the morning, I smelled coffee. I went down stairs and saw Gina in a blue silk robe and slippers. As I hugged her, I smelled shampoo, body wash, and perfume.

I smiled and said, "Good morning lover. Looks like you've been up a while."

She smiled, handed me a cup of coffee, and said, "Kim sent me a short text message; she is having a good time. Anne called; Amy, my grand daughter, wants to visit Kim next week."

I nodded and asked, "What are you wearing?"

Gina said, "New lingerie. After breakfast, we should go back to bed."

I said, "We have a free morning."

As we ate a light breakfast, she said softly, "I have to tell you something."

I said, "What love?"

Looking in to my eyes, she said, "I think I'm Marilyn's aunt."

I said, "How do you know? Your name is not Gunna, the old Scandinavian name Marilyn told me."

She said, "My adopted parents had my name changed to Gina to help me fit in this country. Marilyn's grandfather's name was Gustav. I found a photo of my father's store, 'Gustav's groceries.'"

I said, "How do you know the same Gustav was Marilyn's grandfather?"

She said, "I don't. I could do more research. Will it bother you if I am Marilyn's aunt?"

I said, "You can do anything you want. I lost Marilyn; I don't want to lose you. I care for you very much."

Smiling, Gina said, "I care for you too. Let me think about it."

I said, "We got better things to do."

Gina smiled and, as I cleaned the kitchen, she went upstairs. When I walked in to the bedroom, I saw she was seated on the bed; she had on a bright-blue lift-up bra, whose cups were barely large enough to cover her nipples and which gave her heavy boobs more fullness, and blue panties.

She said, "Lie down lover. Let me touch your young body."

For several minutes, while humming happily, Gina rubbed my body from my toes to my head; she examined my face and chest. She spent lot of time fondling and examining my cock and balls. She giggled when my cock grew in her delicate, wrinkled, hand; she sucked its head to make it harder, slowly impaled herself on it, and sat still.

When I realized she had on open-crotch panties, I said, "I want a view and a taste."

Teasingly, Gina said, "It's the same thing you saw earlier. You just want to see my wide-open crotch."

I blushed and said, "It looks different in blue panties."

Blushing, Gina got off of me, led me to the love swing, and sat on it. After I opened her thighs, she lifted her long well-toned legs towards the ceiling, and I placed her ankles in the stirrups. Again, her glistening pussy opened up like a dew-covered flower. Gina watched me lower my mouth and lick her blue-panties encased juicy pussy.

Gina said, "That's enough, love. I want to make love sitting on the stool; I get to hug you."

After I sat on the stool, she straddled my thighs, slowly impaled herself on my throbbing cock, and hugged me tightly. With her arms around my neck, my face was inches from her sexy cleavage, the wrinkled base of her neck, and lovely face. She smiled when she felt my cock stir in her pussy and tightened the grip on it. I kissed her cleavage and neck, and smooth underarms. When I embraced Gina tightly, she pressed her crotch tightly against mine.

Gina shifted her weight on to her feet, fucked me slowly, and whispered, "John taught me this technique."

I smiled and savored the wonderful sensations as my voluptuous lover fucked me for several minutes; the images in the mirrors enhanced those sensations.

Gina mumbled, "Squeeze my clit, please."

In response, I reached down, found her engorged, slick, clit, and gently massaged it. Soon, Gina had a long orgasm; as her crotch and chest heaved uncontrollably, she buried her head in my arm pit and uttered incoherent words. Later, as I kissed her lined neck, she fucked me slowly until my cock spewed jets of cum near her womb.

After we uncoupled, as my cum trickled down her thigh, Gina said, "You made a large deposit. Good thing, I'm past child-bearing age."

Gina and I decided each of us had many chores to do and that I should return to take her to dinner with our friends, Kathy and Rich. As I drove to my apartment, I wondered if Gina was an aunt of Marilyn, my late wife. Then I recalled that Kim loved her and she loved Kim, and I loved her splendid boobs, tapered thighs, and puffy pussy. I decided that, thanks to Gina, I was happy again. I wanted her to be part of my life.


A few years ago, Marilyn Borg and I, Brad Hunt, got married after graduating from a small college in Minnesota. I became a bank loan officer and Marilyn became a teacher. Marilyn was a gorgeous woman: 5' 8'' and 125 lb, light brown hair, and blue eyes. I am 6' and 175 lb, brown hair, and grey eyes. Marilyn loved sex, especially oral sex; she taught me how to lick and kiss her long legs, perky boobs, and sparsely-covered pussy until she reached an intense orgasm; also, she either expertly sucked me or fucked me at least three times a week.

Marilyn was ecstatic when she got pregnant and gave birth to our daughter, Kim. She loved to make scrap books of her family; she had one book for each year of Kim's life. She decided to work on her father's family scrap book. In the shoe box Marilyn's father gave her, she found the photos of her paternal grand parents, Gustav and Frida, who migrated from Scandinavia to Minnesota. He also gave her photos of her aunt when she was very young. When Gustav's wife died after the birth of her daughter, he was unable to take care of her; reluctantly, he placed the new born up for adoption.

After her father died, Marilyn said, "My dad urged me to find his sister, Gunna. She was some 15 years younger than him. I lost my mom when I was a child. May be I can meet one close female relative."

I asked, "What did Gustav do?"

She said, "I think he was a farmer."

Marilyn and I became good friends with Gina and John Ryan; on Saturday evenings, we played cards with them. Gina was a 40-year old high school teacher, who taught business courses at the high school. She was a kind and caring person; she also was a voluptuous, blue-eyed blonde, about 5'7'' and 130 lb. The Ryans lived in a nice home with an in-ground swimming pool. John, who was a real estate agent, loved to entertain at his home on major holidays with lots of food and drink for his guests.

During the six years Marilyn taught at the high school, she and Gina became very close friends; they played golf during summer and went to the same health club. Gina loved Kim and, in turn, Kim loved to be with Gina. Gina organized a party by the pool on Kim's birthday which was a few days earlier than Gina's.


I was helping Marilyn clean the kitchen, when she said, "Gina said John was having erection problems. She hopes that the love swing he had installed would help him fuck her. Would you like to have one installed?"

To tease her, I said, "I would like to try it first. May be we can use the Ryan's swing."

Marilyn giggled and said, "May be you should ask John."

After we laughed, in a serious tone, she said, "Did you know John became a heavy whiskey drinker; Gina decided to curtail socializing with just us."

After playing cards, we watched movies. Kim was invited to the parties and sleep in the guest bedroom on the second floor. One Saturday evening, we decided to watch the movie, Dr. Zhivago. John, who had couple of glasses of wine, became amorous and started to kiss Gina's neck and fondle her large, covered, boobs. Gina giggled and held John off for a while, but he persisted until she sat in his lap and covered herself with a blanket up to her neck. It was obvious to me that, underneath the blanket, John was fondling Gina's large boobs. Marilyn kept watching the movie and was not distracted by John and Gina making out.

After about five minutes, Gina said to John, "You better go to bed."

John replied, slyly, "I'll, if you read me a story."

As a disheveled Gina giggled and led John upstairs, she said, "You're incorrigible."

Several minutes later, Marilyn said to me, "Please see if Kim is ok. If she's thirsty, give her the bottle of water in her bag."

As I checked on Kim, who fell asleep, I heard moans from the adjacent room; I decided to see what was going on and walked quietly to the room and pushed the partially opened door. In the dim light, I saw a partially nude Gina lying on the love swing with her head dangling, her luscious boobs spilled over to her sides, her black dress bunched at her waist, and her slightly bent legs wide open. Her thighs, encased in black thigh highs, looked long and sleek. John, who was naked below the waist and sitting on a padded-stool, was avidly licking Gina's densely-covered crotch and pussy. It was a very erotic scene and I could not move away.

I heard Gina whimper urgently, "Yes. Go. Go. Goooooo. Cumming. Cumming. Lick. Liiick. Liiiiick."

After a pause, Gina said to John, "Come here. I'll suck on it and make it stiff."

I saw Gina take John's limp cock in to her mouth. As she sucked on his cock, I could see her blonde-haired crotch and her pussy lips glistening with his saliva. I noticed her pussy lips were very thick and made up of layers of flesh; it was succulent. I also saw that John's cock had grown, but it was not standing up rigidly; he walked quickly to her wide open crotch and tried to push it in to her.

After trying a few times, I heard him say, dejectedly, "Can't do it. I'll go to bed. I'm sorry."

As I walked away from the door, I heard Gina say, "It's ok, darling. We can try later. I better go downstairs."

I could not get Gina's thick-lipped, glistening, pussy out of my mind. For the first time in my married life, I thought of sucking another woman's pussy.

On the way home, after I told Marilyn that I saw John wanted Gina to read a story, she said, "As part of their foreplay, Gina loves to narrate erotic stories to John."


When Marilyn complained about being tired most of the time, after several tests, I was shocked to hear that she had leukemia. Gina was very helpful when Marilyn was undergoing intensive chemotherapy, especially taking care of four-year old Kim. Marilyn's health deteriorated rapidly; during the last month of her life Gina and John took care of me and Kim.

Marilyn went in to a coma. I was in mourning a whole month before she died. I became a 29-year old single parent. At the memorial service, I consoled Marilyn's distant family members and close friends. I did not know some of Marilyn's friends and Gina introduced them to me; one of them was Kathy Wiggins, who told me she admired my devotion to Marilyn. Kathy was petite, about Gina's age, and had a pretty face. Kim was too young to comprehend all the events, but I assured her that I will be with her always. Gina and John Ryan took care of Kim for several days after Marilyn died; they also helped me with the task of dealing with Marilyn's health insurance companies.

After lunch on a Sunday afternoon, Gina said, "Kim is an intelligent child. She needs to go to school soon; she likes books and electronic gadgets. She also needs clothes. I will be glad to buy them for her."

I said, "Thank you. I appreciate your help."

Two months later, Gina called me at work, "Brad, keep next Saturday evening free. It's John's 60th birthday. We will celebrate at the Country Club. His daughter, Anne, and grand children are coming from Chicago. Please bring Kim."

In a breaking voice, Gina added, "John's kidneys are not working well. He requires dialysis regularly."

I said, "I'm sorry, Gina. I'll help you anyway I can."

Recovering her voice, she said, "Thank you. On a positive note, I hope you do not mind meeting Tina, an attractive woman who works with John. She has been divorced couple of years."

To tease Gina, I said, "I'm glad she's attractive."

During Saturday afternoons, while Gina took care of Kim, I helped John with chores around his home. For a while, he talked to me about fishing and other sports, but gradually he talked less and took naps.

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