Wife’s Friend



At John's birthday party, Gina looked very attractive in a short-sleeve black dress that showed her cleavage; she had on diamond stud ear rings, a diamond pendant that adorned her cleavage; black stockings; low-heel black pumps; shoulder-length blonde hair. I saw her blue eyes sparkled most of the evening.

John's face looked yellowish due to his illness and he looked older than 60 years; I recalled that Gina was John's second wife and she had raised his daughter, Anne. I also recalled Marilyn's words, "John is lucky to have found Gina; he is 14 years older than her; she is an intelligent and voluptuous woman. She has built a happy life with John, but I think she could be happy with any man who loves her."

Tina Marie, my blind date, arrived late; she apologized and explained she was working on selling a large mansion. She was an attractive woman, about my age, who had on too much makeup. When her cell phone rang, she answered it, walked away from the table, and spoke for a long time. Apparently, she made the sale because, after handing me her business card and telling me to call her, she left in a hurry.

I spoke with Anne and her husband for a while. Most of the time, I kept a watch on Kim as she talked animatedly with other kids, especially with Amy, Anne's daughter; I was glad she was having a good time. I noticed that Kim often went to Gina to talk to her.

With John being tired, Gina came up to me and said, "Brad, dance with me."

As I danced with her, I said, "Thank you for inviting us."

Gina said, "Thank you for coming and bringing Kim. I'm sorry Tina left in a hurry."

Gina pressed her chest in to me and said, "I'm glad to be dancing with you. I know I had too much wine."

It was a slow dance and, for the first time, I felt Gina's large boobs pressing in to my chest; as a result, my cock became stiff. It also seemed that Gina liked to feel my hard body against her sexy curves.

I tried to not press my cock against her belly, but Gina pulled me close to her, and whispered, "I'm glad you think I am attractive. Tina is a fool not to stay with you."

I blushed and, to divert my thoughts, I asked her, "What did you give John for his birthday?"

Giggling, she replied, "A pussy, as if he needs another one. It's a neutered, male, tabby. He is one year old and very friendly. John loves him. Why don't you bring Kim over to play with him?"

I said, "Ok."

Kim really liked the cat, Oscar. Equally importantly, Oscar let Kim play with him. For four months, Gina took care of John, who required dialysis twice a week. I continued to do a few chores at her home. Also, whenever Gina called, I helped her take care of John. Gina borrowed Marilyn's sedan because it was difficult for John to climb in to her SUV.


One Saturday afternoon, with a visiting nurse watching over John, Gina, Kim, and I went to a shopping mall. Gina dressed in a wrap around denim skirt and a loose, white, short-sleeve, blouse; she wore sandals revealing her painted toe nails. As I drove, again, I saw Gina was an attractive woman. But, she also looked sad and tired.

After shopping, Kim wanted to ride the carousel. After I helped her climb on a wooden horse, I sat with Gina who bought two cups of coffee; she remembered to add a little bit of cream to my coffee.

With tears in her eyes, Gina said, "John is not doing well."

I said, "I'm sorry. I know you have been taking care of him."

She said, "Thank you. I'm glad for the 12 years we had together. He wants me to move on with my life."

As tears trickled out of her eyes, I held her hand, and said, "John is a great man. You're doing the best you can for him. That's all you can do. I'm worried that you will get sick."

She said, "It's nice to be with you and Kim," and looked lovingly at Kim on the carousel.


I met a few women, 25-35 years old, but I was not able to establish a relationship with any one of them; few career-oriented single women wanted to deal with a man and his young daughter; divorced women worried about their children adjusting to another child. Still, I was hopeful that I would find a woman who would love me and Kim.

Gina took a leave of absence from her job to take care of John until he died. After his death, she worked as a substitute teacher. I made sure that my interactions with Gina were limited to either events involving Kim, like her visits to play with Oscar, or doing chores for her, like mowing her lawn.


About a year after John died, I dropped off Kim at the daycare center and went to an all-day meeting at a bank in a suburb. On my way back to the daycare center, a teen-age girl ran a red light and smashed in to my car; it turned out the girl was trying to kill a spider in her car. I was not hurt, just badly shaken up; my car suffered extensive damage and had to be towed. I called Gina and explained to her that I was involved in an accident, but I was not hurt; I requested her to pick up Kim from the daycare center.

Not only did Gina pick up Kim, she also picked me up near the accident scene, and took us home for dinner. At her home, Gina and I sipped wine, I helped her make a salad, and Kim talked to her friends on her phone. I noticed Gina was in white shorts and a tight-fitting tank top; she looked sexy with deep cleavage, her hair tied in a knot at the back of her head, and long, bare, arms.

Gina hugged me and said, "You're lucky to have not got hurt or killed, Brad."

I said, "I know. Thank you for picking up Kim."

Gina said thoughtfully, "I've lost my friend Marilyn and husband. I don't think I can bear losing you."

As Gina hugged me, I became aware of her covered boobs pressing in to my lower chest. Impulsively, I kissed Gina's long, wrinkled, neck, and she moaned softly. We stood for several minutes hugging each other and I kept kissing her neck.

Gina pulled herself away and said, "I'm too old for you."

Holding her hand, I pleaded, "You're not old. You're a beautiful woman."

Gina blushed and said, "Anyway, it's dinner time; call Kim."

After dinner, Gina said, "I've slept many nights wearing John's pajamas. It's time to let go of his clothes. Please take his clothes and shoes to the Center of Relief."

I said, "Ok," and two days later I took all his clothes to the center.

Looking back, I think the car accident helped bring Gina out of her grief and closer to Kim and me.


Two weeks later, Gina called, and said, "Kim's 6th birthday is coming up."

I said, "I know. I can use your help. Kim and I are going for pizza tonight. Please join us to plan the party. I'll pick you up at six."

She said, "Ok."

It was a warm evening. Gina wore beige shorts, a white sleeve-less blouse, and white sandals. She had her hair cut to neck-length. She looked alluring in her well-fitting clothes and short hair. Her slim arms and smooth, long legs looked very sexy. Gina made sure Kim ate her salad and pizza. Kim was delighted Gina was with us; she told us she wanted her birthday party at a fast-food restaurant and requested Gina to make cup cakes for her class.

Afterwards, because Kim wanted to play with Oscar, we all went to Gina's home. Kim went away to find Oscar; Gina and I talked about our lives over a glass of Zinfandel wine.

I said, "I'm glad I have Kim in my life. It has been tough losing Marilyn and John."

Gina said, "You must go out with other women. You are still young."

Boldly, I said, "I think you are a beautiful woman."

Blushing, Gina said, "I know you like me, but you should go out with women your age. I too love Kim and I can baby sit for her any time you want."

I said, "How are you adjusting?"

Gina said, "I've been talking to Kathy Wiggins; she dumped her husband after she found out he had been cheating on her with young women. Don't you want a young woman with a hard body?"

I said, "No."

Gina blushed. She seemed to loosen up after a glass of wine: she became a bubbly and warm person; I refilled her wine glass.

I asked Gina, "Are you still watching movies at home?"

She said, "No. I moved the old video tape player upstairs. I bought a new video-DVD player. Please connect it to the TV."

I connected the video-DVD player to the TV. To test the connection, I decided to play the video already in the machine, Dr. Zhivago.

Gina said, "It was Marilyn's favorite movie. It's my favorite too. Let's watch it for a few minutes. Kim is sleeping in the corner, next to Oscar; I covered her with a blanket."

I said, "Ok."

After a few minutes, Gina said, "I have wondered. Did you spy on me and John the last time we all watched this movie?"

Blushing, I said, "I confess I watched you and John making love. Please don't get mad at me. I thought you were beautiful."

After a long pause, Gina said, "You think I'm beautiful?"

I said, "Yes. You're also a voluptuous, kind, lady."

Blushing and smiling, Gina said, "You're a handsome guy. You're also young. With no girlfriend, you must fantasize a lot."

I blurted out, "I fantasize a lot about you."

Gina blushed and said, "What exactly you fantasize about?"

I blushed and mumbled, "I would love to kiss your cleavage, neck; all over."

Slyly, she added, "I'm sure my boobs too. You stare at them all the time."

Wanting to get away, I mumbled, "I'm guilty. I would like a glass of water."

I started walking towards the kitchen, when Gina stood up and said, "I can get that for you."

We giggled when we bumped in to each other. I held on to Gina's waist to keep her from stumbling. Slowly, I nudged her to turn towards me, pulled her in to my arms, and kissed her long neck. As she pressed herself in to me, I felt the softness of her big breasts against my chest. I held her tight. I sought her mouth with mine, and was delighted when she let my tongue dance with hers. After that kiss, she touched my face, and we kissed again passionately. We kissed a third, fourth, and fifth times.

Gina mumbled, "It has been a long time since I kissed a man like that."

I brushed her blonde hair back, kissed her on her left cheek, and said, "You can kiss me like that any time."

Boldly, Gina pressed her right hand on my stiff, covered, cock, pulled me towards her with her left hand around my neck, and kissed me passionately. Quickly, I moved behind her and, while kissing her long neck and the left side of her face, I grasped her covered boobs; lovingly, she pushed her ass against my cock, and lifted her arms to circle my neck.

We could have continued our making out session, but we were interrupted by the ringing of the phone. Gina wiggled away and answered the phone in the living room.

After talking on the phone for a few ten minutes, wistfully, Gina said, "It was Anne. My grandson is entering middle school. I can't believe I have a grandson entering middle school; I'm an old granny."

I said, "You're not old. He is your step grandson."

She said, "Ok. What do you see in me?"

I said, "I see a kind, sexy, woman with a lovely face," and grasped her boobs.

Smiling, Gina allowed me to hold on to her boobs, and said, "I think you're crazy."

I said, "May be you're crazy letting an ordinary, widowed man, with a child in to your life.

At that moment, I heard Kim stir. Reluctantly, I decided to take her home and gathered her things.

As I was carrying Kim out the front door, Gina said, "Friday is Kim's birthday."

I said, "I'll take time off from work for her party; I need your help with the party favors."

Gina whispered, "I'll take care of them. I'm glad you like me. Here, these presents are for you," and handed me a small bag.

In my bedroom, I opened the bag Gina gave me and found her white, lacy bra and lacy panties in it. I held them to my nose, and inhaled her perfume and body aromas. I slept with her panties around my cock.


Thanks to Gina's planning, Kim's birthday party was a complete success. She made sure Miley and Ashley, her two best friends, were with her at the same table. After the party, Kim hugged Gina, and thanked her for baking the cup cakes.

It so happened, Gina's birthday was just over a week later on a Saturday. As we were leaving the restaurant, I said to Gina, "I would like to help you celebrate your birthday."

Kim added, "Yes, Gina, we should celebrate your birthday."

Gina said, "I would like to celebrate at my home, just the three of us; I'm not ready for a big birthday bash."

I said, "Great, Kim and I will bring the cake."

As Gina was getting out of my car, softly, she said, "You and Kim are invited to spend next Saturday afternoon swimming. Also, please bring hamburgers and hot dogs. After dinner, Kim can sleep upstairs; bring her pajamas and her stuffed bear."

Later that evening, Gina called me, and said, "Hi handsome. What are you doing?"

I said, "I'm thinking of your voluptuous body."

Gina said, "I'm thinking of your hard body. By the way, I had a long talk with Kathy. She has a boy friend, an auto mechanic; his name is Rich. Ten years ago, as an 18-year old student, he had a crush on Kathy; then, she was 38 years old and married. After a long time, she saw him when she took her car for servicing. He invited Kathy to have dinner with him, after he found out her husband left her for a young woman."

I asked, "Does she like him?"

Gina said, "Yes. After dinner at a restaurant, they talked for about two hours at the State Park. She was nervous going out with a young man, but loved it once he started French kissing her and fondling her covered, sagging, boobs. She likes that he cares for her. She feels loved again."

I interjected, "I'm sure he has more ideas other than just caring."

Giggling, Gina said, "She agreed to go with him shopping for new lingerie."

I said, "I'm glad Kathy found a man who really likes her; it does not matter he is younger than her."

Gina said, "I think she is not the only one. See you tomorrow."

On Saturday morning, I cleaned my condo, did laundry, and took Kim to the park to play with Mylie and Ashley. On the way home from the park, I bought a planter, a chocolate cake with 'Happy Birthday' written on it, and a box of dark chocolates.

When Kim and I got to Gina's home late afternoon, it was warm. Gina wore a white, low-neck, tank top, denim shorts, and sandals; she had on costume jewelry: dangling ear rings, multi-chain necklace, and rings. She had on bright red lipstick. In short, she looked lovely. When I handed her the planter and the chocolates, she hugged me and surreptitiously rubbed my crotch.

Gina said, "Thank you for the presents."

Later, as Gina led Kim in to the house to change in to a bikini, she said to me, "You need to clean the grill; it has not been used for several months. I left a cleaning rag for you."

After I cleaned the grill and changed in to swimming trunks, Gina said, "Kim and Oscar are watching a movie. Lay down, I'll rub sunscreen on your back."

As Gina rubbed the cream on my back and thighs, she mumbled, "I love your hairy thighs. Now, turn on your back."

When she saw the outline of my stiff cock in my trunks, she giggled, and rubbed the outline of my cock couple of times. Later, lovingly, she rubbed sunscreen on my shoulders and chest.

Gina said, "I'll check on Kim. After I put on my new blue with pink flowers bikini, I don't want inappropriate touching in front of Kim."

I said, "Ok, but it will not be easy."

Giggling, she said, "You can cool off in the pool."

Gina came back alone, and said, "Kim is still watching the movie. You can rub sunscreen on my back."

I said, "Baby, you look gorgeous."

Slowly, I rubbed sunscreen on her smooth back, legs, and lined thighs. When I pushed aside her bikini bottom, I saw her dense growth of curly, blonde, pubic hair.

After, I reached under her the bikini bottom and rubbed her meaty buttocks, she said, "I love it, but that's enough for now."

As I continued rubbing her back and thighs, I said, "I love your skin; firm thighs."

Gina said softly, "I'm crazy enough to believe you."

At that time, we heard Kim open the back door. Gina got up, helped Kim get in to the pool, and started swimming with her. I got in to the pool and stood in a corner to soften my erection. I could not take my eyes off of Gina's voluptuous figure and her beautiful face.

Later, Gina helped Kim climb out of the pool and said, "While Kim and I get dressed, you could start grilling hamburgers and hot dogs; they are in the refrigerator."

During dinner, Gina proposed a toast for happy lives to all of us. Kim hugged Gina, wished her a happy birthday, and gave her a framed photo of herself. I hugged Gina and, as she surreptitiously rubbed my cock lump, wished her a happy birthday. After dinner, Gina cut the chocolate cake and served us; I helped her clean up near the pool and in the kitchen. Afterwards, Kim practiced kicking a soccer ball while I played the goal keeper. It was dusk when Kim wanted to watch TV and talk to her friends on her cell phone.

Wanting to be alone with Gina, I said to her, "Let's watch TV in your den."

After we sat in a sofa, I kissed Gina's smooth, bare, arms from her wrists to her armpits. Then, I kissed her long neck and lovely wrinkled cleavage for several minutes.

Gina blushed when she saw me staring at her covered boobs and said, "You want me to take care of your kid. Now, you want my boobs. I'm afraid you will think they are drooping and I'm old."

I said, "You don't realize how beautiful you are."

Gina said, "Thank you. I know I'm not getting younger."

After kissing her neck, I said, "Life is too short. Let me love you."

She said, "I'm afraid of Kim walking in on us."

Smiling, I said, "We could use John's idea to cover ourselves with a blanket."

Blushing, she said, "Ok. But, go see what Kim is doing."

I went to look for Kim upstairs; I found her in her bed, rubbing Oscar's tummy; she was also clutching a stuffed bunny Gina bought for her. Excitedly, she told me that Ashley invited her and Mylie to go camping with her family the next weekend. I got her to put on her pajamas and read a story until she fell asleep.


When I returned to the den, I saw Gina standing; she had on a red silk robe and red high-heel sandals, and pearl ear rings and necklace. I parted the robe to see her large, lovely, boobs encased in a red, lacy, push up, bra. Gina's boobs looked perfect, full and slightly sagging, in the tight-fitting bra; her hard nipples were pushing against the bra fabric. Her cleavage showed a few shallow vertical creases that added to my excitement.

All I could say was, "Wow. Wow."

Gina, blushed, smiled, and said, "I'm glad you like them. John bought most of my lingerie."

I managed to say, "They are awesome."

Gina took my hands and, without saying a word, placed them on her boobs. After squeezing them like large, firm, fruit, I leaned forward and kissed the exposed flesh of both boobs. Then, I sucked her stiff, covered, nipples, staining the flimsy fabric.

When Gina reached behind to unhook the bra clasp, I said, "Please don't. You look lovely as you are."

As I rubbed her inner thighs, she raised her eyes to look at me. I French kissed her as my hand slipped the remaining few inches to the crotch of her panties. I could feel the heat from her pussy before I even made contact. When I did so, Gina broke away from the kiss and gasped. I felt the outline of her labia through her panties and I slid my fingers over them. I pressed her distended, slick, clitoris between the delicate folds.

I removed her robe, and rubbed her panties-clad buttocks and crotch. I fell to my knees, and rubbed her smooth well-toned legs and firm thighs. She parted her legs. I looked up at Gina's face; she was looking down at my hand. I could hear her breathing. I realized her panties became wet over the area in contact with her vagina; that wet spot lifted my desire to suck her juicy, covered, pussy to an uncontrollable level.

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