tagNonConsent/ReluctanceWife Tammy Ch. 02

Wife Tammy Ch. 02


It had been several days since the episode at the pool and the mixture of guilt and the incredible sexual excitement kept the event in the front of her mind. Was it just a one time thing with Paul taking advantage of a woman alone and exposed or would he be back as he had said? Although she knew that he should never come back, that his sheer presence was a horrible error in judgment, it was impossible to ignore the deep feelings that ran through her body.

He took you like a cheap whore, she thought. And you were so easy and needy. He played to those inner needs that he alone released within you. Your pussy was wet again just imagining the moment of penetration, when his hard cock drove so deeply and he made you admit how desperately you wanted to be fucked like that.

He controlled you and made you feel so dominated by his power to make your body respond. It was almost automatic as you did as he told you and made you say things you had never said to your own husband. You told him to leave and that you were a wife and mother and he just continued. You wanted to call it rape but you both knew better. Would he call you? Or, would he just show up?

You jumped as the phone rang and brought you back to this moment, at home, alone and wondering what this day would bring. As you picked it up, he said, "Have you missed me Tammy?" The voice was a shock to your system and your mouth went dry as your body trembled.

"No," you replied, "you shouldn't be calling me. I can't let anything happen again. I'm married and have kids," you pleaded into the phone.

"But Tammy, you asked me to fuck you. Don't you remember? I was standing behind your ass with my cock buried inside you and watched that little crease under your sexy butt disappear as you slammed your hot married ass back onto me."

"Please don't do this. It happened once but can't happen again. It was a mistake. Please," you said as the words he said had already caused your pussy to get wet and throb from the desire he inflamed in you.

"But Tammy, you know you're a slut. A cock hungry whore who needs to be used hard. I loved the feel and look of your sexy tits as I pulled those nipples out and pinched them baby. Those nice round tits filling my big rough hands. The nipples sitting so hard in the center of those nice pink circles. That tanned flesh against the white skin from the one piece suit you always wear for hubby. The tan line on your ass meeting exactly where I entered you from behind. Yes, baby, you know you want to get fucked like that again, don't you. Tell me."

His voice and his description of your body and what he did to it were having an amazing effect. He wasn't even there but he was already making you so hot. "What do you want," you asked him in a strained voice. "I want to fuck you again Tammy. But before I get there, I want you to put on the red bikini again and a pair of sexy heels and put on some makeup. I want you looking sexy for me. I want to see your pussy hair through that little hole above the front of the bikini bottoms. You know the hole I stuck my finger through when I fingered you. You do remember, don't you Cunt?"

"You can't come now. Please not now."

"And wear your wedding ring Tammy so I can see it as your hand wraps around my fat cock. It's such a nice ring baby. You have thirty minutes Cunt to be ready for me. I may even want you to strip for me again or maybe I'll show you off to a friend of mine," he laughed as he hung up the phone.

With her emotions conflicting everywhere Tammy knew that he would show up and that he wanted her to dress for him. She was incredibly turned on and completely afraid at the same time. But, her legs were moving and carrying her upstairs to where she would change into the bikini that he first saw her in. The bikini that was stripped from her before he raped her and made her beg for his big cock.

Finishing with her makeup and then brushing her long blonde hair back she started for the stairs when the front doorbell rang. Her heart almost stopped at the sound, but her feet carried her to the door where she could see him standing there waiting with his tool kit. He looked like any workman ready for a repair call.

She opened the door slightly and peered out through the crack. "Why did you come back? I told you this was a mistake," she pleaded through the door.

"I came to see your body and to fuck it. Open the door, slut." She pulled the door back and let him in before quickly closing it and latching it behind him. She hoped no one had seen him come in.

"I see you dressed for me Tammy. Do you feel sexy wearing that red bikini for me again?" he said as his eyes took in the sexy blonde hair cascading below the shoulders and the hard nipples, faintly revealed in the opaque suit. She had on a pair of sexy strappy red heels as he had told her and he liked the makeup.

"You need to leave now," she asked softly, "we can't continue this, it's not right."

"So why did you dress for me Tammy. I'll tell you why. It's because you're wet and horny and need me to fuck you again. Face it Tammy, you're a slut. Tell me you're wet....tell me."

"No, I dressed like this because I was afraid. I have a husband and children. I am not a slut," she replied with a shaking voice.

Paul moved to her and his large hands were on her shoulders. They moved down her tanned body as she stood motionless and trembled from the contact. Then his hands were on her hips as one went to her bikini bottoms and then inside it to run a finger along the soaking wet cunt lips, and then deep into her. The moan that came from her lips as he fingered her seemed to be a combination of both deep need and uncontrolled lust.

"Tell me you're a slut, Tammy. Tell me you want me to use you. I want you to say it, now," he breathed into her face as his hand worked her wetness with a relentless motion.

"Oh, yes, Paul, I'm a slut. I want you to fuck me. Please fuck me. I'm so wet. I need your cock." The words seemed to explode from you like the giant release of a pent up flood. The words described your feelings and your needs and your desire to do whatever this man wanted.

You were so close to cumming for him just from the incredibly sensual situation and from the fingers inside your cunt.

Suddenly, he pulled his hands away from your body and stepped back slightly. "Take your top off, slut. Show me those tits. They are so nice and pointed, Tammy. Are the nipples hard for me? Do you want me to pinch them?"

You reached behind your back and quickly unsnapped and dropped the top to expose your tits to this man that had forced you to admit to him that you were a slut. "Take them. Pinch them. Do anything to me. I need your cock. Please fuck me. I'm so wet."

"On you knees, Tammy. I want you to take out my cock and suck it. You want to suck my cock don't you cunt?" For some reason you were stunned. You thought he was going to play with you. To stimulate your body. Then give you the release you needed so desperately from his big cock. You hadn't even thought about this before. But you had no choice and slowly lowered yourself in front of him to your knees as your hands undid his belt and zipper and then released his cock in front of your face.

You reached up with your right hand but immediately remembered his earlier demand when he told you he wanted to see your left hand with the wedding ring on it wrapped around his cock. Your left hand rose to grasp the fat shaft and to hold it so he could see the ring. You looked up at him and said, "Can you see the ring. You wanted to see the ring when my hand was around your cock?" He smiled down as you felt his hand on the back of your head wrapping his fist in your long blonde hair and pulling your mouth forward to his extended cock. Instinctively your mouth opened and he stopped as the head met your lips. "Use your tongue on the head, cunt. Lick it real good for me."

Your lips on the big head held it close as your tongue explored and played with the hard knob. This was not something you had done much of and your husband didn't demand it and you never really enjoyed it......until now. Your left hand tightened on the shaft and began to stoke it as your tongue and lips went all over the head and then you licked it all the way down to the base of the long cock. The sensation of it was an amazing lust inducer in you. The more you licked and sucked his dick, the more frenzied you were getting. Your mouth was taking more and more inside and going down several inched on the big cock and you were even more crazed with a sexual desire like you never knew existed.

"Yes, Tammy, that's so good slut. Do you blow hubby like this baby? Do you suck his cock like you do mine? Tell me you dirty cocksucker, I want to know. Tell me, baby," he demanded.

"No. never," you said looking up and still stroking as you pulled your lips away. "I never suck him, Paul."

"But for me you are a cocksucking slut, aren't you Tammy?"

"Tell me you are a cocksucker Tammy. Say it to me now," he commanded you as you were before him on your knees in a sexual frenzy.

"Oh, yes, I'm a cocksucker. I love sucking your cock. I want it in my mouth. It drives me crazy to suck you." And then your mouth descended again and was bobbing to fuck his cock with your mouth.

Just then there was a sound of a lawnmower starting up outside and it startled you but did not stop your mouth. "What is that noise slut," he asked you as he pulled you off his dick with your blonde hair.

"It's just Jimmy Boulton down the street. He mows the lawn for us every week. It's okay; he always just mows it and leaves." Your eyes were looking up hoping that this wouldn't stop. Your hand still stroking the firm shaft as you waited his answer.

"Can he see into the house from the side yard? It sounds like he's over there now?"

"He can see into the study from there if the blinds are opened. But it's okay since they're closed," you said trying to get him to continue.

"Get up," he said pulling you to your feet and dragging you to the study.

He sat in the chair off to the side and told you, "Open the blinds Tammy and let him see in here. I want him to see your naked tits."

You were panicked and confused by this request and stood there puzzled. Then you dropped to your knees between his legs again and took his cock.

"No slut, I said stand up and open the curtains or I leave you right now."

"Please, he's just the 18 year old kid down the street. I can't show myself to him. Please, just let me suck you. Please," you begged in frustration and humiliation.

"Do it now. I am not going to wait around arguing with you." He walked over to the blind draw string and began to pull it slowly as the blinds came up to the top of the window and framed you in the sunny glare. He was standing off to the side so the boy could see just you.

"Now move a bit closer to my side so I can touch you, but still face outside so he can see you from the waist up."

You moved to the right side of the window and immediately felt his hands on you tanned legs. He pulled off your bikini bottoms and then moved your legs apart. From behind he slipped 2 fingers into your soaking wet cunt. The feeling was overwhelming and you reached out to support yourself on the window with one hand as Jimmy watched your naked white long tits, with hard red nipples come within an inch of the glass window. Paul's fingers were driving you crazy and the sight of the boy watching your naked body while you were finger fucked was so erotic.

"He wants you Tammy. He thinks you are so fucking sexy. He has always jerked off thinking about fucking you and now here you are showing off for him like a cheap slut. I may invite him in to fulfill his fantasy." He taunted you and this drove you wild with desire.

"Ohhh, Goddd," you groaned loudly, "he's watching me. I feel so slutty. I need you now. Please fuck me, Paul. Please do it now."

"Not yet Tammy. First I want you to pull those hard nipples out and pinch them while he watches. He wants you so much baby. He wants his teenage cock to empty deep inside your mommies wet fuck hole. He wants to ride your ass Tammy. Pull those tits for him. Show him the slut you are."

Your hands dropped to your tits and mauled them as he fingered you from behind. You pulled and pinched them and your eyes were glazed over from the lust.

Suddenly, Paul dropped the blinds and pulled you to the chair he sat in. "Face me and sit on my cock. I want you to fuck me now. Show me how you fuck. Get on my cock, whore."

You wanted him so much. Your senses were in overload as you straddled his hips and lowered your wet cunt down onto his hard upright cock. As the enlarged head spread your pussy lips wider you slowly pushed down and were overcome by the sensation of this powerful cock sliding into you.

"Oh, yes, oh, yes," you repeated over and over again as finally you were fully on him with it totally buried inside your cunt. Then you began to lift up and ride him. Up and down...faster and faster....words were flowing from you but they made no sense. You were getting what you needed and it was more than you could have dreamed it would be. You were lost in the sexual need and desire and incredible lust.

Then you felt his hands on your ass and then a hard slap across the left butt cheek. Then another hard slap on the right one. It mixed with the sexuality of the moment and as he continued to spank you, you fucked him harder. Your orgasm was almost there as he kept battering your ass as you slammed it down. You cried out, "Yes, spank me, hit me, hurt my ass. Oh God I'm going to cum. Ohhhh, Goddd!"

The sensations were too much for you. The humiliation, the exhibitionism, the submission and the total eroticism drove you over the edge and you exploded in a mind shattering orgasm that captured your body and every nerve ending inside you. Your cunt hammered his cock as the spasms increased and rolled from one to the next. You had his shoulders wrapped with your arms as you kept cumming and screaming and crying out from the pleasure that you never knew existed. He was close and you wanted him to cum. "Cum in me. Please cum in my cunt. Do it now. Do it. Cum in me and fill me."

The force of his cum explosion rocked you and fired you into another orgasmic spasm as he seemed to expand even more as he came deep inside your cunt.

After several minutes of slow fuck movements on your part you finally collapsed onto him in exhaustion and complete contentment.

Later, as he was dressing to leave, he pulled you to him and said, "What are you?"

"A slut," you said as your mouth found his and your tongues met.

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