tagBDSMWife Tammy Ch. 03

Wife Tammy Ch. 03


Tammy Again

The last episode with Paul was emblazed on her mind. It was an awakening of something within her that allowed her to be used like a slut. She did whatever he asked of her and in return she had reached sexual heights she had never dreamed existed. He made her expose herself to the kid who mowed the lawn while he had his fingers inside her. She was becoming addicted to this treatment and addicted to the freedom that allowed her to give herself so completely. She wished for the phone to ring and to hear his voice telling her what he wanted of her. But it had been over a week and no call came. Her body was fueled with need but she also felt the guilt of being a married wife and mother. Her friends and neighbors thought of her as a straight-laced, conservative woman. But she knew what she was. And as ashamed of that realization as she was, she knew it deep in her soul. She loved it when Paul told her what she was. She was a slut.

The phone rang and startled her from her dream-like state.

"Do you know who this is, Tammy," he said.

"Yes," she replied as her mouth went dry and her wetness began almost immediately.

"I am going to come over there and fuck you. Be ready in one hour, slut."

She was about to reply but the phone went dead and she realized that he wasn't asking her. He never asked, he told her what to do or he just took what he wanted. She went upstairs to her closet and went about selecting something to wear. She selected something hot and sexy and alluring. The last two times she had worn that very revealing bikini but this time she took out the short black dress and black heels along with the sexy black thigh high stockings she just bought at the mall. She wore no bra or panties under this dress and was amazed at the very sexy reflection in the full length mirror in her bedroom. The top was low cut and held up just by two thin spaghetti straps. The spiked heels made her legs look sleek and very sexy. She applied her makeup and perfume and then brushed her hair. Finishing her dressing ritual, she couldn't help but be aware of the wetness between her legs and the hardness of her nipples. Her excitement was building and he wasn't even there yet.

Going downstairs, she sat on the sofa and waited anxiously for him. He didn't say how long he'd be and she didn't have time to ask him before he hung up. He said to be ready in one hour but he didn't say when he would arrive. She waited for over an hour and a half and wasn't sure if he had decided against coming at all when there was a sudden rap on the front door and she almost fainted from the sound of it.

Paul stood there as she opened the door and checked the street to make sure her neighbors were not watching. He walked in as she closed the door behind him and he put down his tool kit.

"You look good Tammy. I like the sexy dress. Did you put this outfit on just for me?

"Yes," she replied as her eyes looked down from the shame of this admission.

"You know I'm here to fuck you, don't you slut," he asked.

Again she replied with a simple. "Yes."

Just having him tell her what he was going to do and also telling her that she was a slut made her wetter than she could stand. Her breathing was short and labored and she craved him to take her and use her.

"Ask me to fuck you," he said coming close to her as his body stood only a foot from where she stood.

"I want you to fuck me," she heard her voice say with a quiver.

Paul smiled at her and then reached into his bag and pulled out some silk scarves. She had no idea what he was going to do but she felt this deep need inside to submit to him in any way he wanted.

"I am going to use these to tie you up," he said startling her.

"Why do you need to tie me up? You know I'll do whatever you want. I don't need to be tied," she said.

"You will do whatever I want. Isn't that right, Cunt?"


"Get over to that high table in the corner and lean over it, slut," he ordered her.

She moved to it and then bent over to press her top half, from the waist up, on the table top. She was trembling as she looked at Paul with the scarves. He approached her and tied each wrist to the far legs while securing her ankles to the nearest table legs. The feel of the silk being pulled taught increased her excitement and need. His hands ran under the hem and over her ass and reached under the straps of the low cut top to take her nipples into his fingers. As he did this she moaned deeply and was anxious for him to take her hard and deep. With her legs spread wide it would be so easy for him to get behind her and force himself deep into her waiting cunt. But Paul stopped and she watched him leave the room and heard him open the front door.

Suddenly she heard another voice and she knew that Paul had brought another person into the house. She froze in fear. Who was this? Why would he do this? Did he tie her so she wouldn't escape?

As she was bent over in this totally vulnerable position, she recognized the other voice. It was Jimmy Boulton from down the street. He had seen her naked breasts through the study window the last time as he was cutting the grass. Paul must have arranged for him to come today and humiliate her in front of him. She felt a mixture of shame and lust as the gravity of this situation sunk in. He was going to display me to this kid and then fuck me in front of him. Why is he doing this to me? I already said I would do anything he wanted. Why is he showing me off to this boy?

As these thoughts flooded her mind, she heard them come into the room. Jimmy's voice cracked as he saw her there. "Holy shit," he breathed as the sight of her in this position took hold of his senses. The hem of the black dress was up half way across her ass and the top was pulled low with her nipples exposed on top of the table.

"Go ahead," said Paul, "touch her if you want. She won't mind."

Tammy shuddered at these words as she saw Jimmy move forward slowly. She was trembling and afraid and excited all at the same time when suddenly his hand began stroking her long blonde hair. She wanted to tell him to stop and get away, but for some reason she couldn't speak or protest. Her throat was dry and she trembled to his touch. She could only accept whatever it was they wanted of her. Now his hands were moving slowly on her back and then over the soft sensuous curve of her ass. He stopped and squeezed and then pulled her dress up over her hips. She cursed herself for not wearing any panties or at least a thong. She was totally exposed with her legs spread apart and his touch descended between her ass cheeks and then to her already moist pussy. A finger easily opened her pussy and then ran the full length of the wet slit. She moaned softly as he touched her clit and rubbed it up and down. While he was doing this his other hand reached up to pull the top of the slinky dress down below her tits and to her waist. She was naked except for the black band of clothing bunched around her waist and the thigh high stockings and heels. He reached under her and took a breast in his hand and began pinching her hard nipple. A finger had entered her and was moving in and out of her wet cunt.

"Paul told me I could fuck you if I wanted to," Jimmy said. "Is that okay with you Tammy? Do you want me to fuck you?" His fingers pumped in and out of her totally aroused cunt and drove her crazy.

"Yes, Jimmy. You can fuck me. I need to be fucked."

"Can I fuck you every week when I come over to mow the lawn," he asked her as his fingers worked her sensual, needy body.

"Yes, whenever you want to, just fuck me now, Jimmy," she pleaded.

She almost screamed as she saw him pull back and drop his pants and his boxers. He was hard and big and she moved her ass to prepare for him as Jimmy got behind her and put his fat cock head inside her wet cunt lips. His hands dropped to her hips and then pulled her back onto him as he drove deep into her with one long thrust. She groaned deeply as he hit bottom and began to work his big cock in and out of her.

"Is this what you wanted slut," he hissed at her as he started to hammer her without mercy.

"Oh yes, Jimmy."

Suddenly she felt her hair being pulled hard and she turned her head in time to watch Paul force his cock to her lips.

"Suck it, cunt. Put your lips around it and suck it good," Paul snarled at her as she opened her mouth and eagerly took his big cock. They were both rough with her. Paul was using her mouth as if it was her pussy while Jimmy was unrelenting in his savage assault on her wet and accepting cunt. She seemed to be all sensation and nerve endings and erotic pleasure. It was the hottest sex she ever had. Being between these two hard cocks and being tied and used was driving her crazy for more. Her ass lifted with every withdrawal from Jimmy so she was positioned to receive a hard and welcome deep thrust from him again and again. Jimmy kept looking down at her hard, sexy ass and then placed his middle finger at the tight opening and slowly pushed it into her while he fucked her cunt. The finger ignited her even more and her mouth moaned continually around Paul's cock. With one hand in her hair Paul had now placed the other around her neck and she could feel the power of his grip. He had her throat and was squeezing as he pushed his cock deep into her constricted throat. The lack of air and the incredible arousal was driving her insane with need and lust. She saw Paul pull his belt from his pants and then slowly place it around her neck and tighten it.

"Jimmy, pull out of the slut and come up here and have her suck your wet cock," Paul ordered as Jimmy pulled out and took the end of the belt and used it to pull her face onto his wet cock.

Paul went around to her ass and forced his even bigger cock deep inside her and began to savagely fuck her. She was wailing and moaning from the attack but moved hard against him as he took her brutally. Jimmy was penetrating her eager lips and she tasted her own fuck juice as he drove into her throat. Suddenly she felt Paul's finger at her tight ass ring pressing down and then popping into her. She never had been violated there before today and once he began to move the finger in and out she got accustomed to the sensation which added to her sexual frenzy. She loved the fierceness and the wildness with which she was being used. She craved their abuse. She was so close to cumming that she began to whine and moan louder around Jimmy's hard dick.

"Jimmy, pull out of her and untie her hands," Paul ordered as her also withdrew his cock and untied her legs.

"Drag her over to the couch and have her kneel in front of you," Paul said as Jimmy pulled her by the belt over to the couch and sat down while dragging her to her knees in front of him. She heard Paul looking for something in his bag. He came up behind her and pushed her head down on Jimmy as his hand then started lubing her ass ring with some sort of gel he had extracted from his bag. Tammy didn't need to ask; she just dropped her mouth and went at him with a deep need. Then she felt Paul begin to place his fat cock head at the entrance to her tight ass and press. He rubbed it all over the area just outside the tender spot and then pressed again. The pressure was greater now and she felt her ass giving way to his hard cock. Then with a painful pop, his cock head was lodged just inside her stretched ass ring.

"I told you I was going to ass fuck you the next time I was here, Tammy. I want your ass slut. Can you feel it inside you?"

She moaned from the pain and the stretching but also was highly aroused from the overwhelming feeling of submission it gave her. Paul slowly pressed harder and she felt the massive cock travel deeper inside her. Her eyes were tearing from the hurt but she didn't want this to stop. She wanted to be abused. She wanted to be used. She needed to be his whore. Paul's hand reached around her and began to slowly play with her swollen clit while his cock remained still. Jimmy was enjoying the view. Tammy was going crazy from the feeling of having her ass so full and the sensations he caused rubbing her clit. She sucked Jimmy like a woman who only wanted cock.

She felt a change in the way Jimmy was seated and looked to his right to see a woman sit down beside him. She was very sexy with large tits and her short skirt was pulled up to her waist as her fingers rubbed and fucked her wet cunt. Her legs were wide opened and Tammy was mesmerized as she watched her play with her own body. Tammy had no idea when she arrived or who she was but she watched her and succumbed to the totally erotic moment. Paul then began to move in and out of her ass with his hard dick as she felt Jimmy getting close to cumming in her cock sucking mouth. She wanted his cum and needed to taste it. She worked harder on him until his grip on her hair intensified and he began to shoot warm cum into her mouth. She licked and swallowed and sucked the young man and savored his cum as she took it all.

Jimmy pulled her mouth off his cock and Tammy watched the woman beside him reach over and take a handful of her hair and pull her face down between her wide open legs. "Eat her cunt, whore," Paul ordered, as her face was pushed forward and she was buried in wet pussy juice and warm cunt meat. She never in her life had any bi-sexual or lesbian experiences and never even considered it. But now she had no choice as her tongue reached out and she began to lick this stranger's cunt. The woman lifted her legs back as Tammy began to taste her and gently tongue her pussy. She watched the woman lift her top up and expose her big tits and Tammy's hands went to them and took hold of her hard nipples. Paul increased his movement in her ass and she was totally engulfed in sensation as he took her from behind while she pleasured this stranger who forced her to eat her cunt.

Paul resumed his pounding of her ass and reached around to rub her swollen clit as his big cock was relentlessly taking her to unimagined heights. The woman whose cunt was being forced onto Tammy's face was moaning loudly and Tammy had trouble keeping the grinding cunt still enough to keep her mouth on her sexy open cunt. She could feel the enormous orgasm building as the woman came hard and flooded her sucking mouth with juice. Tammy watched while she screamed and panted out her orgasm. And then Tammy was cumming hard on Paul's cock and her ass started to spasm as her cunt and clit exploded in sensation. She rode the orgasm for a long time. ending one and then beginning another until she finally felt Paul pull his cock out of her ass. Her head rested on its side as she looked up and watched Paul jerk off over her and then she saw and felt his cum blast onto her face and the other woman's belly and tits. She stuck he tongue out to taste him and then started to lick the hot cum off the woman's body.

"What a dirty fucking slut she is," Jimmy said as he watched her.

"Yes, she is, Jimmy, and you can use her any time you want to and so can my sexy slut girlfriend too."

Tammy heard his words but didn't really understand how dramatically they would alter her life in the future. But she knew she was powerless to stop it.

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