tagNonConsent/ReluctanceWife Tammy Ch. 08

Wife Tammy Ch. 08


It had been a few days since Tammy was asked by her husband to let his best customer have her when or if he ever decided to call. As yet, Tammy had not heard from Tom. But she knew that Tom wanted her and she wondered when the call would come. She went about her daily chores and thought about how her life had changed in just a few months. She always thought of herself as a devoted wife and mother who was always active in church and school activities and always did the right thing. But in these last many months her perception of herself had changed dramatically. She now knew that she was anything but a conservative 'model wife' who joined all the right clubs and did all the correct activities. She began to drift away from her friends and turned down further involvement in her community. She had changed. She knew that her self image had changed too. Tammy knew what she was and what she had become. She had come to grips with her needs and the way she needed to express them. She was a slut. She also suspected that it must be becoming more and more evident to others. Even her straight-laced husband must have felt the change. He had recently become more sexually demanding, dominating and forceful than ever before. In the past he never would have asked her to sexually "take care" of one of his customers. That request just a few months ago would never have been uttered by him. But he had actually come out and ordered her to fuck his best client. But the most telling sign of this change was that her husband's demand had excited her to an incredibly degree. It had also increased the intensity of her orgasm right after he made that demand. He knew what she was from that moment on. But instead of being surprised or shocked or horrified, he enjoyed it and she knew he wanted more.

Tammy changed the way she dressed from her old modest Talbot's look to a much more revealing style that included sexy lingerie and spiked heels. Today she wore a very tight pair of high cut shorts, a snug white tank top that left several inches of her belly exposed and four inch stiletto heels. Her bra was very sheer and made her nipples very clearly visible under the top. Her thong was a matching sheer 'almost nothing' piece of mesh.

After cleaning up the kitchen, Tammy remembered that she left her shopping bag from her recent mall trip out in her car. She walked out the side door and out into the garage. The garage door was still opened from her husband leaving for work a little while ago. She liked the new string bikini she bought and decided it was a good time to try it on again. Maybe she would go out to their backyard pool to work on her tan. As she went into the garage, she popped open the car truck and bent in to get the bag. She was startled and jumped when a pair of hands grabbed her hips and pulled her back against a definite male firmness. Tammy was shocked and twisted her head to see Jimmy standing behind her with a crooked smile on his face.

"How is my little slut, Miss Tammy. I love this tight, hot ass of yours," he said while pulling her close.

"Please, Jimmy, anyone walking by the front of the house can see you," she said as she tried to stand up. Jimmy pressed her back into the bent over position leaning into the trunk.

"Then they will probably know what I already know. Our proper little Miss Tammy is an easy piece of ass," he laughed down at her. His words were an electric shock to her system.

Jimmy reached under her and took both her full breasts in his hands and began to knead them as he pressed his hips into her ass.

"Please, Jimmy, not here," she pleaded as she her body quickly responded to this treatment. Her nipples were rock hard and her breathing was becoming labored from her mounting excitement.

"You want my cock don't you Miss Tammy," he taunted her as his hands pulled her top up over her breasts and his fingers took her nipples through her sheer bra.

"Oh, God," she groaned as he worked her extended nipples. Her pussy gushed and she was incredibly aroused. Tammy gasped from the excitement of being used like this; like a slut. She thought how she had allowed this neighborhood boy from down the street to just walk up her driveway, into her garage and touch her as he pleased. Almost instantly he could turn her into his slut. She was not only powerless to stop him, but she realized that she craved his dominant treatment. She loved the humiliation she felt. It seemed to add to her excitement.

"I asked if you wanted my cock," he repeated to her.

"Yes, Jimmy, I want your cock," she whined, "But please take me inside."

"No you trashy fucking whore, I want you here and I want you now. Stand up," he told her.

Tammy stood and turned around with her bra exposed and her top pulled above her tits. She thought of the humiliation and shame she was enduring from being exposed like this with her garage wide opened. But that knowledge only increased her arousal. Jimmy pulled her to him and their lips met and his tongue found hers. Her moan was deep and guttural and her arms wrapped around his shoulders and head as she moved her mouth and tongue to meet his. She was on fire and felt Jimmy unsnap her bra and pull it and her top up and over her head. She was naked from the waist up and he began to kiss her again. His hands worked on her full tits and nipples as the kiss went on and on.

"Take your shorts off," he told her before their lips met again. The look on her face was animal lust and nothing else.

He felt her hands moving between them. She undid the waist button and zipper. Her shorts were quickly sliding down her legs to the cold cement garage floor. Jimmy grabbed her hair and pulled her head back. As their lips parted, he looked down at her exposed body. The thong was so sheer and so small that it seemed to be just a mere wisp of fabric. He looked in her blue eyes and the raw passion in her glazed look.

"What do you want from me, whore," he asked.

"Fuck me, Jimmy. Please fuck me. Fuck your whore," she pleaded.

Taking her by the hair, he dragged her to the front of the car which was more shielded and away from the street. He pushed her face down over the hood as her aroused nipples hit the cool metal. He stepped back a bit to look at Tammy. He loved how sexy she looked like this in just her thong and stiletto heels. He dropped his shorts and boxers and then reached forward to pull her thong aside. He placed the elastic over her ass to expose her wet cunt.

"Reach up on the hood and grab the edge," he ordered and her hands found the ridge below the windshield wipers. He ran his hands over her body and watched her ass push back and search for his cock.

"Please," she breathed out.

"Like this, you cheating married slut," he snarled as his hips pushed forward and his cock lodged forcefully into Tammy's wet cunt.

"Ahhhhhhh fuck," she cried from the sudden penetration and began to move her ass on him as he fucked her without any tenderness. He was taking her hard and rough. Tammy knew he would. This was exactly what she needed and craved. Lovemaking was the furthest thing from her mind. This was not lovemaking. It was like he was raping her and forcing his fat cock into her. She loved the way he unleashed her submissiveness and ignited her deepest sexual desires. She needed to be taken like this. She moaned and gasped as she moved back the get more of his hard cock within her.

"Oh, God, Oh, God," she breathed out as he kept pounding her. Her grip on the edge of the hood was turning her fingers white as her body responded. She knew she was just moments away from orgasm as Jimmy used her with his virile young cock.

"You gunna cum for me, tramp," he demanded through clenched teeth.

"Oh, oh, oh, fuck, cumming now, cumming," she squealed as the power of her climax rocked her. Jimmy held her hips tight. She was grinding against his cock as it buried itself so deeply inside her cunt. He pulled her back onto him as he gripped the front of her firm thighs. Her spasms sent wave after wave of shattering jolts through her body. She continued moving her cunt against him with a fast urgent pace.

"Shit," he yelled, "look at that hot ass move on my cock," he said as she gradually slowed down the demanding movements until her body collapsed on the car.

"Oh, Jimmy," she said as she exhaled, "that was so good. You made me cum so hard baby."

"We're not done, Tammy. I need to cum too and I want that sexy ass of yours," he told her as he pulled his soaked cock out of her and placed the head against her tight brown star.

"Not my ass, Jimmy. Not now, baby. Please," she begged him. But Tammy knew that her protests would not work with him. He always took what he wanted. She had given up control and she had no will to resist any of his demands.

He began to push forward and her hands reached back up and gripped the hood's edge again as his wet cock popped painfully inside her. Tammy screamed at the invasion as her fingers held tight to the metal. The sudden pain scorched her ass. She knew the garage door was wide opened. She wondered what would happen if someone came up her driveway to find this neighborhood boy with his cock buried deep in her married ass. The humiliation of that thought made her shudder.

Jimmy pushed slowly and felt her tightness surround his hard cock. From past experience, Tammy willed her muscles to relax so the pain would gradually subside. He kept the pressure up and as she let her muscles loosen he was able to get his full length inside her. He kept it deep within the sexy wife and did not move. This allowed her to become accustomed to his cock. Tammy could feel the change in her body. She slowly felt the gradual change from pain to acceptance and finally to the beginnings of pleasure. Jimmy stayed still until he detected Tammy begin to slowly move her ass. It started with small movements that barely could be felt. But then she was sliding back at him and moving forward to allow a few inches to go in and out of her.

"Oh, yea," she moaned under him as he let her do the work.

"How does it feel, slut," he asked her.

"Oh yea, oh yea," she was groaning. Her ass began to gather more energy and she slide herself back and forth with a renewed urgency.

"You like it in the ass, Tammy," he demanded.

"Oh, God, my ass, please, Jimmy, my ass, oh yes" she whined as her hips were grinding his cock and continued to move on him.

"That's it Tammy, you fucking tramp," he snarled down at her, "what a nasty ass whore."

"Fuck my tramp ass baby. Please, Jimmy, more cock," she could barely breathe through tight lips.

He took hold of her shoulders and began to meet her movements with hard deep thrusts. Tammy was squealing as he began to pound her harder and the car was moving slightly under them from the power of the fucking motion.

"You like it in the ass, sweet little perfect wife Tammy," he taunted her.

"Oh, please, my ass," she groaned, "keep fucking my ass."

The sexy married slut was slamming her ass back at him and taking his complete cock all the way inside her tight ass and then almost fully out. She had no will, only her desperate need. The degrading humiliation of being naked in her opened garage, bent over the hood of her car while the neighbor teen boy was fucking her ass drove her to renewed heights of pleasure. His hands dug into her shoulders and pulled her back onto him with tremendous force and she suddenly began to cum again. Jimmy felt her ass contract around his fat cock and it was too much for him. He flooded her with his cum and pumped load after load into her convulsing, demanding ass. Tammy was screaming from the incredible sexual intensity. She had no thought or regard for the sounds that must be carrying out onto the street. When they both started to come down from this post climatic high, Jimmy pulled back and his cock popped out of her stretched ass. Looking down he saw the flow of his cum cascade out of her and soak the car's hood.

Jimmy reached down and pulled her up to a semi standing position. He whispered in her ear.

"What a dirty ass-whore you are Tammy. Now lick all my cum off the hood of this car," he demanded.

Tammy could do nothing but obey him. She was totally and completely under his control. Her mouth dropped to the oozing liquid and she began to lick it up. She felt the familiar liquid on her lips and tongue. As she worked on the puddle, she would swallow his sperm and then return to lick up some more.

Sensing something, Tammy lifted her head to look around and realized that she was alone. Jimmy had gone. Thinking about this for a second or two, she turned her attention back to his cum that was still left on her car. She again began lapping at the remaining juice.

The cell phone rang that afternoon and Tammy picked it up. She didn't recognize the caller ID number until the voice began to speak to her.

"Hello, Tammy, I have been thinking about you while I was away on a business trip. Now that I'm back I want to see you," he said.

The startled wife was very surprised to hear Tom's voice. She thought he would have called her very soon after that night when he fucked her in her own home while her husband was out getting the special scotch for his best customer.

"Tom, what a surprise it is to hear from you. I know I gave you my cell number but I never thought you would really call me," she told him.

"I have been thinking about you and how sexy you are. I need to see you," he said.

"When do you want to meet, Tom," she asked, "and what do you want to meet me for."

"Right now, Tammy. Come downtown and meet me on the 3rd floor of the Carson Parking Garage in 30 minutes," he told her.

"Now, can't this wait until tomorrow. This is such short notice," she told him.

"Thirty minutes, Tammy, and park against the far rear wall," he said ignoring her response. He then hung up.

She was surprised and shocked at his demand but knew that Jack had told her to do whatever he wanted. Tom's business was crucial to their income and their lifestyle. She ran upstairs and changed quickly into a short tan skirt and a tight fitting red top. She grabbed her purse and headed out. She knew the parking garage very well because she always parked there when she went to shop at the high end downtown stores. She wondered why he wanted her to meet him in a garage but knew she would find out when she got there. When she was about 5 minutes from the garage her phone rang and she answered it.

"Hey Miss Tammy," Jimmy said.

"Oh, Jimmy, hi," she replied, "I loved what you did for me today, baby?"

"Friday night I need you to come with me to a fraternity party at the college," he told her ignoring her comment. "Wear a nice short skirt and something low cut. I want to show you off."

"Jimmy, that's really not a good idea. What if someone recognizes me? I don't know if I can do this," she told him.

"I said Friday. I will meet you in the parking area near the quad. It's beside the main entrance. Be there at 10 o'clock and no excuses," he said before he clicked off. She knew she had no choice but to go. She was concerned about any public exposure at an open fraternity event. She knew she could tell her husband it was a girls' night and that would satisfy him. She pulled into the office building's parking garage and headed to the third floor. As she got to the third floor she headed to the rear wall as she was told and pulled into a spot between two SUV's. He didn't say where he would meet her so she got out and walked toward the back of her car when he suddenly appeared.

"Tammy, you look incredible. I am so glad you decided to come and see me," he told her as his eyes were all over her.

"Why are we meeting here in a parking garage, Tom? It seems like a strange place for us to meet," she said.

"I don't have a lot of time but I needed to fuck you again. Now get in the back seat of your car," he said pushing her backwards toward the rear door.

'Tom, please, this is nuts," she said as he pushed her against the cool metal of her SUV. "We can't do anything. That night at my house was a mistake. We just can't do this."

Tom pulled open the back door and pushed her. Tammy had no choice but to move into the car. He moved in behind her. He pulled her top up over her bra and began to pull her big tits out of the low cut bra. He was relentless as if he was a starving man and she was his last meal. His mouth dropped to one nipple as his other hand took the other nipple and rolled it and pinched it.

"Tom, please, not here. Please, stop, I'm not some whore you can just have come and fuck you anytime you call," she said as she tried to push him away.

Tom was not listening at all and she could feel her nipples harden from his assault on them. A hand then dropped to her leg and ran up to the thin thong. It was so sheer that it barely covered her cunt at all. His finger pushed the material aside and then entered her. His lips on her nipple and his finger driving in and out of her had the effect that it always did on Tammy. She opened her legs wider and leaned her head back onto the seat.

"That's exactly what you are, Tammy. You're a whore. You're just a cock hungry slut who will come fuck me whenever I call," he said as he briefly pulled back to look into her eyes.

"Oh, please," she moaned as his fingers and lips worked harder on the sexy wife. "Tom, please not here, this is so wrong," she groaned; but at the same time her hand reached behind his head and pulled his mouth harder onto her aroused tit.

"So wrong," she kept repeating as her hips moved against his insistent finger.

Tom pulled his mouth off her hard nipple and he could see that she was looking at him through half closed eyes with her lips slightly parted. She was grunting each time his fingers moved into her.

"You want this don't you Tammy," he demanded.

"Yes, I want it Tom," she whined through gritted teeth.

"You are a whore I can fuck anytime I call, aren't you," he asked her with his face against her face.

"Yes," she gasped.

"Take out my cock you tramp," he told her without pulling his hand from her rotating cunt.

His humiliating words ignited her even more. He was treating her like a piece of meat and this was adding to her already high excitement level. Her hands were on his zipper and then unbuckled his belt and pulled the fabric apart. She snaked her hand into his boxers and pulled his hard cock out. Her hand began to stroke it immediately.

"You want it in your mouth don't you, slut," he snarled at her as she pumped it harder.

"Oh God, yes, let me suck it. I need to suck your cock," she groaned as she felt his hand grab her hair and force her face down onto him.

Tammy's mouth went down almost to the base. His hard cock was forced into the back of her throat. She stifled her gag reflex and took him deep right away. Her head bobbed up and down on him as she devoured his cock with her mouth and tongue and throat. Her hand stroked his balls as she sucked him. His finger inside her was soaked with her juices and she moaned on his stiff rod.

"You want me to fuck you, don't you," he asked her as his hand pushed and pulled on her long hair. Grabbing it hard, he pulled her mouth free so she could respond.

"Fuck me, Tom," she whined in her aroused state, "put your cock in me and fuck me."

"No, whore, you fuck me," he told her as his finger left her cunt and he pulled her over to face him. Her legs straddled his hips.

Tammy reached down to grasp his cock and directed it to the opening of her hot cunt. Then she dropped her weight onto him and his cock tore into her wet cunt all the way to the base.

"Oh, fuck," she cried out as her hips began to pump onto him and her arms encircled his neck. Her body was moving on him with a power and need that was incredible.

"That's it, slut, fuck me, fuck me good," he breathed into her ear beside his lips.

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