tagFetishWife Tries Something New Ch. 05

Wife Tries Something New Ch. 05


All the way home Paula was stroking my dick. She was teasing just the fat purple head of my dick; making me harder and hornier with each gentle stroke. She snuggled up next to me and whispered in my ear. She was telling how hot I looked sucking cock after cock.

She asked me what I liked most about all those dicks. I told her the heat of them and .... My voice trailed off, trying to re-gain some sort of control. "And what?" Paula asked as she continued her torturous stroking of my dick. "What was it that you loved so much but can't bring yourself to admit?"

"Was it the helplessness of being used by all those dicks? Was it the feel of all those dicks? Was it all that cum you sucked out of those big juicy dicks?"

When she said that a slight, lustful moan escaped my lips. It was involuntary. I didn't mean to do it but most of all I didn't want her to hear me. Not only did I moan but my cock swelled in her hand. I was in big trouble.

"Oh what a pathetic little whimper that was," Paula said. She started to giggle at my reaction. "So that's what you loved most of all, load after load of creamy cum. Aren't you the little slut?"

"Yessss" was the reply that hissed passed my lips. "That wasn't meant to be a question," Paula answered. Her pace quickened around my dick. "That just shows how much you loved it and I bet you can't wait to have another hot dick in your mouth. Is that what you would like, a nice big juicy dick to suck on until your mouth is filled with his creamy cum?"

I yelled as my own load of cum welled up in my balls and was ready to explode all over myself and Paula's hand. As I called out for relief, she released my dick from her grip.

My frustration was all over my face. I needed to cum in the worst way when she just stopped and left me on the brink.

"Oh, what's wrong honey? Does your little dick want to cum?"

"Yes please, please let me cum," I begged. "No, no, no my sweetheart. Not so fast. I didn't say you could cum yet. This is my dick and I say when it gets to cum and I think you need to wait just a little bit longer, don't you?"

"No! I think I should be allowed to cum now!" With that she took my dick in her hand and started to rub, ever so lightly, just the opening with her finger. It hurt like hell or did it? It was so intense I couldn't tell if it hurt or felt good. My body was jerking in near convulsions from her sweet torture.

"Oh you do, do you?" The tone of her voice was so sweet and teasing at the same time. "Well never let it be said that I wasn't nice to you. I'll just keep rubbing your dick just like this until you cum or we get home."

"No, I said, you're not rubbing in the right spot; you're not rubbing hard enough to let me cum." Paula said "oh, I'm sure you'll be able to cum if you really need to. But just to be nice I'll rub a little bit harder."

I shouldn't have said harder to her. She continued her slow circles around the opening of my dick but she applied more pressure. I would never be able to cum this way but the sensation was too much. I thought I would pass out from the blissful pain.

I begged her to stop but all she did was giggle and continue her torment. "This is your reward for being such a fabulous cock sucker." I thought my dick was going to fall off it hurt so badly.

After the longest 30 minutes of my life we finally pulled up in the drive way. I was finally going to get the release I needed so desperately. But when we got inside Paula announced it was late and she was going to sleep.

I crawled in bed next to her and did my best to fall asleep but my dick was too hard for me to sleep. I lay awake all night hoping my dick would finally go down but it didn't. The way she had rubbed my dick had left it hard all night. I didn't sleep at all.

As the sun came up I was still hard and in sheer agony. I needed to cum. I got out of bed and took a shower and finally my dick eased. It was still thick but not totally hard. The pain had eased but my need to unload all this backed up cum was still desperate.

I spent most of the day working in the yard keeping myself busy to lessen the agony I was in. As I came in the house Paula was on the phone with her sister Vicki. Vicki was 21 years old and looked a lot like my wife. She was 5'2" with tits as big as my wife's 34C and an ass that was so small and round you just wanted to worship it.

I could only hear one side of the conversation but I knew it was about last night. I heard Paula say "then he really did take that cock into his mouth. He had no idea who it was and couldn't even see him. This dick was just sticking through the hole in the wall and my sweet husband sucked it for me, or so he said."

She looked at me and continued "But I really think he did it for himself. He loved it and he looked so hot with that big dick in his mouth. Oh he did; more than anything he did. He's right here, I'll ask him. Honey, Vicki wants to know if you loved sucking that dick?" Paula just giggled into the phone. "Wait, wait, she wants to know if she can watch you sometime. She thinks it would be hot, too to see a big throbbing dick in your mouth with cum leaking out of the corners of your hungry mouth."

I didn't answer. I went back outside and resumed my work for a couple of hours. When I came back inside an electric shock of fear ran through me. There was Paula dressed so hot in a schoolgirl costume; plaid skirt, thigh high stockings, white dress shirt unbuttoned and tied in a knot just below her tits. Her hair was in pigtails and she was wearing high heels.

"Why don't you get cleaned up and I'll take care of that aching dick you have." I was cleaned and out in a shot. My dick was standing straight out as I walked into the bedroom. Paula took me by the hand and led me to the bed. I laid back on the bed and she settled in between my legs. She took my dick into her mouth.

I moaned my approval. It had been so long since she had sucked my dick I couldn't remember the last time. She circled the sensitive head of my dick with her tongue and then slid my dick into her mouth. I was helpless. I was in heaven. I almost lost my load just from doing that.

Paula sensed my excitement and backed off, not wanting me to cum too quickly. She started licking my dick, looking me in the eye as she moved up and down my shaft. Gently she took the head of my dick in her mouth. It was so warm and wet. With my dick in her mouth she started to slide her finger up my ass. From our previous encounters she made me crave this combination of cock sucking and ass fucking. She moaned around my dick in response to my cries of pleasure and her facial expressions which only further increased my pleasure.

Then in one slow motion she took my dick into her mouth as she slid her finger all the way in my ass. This was the first time she has ever been able to get all of my big dick into her mouth. This took me beyond the point of no return. I yelled with my building orgasm. Paula then took her finger from my ass and released my aching dick from the confines of her deliciously warm, wet mouth.

What was she doing? I was about to cum and she stopped. "No, please don't stop!" I yelled. Cum was trickling out of my dick but no orgasm. It was like my orgasm passed but there was no satisfaction from it.

"I'm sorry baby but Vicki and her husband are on their way over. You don't want them to see me in this little outfit do you? Look how my tits are hanging out of my top and my nipples are so hard. You don't want her husband staring at my big tits and hard nipples, do you?" She bent over to give me a better look and to drive me crazy.

"And look at this skirt. If I as much as lean over just a little bit, you can see my ass. I don't know what Mike would do if he say my ass like this. He might not be able to control himself and just take me right here with his big dick. He might grab me with his powerful hands and force me down to my knees; my mouth even with his dick."

She almost swooned when she said that. Her mouth slowly opened as she said that. I knew she was thinking about sucking his dick. "Then who knows what disgusting things he would make me do." Her hand slid between her legs as she spoke. She started to rub her pussy while thinking about being taken by him.

She snapped back to reality. I didn't know what to think. Her story was humiliating. I was incredibly horny from her cock sucking so I didn't know if what had just happened had me hornier or was it just from her cock sucking.

Paula said she would help me get ready for tonight. She went to her dresser and took out our cock ring. "Here, this will help keep your dick hard all night." But I told her "I don't need any help staying hard. I am so horny from what you just did to me I will stay hard without it."

Paula said, "Oh I don't want to take that chance. I want to look over at you at any point and know that your dick is rock hard, aching to cum, but you can't." With that she broke into her sweet loving laughter. This was so humiliating I just hung my head. Paula picked up on my state of mind because she said "since you don't want to wear the cock ring, I think you'll need to have your ass filled all night." My dick jumped at this.

"Oh, that's what you want isn't it? You want your ass stretched and filled. I bet you want a hot hard dick in your ass instead of this plug." The sweet tone to her voice was driving me crazy along with the thought of the cock ring and plug.

She walked over and started stroking my dick. "Is that what you want? You'll have to ask me for it if you want it to happen." I was going crazy from her stroking. I would have agreed to anything at that point if she would just make me cum. "Are you going to make me cum?" I asked. "Sure I will. You will empty every drop of cum in your balls even if I have to suck your dick over and over again but only if you ask nicely."

That was all I could take. I knew it would make the evening shear torture but with the promise of having my balls drained of cum made me give in. After all the plug was very short and not much thicker than Paula's finger and I was going to be hard all night anyway so the cock ring would be ok.

"Yes, do it" was all I said. "Do what honey?" She wasn't going to let me off easy. "Paula, can I please have the cock ring and my ass filled?"

"Oh aren't you the horny little boy? Begging to have your little cock tied up and your ass filled." She continued her cock stroking to get me as hard as possible before locking my cock up in the cock ring.

Next she told me to bend over the bed. She rummaged in her dresser drawer. I felt the cold gel of her lubing my ass. I knew what was coming next. I felt the pressure on my ass and then penetration. My ass began to stretch. Then wider and wider; deeper and deeper. What was going on? The plug we have isn't that long or wide.

I started to speak when Paula said "sshh, this is what you agreed to. This is what you are going to take."

"But how big is it?" I asked. "Oh it's only 6 inches long and two inches thick." She intoned in her seductive voice.

Just as she slipped the last inch into my ass, the door bell rang. "They're here. Get the door while I change."

I threw on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt and opened the door. My jaw must have hit the floor when I saw what she was wearing. Her sexy little petite body was squeezed into a tank top with no bra and tight cut off jeans that didn't cover her ass.

"Hi, sweetie, seen any good movies lately?" Vicki started. I knew she was referring to last night at the video arcade. "No, not really." I replied, not wanting to let on I knew what she was talking about.

"We are going to have a great time tonight." Vicki said as she wiggled her tight little ass past me. I didn't quite understand what she meant by that so I just blew it off. I said I would go check on Paula. I was really going to have Paula take her new butt plug out of my ass.

I walked in the bedroom and took my pants off. Paula was still dressed in her schoolgirl uniform. She was in front of her dresser opening the drawers, getting changed.

My dick was hurting I was so hard. The head was purple. I told Paula that it was too big to stay in my ass. "That's a shame. You seemed to love it after I finally got all of it in your ass."

"I did, I did," I replied. "You can fill my ass later." I half begged.

"I can?" Paula replied with a very excited tone to her voice. That was music to my ears. She was going to give me pleasure and she was looking forward to it.

She had me bend over the bed. After I was all bent the way she came up behind me and started to slowly work her toy out of my ass. She got about two inches of it out of me when she thrust it back in to the hilt. I was totally taken by surprise. The intense feeling of her fucking me caused me to yell out in pleasure.

Paula loved it. "You liked that didn't you?" She said as she continued to slowly fuck my ass. "I bet you want more don't you?"

"Yes," I replied "but after everyone leaves."

With that she slowly pulled it all the way out of my ass. I sighed as it slipped out of my ass. Paula started to rub my ass. I couldn't tell if she was soothing or teasing my ass. Then I felt the blunt end of the plug against my ass again.

"Paula, don't." I said. She paid no attention to me and started pushing it in my ass. It didn't take long for me to realize this wasn't the butt plug that had just left my ass. This was something altogether different. My ass stretched farther and farther as she forced more into my ass.

"What is that?" I asked. "You really don't want to know." She replied. "Tell me!"

"Well if you must know it's a 10 inch cock shaped dildo and I'm going to fuck your ass with it." She said as she forced the first inch in my ass. I moaned; loudly, wantonly. "My, my what a little slut you are." Paula teased as another two inches pushed their way in.

"Please, please!" Was all I could say. "Please, what?" She continued as even more of that cock took my ass. She then worked it in and out, slowly fucking me into submission. "Please stop." I beg unconvincingly.

A devilish smile crosses her lips as she teases my less than honest plea. "Don't you like this? Doesn't this feel so good to you? Is that it? You don't want me to fuck your ass ever again?"

I had to admit the truth and tell her I love how she is slowly fucking my ass but it feels so good I can't keep quiet. I beg her to stop and fuck me after her sister and brother-in-law leave.

"I don't think so," as she started to fuck me harder and harder. I know Vicki and Mike could hear me but I couldn't keep the screams of pleasure from escaping my lips. My legs were becoming weak. I started to collapse on the bed with Paula still working that monster dick in my ass when Vicki walked in.

"So that's what all this noise is about. I thought someone was getting fucked but I had no idea it was you with a dick in your ass causing all this noise."

She looked so hot. She shook her ass over to the bed when I was being reamed and bent over beside me. "So this is what you like to have done to you? It is so hot seeing you with that dick in your ass. And look at your poor dick, tied up in the cock ring. I bet you would love to cum right about now."

With that she grabbed my dick and started to slowly stroke it. She made a ring with her thumb and forefinger and gently touched my cock as she continued her stroking motion. "Paula has told me what a slut you are; how you loved to be fucked in the ass; how you love to suck big cum filled cocks until they spew their gooey treasure all over your face or down your throat. And that's exactly what you're going to get."

With that Mike jumped on the bed with his hard cock in his hand. He straddled me on the bed with my mouth just inches from his dick. "Show me." Vicki commanded in a voice as sweet as my wife's. "Show me what a good little cocksucker you are." The tone of her voice was so sweet and sexy, I almost lost it right there.

I didn't want to suck Mike's dick. It was one thing to suck off a stranger but it was quite another matter to suck off someone I knew. The combination of my cock ring, Paula burying that 10 inch cock in my ass and Vicki teasing my dick with her hand was too much for me to fight. I had been hard all day long. I hadn't cum. I was too horny to have any defense left.

My mouth opened slowly, lustfully. Everyone in the room started whispering encouragement. As his dick slipped into my mouth a collective groan lifted above the room. My moans of lust were included with the others.

Mike started rocking his hips into my mouth. Vicki put her other hand on my head and helped me suck his dick. Inch after inch of his dick slipped into my mouth. With each passing thrust my uncontrolled desire to have him fill my mouth with his cum grew.

It was true that I was a good cocksucker. In no more than 5 minutes I had him fucking my mouth hard; ramming that big juicy dick of his deep down my throat. Vicki continued to taunt me; saying how hot it looked having Mike's dick in my mouth. "What a great little cocksucker you are. You've got all of his big dick in your mouth. That's it keep it up and he'll give you your reward. Do you want him to cum in your mouth or just cover your face with his load?"

Mike was about to cum. He started grunting and yelling. "You little cocksucker! Take my dick! You worthless little faggot!" When Paula heard this she started fucking my ass fast and hard. Vicki released my dick and squeezed my balls hard. I yelled out in pain. This must have opened my throat because the next thing I felt was Mike's balls slapping my chin. "Yeah, suck it you slut." Vicki whispered followed by a teasing giggle.

Mike yelled "I'm cumming, I'm cumming." And with that he emptied his big balls into my mouth. When the first spurt hit my tongue I began sucking, licking and just uncontrollably devouring his cock. I suck every last drop of cum out of his dick. I licked his dick from the base to the tip to make sure I got every bit of cum I deserved. I was out of control. I had to be pulled off his dick. I just kept sucking and sucking. The girls loved every minute of it. They were giggling and calling me nasty things like whore, slut, cock sucker.

Once his dick was out of my mouth, I started to regain my composure. Vicki released my dick from her gentle grip and retrieved a glass. Paula was fucking my ass. She had all 10 inches in. She told me "what a fucking slut you are. Taking all of this dick in your ass and loving every inch of it. Aren't you my little slut? Taking a dick in your mouth and this cock in your ass. Show me how much you love this." Vicki joined in. She was stroking my dick and telling me to "show me how much cum you have for me." Her pace quickened. My body started to jerk in near convulsions. I was nearing the orgasm I had wanted since last night but I couldn't cum.

I realized it was the cock ring that was keeping me from shooting my load. Vicki ripped the cock ring off and with her next series of strokes I shot stream after stream of thick juicy cum into the glass she was holding. When Paula saw me cum she pulled her cock out of my ass. This sensation only increased the pleasure of my orgasm. My balls were truly empty; emptied into Vicki's glass.

After she milked the last drop of cum from my dick, she brought the glass up to my lips. "Show me how you love the taste of cum." I took the glass and brought it to my open mouth. I paused for a second. Vicki taunted, "Show me what a good little cum slut you are." With that I looked her straight in the eye and turned the glass up, guzzling every drop from the cup. "What a nasty whore you are. We're just going to have to see how much cum you can take."

The girls laughed. "We're going to have fun using his slutty mouth and ass." With that they all got dressed and headed out the door.

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