tagLoving WivesWife Turns Fantasy To Reality

Wife Turns Fantasy To Reality


After enjoying a long, warm bath I was looking forward to a really good night out on the town with my wife, but at that time I had no idea just how good it was going to be. I entered the bedroom to view my wife totally naked. Taking in her gorgeous body I reflected that our life together was really good and also that nature had been kind to her after having two children. At the age of thirty one, her body was slim and well toned, long legged with a lovely rounded bottom that attracted the attention of men as she walked. Her breasts were firm and showed no ill effects of breast feeding our children. She had maintained her perfect 36b-24-36 figure. During our marriage we had always had a good sex life, even though we had both started as virgins, which must have been quite rare ten years ago, let alone today. After the birth of our second child, we started to enjoy our fantasies more and more. We bought sex toys and blue movies, and had built up quite a collection. We would tell each other our fantasies, either while my wife 'lap-danced' for me or while we lay together. My favourite fantasy was watching my wife being taken by one or more men, while she fantasised about being taken by a well endowed black guy, or watching me with one or more women.

"Do you think these will be all right for tonight?" Jane said, waking me from my daydream. She was pointing at the clothes she intended to wear for our night out, which she had carefully laid out on the bed. They didn't cover much of the bed!

"Brilliant! You are going to wear them tonight?" I replied, immediately getting excited by what I saw. Jane had slowly increased her daring over the past year with what she would wear on a night out. Her skirts and dresses had become progressively shorter, the blouses more sheer or the necklines more deep. Tonight she had set out a pair of very tight and clingy black hot pants. She had worn them in the house, and they clung to her bottom like a second skin, with just a hint of each cheek of her bottom appearing around them. Instant erection for me!

"Yes, I thought it was about time that you had a real treat. After all it's ages since we have been able to go out and stay out as long as we want to. The boys will love staying at their friends overnight."

"Well I certainly will, if your wearing that outfit tonight"

"Okay, never mind talking about it lets get ready and go. Oh Ian, before we do, I suggest you go and put some cold water on that, otherwise we will never get out tonight!" Jane was pointing at my erection, that had formed due to the thought of the excitement she would be giving to other men tonight when they saw her.

"Oh, there is one thing that I need to do before I get dressed" Jane giggled, as she opened the draw where some of her favourite toys were kept. She reached in and took out, her latest toy which she had not used outside the house. It was a pair of Duo balls (pleasure balls), which after having them in for half-an-hour normally got her so hot that she just stripped off and ripped my clothes from me. Our sex sessions that followed would last hours!

"You are going need a lot of self control if you keep them in all night"

"I know but just think of the fun we are going to have when I take them out!"

Jane now started to dress, after checking that the Duo balls were safely secured into her vagina. She gave a quick wiggle, and a satisfied smile which indicated that they would have the desired effect, then put on her black embroidered 'Wonderbra' which pushed up her breasts to give a cleavage that was guaranteed to turn any mans head. The bra wasn't really necessary, for her breasts needed little support. Next, the sheer through body stocking, with no knickers underneath. Slowly and carefully,she then eased a pair of 7 denier black tights(pantyhose) over those long legs.Then those shorts! She added a black waistcoat that was buttoned up except for the top two buttons, and then put her feet into a pair of black patent leather shoes with four inch stiletto heels.

"Well, will I do"

"Yes" I stammered. "You are very do-able!"

"Thank you! Lets go, then" Cheekily grinning Jane walked out of the bedroom.

The door quickly reopened and she walked back in. She slowly and very provocatively approached me, then bent down and placed her mouth very carefully over my still very hard erection. Her tongue then played around the head of my prick and then her mouth slowly enveloped all of it. Her mouth moved back along my length and with a slight plop she came off my erection. She ran her hands up my body as she slowly stood up.

"I think it might be a good idea if you got dressed." After saying that she grinned and left the room.Eventually, I managed to get dressed and my erection subsided sufficiently, but for the remainder of the evening there would be a constant ache. We headed off to the bright lights of the pubs and night clubs. We are very lucky where we live, because there are four major towns in close proximity, all of which have plenty of night life. Every place we entered Jane turned heads, and I enjoyed watching the reactions. In one bar I overheard a conversation between two men.

"Look at the ass and tits on her! I could spend the night with her"

"You would have no chance. She'd crush your balls in an hour"

Little did they know, that five or six years previously, they would never have noticed her. Jane has really blossomed in the past year, into nearly a nymphomaniac. Sometimes I have difficulty keeping pace. Tonight was brilliant, because Jane only had eyes for me, but at the same time radiated sex, and she knew the effect she was having on the men around her.

We had just finished dancing and were standing at the bar, when Jane held my hand and moved it to the top of her thigh and whispered into my ear.

"You know you said that I would have to keep a lot of self control tonight. Well, just feel me."

She then manoeuvred my fingers into her shorts. "Can you feel how wet I am?"

I whispered back. "You are not just wet, you are soaking! Do you want to leave and do something about it?"

"Not just yet, Let's dance some more, because the Duo balls are doing wonderful things for me. My clit, is having a marvellous time rubbing against these shorts!"

So we danced again. Then the slow records came on, and Jane began rubbing her body closer and closer to me. At one point, it was obvious that she had a mini orgasm. I moved my hands down to feel her bum cheeks and slowly moved my hand round and found that she was absolutely dripping from her pussy!

"Let's go now Ian."

We walked back to the car, and once inside kissed long and deep, with our tongues intertwining. The feel of her breasts and her red hot body, were getting the better of the ache in my balls.

"Lets head towards home, while I feel like this." Jane seductively whispered. "But, ... can we go the different way home?"

"Sure, if you want. I thought you would want to go straight home"

"No, it is not much out of the way, and I know you like to look!"

The different way home, took us through the red light district of our local town. Every night there were girls standing on the street corners, in various provocative clothes trying to get men to pick them up and pay to have sex with them. Jane knew that I enjoyed looking at them and pointing out the ones that I could be tempted by, and those that I would run a mile from. The area was formed from a set of streets that meant you could actually drive around in a figure of eight, and it was a mixture of houses, factories and a couple of pieces of waste land.

Just before we reached this area Jane asked me to stop the car, because the Duo balls, were causing a little too much excitement for her. After a bit of a fight with her shorts, she managed to take them out.

"Here you are, give them a nice lick if you want to." Jane enquired as she passed them to me, and she began to tidy herself up again. Putting straight her hair and reapplying her make-up. The Duo balls were soaked in her pussy juice and she knows that I love the taste of her.

After licking all the juice off them I then asked her if we should carry on. "Oh yes please, the state I'm in it is going to turn me on even more, if that is possible"

Approaching the first street there was a coloured girl standing on the corner, wearing a very short leather skirt and boob tube. She was slim , and her hair was all beaded. As we got closer she ducked down trying to look into the car and seeing if the driver was a possible punter. When turning the corner we saw a second girl dressed in a white short coat, white patent leather mini skirt and white boots. Again she did the same, and ducked down to look into the car.

By now we were approaching the central street of the figure of eight and had seen four or five girls and it was obvious why they were standing in the street. We now turned into the central street, and this has a factory along one side and the other also has two small factories separated by a patch of disused ground. It was at this point that Jane put her hand on my arm and said, "Pull over and park a minute will you?"

"Yes sure, what's the matter?"

"Nothing, but I want to make one of your fantasies come true"

When I stopped the car, I looked at Jane open mouthed. She then smiled, and leaned across to kiss me. As our tongues met and explored each others mouths, I explored her body and found that her pussy was oozing with juice. She gently eased away from me, and as she did so gently squeezed my throbbing erection.

"Don't worry Ian, I'm going to go and stand on the corner and I want you to wait five minutes, then drive past me. After that, drive around for fifteen minutes and come back and pick me up. You have said that one of your fantasies was for me to act like a street hooker. Well , now I'm going to do it."

"But?" was the only word I could utter.

"Look, if when you drive past I think I am losing my nerve and I'm not happy, I'll move my handbag from one shoulder to the other, so you can stop, then we can go home. If I'm happy and enjoying myself, I'll put my hands into my pockets of these shorts. Okay?"

"Okay. If you are really sure."

"I'm sure."

With that she kissed me, and then got out and walked away from the car towards the corner of the street. Jane looked wonderful in those shorts, and they really emphasised how good her legs were. While she walked, the shorts really dug into the crack of her bum and partially revealed those rounded cheeks. In fact, the whole outfit she had on suited the part she was now playing, her whole manner was screaming out to any man, come and fuck me!

I sat in the car in a dream, my fantasy coming true. I was a little worried about her, will she be frightened, what happens if someone tried to pick up? However, there was something telling me at the back of my mind that she had all this planned out.

After waiting five minutes , I started the car and drove away. I reached the end of the road and turned right. She was standing at little way from the corner of the street, because the coloured girl was standing on the corner. As I drove past, Jane peered into the car and moved her hands to put them into her pockets. It was difficult because the shorts were so tight. This signal settled my worries and I knew she was confident standing there. In fact, she looked so relaxed with her legs slightly apart, tempting any man that was driving past to stop and ask how much would she charge for her favours.

I drove away to follow Jane's instructions. It was relatively easy to drive around the town and make a circular route that would get me back to the red-light district in fifteen minutes. While I sat at a set of traffic lights, I thought how Jane would be getting on, and I realised that my balls were still aching. Checking my watch, I realised that the fifteen minutes were nearly up, so I headed back to where Jane was.

I had arranged my route so that I would turn back into the street that Jane was standing in. Turning off the main road into that street, I became even more excited. I was looking for Jane and initially while turning in I didn't see her. As I drove along the street which is about three hundred yards long, I still couldn't she her. Past the small side street where I had dropped her, still no sign. Up to the corner, where the coloured girl was standing, she peered into the car, and gave me a cheery little smile. I had passed several girls along the street, but not one of them was my wife! What had happened to her? I decided that the best thing I could to do was to turn right and then right again, so I could park in the same position where I had left Jane twenty minutes earlier.

I parked , switched the engine and lights off and decided to wait ten minutes before I got out and looked for her. Those ten minutes seemed to pass so slowly, but during that time I realised how many men actually drive around red light districts. Girls were being picked up and dropped off every few minutes.

The ten minutes passed and I was just about to get out of the car, when suddenly there was a tap on the window. It was the coloured girl with the beads in her hair, the boob tube and leather mini skirt. I opened the window and took in a lot of detail about her. Briefly, the slinky boob tube, covered a wonderful pair of breasts. Her nipples were showing through sufficiently for me to think that I would love to get my mouth around them.

"Hi honey. Are you called Ian"

"Yes. Yes I am" I stammered.

"Oh great I've got the right car! Jane asked me to give you a message. She said not to worry, she's got her hands in her pockets and doesn't need to change her handbag over. Whatever that means? Does that make sense to you?"

"Yes. Yes it does. Thank you."

"I'm glad, because I was totally confused. She also said for me to give you these for safe keeping." the girl then gave me a small bundle that she was holding in her hand. I opened it out and realised that it was Jane's body stocking and tights! When or where had she taken them off?

"Is Jane all right?"

"Sure she is honey. Look there she is on the corner."

The girl was right, as I looked towards the corner Jane was standing looking up the street. She held her hands up above her head and then quickly tried to push them into her pockets. Again not quite succeeding due to the tightness of the shorts. Now she looked even more tempting, just wearing her bra, waistcoat undone, shorts and four inch heels. While I was taking all of this in, a car pulled up alongside Jane. The passenger window was wound down and the driver leaning towards it, obviously needing to talk to the hooker. My wife! Jane bent forward, showing her bum off, although the driver could not take advantage of the sight awarded to me and the girl standing by my car.

"Jane sure has one hell of an ass!" The girl remarked.Before I could reply to her, Jane was opening the passenger door of the car that had stopped by her. After another brief discussion, she got into the car and closed the door! The car then pulled away.

"Jane told me to tell you that she would take her punters to the car park in Brown Street, if you wanted to check on her safety."

"What? Sorry, I missed that." I garbled out. I was so confused at this moment. I was excited and worried, all at the same time.The girl repeated her message and then gave me directions to the car park. She also added, "Jane has already given me my fee for you. So we can do business when you want. Perhaps a bit later?"

I stuttered an agreement and explained that I had to follow her and ensure that she was all right and enjoying herself. Shock, excitement and voyeurism all built up inside me, but I now realised what Jane was doing. We were living out some of our fantasies, but it was for both of us and not just for one of us. Both of us would be satisfied.

I found the car park easily, it was small, perhaps holding a maximum of thirty cars, but it was sectioned off into bays of three. Tall shrubs separated each bay, which was perfect for the punters who took girls there. I spotted the car that Jane had got into and I parked my car two bays away, I thought that wouldn't upset Jane's punter. Getting out of the car and walking round, I gained a view into the car through the windscreen. I was about seven or eight yards away, but well hidden by the trees and shrubs.

Jane was just putting something into her handbag, which she placed on the dashboard of the car. Then after a brief chat, the punter pushed his seat back and reclined it some way. Jane leaned closer towards him and looked down. She appeared then to be undoing his trousers. After this initial activity she ducked down out of sight. Could this be my wife, going down on a complete stranger and giving him a blow job? He would be enjoying her glorious tongue playing round the head of his cock. I know from experience how good she is at making a cock become rock hard. After a few minutes, she reappeared and pushed her seat back. The punter then sat up and squeezed her breast, but she pushed his hand away. By this time he had removed his shirt and either his trousers were around his ankles or taken off completely. She then proceeded to take off her waistcoat, quickly followed by her bra. There was my wife exposing herself to a total stranger! Her bra and waistcoat were put onto the dashboard. Perhaps she was going to give him a tit fuck. She then reclined her seat slightly and pushed it back, another wriggling around on the seat resulted in her sitting up and holding up her shorts to neatly fold them and place them with her waistcoat and bra. She was now totally naked for this total stranger would had paid her to have sex with him!

With the whole of her body now exposed to his gaze, he slowly looked overher body enjoying her luscious breasts and moving down, would view her well trimmed pussy. He again fondled her breasts, this time pinching her nipples to make them stand ever prouder. If he spent time on them I knew he would build up the juices in her cunt to a high level and make his penetration easier. His hand moved down to feel her nakedness, and he must have slide his fingers down to her pussy where he would discover how wet she was. She wriggled around and climbed over him. It was obvious that she was going to fuck him. I moved my position very quietly until I was looking through the drivers window. It was partly open and I heard Jane say, "We don't need this", and a few seconds later a condom was thrown through the gap in the window. She intended to ride him bareback!

Her breasts were continued to be squeezed as she slowly lowered herself onto him. "Ooh yes, that's feels so good. Come on, fuck me!" She slowly began to rise and fall easing the guys cock up her pussy, and her moaning began to rise in volume along with the expletives. I could just see a sheen over her skin that meant she was getting really turned on. He continued to run his hands over her body, always returning to her breasts and nipples continually tweaking them to excite her even further.

"Yes...yes....yes...come on...come on...fuck me...fuck me harder yes... Oooooh you bastard ..Yes. Yes.. come in my cunt. Come on ...come on...make me come..... YES...YES...YES...I'm coming.....spunk in me .... now.. now.. now... Ah...Ah....Arghhh OOOOOOHHHH ....YYYYEEEEESSSSSS.."

With that she collapsed onto to the man who I could now hear moaning in approval of his own orgasm. He was breathing heavily, but he managed to tell Jane, "You are one hell of a fucking whore!"

As she got up to allow his prick to slide out of her spunk soaked pussy, she replied, "Thank you. You're not a bad fuck yourself." At this point I thought it was best to leave while the two of them got dressed. It would give me the opportunity to get back and wait for Jane to return to the spot where she had been picked up. It also meant that I could park at the place that I had left her.

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