tagBDSMWife Turns the Tables Ch. 01-03

Wife Turns the Tables Ch. 01-03


Henry has always wanted to see his wife get taken by other men as he watched. He finally lays down the law, orders her to go along, and gets what he wants. Then a whole lot more than he bargained for. Main characters: Henry and wife Marla; Willie.

CHAPTER 1: Henry commands his wife; she turns the table.

Henry's always had a fantasy of his bride of 10 years, Marla, taking someone else's cock in her pussy, ass, or mouth while he helped, watched, and took pictures. Marla too liked her sex but strongly disapproved of messing with, let alone breaking, her marriage vows. Even though she liked the attention she got from other men, she reserved sex for only Henry. She was rightly proud of her MILF eligible body: brunette hair 5'-4" from the floor with green eyes, a shapely but tight ass atop "Betty Grable" legs, and strikingly perky 38D breasts. Not a bad fit for Henry's 5'-10" and 170lbs.

She knew how to use her body, and Henry was ecstatic with the no-holds barred sex they had together, but not 100% satisfied. There was always that sharing his wife under his control thing -- making her do nasty and subservient acts with strange cocks for his enjoyment -- that gnawed at him. He spent hours strategizing how he could realize his fantasy. However, he was so focused on the task he ignored periphery things that every plan ought to consider. Like the Chinese proverb, Be Careful What You Wish For, he could wish so hard that it's possible to end up the exact opposite of what he dreamt.

Henry would drop hints during Marla's weaker moments, when they were fucking their brains out in bed. Between their uumphs and squeals he would ask about her fantasies hoping to meld hers with his. "Tell me your fantasies," he would coo, followed with, "Do you ever dream that maybe there's another cock in your pussy"

"Uumph... uumph... No... uumph... I would never..."

Henry would go on, "Don't you ever wonder what a different cock would feel like?"

"Of course not. I know what a cock feels like..."

"How do you know? Ya know there's short cocks, long ones, middle-sized, thin ones and fat ones..."


"And they come in different colors and feel a little different... I bet you didn't know that..."


"There are a few cocks almost 12 inches long and thick as a wrist... and I guarantee something like that feels different than mine, big time."


After another pause Henry whispered, "I'd like you to feel the difference, maybe, sometime... I think you might like it..."


That was not a no. This is major progress, Henry thought.

"But wouldn't you think I didn't love you?" Marla asked.

Henry was in seventh heaven. That was not a refusal. It was a clarification of a possible assent!

"I'm sure you would always love me," Henry panted, ".... Just think about it while I empty my balls in your tight cunt."

Strong nasty talk always had an effect on Marla and she exploded in a massive orgasm that went on for 30 seconds at the same time Henry filled her with his cum. He knew the word "cunt" helped but was hoping that maybe their talk of 12-inch cocks had something to do with it, too.

Over the next few weeks Henry kept up subtle pressure. While Marla never agreed, she didn't completely disagree either. Her clarification questions gradually got easier. Her last was, "I don't understand how one can plan something like this."

Henry replied, "You're right, sweetheart. You can't really plan something like this and not force it or push it. Just watch for a chance opportunity, and if it seems good, go for it."


Henry said to himself, "That sounds like a yes! I need to put my foot down and firm this up." He declared, "We've talked about this long enough. You seem like your maybe OK with it but not 100%, and while I'd prefer your OK, I really don't care. I don't need it. I know what I want. I'm not sure how, but I'm going to find other cock for you to experience, and you'll take that cock in your pussy while I watch and cheerlead. Get fuckin' used to it. It's going to happen! You're going to do what I say!"

She remained quiet. "Good," Henry said. He thought all he has to do now is find the opportunity. He was elated and relaxed. Too bad it was the calm before the killer storm.

Three weeks later on a Saturday Henry told Marla to get dolled up in a short miniskirt, a tight half unbuttoned blouse and four-inch heels. "We're goin' out, and I wanna show you off." Since Marla was receptive to attracting attention she was delighted. They stopped at a nice restaurant and had a small dinner. It was uneventful except for the kid waiter that had trouble taking their order because he couldn't keep his eyes or his mind off Marla's tits.

"He was sure ga-ga over your tits," Henry commented. "Too bad we were in an open restaurant; he might've had a good cock for you to sample."

Marla blushed and replied, "Don't be silly."

They left and drove to the outskirts of town to a country & western honky-tonk. It was crowded but they found a full booth in the back. There was a band playing uncharacteristically quiet country with an uncharacteristic singer: a blonde with hot pants cut higher than her crotch and a string bikini top. "You got a little competition up there, honey. There's enough men to go around but maybe you should kick it up a notch: go to the ladies room and take your bra off and bring it to me... and maybe one more undone button would be good."

Marla had already downed half of her gin and tonic (which followed two martinis at dinner). She was feeling good, gave Henry a coquettish smile and said, "I'll be right back." She returned in a few minutes strutting more than normal and for a moment drew the eyeballs away from the singer. As she sat down Henry said, "You'll beat that singer slut any day of the week." She smiled and resumed her drink. She wondered if this might be the sharing opportunity he was trying to find for her. She mused to herself, "Well if it is, I'll make the most of it and see if I can't show the sonofabitch who's boss."

After about 15 minutes and into their second drink they noticed a giant of a black man strolling toward them. What Marla didn't know was the man worked on the loading dock at Henry's office and he had arranged this "chance" meeting. "Willie!" Henry greeted him warmly even though he knew him only indirectly. "Willie, my man. Good to see you. Marla this is Willie from the office. Willie, my wife Marla. Join us for a drink." Marla and Willie exchanged pleasantries and he slid his 6'-6" 270lb frame next to Marla, who momentarily looked like a deer caught in the headlights as she took in this magnificent specimen of a man.

They chatted and drank the next hour and became quite friendly. Willie had turned in the booth so he was facing Henry and Marla, had his arm behind Marla on the back of the seat but with the tip of his hand lightly touching her shoulder. He also had a dead-on view down her open braless blouse which he kept his eyes on even while talking. Maybe it was the alcohol but Marla liked the attention. At least she did nothing to hinder Willie's view. In fact she turned slightly and he could now see 95% of bare tits.

The banter continued, and got a little more personal and risqué. They were telling off-color jokes. Marla, not as innocent as she seemed, told one that made them roar with laughter but was flat out locker room dirty with words like prick, cunt, asshole, and fuck. Willie laughed, "I like a ho who's not afraid of sex."

Marla replied, "I ain't afraid of sex... but what's a "ho"? Am I a ho?"

"Willie said, "A ho is a black sister who puts out for her man. You can't be a ho... you're not black," the insinuation being missed by no one.

"So if I put lampblack on me and become black, I'll be a ho?" Marla asked.

"Halfway. There's also that givin' some poontang to the man thing," Willie countered.

"I can give poontang," Marla protested.

"I bet you can," Willie droned. "You look like you put out real good," he added as he slipped a hand inside her blouse and pinched a nipple while paying Henry no mind what so ever. "Can a man tweak you nipples before you put out?"

"Uummmm huh... yes," she moaned. She could feel the heat rising. Henry was right, she thought. Experiencing other men might be fun, especially specimens like Willie. She had yet to give it much thought yet she knew she was ready to let this total hunk of a stranger do whatever he wanted with her... and right in front of her husband! Willie extended his arm all the way around Marla's shoulders, pulled her blouse open and pulled out a tit. His first hand bared her other tit. Her only thought was this was the first time there was a man whose hands were bigger than her tits. Other than for Henry's partially shielding them, her lily white 38s with sharp contrasting black fingers pulling and twisting her nipples were out in the open. She didn't care, just moaned and gasped and enjoyed the moment. If the whole world was watching that was fine with her. Both still paid no attention to Henry.

Willie intoned. "You're one hot bitch. Does this feel good? Do you like my black hands pinching nipples?"

Marla rested her head on his chest. "Uh huh... Oh, yeah!"

"Are you thinking about putting out? He chuckled.

"It crossed my mind," she cooed.

Willie said, "Henry said he was making you screw another man, but it seems to me you're hot to trot all by your little self."

"I do what I want, whatever my husband says," she retorted.

"I like that. It seems you're ready to do what you want. Are you ready? Let me see," Willie hissed. In one swift move his hand slid under her skirt, pulled her panty's crotch aside and jammed a finger in her pussy. She yelped. Then her pelvis pushed back to meet his finger. "I think you're ready. Your cunt is sopping wet. I'm almost ready, too. Feel for yourself," he commanded, this time louder so Henry was sure to hear.

Marla reached under the table and felt the giant bulge in his pants. "Jesus, that's the biggest penis I've ever felt," she cooed.

"It's not penis, bitch. To you it's a cock. A big black cock. And wait until it's hard and fully grown," he corrected.

"Ooooooohhh, yeah!"

He looked her in the eyes. "I'm ready for a piece of your ass. I'm ready to fuck your cunt. But understand it's between only you and me. Henry has no say because I'm totally in charge. O.K? She stared back glassy-eyed and nodded a yes. Willie looked at Henry. "Henry, I'm going to fuck your white bitch wife like you wanted," he growled. "Drive us to your place. You can watch, but don't get in the way and don't give me any shit. Now pay both our bills, leave big tips, and get the car."

Henry sat there dumfounded. It was kinda what he planned, though not exactly. Marla broke his reverie. In a daze she cooed, "You were right, honey. I want to feel what another cock is like. Isn't it what you wanted?" Henry had no response other than shrug his shoulders. His wife continued, "Good. I really want it. If you're having second thoughts... well, as you said to me, get used to it; it's going to happen."

Willie broke in, "Move it, Henry! Move your ass! Get the car!"

Willie and Marla got in the back and Henry, his mind in a fog, drove home. "Take it out, bitch, so you can see it up close and personal." That was the second time Willie called her a bitch. Surprisingly she wasn't annoyed. Instead she figured it meant she was becoming under his control and that excited her. It was difficult to pull his cock out through the zipper, but it eventually popped out. "Shit!" she hissed, "Honey this is the biggest most beautiful cock I could imagine," as she fingered it. "Kiss it!" he ordered. She did... a long kiss on its head. Willie yelled at Henry, "She likes it. She likes how it tastes. I know you can't see but she's got the head in her mouth. She wants it bad. Get us to your house. Step on it!"

They arrived at the house and rushed to the bedroom. Willie told Henry, "Get a chair to sit on, then take your pants off." Henry looked surprised. Willie continued, "I know what I'm doin'. Understand that I'm now in charge and just do what I goddamn tell you to do." Henry slowly removed his pants, exposing his dick and balls. His dick was only five inches but hard as a rock. "I see you're enjoying this. Now take off your wife's clothes and give me her panties and bra to keep." Soon the naked Marla's panties and bra were tucked in Willie's pockets. "Now take my clothes off!"

"I don't do that," Henry protested.

Willie snidely asked Marla, "Does he not do what he's told? You can't let him get away with that!" Marla giggled. Still talking to Marla, he said, "I'll show you a little trick to make him behave that'll come in handy." He walked over to Henry, engulfed both nuts in his big palm, and squeezed hard. Henry screamed. Willie squeezed more. Henry blubbered and screeched. "See how it works?" Willie asked Marla. Marla giggled more and with a smile mumbled a yes. He got in Henry's face. "Gonna do what the fuck I tell you or am I gonna have to crush your nuts?" Henry squealed and nodded yes. "You know I can do that if I want?" Another nod 'yes' with more groaning. Henry got Willie's clothes off in a jiffy, pausing only to gasp at the size of his cock. "If you're nice later on I might give you some of it, too," Willie sneered. Willie stuck his cock in Marla's face. "Touch it. Suck on it. Get to know it," he snarled. After a minute of Marla's ministrations Willie asked, "Do you want this to fuck you? Fill your cunt?"

Marla answered clearly, "Yes!"

"Tell your wimp husband you're going to fuck me."

"I'm goin' to fuck Willie," she said to her husband. He stood quiet and still. He wasn't sure how he lost control, but he was now just a peon in the whole deal.

"Beg me to put my cock in your cunt. Beg me good and use those words, and make sure Henry hears you," Willie commanded Marla.

"Please fuck me. I want your cock in my cunt. Please, stretch my cunt with your cock. I mean it. I want it bad," Marla pleaded loudly. Willie admired how she was enthusiastically getting into it. He knew then she would soon belong to him and her pencil dick husband would end up serving them both. He had noted the slight smile on her face when he had squeezed Henry's balls.

Willie climbed between Marla's wide spread legs. He barked at Henry, "Get over here. Guide me into your wife's cunt." Henry briefly balked then thought better of it, walked over and grasped the shaft of Willie's cock. "Use one hand to guide it and the other to push on her ass. It ain't goin' in easy," Willie continued. As Willie closed in on his prey, Henry, like a robot, directed the head toward her love hole and began pushing his wife's ass to meet it.

Willie pushed it in very slowly but the whole 12 inches in one movement. "SHIT! Oh, Jesus! Oh, God. God damn... You're breakin' me in half!" Marla cried. Willie held it steady. Marla stopped screaming but panted in deep staccato breaths. Willie slowly pulled his cock almost full out and held it there for a couple of seconds and then slowly pushed it again all the way in. "Ooooooooooohhh," was her response. Slowly back out again and held for ten seconds. "Mmmmmmmmmmm..." cooed Marla in anticipation. Then Willie slammed it home hard. "Aaaaaauuuugghh," yelled Marla, "God damn almighty that feels good!" He picked up the pace but kept pistoning the entire 12 inches. Marla meows intermixed with moans between pants, and starts fucking him back, groaning with each twist and thrust of her pelvis.

Willie kept a steady pace. Marla was continuously moaning and thrashing about with an occasional "Oooooooooooooohh. I've never felt this good. Thank you Henry." After ten minutes Willie whispered, "Cum for me, bitch. Cum all over my cock." Within seconds she yelled and shook in a tremendous orgasm that lasted 30 seconds. Willie didn't let up. He was now slamming his 12 inches in her hard and fast. Another three minutes of fast fucking with Marla's continuous loud screeching, fucking back, and banging her head on the headboard and panting with 'Ooomph... ooomph... ooomph' in time with his thrusts. "Cum again for me bitch. Fuck me hard and cum again on my cock." As if on queue she had another wild shaking orgasm that didn't let up. Willie now fucked her like a jackhammer. Marla was delirious with a continuous orgasm -- another couple of minutes of vibrating like a bowl of Jell-O, yelling incoherently, and now covered with sweat.

"You ready for my seed?" Willie mumbled.

"Oh, God yes," she cried. "Give it to me! Fuck me! Shoot your cum in me!"

Willie took three more strokes then held all 12 inches deep in her pussy. "I'm fillin' your cunt and womb with tons of my seed. You want that, don't ya?"

"God yes. Oh, yes," she panted.

They relaxed. Marla whispered, "I never knew anyone could feel like this. I felt so full with you in me. Please fuck me more... lots more." Willie whispered something in her ear. She turned to her husband, "You were right, honey. I should've tried other cock. Now I need Willie to fuck me a lot, and if he has friends with cocks like his, I want them to fuck me, too. This was your idea so you can help me get all that big black cock."

Henry protested, "Now wait a minute."

Willie got up, walked over to Henry, held his arms, and told Marla to come over. "I'll show you lots of ways to stop his backtalk and keep him in line. But today just one. Cup his balls in your hand. Then start to squeeze very slowly. Eventually you'll get to a point where he can't take the pain and will start to sob and scream. Then squeeze a tiny bit more and tell him to bark like a dog."

Henry watched wide-eyed as his wife began pressing his balls while Willie held him tight. Soon he was mumbling; then thrashing his head and cursing; then yelling to stop. Marla looked at Willie with hesitation. "It's O.K," he said. "To assure the son of a bitch does what he's told he needs some pain. Besides, it's fun."

Marla smiled then told her husband to bark like a dog. "Arf... arf," Henry yelled.

"Now ask him if he's going to help you get fucked," Willie growled, "...and keep squeezing his nuts." Marla asked and Henry screamed YES! Willie continued, "He's being good. I think he needs a reward. You didn't get to clean my cock so I'll let this little cocksucker here do it. Pull him down on his knees by the balls, then shove his mouth on my cock." Henry awkwardly got on his knees and was thankful the pain in his balls subsided. He was abhorred but knew he had no choice and covered Willie's cockhead with his mouth. Willie growled at Marla, "Push the back of his head as hard as you can and get my cock deep in his throat." Marla didn't hold back, got behind Henry and shoved his head as hard as she could. Eight inches of cock disappeared. Henry gagged and struggled to breathe. Willie grabbed his head and held it over his cock. "Clean it good and maybe I'll let you take a breath. Show your bitch wife how good a cocksucker you are." He held it for a few seconds, and then pulled it back. Henry gasped for breath, then took eight inches again. Willie fucked his mouth five strokes, then rammed nine inches down his throat, and complimented him on doing a decent clean up job as Henry coughed, gagged and sputtered. Willie removed his cock and said to Marla, "See, with the right discipline you can get a husband to do anything."

Marla smiled and chuckled, "I see..."

"Wanna learn a little more discipline?" Willie asked

"Uh huh," Marla whispered.

Willie pulled Henry up and said to Marla, "Hold his dick in one hand and slap it hard with the other. Give his dick about a dozen hard smacks." Willie smiled when Marla slapped Henry's dick with gusto. His smile broke into a laugh. "Very good," he complimented. After about 14 slaps including one good uppercut to the balls Willie told Henry, "Go to the kitchen and make me and your bitch wife a martini. Henry, in a bit of a daze and running now on automatic pilot mixed two drinks and served them. Willie and Marla sat on the bed sipping their drinks, laughing, and twiddling each other.

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