tagLoving WivesWife Wants And Needs Another Dick

Wife Wants And Needs Another Dick


I have been thinking about how many wives there are like me, that when our hubby makes love to us, they like to talk dirty. There's nothing wrong with talking dirty, it does get me wet, hot, and ready for his dick. Then he tells me that I need another dick, and how he would like for me to bring home a cream pie for him.

It's the same crap over and over. Looks like he would get tired of asking me if I have ever thought about getting another dick. How can I not think about it, its in my email I get from him, he talks about it when we make love. Even when we are alone in the house, or driving to town. You need another dick to fuck your hot pussy.

He said it last night when we made love. Babe, you need to find you a stud to fuck you, and bring me back a cream pie. I said honey, you never know, you will be at work one day and a man might come by here and before he leaves he will have my pussy full of cum. Would you tell me, he would ask. Hell No!!!!, but I have a way to tell you without me saying a word. How? He asked. Like I said, when I start letting another man have my pussy, I will start telling you, only I want be doing it with my mouth.

He is right, I do need another dick. No, that's not right, I want another dick besides his. I have had his dick to fuck me for almost twenty three years. I am glad that he is still talking about me getting another dick. I have already made up my mind, when the next man asks me to fuck, I am going to say yes. I don't know how many dicks I will get, but there one thing for certain, I am going to let another man fuck me.

He just left for work, the kids soon followed, going to school or work. I am here doing the laundry: washing clothes and drying them. Unloaded the dish washer and put more in to wash. Its my off day from work, work and more work is all I do when I am off. Can't seem to get any help from anyone. Bed are made, the floor swept, laundry going, dishes being washed, radio playing country music, can't seem to find any time for my self. Hubby had the nerve to say don't be tired when I get home tonight.

I decide to take a break, got me a diet coke and some chips. This fucking computer is so slow, it's a dial up, and it takes a long time to connect. Finally I am on line, click and I enter my ID and password. Damm, there sure is a lot of junk mail, I delete that shit quick, nothing there that interest me. One said something about penis enlargement, what I do want is a dick longer and thicker than his, would suit me fine.

The inbox has email from hubby, I already know what he has sent. You need to let another man fuck you or I want a cream pie. He has sent me some stories to read, I know what those are about also. Everyone is the same, the plot is different and the characters are different. The stories are about a wife, and her husband wants her to fuck another man. He sometimes wants to watch her fuck, or dress her up and send her off to another man, while he stays home and jacks off waiting for her to return, so he can eat the cream pie and fuck her.

I answer the other email from my friends and forward some stuff to them. I answer hubby emails, I tell him sure I have thought about getting another dick. They are only thoughts, but I do have them. If I ever do decide to get another dick, you sure as hell want know anything about it. Yes, you could get your cream pie that you have been wanting. You may even eat me and the cream pie, but you want know that you did. The other night, when you sai I was sure wet, you thought that there was a cream pie in me. I didn't say there was, and I didn't say there wasn't. You will never know when another dick has gone in my pussy, or when I let another man cum in my mouth.

It time to read the stories, I know what will happen after I read them. So I go to the bedroom and get my vibrator. This vibrator is longer and thicker that his dick, I have no problem getting all of it in me. I have some good orgasms with it, at least three depending on how hot and horny I am. I will think about a man that I know, I think about him fucking me. That gets me off and I keep the vibrator in until I grow tire of having orgasms.

Another man is going to have my pussy. I just don't know when, but on second thought I could get it done today. I know two men that would love to fuck me. All they would need is a phone call from me and my pussy would be fucked. But they are working and I would have to give them a little notice, so they could take off from work. They could meet me somewhere one night Its easy for me to get away from the house at night. All I would have to tell him is that I have a meeting to go to at school.

My husband never calls the place I work and checks up on me. He works days like I do. I have vacation and sick days that I can use whenever I need them. It would be easy to arrange a meeting with a man and take the day off and spend it fucking. Night aren't any different, he never question me or anything. Night would be the best time to fuck, whenever I want to bring him a cream pie. It would be a fresh cream pie and he could eat me out after I got home.

Two things are going to happen, he will get his cream pie that he wants, and I am going to have another man's dick in me.

I lay the vibrator down by the key board. I click on the first story, its about a woman getting dressed to go out. Her hubby likes what she is wearing. Revealing top with no bra, mini skirt and no panties. Knee high boots make up her wardrobe. She adds red lipstick and perfume and tells hubby she's ready to go. At the club she finds what she wants, a stud from out of town, he fucks her in his pickup truck and sends her home to hubby. His cum is inside of her and she lets hubby eat her before he can fuck her. He does and he adds his cum to what's still in her..

My pussy is getting wet as I click on another story. It opens and the wife is in her bedroom and the next door neighbor is fucking her.

The next one is about a virgin that hasn't had but one cock, her hubby's. She has decided to let another man have her. She goes to meet another man in his apartment. But there is more than just one man there. Two men want her pussy and she sucks one of their dicks while another man gets behind her and fucks her virgin ass. It tell of the orgasms she has before they are finished with her.

Wow, this could be my story, the part about wanting another dick besides hubby's. The rest of my story will be written soon. Just as soon as a man asks me, and I say yes, or if I can muster up enough nerve and call one of the two men, or both.

I am wet and horny from reading the stories. Sitting in the chair at the computer, I take the vibrator and slips it into my wet honey hole. Its feeling good and I began to think about Larry, he's the man that wants me the most. I image him with a nine inch dick and very thick. I am getting closer to an orgasm as I image him pounding my pussy.

Then I am there, I am screaming softly as the orgasm is felt all over my body. It sounds like a ringing sound in my ears. Wow that felt good. I hear the sound again. That was some orgasm to have that effect on me. I have my eyes closed the whole time.

It's the doorbell, shit who could that be. I place the vibrator on the computer desk and look out the door. There are three men at the door, it's the carpet cleaning men. They are supposed to be here today, I had forgot that they were suppose to come today.

I get up from the chair and tie my house coat together. I am not wearing anything under it. Three men, two white men, and a black man. I hope they ask me to fuck as I walk toward the door. I open it and tell them to come in.

Would you like some coffee to drink? I ask them.

The foreman told the other men to go back and get the things they would need. I will fix the coffee and it will be ready soon. He tells me that he will go and look at the carpet. He leaves and I busy myself with getting cups, sugar, and creamer. Then I remember that I had left the vibrator beside the computer and the screen had one of the stories on it. I go to the computer and the foreman is reading the story. He looks at the vibrator and says, looks like we came just in time.

Will you be needing this anymore this morning? He asked.

I take it from him, I know my face was probably red, but he didn't say anything.

You feel up to letting three men fuck you? He asked.

Yes, I am very much up to it. Yes, I want you fuck me, I told him. I couldn't believe that I had just told another man to fuck me.

You want us all at the same time, or one at a time?

I think one at a time, if you don't mind?

We don't mind. Ready to get started? He asked.

Yes. I said.

His hands untied my bathrobe and he pulled it off each shoulder and it dropped to the floor. I was nude standing in front of him. I was already wet from having an orgasm before they came.

Let's go to your bedroom, he said.

I led him down the hall to our bedroom. Pulling back the covers, I turned around and he was already removing his clothes. I stood and watched as he removed his boxer shorts. His dick was already hard. We moved toward one another and our lips met and we had a long kiss. My hands roaming all over his shoulders and neck. I was hot and I wanted his dick in me, not just his but all three dicks in me. He pulled me down on the bed and laid on top of me. His mouth was sucking a nipple and that was making me even wetter. Both nipples were sucked and I was on fire.

After all the emails, stories I have read, dirty talk when we made love, I have wanted another man's dick in me. It took me awhile to get my mind made up. I guess it was the way that I was raised. My mom had been married several times, and she had put out to some more men. She had even had an affair that I knew about. Being a virgin on my wedding night, my husband had taught me everything about sex. He was a good teacher, and he even helped me make up my mind, with his emails, stories he sent to me, and the dirty talk. I made up my mind one day, right after I had six orgasm in a row with my vibrator. The vibrator felt good, but not like another dick would feel like.

He picked up my legs and placed them on his shoulders. With one thrust he had his dick all the way in me. He would slowly pull out and then thrust into me with all his might. His thrusts was rough, and strong.

Fuck me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Give me your dick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That's what I wanted to hear. He said. I have been wanting to fuck you since the first time I saw you.

He was rougher and he set his pace, slowly pulling out and thrusting back in. His dick was a little longer and thicker that the one I was used to. He was hitting the right spot.

Aaaarrrgggghhh I amm ccuuuummmmiiinnngggg!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I bit into his shoulder as I had my orgasm. I had pulled him to me and now I released him as he thrust deep inside of me again.

He had asked about using a condom, I told him that was up to him. You will be the second man to ever have me. My husband has been the only one to fuck me. I would like to feel you cum in me, I told him. He said, I want use one..

He was ready to cum and I needed to feel it. His load was big as he emptied his man cream into me. It felt good to finally have another dick in me. I still had two more dicks to take this morning. Go get me another dick, I told him after he had cleaned up and dressed.

He left the room and the other white man came in. I had my eyes closed, he was undressing, and I felt the weight of him as he got on the bed. He was much younger than the first one. He didn't take his time like I had wished. He didn't last long as he also came in me.

I will send Uncle Bill in here, he said as he left.

He came in and closed the door as he entered. I opened my eyes and watched as he undressed. He was in no hurry like the one that had just left. Somehow, this man knew that I hadn't had a lot of experience with other men. I watched as he removed his boxers, as I saw his dick, it wasn't hard, but hung limp.

You haven't had another dick before today have you? He asked.

No. I said.

Your husband has been the only one to fuck you?

That's right. I said.

How long have you thought about letting another man fuck you? He asked.

About two years or more. I wanted to, but never could bring myself to let it happen.

After today, it will be a lot easier for you to say yes when a man asks you to fuck. I know a woman who thought about it for over five years, she was relieved when she had her another dick. She said that it took a lot of pressure off of her. She told me that sex is a lot better with her husband, because she now knows that she can be had by another man.

I know about that. I said. I really didn't know if I could be had by another man. Sure I could say that I can be had. But that's a lot differ than letting a man have you. When I saw you at the door this morning, I knew I would be fucked before you left.

Come here and get my dick hard for me. He said.

His dick felt good in my hand. It began to get hard as I stroked it with my hand. I felt his hands on my breasts as he massaged them. Turning a nipple in his hands. They were hard and it felt good. His dick had grown, I couldn't wrap my hand around it any more.

How long is it. I asked.

Lady my dick is nine inches long and eight inches around.

I don't think I can take that much dick. My husband is only six inches and not as thick as this. The first man this morning was a little longer than his..

You will be able to take it. Your pussy will stretch and you are already wet from the cum left in you. One thing you need to know, I fuck a woman hard and rough. The more excited you get and have orgasms, the harder I will fuck you. Don't ask me to take it out when we start, you are going to have all my dick in you before we finish.

I still don't think I can take that much dick.

You can take it, I will see that you take all of it. I don't quit in the middle of a fuck. You decide right now if you want me to fuck you or not.

This was a big dick, I had seen pictures of dick this long and thick. I thought it was trick photography. I wouldn't know until I tried it, if I took all of this dick, I knew I could fuck and take any man's dick.

Fuck me!!!!!!!!!!!! I want all of it in me, and feel me up with your cum.

I was wet and cum was running into the crack of my ass. I wanted it hard and rough just like he said that he would do.

You want me to let you get use to the length and size, or you want me to let you have most of it and then all of it.

I don't care!!!!!!! Just fuck me!!!!!!!!!!!

With one hard thrust he had his dick all the way in me. It hurt as he held his dick in me.

How you like that, you fucking white bitch. He said.

His attitude had changed, I guess from the way I had told him to just fuck me. It feels fine, you bastard. Quit fucking talking and show me what you can do with your dick.

For a woman that's never had another dick before this morning, you sure can take a lot of dick.

I have practiced with a very thick and eight inch long vibrator. I can take all of it, and I know that I could take your dick. Yours feels a lot better than the vibrator.

He quit talking and was fucking me like I wanted him to, rough and hard.

His dick felt good as I had another orgasm.

Cum you fucking bitch!!!!!!! Scream if you want to, come on let it out.

I did as I moaned and scream that it felt good.

Fuck me you black stud!!!!!!! I said.

He changed position and was squatting between my legs, my shoulders still around his neck. He was resting on his feet. He pulled me to him and fucked me hard and rough. Every thrust was all the way. He slowly withdrew and down he went again and again. I didn't want it to end. I had dreamed about being taken like this. This was better than any dream. It was happening and I was glad that it was. He was fucking me good, seemed like it his dick was longer and harder than it was before. He held me tight as he put his seed deep in me.

I was glad that I could never get pregnant again. I love to feel cum in me. Neither one had worn a condom today. Other men that had me would have to, unless I knew them a lot better.

He left and the first one came back in. He said we are finished with your carpet. Thanks for letting us fuck you. Here is my card, it has my cell phone number and my email address on it. If you ever need for me to come back and fuck you again, call or email me and I will come back.

Thanks for the card. I said. Do you think, that I could meet you one night. My husband has been wanting a cream pie, and I want to bring him one home, a fresh one, that he can eat.

Sure, just let me know ahead of time, and what night.

What about tomorrow night. The sooner I get that over with, the better I will like it.

Tomorrow night it is, Where and what time?

I will get a room at a hotel, and email you the info.

They left, and I closed the door. I was still wearing the bathrobe and nothing underneath. I went to the bedroom and got my vibrator. I removed the bathrobe and laid on the bed and I had three more orgasms, thinking about what had just happened.

I have just been fucked by three men. There wasn't any guilt feelings at all. I enjoyed having another dick in me. There will be more men and more dicks to fuck my hot pussy. I can't wait until after tomorrow night, I will have another fuck, and hubby will have his cream pie. Only thing though, hubby want know about it. That's alright, if he's smart, he will figure it out.

After a bubble bath, I went and emailed hubby a hot story to read. The story is about a wife that's had another dick. She gets fucked while her hubby is at work, and in the bed that they make love in. I wonder if this story will get his brain to working, and he will be able to figure out that its me in the story.. .......

Hubby got his wish, I have been fucked and he has had his cream pie. I am so glad that I have had another dick. I thought one time, that he would be the only man to ever fuck me. I sure am glad he want be.........................

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