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Wifely Needs


Note: This story is loosely based on actual events, but the names of the people in this story are fictitious in order to protect their privacy.

I would also like to add that I have no affiliation with any website or online organization.

Wifely Needs:

After four and a half years of marriage you might think that you know everything there is to know about your spouse. After four and a half years you may think you know their wants, their desires, their dreams, and most importantly, their fantasies.

I didn't.

My wife Robin was always a very sexual woman by nature. She liked to dress to make men notice her, but while never being obvious about it. Although she never strayed, she liked it when men cast admiring glances her way.

Around the house she had a habit of wearing shear t-shirts, of course without a bra to support her lovely 36 C Breasts.

She also liked to wear sweat pants when doing things around the house, but this did little to obscure the beautiful lines of her slender body

My wife was tending her flowers in the back yard and I was out running errands around town. I had a list of things to get at the hardware store, the pet food store, and the auto parts store.

It should have taken me an hour or so to complete my shopping except for one thing. I forgot my wallet.

This was more than frustrating to me, it was also very inconvenient for me to drive back home to retrieve my wallet then go back out and resume my shopping.

I slipped into my house hoping to quietly grab my wallet without suffering the embarrassment having to explain to my wife that I had carelessly left it behind.

As I was about to slip back out the front door I heard a sound coming from our spare bedroom. It sounded like a woman moaning. I turned and looked down the hall but saw nothing.

There was the moaning again, a little louder this time.

I crept quietly down the hall listening for more sounds. As I approached the spare bedroom I paused for a moment, afraid of what I might see. My mind raced, was my wife having an affair behind my back? Was she injured or was she being raped?

I cautiously peeked in the door to see what was going on. There I saw my wife looking intently at the computer screen. There was a video playing that featured a well endowed black man having sex with a white woman.

My wife was sitting in a chair with her pants off and her feet on the desk. She was vigorously stroking a black dildo in and out of her sopping wet pussy. I could hear the sound it made as she plunged it in and out of her wetness.

Her moans grew louder as she was obviously racing headlong toward an orgasm, oblivious to my presence.

I watched for a long time as she pushed the dildo in and out of her pussy faster and deeper until she finally let got with a loud orgasm. I had never witnessed her cum so hard in all the time we have been together.

She told me that she had always had a difficult time achieving orgasm, and as hard as I tried I could only give her an occasional release, usually with the help of alcohol.

She leaned back in her chair and basked in the afterglow of her climax as the video played on. After a few minutes the video scene changed to a white woman who looked like an average housewife sucking on a large black cock.

My wife took her black dildo and began sucking it like the woman in the video.

The sight of her at this level of sexual excitement caused my cock to come alive without any prompting from me.

When the video finished she turned off the computer and used a towel to wipe her wet pussy. When she finished she turned in her chair to get up. When she turned, she caught sight of me out of the corner of her eye and let out a shriek.

"What are you doing home?" She asked, out of breath.

I hesitated because I forgot for a moment why I had returned home, "I forgot my wallet," I finally said.

I looked down at her naked pussy that was still open from the hard fucking that it received from her large dildo, then my eyes turned to the dildo that she still held in her hand.

"What's that?" I asked. I knew what it was but at the time my mind was so scrambled by what I had witnessed that was the best I could come up with.

"I, uh. I..." In her shock and embarrassment she couldn't form any coherent words.

"How long have you been using this thing?" I said, pointing to her toy.

"About a year," She replied meekly.

This shocked me. I had no idea.

How often?" I asked.

"A couple of times a week," She said in a very quiet voice.

I looked at it again and wondered how she was able to use it for so long without my noticing. I estimated it was eight or nine inches long and at least two inches thick. It was shaped like the real thing including thick veins. The surface of it was smooth and had a glossy black color.

I wondered how she could use it so much and not be permanently stretched out by it.

She was never that tight in the first place, I reasoned, but still, look how open her pussy was just after she used it.

My fears got the best of me so I asked, "How is it that you can put that big thing in your pussy so often. It's going to stretch you out. Look how big your pussy is now. Don't you care about having sex with me anymore?"

She looked down at her wide open hole and then back to me, "It'll go back to the way it was in a few hours," She replied.

Somehow that didn't alleviate my concerns. I was sure that this toy of hers would ruin her for regular sex with me.

"Don't worry," She said as she got up from her chair. "It hasn't made any difference in our sex so far."

"What about that video," I asked, "Are you fantasizing about having sex with black men? Is that what this is all about?"

The fact that Robin's eyes wouldn't meet mine gave me her answer.

"Have you been having sex with someone?"

"No! From the first time I met you I have never been with anyone else but you," She said, with tears forming in her eyes, "Not unless you count Leroy here," She said, holding up her toy and smiling.

I smiled back as I reached down and slid a finger into her open hole. Robin let out a small gasp. It was clear that she was still very turned on. I decided that I wasn't going to waste her mood and the hard on I had in my pants, so I pushed my wife to her knees and unzipped my pants. Robin took over and gave me a first class blow job. It was one of the best she had ever given me.

From that time on we incorporated her toy into our regular lovemaking. I would warm her up with my cock and then bring out the toy. With the use of her toy I was making her cum several times each time we had sex. When I finished with her she would be so exhausted that she could barely move.

We were the happiest we had ever been. I brought home videos of black men fucking white women for us to watch together. She would often let me watch her masturbate with her toy while watching one of the videos.

I started spicing up her black fantasy by using her toy on her and telling her that I am letting a black stud service her. This caused her to explode violently several times. To my surprise I found her obsession to be a huge turn on. I loved watching her explode in orgasm over and over.

One night I asked her a question that turned out to be the turning point in our sex games.

"Sweetheart, would you try a real one?" I asked.

She had just inserted her toy into her wet hole.

She turned her head toward me and asked, "What do you mean?"

I was nervous about asking the question, and I didn't really want to repeat it but I pushed on anyway, "Would you like to have a real sexual experience with a black stud?"

"Why are you asking?"

"I was just curious. Would you like to try it?" I was growing bolder now.

"No," She replied.

Her answer shocked me, "Why not?" I asked.

"I'm afraid it would hurt our marriage. I don't think you would be able to handle it very well."

"Why do you say that?" I asked.

"Well for one thing I would not only be having sex with another man but I would be having sex with a man who has a much bigger cock than yours. And you know what that does to me. I don't think your male ego could stand such a shock," She said as she pushed her toy further up into her waiting pussy.

I thought about this for a moment, "On the contrary, I think it would be a big turn on for both of us, admittedly it would be a bigger turn on for you but I would enjoy it too."

She grabbed my head and pulled it close to hers and looked into my eyes, "Are you sure?" She asked.

"Yes, I'm sure," I replied.

"OK," She said, "But before we begin this adventure, there should be some rules."

"Rules?" I asked.

We went over a few rules that she proposed until we settled on three:

1.I would have veto rights. If I didn't like the guy, all I had to say was that I had a headache and the night would be over.

2.When I didn't want her to have sex with other men anymore all I had to do is say so and it would stop.

3.Once the sex act started I was not to interrupt. I was to let it go to completion.

This seemed simple enough and the rules put most of the control in my hands. We both agreed to the rules and began our search for a suitable man to recruit into our adventure.

Our online search turned up very few prospects. Most of the men we found were pretty crude. They were into the whole take your wife, use her and return her when he and all his friends were done with her scene. Nether my wife nor I liked that idea in the least bit, besides, I wanted to be there to watch this magic moment take place, and to intervene if things got out of hand.

After four months of searching online we had more or less lost hope that we would find a suitable playmate for my wife by searching online, that is until we found the "Secret wives club" it was an online forum for wives who had black lovers on the side.

My wife began chatting with women on the forum and found many who had experienced several black lovers over the years. Most were still married and having regular sex with their husbands but regularly took select black lovers on the side.

She talked to some wives who were into what they called, "Dirty Sex" . These women would seek out situations where one or several black men would either take them by force or have rough sex with them.

There were other wives who were into encounters with black men who came to the house to perform some sort of work and ended up seducing the wife.

My wife learned a lot about how and where to find black studs to service her. She was told about a motel about two hundred miles from where we lived. The women online called it a "Hot Spot".

A "Hot Spot" was a term the secret wives club used to describe a place where a black stud either worked or lived. When the wives had a great experience with a black stud they would share that information with each other and would pass on the information on how to contact the guy.

We decided to try this motel. First we got a room at another hotel about thirty miles from the hot spot and then traveled to the hot spot and got a room for us to play in.

The motel was a nice place, with separate bungalows in the back for more privacy. We took a bungalow and settled in for the evening. The instructions from the secret wives club said to go out to the hot tub after nine PM and take a dip.

After dinner my wife and I changed into our bathing suits, put on robes and went out to the hot tub. The place was deserted.

We enjoyed the warm water of the hot tub and I took the opportunity to slide a finger into Robin's hungry pussy. She got excited very quickly. This told me she was very excited by the prospect of getting her pussy filled by a fat black cock.

We tired of sitting in the hot tub so we got out and put our robes back on. Once her robe was on my wife quickly took her bathing suit off and wrapped it in a towel.

A few minutes later a tall black man walked into the fenced area around the hot tub. He was wearing a robe which he dropped into a chair just before he stepped into the hot tub.

He moved across the tub close to where we were seated and said, "Hello, I'm Justin, how are you folks tonight?"

"We're great," I replied.

"How long are you here for?" He asked.

"Just for tonight," My wife answered.

The look in her eye told me that she wanted him badly. I looked down and saw that she had opened her legs a bit to give him an excellent view of her willing pussy. She leaned back in her chair and let her robe open enough to display part of her breasts.

Justin smiled and raised himself out of the hot tub. His wet swim shorts clung to him and left no doubt about how well endowed he was. His limp cock was bigger than mine when it was fully hard.

My wife let out a gasp when she saw his cock.

He looked at me and I nodded for him to proceed.

"We should take this to your room so we don't get in any trouble, " He said.

We agreed, and the three of us walked to our room. Once the door shut Justin took my wife into his arms and kissed her deeply. My wife instantly melted..

Justin took her over to the bed and sat her down on it. I sat in a nearby chair to watch as Justin took off his swim suit and let his huge cock dangle freely in front of my wife's face. Without a word she began stroking it with her hand.

I could see her hand tremble as she stroked it.

"Suck it," He said.

Obediently she took it into her mouth and sucked it hungrily.

Justin smiled, "That's good. Keep doing that," He said.

The pit of my stomach churned, partly with excitement and partly with anxiety. I could feel my own cock was as hard as a rock underneath my swim suit. I couldn't help it, the sight of my wife sucking such a large black cock was a huge turn on for me.

Justin's cock grew in Robin's mouth. As hard as she tried, she could only manage to get about half of it in her mouth.

Justin's cock was now about nine inches long and very thick. He was much bigger than Robin's toy, and at least twice the size of my just average cock. I began to wonder if he would hurt her pussy with his monster meat.

Justin pulled his cock out of her mouth and eased her back onto the bed. He had her lay on her stomach facing me while her legs and ass hung off opposite side of the bed.

"Are you enjoying the show?" She asked teasingly.

"Very much," I replied.

Justin positioned himself behind Robin and pressed the head of his cock up to the opening of her drenched pussy. He rubbed the head around the opening to coat it with her juices before beginning to press it into her.

Robin let out a gasp when the head of his cock entered her.

To his credit, Justin took his time and entered Robin by pressing in a little, and then pulling his cock back a little before pressing it in a little deeper.

Robin's excitement was obvious, she panted like a bitch in heat. I saw in her eyes the look of a woman who was in hungry for what was coming next.

As Justin steadily continued his exploration of the depths of my wife's pussy, I walked around to a position next to him to get a view of his cock in my wife's pussy.

"How is it going?" I said, half joking.

Justin had a little more than half the length of his cock inside of her. He looked at me and smiled,

"It's going pretty well. Her pussy is opening up nicely," He said.

I reached out and placed my hand on my wife's ass and ran it slowly up to her shoulders. I bent down and kissed her on the top of her head.

"Come here," She said.

I knelt down beside the bed so my face was level with hers, "Feel good sweetheart?" I asked.

"Fucking unbelievable," She replied, breathing heavily.

She grabbed my head and pulled it to hers and kissed me hard, "Thank you," She said.

I smiled at her, "You're very welcome," I replied.

Justin finally plunged the remaining length of his cock into her eager hole, triggering a massive orgasm in her. Robin held on to me while her whole body trembled violently for a long time.

Justin's cock got a thorough drenching from her pussy juices. This made it easier for him to continue to steadily slide his cock in and out of my wife's pussy.

"Oh my God!" Robin panted, "He's so deep."

Robin looked to me like a woman possessed. She grabbed my hand and held it tightly.

"He's...He's touching places that no man has ever touched. Oh my God he's taking the rest of it."

"The rest of what?" I asked, slightly confused.

Robin looked at me, "He's taking the rest of my virginity. He's touching me where no man has ever been," She said breathlessly. "Oh God!" She yelled as she climaxed again.

I looked up at Justin who just smiled and continued sliding his black meat in and out of her at a steady pace.

Robin eased her grip on me as her orgasm subsided, "I never imagined it could feel so good."

Justin rolled her over on her back and resumed fucking my wife.

Robin climaxed many more times over the next half hour, but none of them were as intense as when she felt Justin shoot his load of cum into the depths of her soft womb.

"Oh God! Here it comes," She said loudly, "He's...He's cumming. Oh God, give it to me. Please give it all to me," She cried, panting harder.

Her orgasm washed over her like a tidal wave. She tried to speak but only managed a few unintelligible sounds.

Justin pushed his cock as deep as he could into my wife and continued to pump his seed into her, "OH yes!" He said as his own climax overtook him.

I could see my wife's tummy rise and fall as Justin's monster cock pumped stream after stream of cum into the depths of my sweet wife's pussy.

I was so turned on by my wife's orgasm that I couldn't contain myself. I quickly stood up and pulled my hard cock from my swim shorts, stuffed it into my wife's mouth and began fucking it vigorously. I shot my load down her throat in less than thirty seconds.

My wife gobbled it down without hesitation.

Justin fucked her again, lasting about forty minutes before dumping a second load of his seed into my wife.

After he was done Justin thanked us both and left. I got onto the bed next to my wife and held her for awhile. Holding her next to me after watching her with Justin made me hard again so I got off the bed and took a position behind her and slid my cock into her. Her hole was so loose I could barely feel it.

I decided to just push my cock in as deep as I could and hold it.

I could feel my cock being drenched with a combination of my wife's juices and Justin's massive sperm deposit.

I replayed the image in my head of my wife cumming with Justin's cock in her. It was so exciting to me that it caused me to shoot my load into my wife's already full pussy.

"You're making a real mess back there," Robin joked.

"I had some help," I replied.

"Come up here," She said, "I want to taste you."

Robin knew that my cock had some of Justin's sperm on it and wanted to taste it.

Robin sucked me clean and then I re-inserted it into her pussy to wet it with Justin's cum and let her lick it off again.

We did that a few more times before we showered and left for our other hotel.

Robin and I never let go of each other as we slept that night. It took a few more days for her pussy to shrink back down to normal, but that didn't stop us from having sex several times a day for the next week.

Robin shared the details of her adventure with the women of the secret wives club. Several had already experienced Justin's cock and gave her recommendations for other hot spots around the US.

To date we have had more than twenty encounters including a few with two black studs fucking my wife. We even discovered some new hot spots on our own, which Robin dutifully reported to the secret wives club.

My wife tells me that she is the luckiest woman in the world.

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My lady friend of a dozen or so years has been with a few black men; she lived with one for 7 years before I came along and a few years ago I saw him coming out of her apartment a couple times. I likedmore...

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