tagLoving WivesWife's First Fling Away from Hubby

Wife's First Fling Away from Hubby


Wow! Okay . .here it goes, my first story. The names have been changed to protect the devious. My wife and I have been married for almost 9 years and have had an awesome sex life that just got a lot better. We have always done some kinky stuff including, public sex, swinging with 4somes and 3somes, both male and female. This story is completely true and nothing has been changed but the names.

My wife and I had been talking a lot during sex about men that she was attracted to. Her and I both had begun to have some of the most powerful orgasms as a result. We went past the fantasies of fictional people and into the "real" possibilities.

There was one certain man that my wife encountered because of her job and she was extremely turned on by him. She only gets to see him every so often when he comes to her workplace to work on some equipment.

It got to the point that he was being obvious at staring at her cleavage. My wife has huge tits and she's not afraid to show them. She is about 5'10" with blonde hair and looks like a model. She got to where she would come home and tell me about the subtle touches he was giving her on her thighs and brushing up against her breasts while we had sex talking about it.

As the days turned to weeks, I began to fantasize about her fucking him more and more. We have always reserved our sex to be in the presence of each other but something about this was turning me on to the point that I was exploding cum when we fucked. I have always had a bi side that no one would ever guess and often masturbate to cuckold videos with creampies. I have had a few encounters by myself where I was able to get the cum straight from a blowjob with a life long friend, but that's another story.

We have also had sex with other couples, as well as a couple of 3somes with other guys, but I never was able to indulge with my bi side with any of them . . . aside from a truck driver that got a blowjob from her one time and she kissed me with a mouth full of his cum . . .but that is another story as well. Anyway, this fantasy began to take a turn to being REAL when I started to encourage her to come on to him in a more obvious manner. Long story short, she finally made a date with him at a local hotel.

The day that she was to meet him, she was as nervous as I had ever seen her. She called me numerous times that day to see if I wanted to back out. I was nervous as well but tried not to let it show cause her nerves were "tore up". She had told me that he had called her and said that he was getting the room around 5:00 and to come on when she could. She wasn't supposed to get off till 7:00 but at 6:45 she called me and told me she was on her way to meet him.

I told her that I was more excited than I had ever been but you could tell that she was still very nervous. She had bought a matching bra and panties set as well as a new outfit that showed off her cleavage just for him. She told me that she needed to get off the phone a stop talking about it out of fear of backing out.

We got off the phone and she called me back around 7:15. She told me that she was feeling better and had used her little pocket vibrator on the way and was getting excited. She asked me again if I was sure and I told her "hell yeah". I was getting a hard on just thinking about it. She then said that she was pulling up at the hotel and needed to go. She hung up the phone and I began my hour of anxious waiting.

I busied myself with computer stuff and anything else I could to get my mind off it. I would notice the time and imagine what they were doing at that very moment. Around 8:15, my phone rang and it was her. I asked her if she had fun and she said "oh hell yes I had fun". I asked her if it was good and she told me that it was awesome and better than she imagined. I asked her if she kissed him and she said "a lot". She then said that she had sucked him for a long time to get things started. I told her not to tell me any more until she got home.

She got home about 8:40. She came into the bedroom smiling and you could tell that her hair was messed up a little. I pulled her to me and could smell a strangers scent on her. I went crazy when I smelled him and she told me that I should smell him because they got very sweaty. She immediately sat on the bed after striping down to her panties. She spread her legs and told me that she had kept her legs together since she left the hotel.

She told me that I was going to eat his cum from her pussy. I pulled her panties off and just looked at her cunt. I almost exploded when I saw pubic hairs all over her that were obviously his. I got down on the floor and dove in. I could taste a slight trace of his cum but I found out that he shot so deep inside of her that the time frame had kept me from getting it real well.

As I was eating her, I was constantly pulling his pubic hairs from my mouth, which was exciting me like I have never been before. We finally got up on the bed and she lay on her back. She reached and grabbed my cock and started rubbing me as she told me what happened. She got her vibrator out and used it as she was telling me. As she began to talk, I smelled the evidence of his presence all over her but especially on her neck and breasts.

She told me that when she first got to the room, they were both nervous and sat on the bed talking about it and making sure they were comfortable to go through with it. By the way, this whole time, he has NO idea that I know anything. He thinks that she is just getting some on the side. She said that they began to kiss and then she pulled his cock out and sucked him.

I don't want to tell all of the details just in case HE is reading from this site. I don't want to ruin the chances of them doing it again because she has already told me that they would definitely be doing it again. She continued to tell me about everything that happened and she came probably five times. She is one of those women who normally cums one BIG time and not multiples so five times in one session was a record. She had me get in the same positions as he was and I could tell that she was imagining him doing it to her again, which turned me on even more. I finally shot a big load inside of her and mixed my cum with his. We lay exhausted on the bed talking about how awesome it was and looking forward to the next time.

We've decided that next time, she's going to have him cum ON her pussy opposed to IN her and then put her panties on right after so that I can taste him better.

Again, all of this truly happened and was not exaggerated at all. Let me know if you liked it and want to hear about our next time.

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