tagMatureWife's Mom Ch. 3

Wife's Mom Ch. 3


Wife’s Mom, Part 3, by Luvold


Marge blushed and said, ‘Let’s go to your apartment and make the best use of our time.’

We drained our iced teas. I left a ten-dollar bill for the waiter and went to get my car.

During the 20-minute drive to my apartment, Marge squeezed the biceps of my right arm, and rubbed my thighs. She gently pressed on my crotch and felt my hard on. Marge looked in my eyes and said, ‘Some body has a nice body. Some body is also excited. Yummmmmm. I love it.’

All I could do was grin at Marge’s open flirting. I was grateful that Marge was a playful, horny woman.

We parked my car in the apartment garage and walked hand in hand to my apartment quickly. I put Sally’s present on the dresser in Marge’s bedroom. Marge went to the bathroom to pee and change. After peeing and cleaning up, I put on a robe and waited for Marge in the living room.

Marge came out of her bedroom wearing just the white tank top. With an impish smile, she announced, ‘It’s too hot for thigh highs, panties, and garters. What do you think Mark’’

I stood up, removed my robe, threw it aside, and said, ‘I agree it is too hot. I think we don’t need any clothing.’

I had developed a moderate, not a raging, hard on. Marge was blushing and grinning at the same time. I went up to her, took hold of her tank top with my two hands at her waist, and said, ‘Here Marge, can I take it off’ Please.’ Marge nodded her consent. She raised her arms straight up, and I pulled the tank top over her head and threw it on top of my robe. Both Marge and I were naked as the proverbial jaybirds.

Marge squealed as I grabbed her at the waist and lifted her up in the air as if she was a ballerina. I turned very slowly several times with Marge high in the air. She spread out her hands as if she was a flying bird. After I put her down on the floor, I whispered, ‘Marge, remember you were letting me examine you in the bedroom before we went shopping. Please, please, I would like to do that now.’

Marge blushed and replied coyly, ‘Yes, Mark, I agreed to let you see me. What do you want me to do’’

I replied, ‘Honey. Come and sit in this stuffed chair.

Marge looked at me inquisitively. She sat in the chair straight up. I kneeled in front of her. I placed her right foot in my lap and gently massaged each toe, her heel, and arch. Marge closed her eyes and said, ‘Oh Mark that feels very good.’

I massaged her right calf and thigh. I repeated the toe to thigh massage on her left leg. Marge had smooth, tapered legs. Obviously, Marge had good grooming habits. I found a scar on her left knee. I asked her, ‘How did you get this’’

She replied, ‘I fell down in a cross country race when I was in high school.’

I asked, ‘Were you good in athletics’’

‘I had talent; must have inherited it from Mom and Dad. Dad ran track in college and Mom played tennis for the same college. They met at a reception for athletes. I did not do much after high school.’

Marge, ‘I met your Mom couple of times. I imagine she keeps in shape playing tennis. How old is she’ About 68’’

‘Mark she is 77 years old. She is in good shape. She does not even color her hair like many women her age. Dad still walks couple of miles three times a week. He is 78 years old. It’s all in the genes one inherits.’

After a few seconds, I said, ‘You know it means that you inherited excellent genes. If you continue to take care of yourself, you will be able to lead an active life. Probably even when you are 85 to 90 years old. It also means, we may be still ----.’ I stopped myself and did not finish the sentence.

Marge smiled, nodded her head, and said, ‘Yes, I think I know what you are saying. As couples get old, age difference becomes less important.’

Ever the realist, Marge continued, ‘We will cross that bridge when we come to it.’

I started rubbing Marge’s thighs from her knees to her crotch. They were firm. There was no trace of cellulite. Marge continued to enjoy the massage.

Marge’s pussy was glistening with sexual secretions. I rubbed her crotch without touching her pussy for a few minutes. I was done with my inspection. I wanted to eat her pussy, but did not want to leave stains on the chair. Also, I wanted to try something different. So I said, ‘Marge honey, would you like to fuck my mouth and face with your pussy’ We have not done that, but it is not too difficult and you will have control on where you want to be licked. We do need a bed with a headboard. Let’s go into your bedroom.’

Marge blushed and said, ‘I am willing to try your creative games. Let me get some tissues and the beach towel, just in case we need them.’

I lay down on Marge’s bed and waited for her. Marge came back with tissues and the beach towel, smiled, and asked, ‘Ok lover what am I doing’’

I replied, ‘Marge, yesterday you straddled my crotch. Today, please straddle my face. The plan is for me to suck your pussy and clit. You can control your pleasure by moving about. Grasp the headboard with your hands to leverage your crotch movements. Ahem, there is one more thing; while you are gyrating on my face, I get to play with your boobs.’

Marge blushed and said in an admiring tone, ‘I should have known that you were going to get your hands on my boobs one way or the other. It’s unbelievable all the naughty things you have done to me and making me do.’

I replied, ‘Marge. I love you very much. But, I feel tingly every time I am near you. I can’t keep my hands off of your body. I know it is partly lust. I am having the best time of my life. I know life is short. I am very glad that I am able to love you for a few days.’

As Marge got up on the bed, she looked into my eyes, and said: ‘Mark, I am enjoying being loved by you and making love to you. I love you very much.’

Marge straddled my face carefully; still at first she sat awkwardly on my face with my nose going into her cunt. Marge squealed in surprise with the unexpected invasion. Soon, she was able to move her pussy and clit on my mouth. She gave me specific instructions. Such as, ‘Mark, suck my cunt,’ ‘Suck my clit,’ ‘Pinch my left nipple,’ or ‘Squeeze both my boobs.’

It was heavenly sexual stimulation. First, Marge’s cushiony thighs were continuously smothering both sides of my face. Second, there was copious flow from Marge’s pussy that I sucked and swallowed as best as I could. Some of it smeared my face, eyelids, and hair providing the best aroma a man can hope for. Third, I had close up view of Marge’s crotch, especially pussy hair. Fourth, I was able to reach up with both of my hands and squeeze Marge’s 38D boobs, and pinch her nipples.

Marge began to mumble incoherently, and came again and again. She hissed, ‘Oh Mark. Mark. I’m cummmmming. Cummmming.’
She scooted backwards on me until she felt my hard cock on her ass, and the collapsed on me. She left a trail of her pussy juices. Marge grinned when she saw my face covered with her cum and kissed my mouth. Shee fell asleep while I held her tenderly. After about 20 minutes, she woke up with a satisfied look and went to the bathroom. I also got out of bed to pee and wash up.

I was sitting in the living room in my robe, when Marge came in with a huge grin said, ‘Mark, this room and the bedroom are reeking with the smell of sex. I am going to open a window to let in fresh air.’

I said, ‘Opening a window alone may not be enough. I will also burn candles or incense sticks to mask it.’

Marge sat next to me; she had her robe on. She squeezed my cock, looked at me, and said playfully, ‘Mark, I am sorry I fell asleep on you and you did not cum yet. The oral sex was great, but I was tired.’

I said, ‘Marge honey, it’s ok. I can wait. I will make love to you after dinner. After that, I am sure I will sleep well.’

Marge then said, ‘Mark, I just realized that you always let me come first. You are so considerate. I really love you. I am sure you are very horny. It will be fun to see what you will do to me this evening.’

I said, ‘Thanks, Marge. Loving you gives me great pleasure.’ I then hugged her, groped her boobs, and kissed her on the neck.

Marge got out of my grasp, and said, ‘Changing the subject. How about a light supper as we are traveling tomorrow’ How does soup and sandwich sound’ Actually, I want half a sandwich. What else do you want’’

I said, ‘I suggest you finish the bottle of wine we opened on Friday; I don’t think there is much left. If necessary, I can have a beer. Can I help you get supper ready’’

Marge replied, ‘I can handle preparation of soup and sandwiches. You can help me clean up the kitchen letter. Why don’t you to see if there is enough wine’’

"There is plenty of wine left; there is an unopened bottle too." I was still thinking of what to do during the evening when I remembered that a friend from office loaned me a x-rated video involving women older than 40 years fucking guys in their twenties. I had not seen it. I wanted to see it. I was not sure if Marge would want to see an x-rated video.

Mustering all my courage, I asked, ‘Marge honey, we have all evening for ourselves. There is not a good program on TV. One option is to watch the video a friend gave me. Have you ever watched a x-rated video’’

I was pleasantly surprised when Marge said, ‘I did not watch one, yet. But, some of the women I play cards with in White Plains talk about them. It may be fun to watch it with you, my love. What is the story about’’

I replied, ‘I have not seen it. He said that it involves older women making it with young guys. Often there is not much of a story in a x-rated video, just action.’

Marge raised her eyebrows, smiled, ‘Older women and younger men! Very interesting. There may be more such relationships than we know. Ok, we can watch. If it is bad, we can stop.’

Marge continued, ‘Mark, let’s make the best use of this evening. Tomorrow, we will be tired after traveling to Springfield and back. On Tuesday, Brian and Deborah will be here. I am leaving on Wednesday. After that, I don’t know when we will be alone together. Honey, I want to make this evening special for you. Do you want me to wear any special clothing’’

I thought for a minute and replied, ‘Marge honey, it is sweet of you to think of what I want. You look lovely to me with or without clothing. But, I get really turned on when you wear sexy lingerie. I also got turned on when you wore the tank top and no bra.’

Marge smiled and replied, ‘I didn’t bring much clothing or jewelry with me; just enough for a few days. I will do my best.’


We ate supper. Saved much of the wine for later. I helped Marge clear the kitchen table and wash the dirty dishes. Then Marge said, ‘I will be back in a minute. You set up the video player.’

I set up the video player and started the tape. The first segment was about women who were at least in there 40’s on dates with college-age guys. I stopped the tape and waited for Marge to join me. I lighted couple of candles and incense sticks, left the kitchen sink light on and turned off others. I put on a robe with nothing underneath and sat in the upholstered chair sipping wine. I placed Marge’s wine on the end table. I put a box of tissues and a towel on the floor.

Marge came back. She was dressed in black silk: long-sleeve sheer robe that came to her knees, a lacy bra, a slip, and short heels. She wore bright red lipstick, little make up, and the pearl earring and necklace she wore the day before. I whistled and clapped hands in appreciation. The flickering candlelights enhanced her exotic looks. I told her, ‘Marge you are very beautiful. I love everything you wore.’

Marge curtsied and danced like a ballerina, around the room twice, spreading her filmy robe like wings. My cock became very hard. Marge approached me in tiny steps. She picked up her glass of wine, took a sip, and sat in my lap. She deliberately wiggled on my hard-on, looked sexily at me, and grinned, ‘I feel your appreciation of me on my ass.’

I blushed, smiled, and took another sip of wine. I ran my hands over her sheer robe covered arms, gently held her jewelry, and kissed her ears and nape of neck. Marge rubbed my chest, pinched my left nipple, and gently bit my ear lobe. She took another sip of wine, got up, moved to the center of the room, and removed her sheer robe and let it drop. She then looked at me, slowly, as if in slow motion, raised her arms and clasped her hands behind her neck. She was swaying and dancing, ‘Mark love, bring me my glass of wine; I’m thirsty.’ I did as she asked. I helped her take couple of sips of wine. She resumed her dance.

Marge whispered, ‘I had enough wine. I feel good. Please hold me and dance with me. Thank you for the candles and incense.’

I shrugged and said, ‘It’s no big deal. I am helping myself too.’

I put the wine glass on the table, held Marge at her waist, and danced with her. After a few minutes, still dancing, Marge kissed me, turned in my arms pressing her back and ass into me. Marge then whispered to me, ‘You know this bra is not a push-up type. I bought it and the flower-covered lace panties under my slip long time ago. I hope you like them.’

I replied, ‘Marge you look great. Your boobs don’t need help. Here, this will show you how much I like it.’ I gently cradled Marge’s bra-covered boobs and kissed the nape of her neck.

Marge turned towards me, put her arms around my neck, and whispered, ‘Darling take off your robe and my bra.’ I wiggled out of my robe and dropped it on the floor.

I unhooked Marge’s bra and pulled the cups away from her boobs. I lifted both boobs, kissed and nibbled on them. I then firmly massaged her armpits, and continued kissing her neck. Marge squeezed my cock and smiled at me. She seems to be surprised that she turns me on, forgetting that she has a beautiful face and a voluptuous body.

Marge coyly said, ‘Oh, Mark. Thank you for loving my boobs and armpits. Do you like my panties’’

I said, ‘I did not get a chance to see them. If you hold your slip up, I will take a look at your panties.’ I fell to my knees and with Marge holding up her slip, I examined her low-cut panties. They were not big enough to cover Marge’s crotch. The dark flowers covered part of her pussy. I could see her pubes and cunt lips. I traced her cunt with my fingers. I felt a large wet stain of Marge’s pussy juices.

I looked up and said to Marge, ‘Honey, I am very turned on by you. I would like to eat you.’

Marge blushed, nodded her consent, ‘Where’ What do you want me to do’’

I said, ‘Please sit down in the upholstered chair. Leave your slip on.’ I then handed her the sheer robe and said, ‘Wear this. It will keep you warm.’

Marge did as I requested, laughed, and said in a knowing tone, ‘Yea, that robe will sure keep me warm.’

I placed the towel on the chair and after Marge sat comfortably in the chair, I pushed my nose in her crotch. I inhaled the sweet smell of her juices. I licked her panty-covered pussy, and sucked the stains and stain-covered areas. Marge moaned in appreciation. I knew Marge was excited. I did not know if she was close to cumming.

‘Honey, are you close to cumming’ If you are, I can get you off with my mouth.’

Marge replied, ‘I think I am close, but I am not sure. We can try and see what happens. Here, help me take off of these panties.’ Marge lifted her ass. I helped her pull them down her ass and off of her.

I stared at her glistening pussy for a minute. It was well lubricated. I raised her legs and placed them on the armrests, causing Marge’s cunt to open up like a succulent cut fruit. I saw an amused smile on Marge’s face. She nodded her approval. I sucked and licked the wide-open pussy gently for about five minutes, when Marge lifted my head and said, ‘Honey, I am enjoying this. But, I am still not close to cumming. Let’s do something else. I would like to watch that video.’

I agreed with her. I got up and helped Marge get up. Marge hugged me. Squeezed my cock and said, ‘Mark honey, you did not cum this afternoon. You must be really horny.’

‘Yes honey, I am very horny. But, I want to watch the video with you. May be we can do both: fuck and watch. Give me a second to think.’

Marge looked at me perplexed. Her face broke into a knowing smile after I moved the upholstered chair facing the TV. She started giggling when I wheeled the mirror stand next to the TV and tilted it so that we can see ourselves in it. Still giggling, Marge said, ‘Mark you are a smart man. I think we will have a great time watching the video. But, I need to pee. See you in a minute.’

After Marge returned, I hugged her and sat in the upholstered chair. Marge kneeled in front of me, grabbed my cock, kissed the glistening tip, and slowly swirled her tongue around the head couple of times. I leaned forward, lifted her, and said, ‘Marge honey, please sit in my lap with your back towards me, take my cock in your pussy, and we will watch the video.’

Marge blushed, giggled, and as I held my rigid cock, slowly impaled herself on it. Her well-lubricated cunt and my saliva-wetted cock made it an easy penetration. Her slip was bunched up and partially covered our loins. After Marge and I got settled in the chair, I started the video, and skipped the commercials and warnings. The video started with two well-endowed women, at least in late 40’s, one a blonde and the other a brunette, flirting and drinking in a bar with two guys in their mid-twenties. Soon, the two couples were making out in an apartment.

Marge’s first comment was, ‘Good looking, well-endowed women, dressed very provocatively. The guys are young. They are not that handsome.’

I said, ‘Yes, the women are always good looking, perhaps with the help of plastic surgery. You will see soon why the two actors got their parts.’

Intuitively, my hands went up to Marge’s unfettered boobs, and I started to squeeze and fondle them. Marge in turn began to rhythmically squeeze my cock with her cunt muscles. When she saw the large cocks of the two actors, she turned her head, and said, ‘I know why they got the parts.’

The action on the screen got hotter, Marge turned her head up, and kissed me passionately. Marge’s random squeezing of cock was highly stimulating. She was squeezing my cock when she liked a scene in the video. After about 20 minutes, the first segment of the video was over. I was feeling my cum boiling in my balls. My grasp on Marge’s boobs and her nipples got tighter, without hurting her. Marge sensed I was close to cumming. She reached backwards with both arms, clasped her hands behind my neck, and whispered, ‘Honey, if you are close, you can fuck me with slow strokes, like you have been doing, and cum deep in my cunt. Also, turn off the video player for now.’

I saw Marge’s arms, armpits, her succulent boobs, and our passion-filled faces in the mirror. Marge knew I was stimulated when she raised her arms above her head and exposed her armpits and arms. I released Marge’s boobs and ran my hands over her arms and her smooth armpits, for a few more minutes.

I knew Marge was right. I turned off the video player. The blank TV screen cast a blue light on both of us. I said, ‘Marge honey, we both should get up slowly without my cock popping out of your pussy. Then, please bend forward slightly, so that I can fuck you.’

Marge did as I requested. She bent forward. Again, I nuzzled her boobs, and started fucking her cunt slowly and rhythmically. Briefly, I let go of Marge’s boobs and saw them swing like a slow pendulum in rhythm with our fucking. My cum started deep in my balls. I shoved my cock into Marge’s pussy as deeply as I could. My balls were cushioned by Marge’s pubes. I leaned over Marge and held on to her boobs. My cock spurted out cum at least ten times. ‘Oh Marge, here it cums. I’m cumming. Cummmmmmming. Fuckkkkkkkk.’

I saw in the mirror Marge watching intently: our passion-filled faces, my hands on her boobs; I was too busy to see if our frantic fucking was visible in the mirror. After my cock softened and popped out, we both stood up. Marge took a few tissues and cleaned her pussy. She turned towards me, threw her arms around my neck, kissed me lovingly, and said, ‘Mark, I’m so happy. That was an incredible fucking session. But, I got to clean up. Your cum is on my pussy, ass, and thighs. The slip and robe are crumpled badly. We must do laundry before Brian and Deborah come home, and wash all the sheets and underwear .’ She and I went to our respective bathrooms.

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