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Wife's New Friend


The buzz we had was still going strong. Apparently we weren't the only ones that had that problem. One of my young co-workers had a little more than he should have and was showing my wife a little extra attention. Who could blame him with her in her short summer sun dress almost forty years old with muscular tan legs and a tight body that any twenty year old woman would love to have. I noticed the flirting early on in the evening but didn't do anything to interfere. If she wanted it to stop him, she would have but by the way she looked at him each time they talked I knew she was getting turned on by it.

As the evening wore on I think I was getting as turned on watching my wife flirt with a twenty three year old as much as she was. The thin material dress clung to her nice tight butt when she walked and I saw him stealing glances as often as he could. Under that summer dress I could only imagine how wet she was getting from the attention he was paying her. In the past she had revealed that deep down inside there was a cougar that on occasion wanted out. The more she drank, the more she teased him. I could tell he definitely had his sights set on my hot wife and I just sat back and watched things unfold.

Now everyone was gone except her new friend, my co-worker Mike. He was in no condition to drive so I told him to stay the night and he could drive home tomorrow. Not surprisingly my wife was in total agreement with this but she wasn't in any better shape than he was. It was all I could do to get her to bed before she passed out on me. As I got her in bed I could hear Mike in the kitchen. I went in to clear away a few glasses as he finished off what was left of the snacks from the party and in a few minutes he had disappeared down the hallway towards the master bathroom in our bedroom. The next thing I knew I found him on the floor.

I guess the drinks had finally caught up with him. Now in being not in much better shape than him or my wife I pulled him up from the floor and managed to somewhat get him on his feet but he fell back against the foot of the bed and that was as far as I managed to get him. I thought to hell with trying to move him anymore so I pulled him beside my drunk, passed out wife who was in the middle of the bed still in her dress. I called it a night and crawled in bed on the other side of her.

It may have been minutes or hours before I was awakened by the feel of my wife snuggled up against me with a slight moan escaping her lips every so often. Even in my semi coherent state I recognized the sounds of my wife enjoying whatever was going on. She was laying on her side facing me with her leg pulled up over mine. In this position her nice rounded ass was showing since her dress had worked its way above her hip either by her movements or our new drunk friend lying beside her.

At this point it didn't matter how it got there because whatever was going on she was enjoying it. I ran my hand down her body feeling a hard nipple as I made my way towards her pussy but when I got there I found the source of my wife's pleasure. Our new friend had already found her pussy in his sleep sometime in the night and by now there was no mistaking how turned on she was due to the wetness between her thighs. I whispered her name but there was no response.

She was still passed out from the drinks earlier but her body was responding to the attention it was getting. Mike in his drunken state couldn't pass up the opportunity to finally touch what he had been chasing all night and I wasn't planning on stopping either of them. At this point he had two fingers in her wet pussy and she began to push back against them as I found her pierced clit and gently rubbed it. Involuntarily she pulled her leg up even higher giving him an even better access to her wet pussy. By this time I rolled over facing her and slid my fingers from her clit to inside her pussy next to Mike's. This really got her going and she was forcing her pussy against our hands.

I could feel her pussy tightening around our fingers signaling her approaching orgasm. I whispered in her ear and told her what a slut she was as she came. I could feel her gush all over both our hands. My drunken wife's body was there for the taking and I think our new friend was ready to help. She reached down, pulled my hard cock from my shorts and rubbed it against her pussy and I could feel her pierced clit against the head of my cock.

Suddenly I felt her body tighten up and a moan escaped her lips as his cock slid into her wet pussy from behind. Again I whispered in her ear at what a naughty little cock slut she was and her response was "I am your cock slut". She was rubbing my cock along her wet pussy while her new friend fucked her. She managed to position herself where she could get the head of my cock in her pussy along with her friend.

This was almost too much to take feeling her tight pussy stretched around our cocks while he fucked her. It wasn't long before I rolled her over to face her friend and slid her on top of him and her pussy found his cock again. I like to watch her on top so for a few minutes I laid there and watched my hot wife fuck her new friend. She loves to be on top with a hard cock buried inside her. The way she fucks is better than any porno that I have ever seen and it makes my cock so hard watching. Enough watching it's time to join in.

I position myself behind her and push her down on her friend spreading her ass. I rub my cock against her tight little ass and gently push. I love the feel of it against the head of my cock but tonight that's not where it's going. I am going to finish what she started earlier. I slide my cock down and find her wet pussy and work it in above his. She is so wet that once she feels the head pop in she pushes back and now has both our cocks inside her pussy. My sweet sexy wife is moaning like an animal and grinds her pussy on both our cocks. I hear a deep moan begin as her pussy contracts around us. We pick up the rhythm, opposing cocks fucking my hot wife as she begs to be fucked harder.

Her head goes back and she digs her nails into Mike's chest as I feel her pussy begin to quiver as the first waves of her orgasm hits. This was more than Mike could take because he was telling my wife that he was going to fill her pussy while she came. During all this she begged me to fuck her harder and fill her with my cum as well. It wasn't but a couple thrusts longer and she got what she wanted. She leaned against me and all she could say was "I'm cumming don't stop, don't stop. Fuck me harder, Fuck me". I emptied my balls into her already full pussy adding to the cum running down her leg from her over filled pussy. We all laid there for a few minutes with our cocks soaking inside her. I rolled off onto my back and she curled up on my shoulder with her friend spooning behind her and we all drifted off to sleep.

When I woke up Mike had already gone. My wife stirred and I asked how she slept and she said she had the most realistic sex dream and it involved me and someone from the party. And in her dream she ended up with two cocks inside her like she has been wanting to try. She said that maybe she shouldn't have taken the cold tablets when she had drank so much. But she said that still didn't explain why she had cum between her legs and her pussy was sore. I said "well baby that is a story for after breakfast"

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