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Wife's Night Out


I had been working a lot of overtime hours lately and my wife, Amy was having to deal with the kids all by her lonesome. One weekend, I decided to treat her to a night on the town to help her loosen up and have some fun.

It was a Friday and I took off of work early. I went by a store and picked up Amy a new outfit. It was a nice skirt along with a very sexy blouse. When I got home, I called the in-laws and arranged for the kids to spend the night with them.

When Amy got home, I had drawn her a bath and told her that we were going out tonight. She saw the new clothes that I had laid out on the bed and gave me a big kiss. She was amazed that I had actually planned a night out including making arrangements for the kids.

She got ready and we headed out the door. We went to a nice restaurant and had a wonderful dinner. After dinner, I told her the evening was far from over.

She has always loved to dance and we haven’t gone dancing a whole lot. We headed to a club that played 80’s & 90’s music. When we got in, the place was packed. We managed to find a table and ordered some drinks. We sat just talking and taking in the scene. When a slow song came on, I asked her to dance. It was great having her on the dance floor.

After the song ended, we made our way back to the table. When we got back, there were 2 guys sitting across the table from our seats. I introduced myself and Amy. They introduced themselves as Tom and Greg. They asked if it was okay if they sat there. We said sure and struck up some conversation.

After a few more drinks, Amy was ready to dance again. They weren’t playing any slow songs and I am not much of a dancer. I declined and could tell immediately that Amy really wanted to dance. I looked at Greg, who had been checking Amy out thinking I hadn’t noticed. I asked Greg if he would mind dancing with Amy.

He immediately jumped up and came around the table. Amy looked at me with a confused look on her face. I told her to go dance and have fun, after all, it was supposed to be her night.

Amy got up and I watched as Greg slid his arm around her waist as he led her to the dance floor. They both seemed to be having a good time dancing non-stop through 3 or 4 songs. While they were dancing, Tom and I were talking about various topics. He then asked me if it would be okay if he danced with Amy. I told him sure but it was up to her. He went out to the dance floor and basically told Greg that it was his turn.

Greg walked back to the table and we both sat and talked and watched the action of the club. Greg leaned over and told me that he really enjoyed dancing with Amy. He also said she was very hot. I thanked him for the compliment and told him that he could dance with her as much as she could stand.

Amy and Tom made their way back to the table after a few songs. We ordered more drinks and Amy was starting to get very flirty with the guys. After she rested for a bit, Greg asked her to dance again and she immediately jumped into his arms and off they went. I noticed this time that when he put his arm around her, Amy also put hers around his waist.

Tom and I began talking and I could tell that Amy had gotten him excited. He began asking all sorts of questions about us. After some small talk, I told Tom that I wanted to give Amy a night she would remember forever. This intrigued him and he asked what I had in mind.

I told him that I would like to invite them back to our house to have some fun. We would only take it as far as Amy wanted. He said he was all for it and that he was sure Greg would be. Afterwards, Greg and Amy came back to the table and ordered more drinks. Amy was really drinking a lot and I knew she was past the buzz stage. This time when she sat, she sat on the other side of the table between Greg and Tom. We were all flirting a little with Amy and she was dishing it right back.

Tom asked Amy to dance this time and off they went. Instead of putting his arm on her waist, Tom put his hand right on Amy’s ass. She did nothing to move his hand which caused my cock to stir. They danced thru a fast song when a slow one came on. I watched as Amy reached up and put her hands around his neck. He put his hands on her side and began rubbing up and down her body.

The dancing was quickly turning into dirty dancing with Amy grinding into his crotch.

I knew that the time to leave was here. When they came back to the table, I invited Tom and Greg over to our house for a nightcap. Amy certainly didn’t seem to mind. As we were driving home, Amy was really turned on from the dancing. I asked her if she was having fun. She said that she was having a blast and was happy that I invited the guys over.

She began rubbing my cock and asking if I was hard from watching her dance. I told her bluntly that I had become hard as a rock watching her with both Tom and Greg. She giggled and removed my cock from my pants. She then bent over and took my cock in her mouth as I drove. She was really working on my cock but she was not trying to make me come. She was basically dragging me along.

When we got to the house, I fixed us all some drinks and we sat on separate sofas talking. Greg turned up the heat by asking Amy what she had been up to on the drive home. Amy started giggling and said she didn’t know what he was talking about. Greg told her that he and Tom both noticed sometimes they could see her in the car and other times they couldn’t.

Amy floored all of us when she said, “instead of telling you, I will show you”. With that she undid my pants and pulled out my cock. While looking at both of them, she leaned over and swallowed my cock. She was really sucking on me all the while staring at Greg and Tom. After a few minutes, she raised up and asked if that explained it.

Greg said he understood and that he wishes he was in our car with us. We all broke out laughing including Amy. Amy then surprised me by getting up and walking over to Greg. She said that she prefers him on the couch since there is more room. With that, she leaned on the floor between his legs and began taking his pants off. When his cock sprang out, she immediately grabbed it and guided it into her mouth. She began bobbing her head up and down on his cock until he was all the way in her mouth. Tom was sitting right beside him and not wanting to leave him out, Amy reached over and began rubbing his cock thru his pants.

I was in heaven watching as my wife was sucking a large cock that wasn’t mine while playing with another cock. Tom undid his own pants and fished out his cock. Amy then started stroking his cock while still sucking on Greg. Amy moved over and took Tom’s cock in between her lips. While she was sucking on Tom, Greg got off the couch and positioned himself behind Amy. He pulled her skirt up over her ass and pulled her panties to one side. He began playing with her pussy which was extremely wet. After a few minutes of fingering her, he moved up and put his cock head at the edge of her pussy. He slowly entered her wet pussy with his huge cock. Amy could only moan as she had a long cock in her mouth. Greg worked his cock in very slowly and was soon all the way in. He began a slow stroking of his cock in and out of her pussy. Amy was having an intense orgasm from all the attention she was receiving. When she started bucking, Greg started pounding his cock in faster and harder. He was really driving into her so hard that he was forcing her mouth farther down on Tom’s cock.

Tom was the first to let go. He started moaning very loudly and shouted that he was going to cum. When she heard that, Amy pulled his cock out and started jacking him hard with her hand. Tom’s cock erupted with a huge shot of cum which Amy caught with her outstretched tongue. He pumped about 5 big shots out and Amy was able to capture it all in her mouth where she swallowed every drop. With Tom done, Greg really started working her pussy over with his cock. Amy must have cum at least 4 times while he was pounding into her. When Greg got close, he pulled out of her pussy. He then had her lay down on her back. He straddled her chest and began fucking her wonderful tits. Each time his cock came close, Amy flicked her tongue out and licked the head. After a few strokes, Greg tensed and started shooting his cum. He kept stroking his cock between her tits while his jism was shooting right at her face and mouth. Amy was able to catch some in her open mouth. When he was done, Amy took her hand and gathered the cum that was on her chest and face. She then stuck her fingers in her mouth and licked her fingers clean.

Amy then got up and made her way to me. She reached down and kissed me directly on the mouth. She began shoving her tongue deep in my mouth making me taste the remainder of their cum. She then turned around, slid her pussy down and guided my VERY hard cock in. She was really riding me when Tom got up and came over and presented his revived cock back to her mouth. It was great, I was fucking my wife as she was sucking another guy’s huge cock. I knew I wouldn’t last long so I told her she might want to hurry on Tom. She began using her hands and mouth on him driving him towards another orgasm. I could feel my balls tighten and I unloaded a huge load of sperm deep in her pussy.

She continued riding my cock until Tom erupted in her mouth again. After we gathered our strength, the guys got dressed and left. They did leave their phone numbers and on occasion we have called them over for more fun.

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