tagInterracial LoveWife's Teasing Treat

Wife's Teasing Treat


For years I had had this fantasy of watching my sweet red headed wife take a big black cock into her pussy. And for years she denied it to me. However, she would jerk me off telling me "stories" of her interracial infidelity. It was coming up to my birthday and she had started hinting a month in advance that she had a special treat in mind for me, and that is all she would say about it.

Finally it was my birthday, we went out with some friends for drinks then came home. She smiled and asked me if I thought that she had forgotten about my treat. I smiled and told her I had not. She led me into the bedroom. There she asked me to strip naked. I did so quickly, noting that she remained dressed. She asked me to lay down on the bed and close my eyes. I did so and heard her open and close a dresser draw. "No peeking." she said. Then I felt the first cuff go around my wrist, she chained it to the leg of the bed, followed by the next. Then she did the same for my ankles, she kidded me that I was at her mercy. She adjusted the chains to make them tighter. Then she said she would be right back and that I could open my eyes.

Ten minutes later she came back into the room wearing a full body lace catsuit. It was so low cut her big tits were barely held in. It clung to that soft full ass of hers, and three black buttons was all that was needed to access her moist pussy. She took my cock in her hand and gave it a few long pumps.

"Now honey you and I have to talk. You keep wanting to share me with a black guy, or sometimes a few black guys. Is that what you really want?" She said leaning forward to let the top of her tits brush my cock." I told her it was, knowing she would never really go through with it.

Standing back up she grabbed her tits giving them a squeeze asking if I really wanted another guy, a black guy to hold them. "Like this!" she said squeezing them again. Then she pulled them out over the top of her catsuit. "Do you really think you could handle that? Or someone else sucking on them." She said lifting her tits to her mouth and sucking on one nipple and then another. She kissed and slurped on them nosily. Then she sat down on the bed and gave my cock a few more strokes.

"You know you are playing with fire." She said. "I have to make a confession to you. Sometimes I have found black men to be attractive. I have heard the rumors, and not just from you." I was shocked to hear her say it, it sounded so honest, not like when we were "play talking" to get me off. "And I have been a bit curious. You really have to think about this honey, what if I did try a black man what if I liked it too much? Could you deal with that?" she said, giving my cock a few more strokes.

"Do you really think that you could take it watching me kiss another man, a black one." I had thought about it like a billion times and found the idea so sexy, wrong but still sexy.

"Would you really want my hands to be wrapped around a huge cock, a black one jerking it hard while you watched?" I told her yes. She grabbed my cock and gave it a few more strokes before letting it go again.

"You, my own husband would want to see my mouth wrapped nearly air tight around another man's dick as my spit covered his shaft. The same mouth that I said "I do." to you at our wedding? And there is the matter of fucking me. You really want a man with a bigger dick, a black man to use my pussy also? And then there is the matter of dating."

I asked what she meant. "I would of course go out with him, dancing, wearing something sexy, hitting the dance floors in clubs. Making out with him in the car. Could you take knowing I was out with another man?"

"You'd go out with him?" I never thought of that, I started to feel jealous and at the same time aroused.

"Yes, in public and who knows somebody we know might see us. And I might even go on a vacation with him, a cruise. Every day we would be in the cabin fucking, and I might just call home to let you know how everything is doing. I would be away for a whole week getting fucked by a big black cock while you are home alone. And one other thing..."

I scarcely had the courage to ask her what. She pumped my cock a few more times. "If I really know him well, and after he is tested, I am going to let him fuck me bareback, and I might get pregnant." She said letting it sink in. "And you know everyone will soon know it is not your baby. So do you really want to entertain this fantasy of me being loved by a black man?" She said going to the dresser draw. She took out a huge, realistic black dildo.

"Or we can have the fantasy." She said taking the dildo she kissed the head and took it into her mouth letting me watch. "Look how big it is, do you like watching me suck on a big black cock?" she said sucking on it some more, her lips wrapped tight around that big black pole. This was crazy, did I really want to take the chance of losing my wife to the cock of a black man?

"So big and black. You know my mother would absolutely disown me if she ever saw me doing something like this." She said adding, "But it is so good!"

"Or as you want I will let him stick it in my pussy." She got onto the chair spreading her legs wide. She put a little bit of lube onto the cock and started to work it into her. "Oh sir it is so big! You are going to ruin me for my husband." She said in mock horror as she pushed that fat black cock into her. As she used the dildo on herself she rubbed her clit. "Oh yes! Anything for your big black cock! Anything. It is so big and fat! Far bigger than anything my husband has ever given me in my...our bed." She moaned and played with her tits leaving that huge black dildo wedged into her pussy hole. She sucked on them making the nipples big and hard.

"Oh my! You are going to cum inside of me. Please don't I might get pregnant. Oh no! No! No! It's too late, I feel his cum inside of me! Squirting into me. Oh shit! Yeah!" she said. She rested for a moment then pulled that fat dildo, coated with her juice out of her.

"Is that what you want baby?." She said coming up to me and giving my cock yet a few more tugs. "Now there is a part two." She said getting up and leaving the room. She was changing in the hallway but she continued to tease me.

"You know there was a temp at work who kept hitting on me. Tall, in his early thirties, and of course black. But of course I told him no. He even asked me out. Can you imagine that?" she said. Yes I could, my cock was throbbing a mile a minute, possibly because what she said was the truth. "You know why?" I told her I did not know. She told me he was too polite. "If I am going to fuck a black man he has to be strong and tough. The sort who is going to fuck me for hours and maybe even pass me around to his friends." She said stepping back in from the hall.

"Oh wow!" was all I could say. She had on stockings, high heels, a tight leather skirt that hugged her ass and hips, and a blue blouse that was almost painted on. You like this outfit? This is what I would wear on my dates outside with my black lovers." She said bending forward to show how plunging the neckline of her blouse was.

"This is what you really want? To see me get fucked, to mate with a black man?" I told her yes. "But of course it will not be all passive for you you know." I looked at her puzzled. "At the very least you may have to clean my pussy afterwards. I may even buy a pair of rubber panties to put on to keep it fresh until I come home for you to lick me clean." She said wickedly. "Or I may just turn you into my own little French maid and force you to prep my lovers for me. With your hand or maybe your mouth. The way you talk about black cock I think you may want to try it, first hand." She said evilly.

"So all you have to do now is say no or yes. What do you want me to do?" She said as she grasped my cock and started to rub it. "Stay faithful to you. Or do you want to risk me, our marriage by having me try nasty black cock." I told her I wanted more than anything to see her with a black stud.

"Well maybe you will get your wish." She said as I exploded cumming all over my stomach and chest.

My wife got up and left the room. Had I offended her? I heard some movement in the hallway, then my wife came in, followed by a black guy. She gave me a look then kissed him deeply as he squeezed her tits. "Well honey your dreams or nightmares are about to come true." She said kissing him deeply again.

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by mmbny4708/27/17

Too short

It would be better if you took it to the point of her confirming she was black pregnant.

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