tagChain StoriesWild at Woodstock Ch. 01

Wild at Woodstock Ch. 01



It was August 15th, 1969, a weekend that forever changed the state of music and how we all got along. The festival was one giant party with over 500,000 of the coolest people on the earth celebrating everything from life, love and freedom. Everyone one was there; Anti-War protesters, Black Militants, Anti-Gays, Drug Advocates, Anti-Government Advocates, Vietnam Vets, Rednecks, Gays/Lesbians/Bisexuals, Ban Drug Advocates, Pro-Government Advocates and people just wanting to listen to the bands. They all had their own agendas but they also had one thing in common, being part of the greatest party ever thrown! And all this hoopla happened on farmland owned by one Max Yasgur.

Taking place in small Sullivan County of New York State the party although copied would never be duplicated. Maybe it was the pressure of the times and the deep need for people to let go. Maybe it was the people just so sad and tired of the darkness brought by the senseless war. Perhaps it was the joy and power from the energy all the bands blasted out from the wall to wall amplifiers. Whatever it was it came at a time when it was needed. In the next few chapters we are going to take you inside that magical weekend with stories from different people who attended the greatest party ever held. Their stories of how they each celebrated life, love and each other will be told. So hold on and get ready to party...

Chapter 1

Dave the roadie

I remember it like it was yesterday. We worked so hard I am surprised the skin from my knuckles ever grew back. Sure we were setting up for a huge party but at first it didn't feel like any party to me. I was locking in the frame work for the stage and man I was getting tired. My back, my arms, my whole body for that matter were just screaming at me to take a rest. We had been at it for hours and were just finishing up the final touches before the other crews started laying the wires for sound. Such is the life of a roadie I guess!

Speaking of which I guess I should introduce myself. My name is Dave and although I am not the best catch in the land I hold my own. My frame was strong from all the heavy lifting I did getting the stages ready. I had jet black hair and eyes all the girls told me were dreamy. My best asset though was definitely my tool, many a time one of the groupies would tell me I was a better ride than most of the rock stars they was trying to get with! I was a roadie for The Jimi Hendrix Experience. Ya you heard me right. Not only did I get to watch the baddest assed upside down guitar playing genius mutha fucker ever to hold an axe in the world, I got to party with the man too! And party he could! No one could out drink Jimi (well maybe Morrison but I never got to party with him but I heard the rumors), or out trip him (that brotha sure loved his acid). It was not out of the question for Jimi to go through four or five groupies in one night. And guess what? They all had to come through us first! And Woodstock man, the best and most pussy I have ever had in a three day period to this day!

It didn't take long for the ladies to start lining up either. Right after we finished the stage the people started flocking in to the grounds. There were hordes of them rushing through the gates. We heard maybe up to 100,000 people might show up, no one expected the half million that actually did! They were climbing the fences and over other people just to be part of history. And the ladies were everywhere, and most of them had their shirts off in the first fifteen minutes. I knew this was going to be something special.

I had on my Jimi shirt and my roadie pass around my neck and was checking out the front of the stage as they hooked up the wires when the first two honeys approached me. It was like a dream come true for a simple rock and roll boy like me. They were twin sisters, they told me their names were Starchild and Moonbeam. I knew those names were bullshit but I didn't care, they were hot and they had their shirts off proudly displaying their matching 34C's. They had their body covered in paint with all kinds of symbols. Moonbeam had each nipple painted over with a peace sign. Her sister Starchild had marijuana leaves painted on hers. Got to love the flower children! The twins asked me if I was with the group and I told them I sure was. They kept asking me all sorts of questions I didn't really pay attention too; I just wanted them to get to the important one that all the girls eventually asked. And waiting on the question and the looks of the two chicks was causing my manhood to swell something fierce.

"So how do we get to meet Jimi?" I can't remember which one of the two asked but it was music to my ears. It was then I knew the girls were going to be in for my meat treat if they wanted to see the man!

"Well ladies it works like this..." I gave them the low down on how they could meet Jimi and they was all for it. I showed Starchild and Moonbeam to the back of the stage and let nature take its course. Starchild didn't wait for nothing and was soon on her knees unzipping my jeans and releasing my monster. Her sister followed suit and dropped to her knees. Sweeter lips I have never felt. The two started working me like there was no tomorrow. Their mouths magic on my now fully erect cock. One would take me all the way down her hot throat while the other sucked on my heavy sack. Back and forth the two went till I thought I was gonna bust. I pulled them up off the ground, I didn't want to cum yet.

"Why don't you bend over the railing there and let me fuck that sweet pussy of yours!" I told Moonbeam. For a second her sister was disappointed. "Don't worry there Star you will get your fill too!" I got behind Moonbeam and slowly buried my cock into her young bushy tight pussy. A deep moan escaped her lips as I filled her up. I kept speeding up my thrusts and she bucked her hips back to match me. I looked at Star and seen she was getting in on the act and had two fingers in her snatch. I reached over to her and pulled her face to mine engaging her in a deep passionate kiss. She tasted of weed and that just made me want more. Our tongues danced as I kept the pounding to her sister. I was really drilling Moon by then and she was howling in ecstasy. I could feel my cock get suddenly soaking wet as I felt her body tremble from the orgasm she was having.

"Oh yes fuck me hard... I... am... cccuuuummmmmiiiingggg!" She yelled. She finally stopped shaking and traded spots with her sister. They were twins in every way. Even the inside of their pussies felt identical. Identically great that is! Star was just as tight as Moon and was as wonderfully warm and wet. She even sounded the same when she finally came all over my cock. The twins knew I hadn't blown my load and they both wanted to thank me for the great fuck I had given them so they went back down on their knees and blew me some more. They went back to playing their share game with my rod and soon I was tingling all over. I knew I was going to cum soon and I let them know so they could get ready.

"OOHHHHHHHHhhhhhhh...... girlsssss... .here.... I..... cccccccuuuuuuummmmm!!!!" I said as I shot my load all over both their faces. The girls just swept it up in their fingers and licked it clean. After that I pulled my pants up and showed them where the trailers were and introduced them to the man!

Woodstock will always be in my heart for many reasons; the show, the people, the reason behind it, the affect it had on people, and all the sex I had during the party, and last but certainly not least the twins Starchild and Moonbeam. Bless their flower child hearts!

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