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Wild Child


The girl’s bells shimmered slightly as she slips out of my chambers. Not something that usually woke me, and I made a mental note for a later punishment. She should have known better, I grumbled to myself in my head, and rolled over onto my side, sighing deeply, still heavy with sleep. The covers were so lovely and they called my name softly as I sank into their deepness. The heat from the boy who shared my bed was just as welcome. He had his back to me, and was obviously in a deep sleep. I smiled softly to myself and admired his broad shoulders and shallow dip at his waist and the muscular buttocks which were barely protruding from beneath a layer of covers. He was simply magnificent, and was even more the previous evening, and I smiled a more intimate smile, remembering his sweet, innocent cries.

He was well trained though, which was the most beautiful quality he possessed. The moment I laid a sleepy hand on the small of his back, he was awake. Acting lazy, he rolled over to face me, his eyes opening slowly to reveal their rich green to me in the breaking morning light. The sun was barely slipping in through my open chamber window, but somehow a ray had fallen right into his dark hair, and illuminated it. I smiled my casual smile and opened my arms to my little prince, pressing him close to me, his soft face laying on my bare breasts.

“Good Morning, Mistress,” he murmured softly to me. “May I please you in anyway this morning, Ma’am?”

Always so proper I thought, so well trained. “Just lay here with me until I break my fast sweet one, and then I will have a few chores for you to complete.”

“Yes, Mistress”was his only dutiful answer, and he snuggled even closer, his hands moving around my slight frame, one leg moving over me, as I rolled onto my back, cradling my precious one in my arms, sighing peacefully.

At least Lily hadn’t woken me as she opened the windows this morning, or I would have been more put out, and the punishment most likely would have been more eminent, than it is now. I turned my head, and watched the sun breach the hills in the east, and rise languidly in the sky, casting its bright rays of warmth a life to the land and of course my bed. I had had my bed placed in this exact spot on purpose for there was no other way to be awoken, than by heavenly sunlight kissing your bare skin.

“Pull down the covers so I may feel the sun entirely, Roan.” I whispered. Instead of answering he moved and quickly did as I bid him, slowly revealing my creamy skin to the morning rays. I knew he loved this moment, and it tormented him madly that he could not have just one nibble or taste first, unless I gave the command. I moved one leg up so that my triangle of light brown fuzz parted and reveal to him the hot, pink insides of my most secret. I looked up at him, and he was kneeling at my feet, one leg on each side of one of my legs. His cock had risen suddenly, and was throbbing with his want, his eyes riveted to my open sex.

“You want a taste don’t you, little one. You want it to cover your face for the rest of the day, so that your Mistress will be with you every second while you do her bidding.” I smiled my rueful grin, and wanted to continue, but saw that his thigh muscles were trembling now, as he strained to restrain himself. No use driving him wild, I admonished myself, and beckoned him back into the ritual position, his head again on my soft, full breasts.

“Such a good boy, so good.” I cooed in his ear after he had settled, his hot cock pressing into my hip in a way that I knew must be painful. We laid for a moment, and I stroked his back, but never did that hard protrusion go away. This was going to be a problem today I could tell. I expected mine to be always aroused and ready, which would be hard and erect in his case, but this was something more. Roan was still shivering with want after we had been laying for a while, and I knew that he was going crazy being so close to me, wanting me, needing me.

“Go on and get my dressing robe, boy.” I said finally. He practically leaped up and ran to my closet. I knew that he would not stray to touch his raging erection, but I did know that he did need some distance between us and quickly. I laughed softly, and then stretched sleepily before he came back carrying my favorite white, silk dressing gown in his hands. He also carried my brush, and a bowl of steaming water with a soft rag hanging over the side. I smiled, watching his body as he approached. After helping me sit up, and move to sit on the edge of the bed, he kneeled properly, back always straight, knees wide apart, and cock raised to aching attention.

“I have brought you a face refresher, if I may wash your face for you, Mistress. And also I have brought your brush, if you wish for me to brush your glorious locks for you, Ma’am.” His eyes smiled up to me with pure adoration. I nodded and he picked the rag out of the basin, and rang it out. I could smell the rosemary and lavender in the water and close my eyes as he knelt up to wash the sleep off my face. I loved this ritual. It was also lucky that Roan was a tall boy, nearly six foot and five inches, matched to my only five and four. He was done, and my face shone with freshness. He then moved behind me on the bed, and began to brush out my hair. It fell to an inch above my waist, and it would get horribly wrinkled and knotted in sleep, but he was quite gentle, and it felt lovely as he carefully brushed it out to a golden shine.

Then he stood before me and offered his hand to stand, but instead I brought my hand to that hard cock of his. I carefully examined it, and watched how it throbbed of its own accord. It had been a near six month since he had gotten the final piercing around that tender vein on the underside. It had been completely healed for a month now, but still in the morning a few crusty things clung to the metal, like dirt, and dead skin. I smiled, and pulled on the ring slightly, watching for a reaction of pain, but was instead rewarded with a moan of pleasure. I enjoyed the ornaments that adorned my pets. The final piercing that I was fingering on Roan right now showed to all that he was my personal slave, personal pet, and even a love of mine. He had cried so sweetly that night that I had given it to him. It was also the same night that he had slept at my side in my bed, instead of at the foot, where Lily now resided.

“Step closer sweet one,” I murmured softly, and as he did, I brought my lips full upon his raging member. He could not control the cry that had been filling up in his throat. I gently probed the small opening at the top and all under the ridge that was the tight head of his manhood. Then I tongued the small gold ring, and he tensed tightly, moaning loudly. I knew soon he would lose even more control, and fall to his knees, unable to stand any longer.

I wiped my lips and looked up at him. “Perfect pet.” And I extended my hand to rise. Blinking fiercely, he quickly helped me up and into the soft dressing gown that I loved. He followed me as I walked to the small table that sat near an open window. Fresh wild flowers adorned one end, and my journal sat near the overflowing vase. Lilly entered then, carrying my coffee and light breakfast. Roan in the mean time had gone into my bathing chambers and readied everything for my bath. This was a morning ritual. He was also picking out an outfit for today. I always trusted what he picked out, for he could almost read my mind and moods, and always had a perfect outfit picked out.

After Lily uncovered and laid out my breakfast, poured sugar and milk into my coffee, and spread that sweet cheese on my bread, she knelt at my feet. She was a new girl, only at my presence for a month, and was still learning. I had acquired her from a Count friend of mine, who had too many beauties like her running around, and had her put on a dance and then present herself for my birthday. Of course he was trying to win my favor, as all of the rich men and women in the country side around here always are. They found my company quite wonderful, and I had the best parties. Plenty of naked slaves to go around too. But my slaves were not just pieces of meat to these people. They knew how well I trained them, and all yearned for one for themselves. Unfortunately for them, it was rare that I parted with one of my own on a permanent basis. It had happened, but usually only when they had displeased me, or I would have no more of them. I would send them out as gifts for a week at the most, or maybe to a rich viscount who heard of my magic and had to have a taste.

After sipping the coffee and biting into my breakfast, I opened up my daily journal. I kept notes about the day’s goings on, and the training processes of my pets. I had five in training now, including Lily, who still knelt patiently at my feet, her head inclined, eyes focusing on her palm-up hands, which rested on her tight, muscular thighs spread wide to reveal to me and whomever else her sweet flower nestled under the blonde fluff. I looked over yesterday’s happenings, and decided that today would be a good day to assign my pets to a specialized trainer, other than myself for a while. I only personally trained them when I was so inclined and during the first week. Today there would be many tears I knew that much. There was a set of twin lads who were not older than 20 and had the straightest blonde hair I had seen in so long. I was going to let it grow out long, and keep them out of doors as much as possible to keep them blonde. They were greatly well endowed, and knew that within a year, they would make a marvelous present to my dear sister. She adored blondes, and her husband allowed her these pleasures, and I also knew that he would get use out of them as well. Not in bed though, but he did enjoy harnessing up his wife’s trophies for a ride in a buggy every now and then.

Still buried in my notes, I spoke softly, breaking the silence, “You woke me this morning, Lily.” The air became tense. “Have I not spent enough time teaching you how to move in the morning without disturbing your bells?”

I could feel her shiver and look up at me, as I pretended to look into my book still, “Oh yes, Mistress,” She whimpered violently, “I have tried so hard, Mistress, please forgive me.”

“I will forgive you lil one,” I murmured, turning a page. I snapped then, and Roan came striding in.

“Yes my Mistress?” He said in his deep, quiet voice.

“Lily woke me this morning. Go and retrieve the paddle.”

“Yes, Mistress.” And he hurried off.

“Now Lily. I abhor being woken up before Roan wakes me.” I closed the book then and turned in my chair to stair down at the beautiful girl. She was the same age as Roan, a nice ripe 21, and the extra exercise she had received at the Count’s place and again here made her nice and lithe. She had small round breasts, and long, wild blonde hair. Light freckles danced over her shoulders and nose. I couldn’t wait until they would be everywhere else. All of mine exercised in the mornings out of doors, in the nude of course, unless the weather was too cold. I broke the silence again my eyes locking with hers. “Now what did I say was the punishment for waking me? I forget.” My eyes were on fire.

She trembled slightly, “30 cuts with the cane, Ma’am.”

“Hmm.. I see. But I asked Roan for the paddle. Do you find this odd, lil one?”

“Yes, Ma’am.” She was obviously shaking now, and twitched once or twice.

“Oh stop that shivering.” I sighed sharply. “ You know I hate that wretched thing. It will be 30 with the paddle, by Roan. I know I usually punish those who disobey me, but I don’t feel up to it this morning.” At this Roan walked back in carrying the paddle. It was made of black leather and was 3 inches wide by 10 inches. The leather tapered down into a handle with a wrist cord. This had been made by a slave of mine who had tried to run away, and instead constructed the instrument of his punishment.

Roan kneeled next to Lily and offered me the paddle. “Put it between her teeth, Roan.” I took another bite of my breakfast watching. He moved quickly and put it into her mouth making sure that she bit down on it tightly, and pulled it back, so that it cut into the corners of her soft lips.

“Gently pet,” My eyebrows knitted, and I reached and slapped Roan. “Don’t harm her, just let her hold it. It’s bath time. Come along.” Come along was the command for crawling, and soon Roan was following me on his hands and knees into the bathing area. I was carrying my coffee, not wanting to abandon it there while I was bathed.

I entered my bathing chambers and was welcomed by the scent of lavender and mint. I smiled happily as I could tell that my sweet boy had prepared everything as it should be. I had this room designed specifically for me, and my favorite morning rituals. It wasn’t a huge room, but large enough to be comfortable and not confining. In one corner stood a long tub which held my bath. Near it was a stand for soaps, bath salts and oils, towels and wash rags. There was a vase that matched the one on my table, over flowing with the fragrant flowers of this season. There was also a latrine in another corner and a tall chest which kept all the cleaning supplies, extra towels and other necessities. A huge mirror was on one wall, which I usually stood before as I dressed. There was another door way which led to my closet, and near the opening there was a stand on which my clothing for the day rested. I sighed comfortably, and looked down to Roan.

“Perfect as always my pet. You may rise.” I spoke soft, in my intimate voice. We were comfortable a lot of the time, and were only Mistress and slave in certain parts of the day. I truly loved this man who crawled at my feet. We spent many nights long in discussion on any topic, or reading a new book. He was so perfect for my needs, not only in appearance, but also his moods and morals.

He rose at my command and stood before me, smiling softly. I knew how he enjoyed this part of my day. I stepped forward, and allowed him to untie my robe, slip it off, and lay it over a chair. His arousal from the sight of my body even this early was evident from the thin liquid which was leaking from the tip of his quivering manhood. I almost laughed, and then turned, lifting one hand for him to help me into the luxurious tub. The water was a wonderful temperature.

After resting in the water for a while, I nodded to Roan and he came forward with a soft cloth and soap. I allowed him to wash me carefully as I stood in the tub. His touches so sweet and submissive that there was no way that he could miss a spot. He quickly rinsed me and then helped me out, drying me with one of the huge towels that hung on the rack near the tub. A brush appeared in his hand and soon my golden brown hair was brushed with the scent of honey and glistened in the sunlight which fell through the thin windows on the far side of the room. He bent and applied the sweet perfume to the hair line between my legs, under my arms, to my navel and my pulse points. I loved his gentle touch, and soon felt my soft petals glistening with a dew. I knew that soon I would need to feel some release to the pressure that was personified by the throbbing in Roan’s cock.

After dusting me with a light power which glistened in the sun, Roan came forward with the undergarments he had selected for the day . They were of a pale blue and were of soft cotton, which was almost transparent. He smoothed the half cups of the bra over my full breasts, slipping the straps over my shoulders and then fastening the hooks in the back. He then flowed to a perfect kneel and helped me into a tiny thong, carefully adjusting the back and then the front over the soft hairs between my legs. I loved this part. Him kneeling there so sweetly, those dark curls so close to that sweet spot between my legs. I could feel his breath, and finally his lips on the top of my thigh when he was finished.

“Good boy,” I whispered softly, running a hand through those thick curls. He smiled up at me, and then rose, moving to fetch the rest of my clothes. There was to be an inspection today, so he had chosen a outfit that was comfortable, classic and functional. There were loose fitting pants of fine, navy linen, a cream coloured tank top and a heavy, turtle neck sweater. He brushed my hair one final time, letting it fall in gentle waves down my back. I turned and looked in the mirror as he slid my heeled boots on to my feet and laced them up, hiding them under the material of my pants. I did not look like a lady who has a stable of 5 slaves waiting for an inspection. Not to mention that I had a beautiful naked boy at my feet, ready to do my every bidding.

But it is who I am I though, smiling softly.

I looked down and took Roan by the hair, half dragging him into my bed room

“On the bed, boy.”

He scrambled after me, trying hard to keep up with My rough pace. I was feeling it rush through my veins. Lily was still kneeling near my breakfast table, but I hardly noticed. This hard young man was so hot and ready that he was whimpering as he climbed up on the bed.

“You’re hot and ready to please Me, aren’t you lil one,” I growled near his ear. All that I received as an answer was a throaty whimper. “I haven’t seen you with a nice hot, red ass in a very long time My precious. Raise up.” This was my command for a good, sound spanking. Quickly Roan’s hips thrust up in the air and he reached back between his parted thighs to hold onto his ankles. The small of his back arches, thrusting his sweet, round ass cheeks high in the air.

“Good boy. Now, you know the rules.” I placed a hand at the small of his back and began to run my other across his soft skin.

“yes, Mistress. May this boy recite them back to you, Mistress?” I smiled again at his impecable training.

“yes, recite them My boy.”

“This boy may not come with out permission from you, Mistress, whether it be begged or given. This boy must thank you after every time that he is in your service, Mistress, and offer more. This boy must give everything to Mistress, because it is she who bestows everything to him. This boy must be perfect in all that he does and beg for punishment from Mistress when he is less than adequate.”

I placed a hand on that sweet curve of his ass, My nails digging in rather hard as I felt him trembling with desire. He tensed as My nails dug into his ass, but remained still, waiting the sweet kiss of My hand stinging his flesh. Roughly I drug My nails over his flesh and then struck down, slapping hard once and then twice in the same spot, right at the roundest part of his ass. His breath hissed a moaned out of his lips and he was trembling at the brink. I quickly walked around the bed and opened the drawer of one of My night stands, removing a nice fat 8’’ rubber cock, and a small tube of lube.

“Bring that hot ass over here now, boy.” I growled, greedily. He moved in one fluid motion until he was in the same position he was, but now closer to where I had just moved to. I could see him lift his head up and look at Lily, still kneeling there with the paddle in her sweet little lips. He trembled violently, and I knew he was envisioning bending her over the bed or his knee and delivering those blows with the paddle after his turn was over and it excited him more than he could bare at the moment.

While I allowed him to wander off to dream land, I began to caress his ass, and then run a finger down his crack, slightly inserting one finger in. He had been trained extensively and his ass had finally stretched to a nice size, so that when I wanted, My finger slid in easily, unlike an untrained ass hole. He gasped as I lightly tickled his prostrate, and a thin trail of precum began to leak uncontrollably from the head of his purple cock.

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