tagLoving WivesWild, Daring, Little Shit

Wild, Daring, Little Shit


"Hey John, that big pine tree on the hill behind the house would be a good place to build a tree house."

"You bet Bobby. We can build it near the top. No one could see it there. We can see all over the neighborhood, watch the stars with the telescope."

The Austin boys were sixteen at the time. They spent a lot of time in it. The floor was large enough for them both to sleep on with sleeping bags. With the roof, they even went up there when it was raining. Their parents just accepted that the boys were and would be spending a lot of time in their private "House."

They both took astrology courses during their first year in college. On October 13th, a clear fall evening, they were panning with their telescope checking out the stars, plus anything else they could see with the one hundred power scope. They happen to look down at the bedroom of a home which had just been constructed at the foot of the hill that their tree was on. They observed through the upper half of the large bay window, which did not have a shade, a woman moving about the bedroom.

"Bobby, isn't that the wife of the "United Airlines pilot that just moved into that house?"

"It sure is. She Is one sweet baby doll, let me tell you. Peter Kopchick has been mowing their lawn once a week since they moved in. He says that the husband, Curtis LeMay, is a real great guy, but he would love to get into that gals pussy. Her name is Paula."

"Whoa, she just doffed her shirt and that baby is not wearing a bra. Look at those Hooters?"

"I can't see a damn thing with you hogging the telescope. Let me have a look?"

"Shit, she is naked. Great set of tits!"

Bobby and John Austin spent the next 40 minutes observing Paula LeMay. They could clearly see into the bathroom, the entire bed, as well as part of the dresser area. She undressed, showered, colored her hair, did her nails, and finally slid into bed to read. Her proud tits, sans night clothes, rested on the covers that were up to her waist. The bay window was located next to a small door which led out to an lanai that could be used to sun oneself on a lounge chair.

Time passed. Paula LeMay became more comfortable in her new residence. Paula, not knowing of the "house" in the tree above her second floor story lanai, made it a habit to sun herself nude. With their scope, they could count the freckles on her tits. It became exciting for them when she would finger herself frantically until she orgasm, with both she and the two boys breathing in gasps when she finally hunched, and bucked as she pleasured herself.

The Austins asked Peter Kopchik to join them one day. "God, she is beautiful, naked," he exclaimed, to the amusement of the Austins.

"Shit, Man, she is beautiful in baggy dungarees," Bobby responded.

From then on, Peter did his best to hang around her house after he finished the lawn. He could not keep his eyes off her.

Paula, for her part, was immediately aware that Peter eyes were constantly on her breasts or body. She could not miss that fact since every time she turned around he was staring at her. He was no threat. Sort of cute in a boyish way. It flattered her to have a man hot for her body. Peter asked Paula questions about how he should approach girls, or what a girl was like a guy to wear or do in certain situations. Anything, to engage Paula in conversation.

Curtis LeMay had been a naval aviator. A wild ass guy until he was age 28. It occurred to him that he would be getting out of the service shortly. He had a standing offer from United Airlines. He knew that by the time his tour was up, he would have had enough of the constantly being at sea, and traveling to foreign lands. So, part and parcel with changing his life, he decided to look for a wife.

He had friends at the Kappa Sigma house at U. C. San Diego. One of them set him up for a blind date with Paula, who was a senior, at the time. A month after she graduated, they got married. At this time, Curtis had just completed his first year as a United co-pilot. Make no mistake about it, he is a self-assured, professional airmen, of the highest order. Yet, under it all, there was still a little "Wild Ass Kid." Being a new pilot with United, he averaged three over nights a week.

There was part of Paula that was jealous. She knew that Curtis was a handsome man that would be attractive to any woman exposed to him. Damn, he would overnight one night in Atlanta, the next in Spokane, yet a third in Orlando. If he was inclined, she knew with certainty, that he could have one-night stands with strange women every night that he was away. Was he?

It was a sweltering August afternoon, with the temperature at 93 degrees and the humidity that 90 percent, when Peter finished mowing Paula's lawn. Paula had just stepped out of the shower, when the doorbell ranged. She tossed on her robe. The mower had just stopped, so she knew that it would be Peter wanting to be paid. She was lonely. She knew that Curtis would not a home until tomorrow night. She is also remembered Peter saying that his folks were out of town. "Peter, why don't you shower here. I can cook some hamburgers on the grill, heat some beans, opened a couple Buds. We could enjoy a dip in the pool."

"That would be just a dandy way to spend Friday night," Peter said while he cast a lustful glance at Paula's shapely ass as she turned away and bent over to get a pan for the beans.

"I haven't furnished a bathroom except the master bathroom off of my bedroom with towels and wash clothes. There is a linen closet in that bathroom. You'll find what you need in there. I'm sure you don't mind swimming in your shorts?"

"Sounds great to me, Paula. Right now, I would go for a couple big hamburgers and a nice pot of beans."

After the meal was finished, Peter had an idea. "Paula, there is a good band playing tonight at the "Tumbleweed" lounge. How would you like to go down and party some?"

"It has been a long time since I have been dancing." Damn it to hell, I want to go out, have some fun, Paula thought to herself. That Curtis gets to fly all over the country. I'm stuck here. "Peter, I will change quickly. We can drive you to your house so that you may change.

Forty five minutes later, they were swinging and swaying to "Sitting on the dock of the bay," played by a band called "Caribbean Sounds." The night was still hot, humid. Soon both were drenched with sweat. Both thirsty, they consumed one Margarita after another for two hours. It was one AM when they arrived back at Paula's house. Paula said to Peter, "I'm just going to dive in the pool like I am."

"Me to," Peter said, as he took three running steps, leaped into the air, plunging into the pool.

They swam for awhile. Since her clothes dragged on her, Paula took them off, without saying anything to Peter. Seeing this, Peter slid his pants off and threw them on the side of the pool.

"Do you see what I see, Bob asked John?"

"Holy shit, Paula is nude with Peter in the pool."

"It looks like Peter has been making more progress with her then he has let on."

The Austins watched. Peter swam up behind Paula. Putting his hands around her waist, He pulled her back towards him, so that his body was pressed against her back. Her floating "Hooters" rested on his wrists providing him with his first contact, Paula realized, with her "Hooters." His stiff cock was pressed against her ass, just above her crack. Her hands held the side of the pool. He could not see her face. Her mind was racing. It felt good to have the contact between their bodies. She can feel her tits bobbing against his wrists. She smiled to herself as she felt his cock grinding ever so gently on her ass. Bold fucker, she thought. Sort of cute. At this point, she thought of him as a completely controllable "Puppy" that she was playing with. Sure, she was letting him take some liberties. But it was harmless. She turned to face him.

Peter reached under both her arms to grip the sides of the pool. As he did so, he lifted Paula slightly. Her hips rose. To avoid his legs, she opened her legs, which allowed his pubic area to rise. His cock rested in the arch between her legs. His left hand opened her pussy lips, as his ass thrust upward burying the full length of his cock into her. He begin to hump his cock in and out of her.

"Peter, We can't. We. We. We shouldn't. We. Oh, Oh, Peterrrrrr, Oohhhoooo!"

On and on, Peter thrust at Paula's cunt.

"Peter. Peterrrr, Oh, Oh. Push it in me Peter. God, Peter, I'm cumming Oohhhoooo."

The tree house begin to sway as the masturbating Austins, one with the telescope, the other with binoculars, watched Peter fuck Paula.

"That is so fucking hot." Bobby said to John, as they pounded their identical seven inch cocks.

All John could say was, "Wow, wow, wow."

Peter did not cum due to the pool water. After Paula did, he pulled her to the steps as he said, "Lets go do some more of that in bed, shall we?"

"Peter!" Paula said in exasperation. "It was a mistake. We should not have done that."

Peter smiled as he said, "Sure, yes, right? Hey Baby, it was you that was imploring me to push, push, just a minute ago. Lets go fuck?"

Before she could protest further, he picked her up. As Paula's back settled onto the bed, her legs fanned out. Peter slapped both her thighs playfully as he said to her, "Wider Cunt. Peter needs a lot of fucking room."

The Austins, from their vantage point, were given the short course on fucking, sucking, plus flailing tits for the next hour.

After Peter had showered and left, Paula lay naked contemplating what she had just done. She laughed to herself. She knew that she would fuck Peter again, soon.

In her junior year of college, there had been a time that she was dating three guys at the same time. She had not been sure which one she preferred, so she had continued to date, and fuck them all. She was forever lying to two of them about what she was doing, when she was going out with the third guy. On more then a few occasions, she would date two of them the same day, which resulted in an afternoon fuck, plus an evening fuck. Paula loved the excitement of the "Game," "Risks," "Being a daring hot Bitch." She fell asleep with a smile.

"Did you see us? Did you watch? Home run, Guys," Peter shouted as Bobby let him in to the Austin's home.

John, "Boy, did we ever. You hopped her bones three times. She even gave you head. Wow."

From then on, Peter would phone the Austins to tell them when he would be at the LeMay's house. He copied Curtis's flying schedule, so that he was always there the first night Curtis left.


"Curtis, there has been a schedule change. You will be back in San Fran tonight. No overnight."

"Great. That should get me home by nine PM."

The Austins just about shit. There was Peter on Paula giving her a slow fuck, while into the drive pulled a yellow Beetle. Curtis was home. As Curtis was walking up the stairs, he hollered, "Hey Baby, I'm home."

Peter leaped off the bed. He grabbed all his clothes. The door to Paula's walk in closet closed just as Curtis walked in to find Paula sitting in bed, with a sheet pulled up to her waist. Paula smiled at Curtis, while thinking to herself, damn glad that Peter is not a titty sucker, or biter, or I would be dead, because that is the first thing that Curtis will play with.

"I'm glad you are in bed, Baby. I am going to molest your pussy tonight. I am horny as can be, Baby."

Peter, in the dark closet, rolled his eyes. He was trapped. It was going to be a long night of praying that somehow, someway, Paula could get his sorry ass out of here.

Curtis left the door to the bathroom open when her pissed, washed his cock, his face, in that order; gargled, while stroking his cock, and then returned.

Peter had fucked Paula for an hour before Curtis had arrived. She used the end of the top sheet to jam into her pussy to dry it out. She knew she could not fool Curtis with any excuse for a sloppy wet pussy, when he had just surprised her by coming home without notice.

As soon as he hopped onto the bed, he turned off the light. His mouth found her cunt. Paula could never get enough of a man sucking on her clit, a fact that Peter was just learning. They withered, twisted, grunted, and fucked on and on in the moonlight, to the delight of the Austins, and consternation of one Peter Kopchik who sat in the dark listening to every moan, shout, whine, and squeak of the bed.

"Enough for tonight, Baby. Got to clean the old cock. You need some toilet paper?"


Curtis returned in just a second with the paper. Then He went into the bathroom, turned on the light , while shutting the door. It was now or never.

Paula opened her closet door. Naked, Peter, carrying his clothes went out the bedroom door, and tit-toed down the stairs.

The Austins laughed like crazy while watching him run down the street naked in the moonlight.

"Fastest streaker that I have ever seen," Bob said to John.

A week later, when they were alone, Peter asked Paula, "What to hell happened? I thought he was flying."

Paula explained that some changes in schedule would happen. Both Paula and Peter had a lot of nerve. They fucked for an hour in her bed that night. The next week Curtis again came home early. But this night they heard his car because the window was open. Peter escaped easily.

Peter knew that he had to do something. So he came up with a plan. He would set it up so that both the Austins could fuck Paula. They would take turns. In exchange, he would set it up so that one would be a lookout a quarter mile away. With a Motorola two way radio, that guy was to call the second guy who would be downstairs. He, in turn, would yell at the "Fuckor," to vamoose, pronto.

Well, it did not turn out that way. Paula was wearing a loose blouse and shorts when she answered the door to find Bob, John, and Peter. She listened, with a bemused smile, as they laid out their plan. Her face got vary serious when they told her of the tree house, what they could seen from there, and how well they could see into her home. Peter did not know it, but there had been others, since he had gotten her started fucking again. Did the Austins know? She looked John in the eyes. "How much have you seen?"

"Lots," John said with a smug smile.

"How well can you see from up there?" Paula was hunting for an escape. It was not to be.

"Well, I can count letters in a mail carriers bag. I can see the stripes in a pin striped suit. I can read plates on red BMW cars, and I can see the really well if a guy had a very thick cock."

Paula knew that John knew that she had fucked four other guys, besides Peter, in the last six months. From the way that he answered, she was sure that he had not shared that information with the other boys. Perhaps they could keep secrets?

Peter interrupted her thoughts. "Where is Curtis off to today?"

"New York - Kennedy."

"Well, let's all go fuck. Peter picked her up. Her legs fanned out again as she settled on the bed. John took her first. Both Peter and Bobby sat on the bed watching John's ass rise and fall, rise and fall. When he finished, Paula gave Peter a blow job, while Bobby pumped his cock slowly, deeply, into her cunt, doggy style, her tits swinging freely. No one wanted to be the watchers.

Big mistake. After a night at the "Tumbleweed," the four of them drunkenly got on Paula's bed. John's mouth was slurping on her clit. Paula's was sucking on the head of Bobby cock. Peter was half asleep in a chair. "Boys 2 Men" was pounding out on the stereo. On the staircase, with his head just high enough to see into his bedroom was a startled Curtis LeMay.

You don't get to be one of America's Doberman, a Naval Carrier pilot, a "Top Gun" or a United pilot, unless you are a cool, fast thinking, analytical, tough son-of-a-bitch. Curtis LeMay was all of that, in spades. His wife was a small town girl who was smart enough to receive an academic scholarship to U. C. San Diego. She was pretty and stacked. She was a wild, daring, little shit. That was the reason that he had married her. The world is full of dizzy, placid, broads. Paula was not one of them!

He remembered the girls that he had fucked while at Stanford. Twelve really hot chicks. Then there was that little gal, who fucked like a rabbit, in San Diego. He was just assigned to "Top Gun" school when he had met her. A Laurel somebody. Now runs some sort of a web site. How about the "Servants" that he had fucked in Korea. He had called them L.B.F.M. for "Little Brown Fucking Machines."

There were three young guys. Yes, kids, on that bed with her. No one was her date. No on was her lover. He saw it for what it was; excitement, raw sex. She was doing exactly what he would expect of her. She was being a wild, daring little shit. He slowly backed down the stairs.

Ten minutes later, He startled the wild bunch on the bed, as he walked into the room with a tray full of drinks, cheese, crackers, sausage, and nuts. With his shit eating "Top Gun" grin he called out. "Hey, let's party!"

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