tagMatureWild Horses For Emily

Wild Horses For Emily


The Rolling Stones' Wild Horses plays in the background as I stand naked before my bedroom, in the dark, wanking as I watch my neighbour Emily undress. There's nothing odd about that except the fact Emily is seventy five years old and I am nineteen.

I've been in love with Emily for the past year since I moved into my first place next door. She is lovely, with long white hair that she wears in a bun, is slender, fair and frail. Something about that frailness drives me nuts. She'd leave her bedroom window with the blind up; the first night I moved in, I saw her, pale, sagging, that unshaven, grey pussy. I don't know why but I unzipped my pants and jacked off as I watched her get ready for bed...and I kept doing it, night after night. I would study her body with binoculars in one hand, the other on my stick. I love the way her pussy lips hung out like the tip of a tongue, the way her breasts swung loose when she moved. Gradually I began to realise that watching her was not enough.

It was winter when I moved into the flat, early spring when I knew I needed to find a way in; by late spring I had a method. With the first flush of growth, Emily's lawn became went wild and with no one to mow it, her place began to look like shit. So I sucked it up and when over and volunteered. She was so grateful she offered to pay me. I had to make this a smooth approach, so I let her, at least the first couple of times anyway. Eventually I was rewarded when she bumped up against me whilst helping get the mower out. She smelt like lavender; I got a boner instantly. The feel of her soft body against mine...that night I jerked off till it hurt and the next time I was in her backyard, I stole underwear and a nightgown from her washing line. I slept with them, rubbed them on myself...I started doing other stuff for her too, grocery shopping, walking her dog; I started to leave a poem stuck to her screen door every Friday. She is such a lovely woman, so beautiful; her age doesn't matter to me. I want to be with her, not just to screw her but to be her lover in every sense.

Summer vacation rolled in, the nights grew hotter and so did I. The urge for her was bursting in me. Nine o'clock Christmas Eve, I was at my window, stroking, when the neighbour drove out across the road. The headlights lit me up, dick in hand; I was sure for a moment that Emily had seen me and then she was gone from the window. My mobile rang. It was her. All she said was 'Watch this...' And shortly after, there she was, in an armchair, legs spread, stroking her clit.

I didn't need any more invitation. I ran next door. Emily answered in a silk kimono, which she promptly lost once she had dragged me inside. She peeled my shirt off and pressed herself against me; those soft breasts were heaven. We kissed; the best I'd ever had, tender, soft, talented; she knelt down and undid my jeans, unfurling my already hard cock, took it in her mouth, sucked, run her teeth delicately over the head; I was ready to burst when she stood up cautiously.

She took me by the hand, moving to her bedroom, 'I've been watching you since you moved in... You have no idea how much I've want this.'

I laughed, stepping out of my jeans, 'Back at you!' She smiled and led me to her bed, lying down, legs spread. Those plum coloured vulva I had been admiring long distance! I ran my tongue between them; Emily gasped. I gently slid two fingers inside her, stroking and pushing against her as I licked her clit; she clenched in ecstasy. I couldn't resist, I withdrew and replaced my fingers with cock. Two thrusts and I blew in like an oil well. Afterwards, Emily made me eat her till same came too, in a gush down my chin.

I stayed that night, wrapped in Emily's arms but by morning I knew I had a problem; I didn't want to leave her and she didn't want me to go. We had to think of something. Emily has three grown up children who would not approve. We decided I would become Emily's 'carer'. I moved in as soon as my lease ended, meanwhile fucking Emily ever free moment...

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