tagBDSMWild Ride Ch. 02

Wild Ride Ch. 02


Kelly, Janiqué, and I rode through Columbus for a while to christen my new bike. It's hot pink paint job got a lot of attention. Usually it doesn't matter which one of is up front at any given time when we ride together, but this time they insisted I stay in the lead. After a while, we stopped for some food.

Kelly and Janiqué sat across from me in the booth. As we talked I noticed Janiqué's hand made its way under the table, and Kelly start squirming. After the waiter took our drink orders, I said, "I left it alone, but you have got to tell me what's going on with you two."

Kelly laughed as she got up, "I need to wash my hands."

"Well?" I looked at Janiqué.

"She's cool people."

"I know that; but how cool?"

"Real cool," she smiled.

"Did you two hook up that night at the bar?"

"We just talked after you left. It was similar to how it goes when a guy is trying to kick game to me, but it was different."

"Because Janiqué ain't a guy."

"It was interesting, funny, and weird all at the same time."

"I bet. What happened when you left?"

Kelly waited until the waiter set our drinks down, took our order for appetizers, and left the table, "Nothing, we both went home; I went to bed. I couldn't sleep though, and ended up calling her," she laughed. "Said she was just thinking about me. We talked for a minute, then she came over, and we had a great night."

"We're you ready for that?"

"That's what I was asking myself before I called her. She even asked me that a few times. But we really didn't do anything then either – well, I take that back," she smiled.

"I was about to remind you that you told me that you kissed."

She nodded, "I mean we didn't get all down and dirty that night. We kissed each other; touched a little. I was scared as shit - but you know what, I just decided to give it a try. I mean, why not? I'm not seeing anybody right now. I'm not swearing off men by seeing her. She's a nice person, and is kinda sexy. There was nothing wrong with trying it, was there?"

"You have to square that with you," I laughed.

"You and I had joked about if we were lesbians, and I can honestly say I never thought about another woman like that. But Kelly is just-"

"The finest woman you ever laid eyes on?" Kelly came back to the table.

"Just gonna put words in my mouth, huh?"

Kelly sat down, "That's not all I've been putting in your mouth lately."

"Okay," I threw my hands up. "That's more than I need to know."

"Oh girl, don't act like that."

"Ain't nothing wrong with letting your freak go now and then."

"So you two were just getting your freak on?"

Kelly looked at Janiqué. "I guess that remains to be seen," Janiqué looked back.

"Yes it does," Kelly licked her lips.

"Y'all about to make the ice in my drink melt."

The waiter brought our sampler to the table. We picked at it as we went on talking.

"What's going on with you and your young sub?" Kelly raised her eyebrow.

"It's been a week; have you called him yet?"

"No, I haven't," I smiled.

"You know he's waiting by the phone."

"Naked," Kelly gave a hi-five to Janiqué.

"Is this wrong? I mean he's 6 years younger than me, and he's an ex boyfriend's little brother."

"How you gonna tell me that I have to square being with Kelly for myself, but ask for advice about you and David?"

"Okay, okay – you got me."

Kelly slid her arm around Janiqué, "You liked the power you had over him, didn't you?

"Very much."

"And he seemed to enjoy himself, right?"

I laughed, remembering David cum in my hand, "I'm pretty sure he did."

"And he is of legal age, right?" Janiqué added.


"Then call that boy!"

I did want to see him again. "Y'all hungry for more than this?" I asked getting my cell phone. He answered on the first ring. "Are you busy? Got any food in the house? My girls and I are hungry. Spaghetti, huh? How long will that take? Three of us," I got up from the table to make a special request. When I came back, Kelly and Janiqué were laughing about something. "Y'all ready to go?"

"Is he cooking for us? Because I can get Chef Boyardee at home."

"It'll be ready in about 2 hours; he's got to run to Kroger. We can ride for a little bit more before heading over."

"Let's go to my place and get your car, Niqué," Kelly got up. "I feel like drinking a little."

"Awww, that's cute," I teased. "You gave her a nickname."

We took the long way to Kelly's, getting occassional honks and waves from some of the drivers we passed. People love to see women on bikes. Janiqué left her bike at Kelly's, then they followed me to my house. We stopped by a drive-thru on our way to David's. He opened the door in just an apron, as I had requested. Janiqué and Kelly looked him up and down as I introduced them, noticing David rise. I sent him to the kitchen to pour the wine, and their mouths dropped when they saw his bare ass. The string of the apron hung down between his full cheeks, as if he wore a thong.

"Should I have brought my strap-on?" Kelly asked.

"You have a strap-on?" I looked at her.

"And she knows how to use it," Janiqué added.

I sat down, " I may have to get some details after all."

Kelly sat down, and Janiqué bent over in front of his CD collection. "Nice taste in music. You can tell a lot about a person by what they listen to. He's open-minded."

"You needed to look at his CDs to tell that?"

"He's got some Rap, R&B, Rock-N-Roll, Jazz."

David brought three glasses of wine back. "Did you stroke while you were in there?"

"No ma'am."

"Let me see." He hesitated a second, then lifted the apron. He was hard, but dry. "Good boy. How much longer before its ready?"

"Just waiting on the garlic bread."

"Okay, go set the table."

"Yes ma'am."

"Damn, I wanna be like you," Janiqué said when he left the room. "Showing up at his house, giving him orders."

"And he's doing what she says!"

"And that dick? Damn! You were reluctant to call him, why?

I shook my head, "I don't know anymore." He called us in for dinner. After we sat, he served each of us, then sat down. "Excuse me, but are aprons for eating or cooking?"

"Cooking," he said, standing up to remove the apron.

He had lost some stiffness, but Janiqué and Kelly still took good looks. "Why don't you keep standing," I said when he started to sit down. "My friends like the view."

"Yes ma'am," he scooted his chair out.

As we ate, I struck up a casual conversation about movies that were out, which led to other general topics. David tried to jump in a couple of times, but I ignored him. Janiqué and Kelly picked up on what I was doing, and ignored him as well – except when we wanted more wine or food. It was turning me on to see him exposed in front of my girls, and to see them enjoying it. Whenever he walked away, the three of us nearly drooled.

After dinner he took our plates, and I told him to wash the dishes before joining us in the living room. Janiqué went into the bathroom. "What do you think?" I asked as Kelly and I settled in his living room.

"I think that you could have some real fun," Janiqué laid back on his couch.

"I bet he's in love with you."

"Probably has been since I gave him his first french kiss when he was in middle school."

"What?" she leaned forward.

"I told you I used to date his older brother."

"Yeah, but you left that kissing part out."

I laughed, "He had a crush on a girl at his school, so I told him how to talk to her. It turns out she liked him too, and they started going together. But he didn't know what to do next – so I taught him how to french."

"You are a true mess!"

Janiqué came into the living room, "Girls, I'm wet. His ass is so sexy, his dick is bigger than I thought it would be, and he's so . . . submissive. So far he hasn't refused to do anything."

"What are his limits?"

"We haven't talked about that yet. Why?"

Kelly kicked off her shoes, "My feet hurt."

I smiled. "Boy, aren't you done yet?"

"Almost ma'am."

"Finish later, you are taking too long."

"Sorry ma'am," he came into the room, and his dick was limp.

"C'mere." He stood in front of me, and I turned him around. "Be faster next time!" I smacked his ass with each syllable."

"Yes ma'am!"

"Now, Kelly's feet hurt."

He looked back at me, then at Kelly – who wiggled her toes at him. "I think you should wash them first."

David went back to the kitchen, and came back with a dishpan of water - and swelling dick. He went upstairs, then came back downstairs with soap, a towel, and baby oil. He got down on both knees, and washed one foot then the other. His ass shifted back and forth as he worked. We kept a casual conversation going, but we paid close attention to the sight before us. David then coated his hands in baby oil, and massaged each of Kelly's feet - bringing a smile to her face. I got so turned on seeing him be subservient. Kelly even moaned a couple of times as he paid attention to each toe.

When Janiqué heard her moan a third time, she went over to kiss Kelly on the lips. That was unexpected, and very arousing. It wasn't a hungry kiss. It was soft, and grew deeper. Kelly put her arm around Janiqué, and returned the kiss. I think seeing their passion for each other is what got me. To see my girl since 10th grade, just go over and willingly kiss another girl like that? I slid my pants and damp panties off.

When David was done with Kelly's feet, I called him over to give my pussy some tongue attention. By the time he got to me, Janiqué had straddled Kelly's lap and opened her shirt. She was grabbing Kelly's titties through her bra as they continued to kiss. I merely opened my legs for David, and he knew exactly what to do. He was better this time. He didn't attack my pussy like before; he started off kissing it – which drove me crazy. "Lick it," I moaned to him, and he did so on cue. I opened my shirt and lifted my bra cups to play with my nipples.

I looked over, and Janiqué had taken her top and bra off, but was still massaging Kelly's titties through her bra. "Take that shit off," I laughed.

Janiqué looked over her shoulder at me, "You want to see her nipples?"

"I want to see you suck them," I said as David hit a spot without my guidance. "You've been practicing," I patted his head.

He leaned up, "Just committed the last time to memory, in case you came back."

"Shut up and eat," I pushed his face back down.

By now Kelly's titties were out, and Janiqué was bent over licking them. That sight, and David's tongue, pushed me right to the edge. I had seen Janiqué naked before. She looked good, but Kelly was really sexy – 5'4" / 150lbs, a curly fade, and complexion medium-brown like mine. She reminded me of a slimmer version of the actress who played Andell on The Parkers.

Janiqué straightened up to kiss her. Seeing their nipples, lips, then tongues touch brought on my orgasm. I clamped my legs around David's head, and he was at my trembling mercy. I grabbed his head, and grinded my pussy all over his face until the last rumbles left me. When I let go, his face was once again a canvas for my creamy artwork.

Kelly shifted to put Janiqué on the couch, then she knelt on the floor. She pulled Janiqué's pants and visibly wet panties off, then called David over. He looked at me, and I nodded – wondering what she was going to do.

"If you can make my girl cum like you just did Shaunice, I'll give her a present to give to you next time?"

"Next time?" I asked.

"Your girl?" Janiqué asked.


David wiped his face off on the towel, then moved between Janiqué's legs.

Kelly sat beside Janiqué and opened her lips.

"If she don't cum, I'm gonna whoop that ass for real," I informed.

"Shut up, he might like that too much," Kelly laughed.

David began to kiss her pussy like he did mine, but it didn't look to move her like it did me. Then I heard him sucking, and she started to respond. Kelly let go of Janiqué's lips, and leaned to whisper in her ear. Whatever Kelly said got a big moan out of Janiqué. Kelly started pinching her nipples, as David kept eating. Janiqué's responses got louder and louder.

"Yeah, I like my girl nasty like this," I began to hear Kelly saying. "I don't like when you hold back and try to be all quiet. Ain't nothing wrong with letting your freak out, so let it go – you hear me? Let your freak go!"

Janiqué's body began to move like she had something inside her trying to get out.

"Yeah, you like that, right?"

"Uh huh."

"I can't hear you," Kelly pinched her nipple hard.

Janiqué grabbed David's head, "Yes!"

"That's right, say that shit like you mean it."

"I like it!"

"I know you do. Say it again!"

"I like it!" she got louder.

"What's that little bitch doing to you?"

"Eating my pussy," she moaned.

Kelly pinched both her nipples, "What?"

"Eating my pussy!"


What David was really doing was holding his head still with his tongue out, as Janiqué attacked his face with her pussy. I really enjoyed sitting back watching, but decided to go over and join the fun. I grabbed his neck, and pushed his face in deeper. Janiqué's scream echoed off the walls.

"Cum on this slut," I told her. I said it again, then Kelly joined me the third time I said it. By the fourth time we had a chant going.

Janiqué's mouth kept moving from the scream, but the sound stopped. Her body was trembling for a minute, then all of a sudden she bucked and David was knocked back.

Kelly quickly put three fingers in Janiqué's pussy, and cupped her palm over her clit as she convulsed through her orgasm. "I got you, just let it all out!" she worked her hand fast.

I couldn't take my eyes off them. Janiqué clamped her legs on Kelly's hand, and I could actually see the waves of her orgasms roll through her body. The waves spaced out, and eventually subsided.

When she was done, I looked over at David who was sitting up with his hands cupped over his nose. "Are you okay?" He moved his hands and his nose was bleeding a little. "Damn! Is it broke?"

"I don't tink so."

I suppressed a laugh at how he sounded, and got the towel to hold it to his nose as I tilted his head back. "Can't take y'all nowhere!" I looked at Janiqué and Kelly.

"It was your fault. Nobody asked you to push his face in there like that," Kelly laughed. "You know that's a sensitive area."

"Sensitive, yes; volatile, no! We need to put a caution sign down there! Beware of eruptions!" I laughed.

"Fuck you," Janiqué said through heavy breaths.

"Is he okay?" Kelly asked after she stopped laughing.

I moved the towel, and the bleeding had stopped. "I think so."

"Good, we wouldn't want to break your boy-toy before you finish breaking him in."

While laughing at Kelly's comment, I noticed he was still rock hard. "Well damn, a little pain didn't turn you off at all."

Kelly looked, "That just means pain ain't no threat to him, he would like it too much."

"Are you sure you're okay?"

"Yeah, I'll be fine."

I grabbed his dick, for the first time, and stroked it. "Here, let me reward you for being such a trooper." I leaned over to suck him, and Kelly stopped me.

"Let me get this for you, it was my girl who knocked the shit out of him."

"Your girl?" Janiqué asked from the couch, rubbing her pussy.

Kelly had him lay flat on the floor as she started by rubbing his nuts. When she leaned over and took his dick in her mouth, I saw her moving two fingers to his ass. He must have felt it too, because his legs spread wider and wider apart. Kelly pointed to the baby oil, and then to his ass. I got the hint, and poured some oil between his cheeks. Kelly lifted her head to say, "Bend your knees, bitch," and as soon as he did, her two fingers disappeared in his hole. She started sucking again, and he started moaning. Kelly began sucking and pumping her fingers in rhythm, and David's eyes rolled up in his head.

"He really likes that!"

Kelly stopped pumping her hand, and twisted her hand at the base of his dick. David started squirming beneath her grasp. She started pumping her hand again, and David cried out as he came.

Kelly moved her head, and he shot streams of cum all over his chest. She slid her fingers out when he was spent, "I like pussy more than dick, so don't expect that to happen again anytime soon."

David shook his head, and said "thank you, ma'am."

Janiqué pulled herself off the couch and went to clean up. Kelly wiped her hand on the towel, then put her bra back on. I sat there looking at David, trying to get my mind fully around what just happened – and what could possibly happen. "You did real good tonight."

"Thank you, ma'am," he smiled.

I got up, wiped my pussy on a dry spot of the towel, and put my clothes back on, "Do you want to do this again?"

"If you let me."

I shook my head, "Be sure about what you are saying." Janiqué came out of the bathroom, and put her clothes on. "I'm gonna call you in a day or two, so you think about it until then."

"Yes ma'am."

We left David sitting in his living room – naked, cummy, and a little bloody.

"That boy is putty in your hands," Kelly said as she drove off.

"I know."

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