tagErotic CouplingsWild Wood Walk Ch. 01

Wild Wood Walk Ch. 01


Once we have finished our Chinese I clear away the rubbish and tell you to go relax for a few minutes in front of the fire whilst I wash up.

I dry my hands and on route to joining you I dim the lights until they're almost but out. I sit down next to you and as I raise my arm you shimmy over and start to cuddle into my body. I catch you halfway and we share a passionate kiss before you snuggle down into my side.

As we sit there cuddled up to each other watching the fire, we start to discuss what we fancy doing for the rest of the evening. I suggest as the moon is nice and bright this evening, that we should maybe go for a walk for a little while.

Without knowing what I have in mind you ponder the idea and then after a few minutes finally agree that it would be nice to get out of the house for an hour or two.

I move myself around whilst easing your body down so you're now lying back on the sofa. As I lower you down I start to lean forward whilst moving my other hand up to your face and run it over the side of your face until my fingers just start to go through your hair.

We share a very sexual kiss for a few minutes before we both decide to stop and get ready to go for a walk. We go upstairs to put something a little more sensible on and as you go into the bedroom I go into the toilet. When I'm in there I take my jeans off and then slide off my boxers before putting my jeans back on. As I pull them up I flush the chain so that you are none the wiser of what I've been doing. I pop my boxers in my pocket and as I walk out of the bathroom you walk in, giving me a good chance to put my boxers in the wash bin without you seeing me.

After grabbing a warmer top, I head downstairs and grab my coat and wait for you to join me.

As you walk down the stairs I notice you still have your skirt on but now have some leggings on and a fairly revealing top to match ;p I think to myself how gorgeous you look and decide to let you know as you reach the bottom of the stairs.

I reach over to your warm going out jacket and hold it up. You turn and slide one arm in, followed by the other. Whilst you're zipping your jacket up, I pick up my car keys and open the door.

I stand back and let you walk out first, closing the door behind me. As you stand at the passenger side of the car, I press the button to unlock the car doors and walk over, lean forward and grab the door for you, then once you're in, close it behind you.

Once I'm in the car and we've pulled off of the driveway, you ask where I had in mind going. I mention the nature reserve/public woodlands that are just a short drive away and ask if that is ok with you.

You say that would be perfect and how nice it is out this evening.

Around ten minutes later we pull into the car park at the reserve and after parking up, we lean into each other and give each other a cheeky kiss before unbuckling and stepping out of the car.

I wonder around to your side of the car and as you stand there, I take your hand, pull you into me and start to kiss you once again. As I'm kissing your soft lips I start to push you backwards until your back is up against the car. I press my body against yours and let my hands slide up the sides of your deliciously curved body before gently sliding them up your neck, onto the side of your face and then slightly through your hair.

We passionately kiss for a couple of minutes and then have a little cuddle.

I pull myself back and put my elbow out inviting you to link arms with me and as you do we start to make our way across the car park to the entrance of the woods.

As we exit the car park the street lamp lighting soon disappears and within seconds we go from walking in manmade light to walking in just the moonlight. You don't notice the darkness straight away but when you do, I feel your grasp get slightly tighter and your other hand comes over and holds onto my arm to reassure yourself.

We must have been talking and walking for around fifteen minutes before we come across a disserted clearing in the woods with a small lake in the middle that's shimmering in the moonlight and a path stretching its perimeter. We decide to walk around the lake a little and as we do, find a fallen tree that faces out onto the lake so we do nothing more than perch on the tree and cuddle up next to each other.

I turn to you and as you look up at me I lean forward and start to kiss you. My hand once again, moves up and takes a hold of the side of your face. I start to feel the kissing getting more and more heated so with this I stand up off of the fallen tree and position myself in front of you.

With my knees resting on the tree I lean forward, take your head in my hands and start to kiss your soft juicy lips passionately. My hands make their way running through your hair gently, which I can sense you are enjoying.

I take one hand and whilst kissing your lovely soft lips, brush the hair from the right side of your face and neck back and grasp it with my other hand. As I grasp it I pull on it just enough so that it makes your head tilt backwards, giving me the perfect opportunity to start caressing your neck with kisses.

I start by gently kissing the middle of your neck and then start to make my way kissing up your neck to the base of your ear. I tell you how good you smell before I begin to nibble on your ear whilst you listen to my deep breaths. I notice that when you hear my deep breaths you give out a very faint moan and pull your head away ever so slightly.

After a short while of nibbling your ear, I make my way gently kissing southwards down your neck. At the same time I let both of my hands run through the back of your hair. I grasp as much of your hair with one hand as I can and pull on it so that your head leans backwards just enough so that I can start to kiss my way around the front of your neck and then carry on moving my way down, getting ever closer to the top of your cleavage.

As I'm kissing my way down the front of your neck, I start to unzip your jacket until it's totally open, allowing my hands to creep inside and onto your waist. As I reach the base of your neck I take hold of your body and pull you towards me so that you can now wrap your legs around my hips with ease.

Our lips touch once more as we both feel the passion become a little more heated the longer that we're under the moonlight.

Once your legs are securely around my hips, I use my hands to peel back your jacket and hold the tops of your arms, then start to kiss from the base of your neck down the middle of your lovely long cleavage.

As I get further down I feel you start to take off your jacket and no sooner has it hit the floor, you begin to move one shoulder up and down as you pull the strap of your top to one side. With this you pull your arm through and then do the exact same with the other arm. With both arms released you push your top down so that it's around your waist, revealing a gorgeous purple lace bra.

I glide my hands up over your silky soft skin towards your lovely pert boobs that look amazing in your purple lace bra.

Once they get to your boobs, I take them in my hands and then let one hand follow the line of your bra until it reaches the part of a bra that all men hate -- the clips. As it reaches the clips I start to think to myself, that I really hope I don't make a mess of this and spoil the moment ha ha.

I take the clips in my hand and begin to pinch them together, with every hope that it releases.

To my relief, it opens and I let the straps go and they fall to the side of your body. I stop kissing your cleavage and now that there is no clothing on your back, I slowly run my hands up the entire length of your back, starting at the top of your bum whilst adding a little pressure as I go and in turn as I'm doing so I start to feel your nails slightly dig into my body. My hands carry on up your back onto your shoulders where I tense up my arms, which in turn pulls your gorgeous curvaceous body up close to mine once more.

I begin to kiss your lips whilst my hands slide outwards over your shoulders, forcing the straps of your bra over your shoulders. With this they slide down your arms and when they reach your elbows you move your arms so that they slide all the way off of your arms, revealing your lovely pert boobs and nice hard nipples.

As your bra hits the floor I start to kiss from the base of your neck down your cleavage once more. At the same time I move my hands up over your gorgeous body until they cup your boobs. I push them together as I'm kissing down your cleavage and then start to kiss my way all over one boob, getting as near as I possibly can to your hard nipple without actually touching it with my lips.

After teasing one nipple for a short while I kiss my way across your boobs and start to tease your other nipple in the same way, again kissing as close to it as I possibly can without actually touching it with my lips and tongue.

I tease you for a while before then grabbing your hips and lifting you off of the tree so that you're now standing in front of me.

I turn you around, reach forward and pull back your hair from one side of your face, freeing your neck so that I can caress it with my lips. As I do this my hands work their way down your half naked body.

As they reach the tops of your skirt, one takes a hold of your hip as the other slides its way down the front of your tummy and onto thigh. I reach as far down your thigh as I can and then lightly digging my nails into your leg, lightly scratch my way up your inner thigh, forcing your skirt up as it goes. As I'm doing this you move one of your arms up and around to the back of my head and start to run your fingers through my hair.

My hand reaches the top of your thigh and then lightly runs over your pussy with just enough pressure that you can feel it but light enough so that you want me to rub harder on your now excitable clit.

Taking my other hand, I run it down your thigh and slide it up under your skirt. I then run it all the way up your thigh until it reaches the top of your leggings where I move my other hand too. Using both hands I start to peel down your leggings until they are rolled up around your ankles.

I place my hands either side of your ankles and as I stand back upright, glide them up the entire length of your legs. I place one hand on your waist as I slide the other up the middle of your back.

As my hand makes its way up your back, I start to add some pressure, hinting that I want you to bend over onto the fallen tree.

You realise what I'm hinting and start to lean forward onto the tree and as you do I lean backwards and admire how gorgeous your figure is from this angle. I reach down and lift up your skirt again and place it on to the base of your back, revealing your amazingly peachy bum in a very sexy matching purple lace thong.

I rub my hand over one of your bum cheeks as I step to my left and then give it a gentle but firm smack. I step in close to your leg and reach my other hand around your waist, onto your tummy as I give your bum another couple of spanks.

I slide my hand down between the tops of your thighs and begin to rub my fingers back and forth over the top of your thong as I carry on spanking your sexy round bum. I begin to feel your thong getting slightly wet as my fingers rub your pussy and excitable clit and with this I start to spank your bum ever so slightly harder.

After a short while your bum begins to get very red so I bend over and give it a bite, leaving the mark of my teeth behind.

After biting your bum I stand up behind you, run one hand around the side of your waist as the other makes its way up the side of your body to you boobs. I take hold of your boob with my hand and straight away feel your hard nipple sliding between my fingers.

My other hand reaches the top of your thong once again but this time I begin to work my fingers under the elasticated edge so that my hand can now work its way down onto your pussy.

I let me fingers run gently over your excitable clit and down between your pussy lips as I feel how wet you are. I start to move my index and middle finger in circles over your wet pussy and as I do so I feel you get even wetter.

I use the wetness of your pussy and run my fingers up and onto your clit, again starting to circle them around the edge of your clit as I hear you moan ever so quietly. After circling your clit with my fingers two or three times, I run my fingers down to your pussy once more and run my fingers in circles over it as my other hand massages your boob.

After doing this a for a minute or so I then slide my wet finger over the top of your hardening clit down to your pussy but instead of circling around your pussy this time I start to ease my middle finger inside you. As I do so you give out a sexy moan and throw one of your hands back onto my thigh grasping it tightly, as my finger is sliding ever deeper within you.

I start to slide my finger out of your pussy and then back in you as deep as it will go, picking up the speed gradually.

My fingers are now sliding in and out of your wet pussy constantly now and as I'm doing so you reach back and take a hold of my belt. After a short struggle you manage to unclip my belt buckle and start to pull through the rest of my belt until it's completely open. You then rub your hand down the front of my jeans and feel that my cock has started to get a little hard. With this you unhook the button at the top of my jeans and then start to peel down the zip, making my jeans very loose to my waist.

As you're not in the easiest position to rip off my jeans, you tell me to take them off so I tense my bum and shake my hips a little so that my jeans start to fall to my feet.

Before my jeans have the chance to reach my ankles you reach out and take hold of my tight black boxers and tug on them until they are around my knees...

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