tagNonHumanWilder West Ch. 03

Wilder West Ch. 03


SILVERTON, NEVADA -- PRESENT DAY: Barbara and Gina and their boyfriends Jerry and Paul walked out of the Bijou with the rest of Silverton's teenagers who'd taken part in the Halloween tradition of watching "The Rocky Horror Picture Show." All around them were people in costume, reciting lines from the movie and generally clowning and goofing in front of the small town's only theater.

The foursome made their way to Paul's Silverado parked down the street. "Is it just me or does it seem like the crowd keeps getting younger and younger?" the tall basketball star asked as he fished his truck keys out of his pocket.

"Maybe it's just that we're getting older," offered the beautiful red headed Barbara who had just turned 18 a week earlier, joining her three friends as official adults.

"No, Paul's right," stated Barb's beau, Jerry. "I swear some of those kids are my little brother's friends and he's just started junior high school.

"Oh, please," laughed long, blonde Gina. "I remember the first time I saw the two of you here, you were just as goofy as any of those kids. But now that you're Big Men On Campus you're too cool? Whatever. "Rocky" is still a load of fun and I'm not going to let you wet blankets bring me down." Gina slid into the passenger seat beside her guy Paul and said, "Now I'm ready to party, did we decide on Andrew's or Norma's?"

"Andrew's leaves us closer to O'Reilly's," practical Jerry answered, referring to their planned after-party destination.

"Then Andrew's party is the one that will be graced with our presence. Drive on, Studly."

"Yes, Your Highness," laughed Paul, slipping the big SUV into gear.

SILVERTON, NEVADA -- 1872: The mood at O'Reilly's hotel was somber some two days after its manager and "guest relations" leader, Molly McCoy had passed away during the hotel's annual Halloween bash. The proprietor, Seamus O'Reilly, who was also Molly's second cousin, had been angry and touchy immediately after the young woman's passing. Finally, after hearing all the details from one of his most trusted employees, Erin O'Toole, Seamus was finally coming to terms with the fact that Molly the Red was indeed gone, but that she had gone out exactly as she would have chosen -- living her life to the fullest.

Seamus sent telegrams to Denver and San Francisco, notifying Molly's parents and brothers. His cousin Cathleen, the girl's mother, and her father Patrick would be arriving with brother James in another two days time. Her brother Sean expected to arrive from California the same day or the next. Seamus was describing to Erin the plans he'd finalized with the undertaker for Molly's funeral. The wake would of course be held here in O'Reilly's saloon.

"And what will you tell her kin about the way she passed?" asked Erin.

"Most of the truth," he replied sadly. "I don't think they'd appreciate the fine details."

"Aye, you're right about that, I suspect. Seamus, if it's alright with you I'd like to hold a separate wake for those of us who loved her here so we don't have to hold back in our rememberin'."

O'Reilly thought on it a moment and nodded his assent. You couldn't properly send a spirit off to her final reward without acknowledging and celebrating her life here on earth, especially a life as rich as bonnie Molly's had been.

SILVERTON, NEVADA -- PRESENT DAY: Andrew Chumley's party was going great. His DJ knew his business and had a great selection of tunes going through an impressive sound system. There were free-standing propane heaters scattered across the large backyard so people could stand outside despite the autumn chill. And his parents had wisely decided to spend their own Halloween weekend at their cabin at Lake Tahoe, so there were no grown ups to get in the way of having kegs to tap into and some joints to light up.

The October Gang, so-called because all four of their birthdays fell in October, were enjoying themselves along with their classmates and some of last year's graduates who were still in town. However, they kept to their long-standing pact of passing on the dope and going very light on the alcohol. Some stoners and future alcoholics thought it was because they were goody-two-shoes, worried about jeopardizing the athletic or academic scholarships they were sure to be offered for college. For the four friends, however, it was really more of a question of not having a lame excuse like drunkenness to blame their behavior on. If you were going to let your boyfriend fuck you in front of another couple you were not going to be able to deny that you knew what you were doing later.

SILVERTON -- 1872: The people at Molly McCoy's first wake had themselves under a similar restriction as The October Gang; mostly because no one wanted to be the drunken fool who let slip what had happened in the special room at the end of the southern wing of O'Reilly's hotel.

Big Jacob Smits was undergoing the hardest grilling yet. "I understand you were with our darling Molly when she passed?" the dead girl's mother asked as her husband and sons listened in.

Just being in the same room with them was hard for the rough and ready silver miner. He could see about 75% of Molly in her beautiful mother and the other 25% stood there in the form of her father. The older brother took mostly after the father with his black hair, but the younger, Sean, could have been Molly's twin. He breathed deeply to calm himself; then nodded. "Yes, ma'am."

"I think everyone's trying to spare my feelings, God bless 'em, but I would truly like to know a bit more about what happened. Will you tell me?"

Jacob swallowed and caught the hard eye Seamus was giving him from behind his cousin. "Well, ma'am..." he stammered. "You know there was a Halloween party going on?" She nodded. "Well...your Molly had done a brilliant job putting together a Haunted House for us to wander through; she was a wonderfully clever girl." A slight smile from the grieving mother. "It had all sorts of spooks, and skeletons and all."

"That girl always did love All Hallows Eve," her father remembered. "I'll bet she played a part in the Haunted House herself."

"That she did," Jacob exclaimed, eagerly grabbing onto the man's words as he tried to think his way through this.

"What was she?" asked Cathleen.

"Ma'am?" responded Jacob blankly.

"Her costume, how was she dressed in the Haunted House?"

"Oh..." Dressed? She wasn't dressed at all by the time I saw her, the big miner remembered. It was just Molly in all her naked glory with those big tits and round ass all wrapped in moonlight skin sprinkled with strawberry freckles. He looked hopelessly over the woman's head and saw Seamus mouthing something. 'O? O? Ghost?' "A...ghost," he said hesitantly, relaxing when he saw Seamus nod yes. "She was dressed as a ghost," he said with relief.

"Almost as if she knew," her father intoned while his wife pressed her head on his chest and sobbed.

Again poor Jacob was lost. "Sir?"

"Dressed as a spirit on the night she became one," he said as if explaining the obvious to a dense child.


"I'll bet she was having fun, though," Molly's mother smiled gamely through her tears. "She was a great one for a party, that girl."

Was she having fun? thought Jacob. Riding up and down on his big cock while another man corn holed her asshole and a third fucked her pretty mouth? "Yes," he answered honestly, "I think Molly was having as much fun as I ever saw her have." His voice and eyes dropped as he finished and a tear welled in his eye.

"You loved her, didn't you?" Cathleen said sagely.

Jacob raised his glance and found himself staring into those same emerald eyes he had come to dream about in the two years he'd known Molly. "Yes, ma'am, I did." The older version of his passed angel stepped forward and wrapped her arms around the strapping man and he let his tears fall into her thick red hair.

SILVERTON -- PRESENT DAY: Jerry loved the way Barb's hair smelled and it felt so good against his cheek as they slow danced on the living room floor. He opened his eyes and took in its rich, red color. The same color as the silken bush on her beautiful pussy he thought. Hey, he was only a man, what did you expect? He pulled her tighter and felt those incredible titties crushed against his chest.

Barbara loved the strength in Jerry's wrestler's arms and melted against him. Ooh, down below she could feel another of his impressive muscles beginning to flex. The nectar flowed from her flower in anticipation of what was to come.

Sometimes it bothered Jerry that he was only 5' 7" and that most of his childhood friends had grown up past him, but Barb was 5' 6", which made her the perfect height for kissing. He reached up and brushed the hair back from her forehead, tilting her head back slightly in the process. Gently he leaned in and pressed his mouth against her full lips. As she returned his kiss their feet kept rocking back and forth slightly, but you couldn't call it dancing anymore.

Suddenly someone bumped into them. "Get a room!" Paul laughed, holding a radiant Gina in his arms. Molly felt the blood rush to her cheeks, embarrassed to be caught making out in public, even if every other couple at the party was doing the same thing.

Jerry was quick on the comeback. "Just so happens I have a room," he leered. "Would you ladies care to see it?"

"Yes!" declared Gina. "I am ready to be spooked."

SILVERTON -- 1872: Molly's second wake was a much more lively party, much more in the spirit of the spirit, so to speak. Her family had left Silverton, devastated by their loss, but happy to know that an entire town had apparently loved their daughter dearly -- and it had.

The beer and wine flowed freely as the guests gathered at O'Reilly's saloon shared their memories of the vivacious red head. Molly truly had been a special girl, soft hearted and firm minded at the same time. The local butcher recalled how this fiery young thing had stared him down on his price for beef for the hotel kitchen, bringing to bear all she had learned negotiating with her mother as they outfitted railroad camps on the Great Plains. Another man confessed how Molly had had some of that very same hard earned beef delivered to his house last winter when he was injured and couldn't work. She'd kept his young children from having nothing but oats and beets to eat when the snows came.

Of course you couldn't have a wake for Miss Molly McCoy without talking about her sexual escapades. Seamus got some cheers from customers when he suggested that maybe now he wouldn't have to buy any more of the rubbers that Molly had insisted he provide the girls. The whores in the room booed him down, reminding him how many fewer girls had been lost to pregnancy and female problems since more of them had been using protection. Seamus laughed, saying he was only joking about getting rid of the rubbers -- as long as he could still go bareback.

Erin O'Toole threw her arms around his neck and purred, "You can always go bareback with me, Seamus. But I think I'll throw my womb veil out with the rubbers. Are you ready to be a daddy?" The room broke into laughter.

The two Chinese whores who had been with Molly the night she died were curled up together in the corner of a sofa. Ying Ma would normally never speak out in a room full of whites, but tonight was different, tonight was for Miss Molly, who had never made her feel like less of a person because of her yellow skin and slanted eyes. "I think Miss Molly was Buddhist," she said in her soft voice. Everyone looked at her curiously. "She knew that everything was connected, that what mattered was how people treated each other. The loving that goes on in this house is powerful. But it can be both evil and good, it all depends on how people use it and Miss Molly made sure it stayed on the good side."

The room hushed as they considered Ying Ma's take on Molly's philosophy of sex. Her partner Lee knew, however, that the purpose of this Irish wake was to leave people feeling happy, so she threw out, "So, was it good or evil when Miss Molly pulled my pants down and spanked me?" The laughter returned.

"It depends," Ying Ma smiled, going with her friend's direction. "Did you like it?"

"Ooh, I liked it very much," the Asian slut growled, bringing down the house.

SILVERTON -- PRESENT DAY: The foursome pulled up in front of the abandoned O'Reilly's Asylum for the Mentally Ill and stared at the dilapidated structure through the truck windows. The full moon was hanging just above the right corner of the old frontier-style two-storey building. "It looks like something right out of a horror movie," Gina gushed.

"Yeah, maybe Freddy or Jason is waiting inside for us," Paul said, suddenly snapping his hands out to grab his girlfriend, making her jump and squeal.

"It used to belong to my family," Barbara said in a hushed tone.

"What?" "Right!" "Get the fuck outta here."

"Really," she almost whispered, staring at the old place.

"Oh, I gotta hear this," Gina insisted, leaning over the back of her seat and staring at her friend. "We've known each other forever and you never told me your family owned the haunted nut house?"

"I just found out myself." Red shook her head and faced her friends. "After you told me all those things last week I remembered my grandfather talking about the place when I was a little kid. Well, we went to visit him the other night and I asked him about it. He said that his grandfather Sean, who settled here sometime in the late 1800's, was a cousin of the O'Reilly who built the place."

"Very cool," declared Jerry. "Did he say why your family built an asylum?"

"Actually, it was a hotel back then. Grandpa Patrick says Grandpa Sean used to claim it was the busiest, fanciest hotel in the whole state."

"What happened?"

"Same as with everything else, I bet," offered Gina. "The silver ran out."

"You know," mused Jerry, squinting at the old building. "I've always thought it looked strange for a hospital, but I can definitely imagine it as an Old West hotel, with horses tied up out front and probably a saloon down on the ground floor."

O'REILLY'S -- 1872: Jacob Smits hitched his horse to the railing out front and then stood and stared at the front door, debating internally about whether or not to go in. It had been so damn hard here the other night with Molly's family, he wasn't sure he could go through that again. But of course tonight was different, tonight there would be no lying, no cover stories. Seamus, who'd been angry at Jacob at first for his part in Molly's death, had come to respect the big man for not running when the girl first died in his arms and then for coming and facing her family when he didn't have to. O'Reilly realized the miner's feelings for his cousin were true and he'd always suspected that she had felt more than just desire for Smits, so he'd personally invited him.

When the front door swung open Jacob turned to see who was arriving late to the party. His gut clenched at first when he saw Jacob Smits standing there, the man who had fucked Molly to death with his giant cock. Then he got a grip on himself, grabbed two shot glasses full of whiskey off the bar and walked up to welcome Molly's favorite lover. He placed a glass in one of the man's hands and his own hand into Jacob's other. The two threw the fiery liquid back, shook firmly and then headed back to the crowd who welcomed Smits with handshakes, slaps on the back and hugs from the women.

O'REILLY'S -- PRESENT DAY: Gina and Barbara walked around the room in amazement. When they'd climbed through the window at the back they'd expected to find inches of dust, rat turds and cobwebs. Well, there were still plenty of cobwebs, but Jerry had done a good job sweeping the floor and fixing the place up. There were two large inflatable mattresses on the floor with clean sheets and pillows. Beside each bed stood a softly glowing electric space heater that had obviously been on for awhile since the room had none of the chill of the outside. There were candles that Jerry was walking around lighting now. As the soft light grew the girls saw an ice chest and wine glasses on a picnic blanket on the floor.

"Wow," said Gina. "I'm impressed."

"That's my man," Barbara said proudly, laying a kiss on Jerry's cheek.

"Hey, what about me?" complained Paul, sticking his head through the window from outside. He'd been parking his truck away from the old hotel/hospital to avoid drawing attention.

"And how much of this was your doing?" his girlfriend asked shrewdly, knowing full well that Paul was no planner away from the basketball court.

He thrust a boombox threw the window. "I brought the music," he declared.

"My hero," Gina purred. "Come here and get your reward."

The tall boy scrambled through the window and hurried over to the hot blonde. She pulled his head down, turning it to the side and laying a kiss on his cheek as Barbara had done to Jerry. Then she straightened his head and pulled his lips to hers, kissing him deeply and taking his breath away.

"Wow, all he did was bring a boombox and that's what he gets?" Jerry said in mock complaint.

"Poor baby," Barbara pouted. "Feeling cheated?" She weaved her fingers into his short, dark curls and returned to the kiss that had been interrupted back at the Halloween party. For a few minutes the two couples just stood and made out; arms clasping, tongues wrestling, passions rising.

In a room down the hall from the teens something stirred; something that had lain dormant for years. A couple of weeks ago Jerry had unknowingly "knocked the dust off" it during his reconnaissance trip. Earlier today when he'd come and done all his preparations for tonight's private party, he'd given it a breath of life with the sexy thoughts running through his head about putting the inflatable mattresses to work. And now the love and lust coming off the two couples in heat waves was melting the stiffness from its figurative joints.

O'REILLY'S -- 1872: "Let's get something out in the open," their host said with a slight slur later that evening after a few more whiskies. "I was pretty mad at you when I heard what happened, I figured you'd just tore my sweet Molly apart with that club you're packing. But the more I think on it the more times I can remember Molly being light headed and out of breath after too much physical activity of any kind. Like when she insisted on helping move some of the new furniture up to the second floor. She practically passed out from the exertion."

"Yes," agreed Lee, who was snuggled up against Jacob on the sofa. "When the night fun was very exciting sometimes she would hold her chest and say the beast was beating on his drums. I didn't understand, but it only happened when she'd had the best orgasm, so I thought it was a good thing."

Ying Ma was nested into his other side and reached a hand into the silver miner's crotch while she spoke. "Oh, yes, Miss Molly very much like Mr. Jacob's big man. Ying Ma too small to take him too often, but Miss Molly most happy when Mr. Jacob fill her up." She squeezed and rubbed, feeling the mighty python begin to swell and raise his head.

Slender Erin stood behind Seamus's chair and ran her hands over his shoulders to his chest and nuzzled his neck. "She was an amazing girl and she did love to fuck. Not only that," she continued, snaking a hand inside her pimp's shirt and rubbing his nipple, "she taught this old whore to love it again too." Seamus turned his head to the side and shared a deep kiss with the prostitute who was still beautiful, even at the decrepit age of 32.

Another of O'Reilly's Girls, "The Best Whores in Nevada", dropped to her knees in front of one of the brothel's giant bouncers and fished his hot meat out of his drawers. "I used to be afraid of sucking a customer," she crooned, expertly stroking his rod to life. "But Molly loved it and she showed me all sorts of tricks to give them more pleasure without being scared of choking." She lowered her open mouth over the now-hard cock, taking it deep into her throat just like Molly had taught her. The huge bodyguard groaned.

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