tagNonHumanWilder West Ch. 04

Wilder West Ch. 04


O'REILLY'S -- 1872: Lee and Ying Ma were unbuttoning Jacob's vest and shirt, but his original feeling of guilt at taking pleasure with another woman so soon after Molly's passing had returned. Had he really felt the beautiful Irish girl's presence out in the saloon or had he been deluding himself to try to justify his disloyalty?

When the crowd in the saloon had started to break up and its members to head off to private rooms to continue their sexual healing Molly had stayed with Jacob and the girls at first. But then her new sexual/spiritual barometer or thermometer or whatever it was registered that another couple was not functioning at peak efficiency, while this threesome was, so she left them and moved to the others.

Having just died, Molly's spirit was at the most life-like that she would ever be in terms of understanding what was going on around her and connecting her new existence to her old life, but in reality her new nature was now firmly in control. If you could ask her she might claim she was making these decisions about where to go and what to do, when actually she was simply responding to the stimuli around her. Sexual energy invigorated and supported her being so she automatically acted in ways to encourage and strengthen that sexual energy like a perpetual motion machine.

O'REILLY'S -- PRESENT DAY: Molly's "life force" was at its lowest ebb ever so she wasn't doing any reflecting or magnifying now, just absorbing. Only the residue from having spent the first 30 years of her spiritual existence in a whorehouse and then 40 more in a very sexually active insane asylum had left her with the energy to last this long. As it was, one night of passion among these four teens was only going to be a glass of water poured on a desert. Molly's spirit was about to lose its ability to move on, instead it would simply fade into the void as her body had faded into the earth. But at least there was one last glass to enjoy.

The four friends were sitting on the picnic blanket and Jerry was pouring out glasses of chilled white wine while Paul tuned in an oldies station on the portable radio. "Ooh," Barbara said in a shiver, scrunching up her shoulders in a huddle. "I can't help but think about some poor patient strapped down to that horrible contraption."

Jerry put a glass of wine in her hand and wrapped a strong arm around her shoulders. "I'm sorry I brought you back there, baby," he soothed. "I just wanted to spook everybody a bit, not completely creep you out."

"Hey, Barb, tell us what your grandfather said about this place when it was a fancy hotel," urged Gina, trying to get the party going back in the right direction.

The lovely redhead took a sip of her wine and thought. "Well, coincidentally enough, Grandpa Patrick said that O'Reilly's was famous for its Halloween parties."

"Not its St. Patrick's Day parties?" chuckled Paul.

"Yeah, those too, I guess," she replied with a small smile. "But every Irish place does St. Patrick's, doesn't it? But on Halloween here they apparently had big costume parties and bands and some kind of special celebration in remembrance of someone named Mary or Molly, who might also have been a relative."

"Might have been a relative?"

Barbara smiled crookedly, "Grandpa Patrick is 92 years old and I'm afraid his memory is not always that clear. So let's just say this Mary O'Reilly was another great-great-great-cousin. Anyway, something happened to her and then she became the patron saint of Halloween here in Silverton and they partied in her honor every year."

O'REILLY'S -- 1872: As she trailed her cousin Seamus and his long-time paramour Erin into one of the empty hotel rooms she registered what was interfering with their pleasure -- their minds were skipping ahead instead of letting their bodies lead. Seamus knew that Erin wasn't interested in anal sex, but couldn't help thinking of how he might change her mind. And Erin was so ready for a good, hard fuck, but couldn't help already wondering when Seamus was going to try and violate her backdoor. "He's going to violate it tonight," Molly purred into Erin's spiritual ear. "And you're going to love it," she assured the fearful woman.

In Seamus's mind's eye she could see his stiff cock pounding and pounding into Erin's taboo hole. "No wonder she's scared," she berated her cousin. "You want to jump right to the end with no preparation and she's supposed to like that?"

Erin and Seamus looked at each other oddly, both shaken by Molly's "imagined" comments on this sensitive subject. Funny how memories of Molly could be turned into conversations by a grieving mind, each thought. "Quit thinking and kiss her/him!" suddenly leapt into both their heads and they took one another in their arms and kissed with the warmth of long years of friendship and trust and sorrow in their shared loss.

The warmth of the kiss swiftly became heat, the heat of knowing just how perfectly pussy and cock fit together and simultaneously enjoying and suffering through the anticipation of feeling that fit again. Molly reminded Seamus that he was a mature man, not a frantic boy, and the hotel owner went much more slowly and gently than usual in peeling the layers of clothes off his number one girl. The younger whore helped the older whore understand that Seamus didn't usually just rip her clothes right off because he was thoughtless; he did it because she still excited him more than any other woman. As she'd gotten older and her body changed as nature demanded Erin had grown less comfortable displaying it in full. But now as more and more skin was exposed she reveled in the unmistakable look of desire in her lover's eyes.

Molly had always liked Erin and respected the many things the older woman had taught her about being a prostitute when Molly had gone semi-pro and started getting paid for all the fucking she was doing anyway. Now she was going to teach her a new trick of her own about how to have a long staff go the wrong way up your 'out' hole and enjoy it. The first step of course was to just keep stoking the fire beginning to burn from the 'normal' sex the two were starting.

That part was going fine, with the lovers' initial concerns about future maybes already melting away from the heat of current reality. Molly was also receiving similar energy flows from other rooms in the hotel where various couples, threesomes, and foursomes were in different stages of lovemaking. If Erin or Seamus had looked over to the side of the bed where they were passionately wrestling they would have been able to see a redheaded ghost pulsing with that energy. Molly paused, sensing that one of the incoming energy flows was merely a trickle even though it held the potential to be a torrent. The sex elemental traveled back along that trickle to find the problem.

O'REILLY'S -- PRESENT DAY: The problem was she just couldn't shake the image of someone suffering on the electro-shock table. Even after a glass of wine and relating her grandfather's raucous stories about this place being a grand hotel instead of a terrifying asylum, Barbara was still having trouble relaxing and responding to Jerry's advances. Gina and Paul on the blanket next to them had done some kissing, but even they seemed to be catching Barbara's mood.

Something had to be done Molly knew. But wait, what was happening here? The spirit had barely been a tiny ember in a cold fire and there hadn't really been any sexual energy released into the room, but still she was flowing easily into Barbara's mind, looking for ways to overcome the girl's obstacles to pleasure. Out of the blue Barb was suddenly positive that the shock therapy equipment had never been used. It had been installed by a doctor who thought it would work, but no one else did. Then the hospital had been closed soon after and the shock therapy table just gathered dust like everything else.

Her friends watched curiously as the look on Barbara's face suddenly changed and she held out her wine glass for a refill. In the girl's imagination the picture of the white-tiled treatment suite was replaced with an earlier version of the room; some sort of low stage with a mattress on it - like the padded room. No, more like an oversized pedestal bed where six, hell, eight lovers could comfortably stretch out and enjoy themselves. "You know," the teenager mused aloud, "I bet an Old West hotel like this, in a wild silver mining boomtown, had a whorehouse attached."

"Absolutely," Gina agreed. "With all the silver mines and cattle ranches around here back then the place would have been crawling with horny miners and cowboys and that means Ladies of the Night."

O'REILLY'S -- 1872: Jacob's back snapped straight as he sat up in shock and fright. Molly's ghost had just floated through the wall and was standing and staring at him sitting on the bed with two Chinese whores. Ying Ma and Lee smiled broadly to see their friend, especially when she smiled back at them. Jacob swung his head back and forth between the two exotic beauties. "You see her too?" he asked, stunned.

"Of course," Ying Ma laughed. "Isn't she beautiful?"

"Beautiful?" 'Yes, she was beautiful' he thought. "But what does she want?"

Now it was Lee's turn to laugh. "It's Miss Molly, what do you think she wants?"

With that both girls grabbed a shoulder of his unbuttoned shirt and pulled down, stripping it off his arms until it sat bunched around his waist. When they began pulling up on his undershirt he clenched his elbows against his sides and said, "Wait! We can't do this in front of...in front of...her."

Molly frowned at the stubborn man, then a smile came back over her face. As Jacob stared wide-eyed the daringly tailored white gown with its purposely ragged sleeves and hem that clothed the spirit faded away. Jacob didn't catch the irony of a ghost dressed as a ghost, but he did catch the wonder of his naked love in all her glory. The large, firm breasts with their strawberry nipples. The round, powerful thighs with just a bit of a gap between them at the top showcasing her red-carpeted Mons Venus. The slightly curved belly, the perfectly sculpted arms. The thick red mane that had been piled high on her head now flowed gloriously over her freckled shoulders. Jacob moaned helplessly while the Asian lovelies stripped his undershirt up over his head.

O'REILLY'S -- PRESENT DAY: "Of course I could have worked in a brothel, a classy one that is," insisted Gina. Looking threateningly at her boyfriend she said, "Don't you think I could have been a successful Wild West whore?"

"Baby, the cowboys would have been lined up around the block."

"Damn right! In fact, I think I would have been the madam. And you!" she declared, turning on Barbara. "You would have been my number one girl."

"Barbara?" Jerry laughed, earning a punch in the chest for his remark. "Ow, baby! I meant of course she's hot enough, more than hot enough, but remember, this is the girl who blushes if I kiss her in public."

"Exactly," pounced Gina. "That's why I'd make so much money off her. Men would fall all over themselves to be with our fresh Irish rose. She could screw a dozen men a night and still each one would think he was with a timid virgin." Barbara's cheeks began to glow in embarrassment now and Gina crowed, "See what I mean -- she'd be a goldmine." Narrowing her eyes as she stared, the life-long party girl said, "You wouldn't even have to screw them. I bet we could get good money just to let them see those gorgeous tits or that trim little bush."

"Hell, I'd pay to see that," Paul agreed, before biting down on the foot he'd just stuck into his mouth.

"See what I mean," crooned Gina, letting the loose-tongued Paul off the hook -- this time. "How much should we charge to let him see your tits?"

"Hey, don't I have a say in this?" protested Jerry laughingly.

"Hmmm, I don't know. Can she have a madam and a pimp at the same time? If so, then of course you have to have your cut, we are capitalists after all. So, it has to be enough for me and Jerry to get a cut on top of whatever Barbara gets to keep for herself. So make us an offer."

"Twenty dollars."

"Hmm, let's say that's $10 for Barb and $5 each for me and Jerry. That's not a whole lot. Tell you what, for $20 you get to see some bra. Barb, honey, undo some of those buttons."

The publicly shy, privately hot red head took a last sip of wine and then put the glass down on the picnic blanket. Slowly she reached to the collar of her high-neck frontier blouse that made up the top of her Halloween costume. She'd dressed as one of Silverton's original settlers in honor of her O'Reilly ancestor who'd built this place. She went down button by button, stopping about halfway and teasingly pulled the blouse apart, exposing half of her large brassiere cups.

"Pretty nice, eh? Definitely worth your twenty bucks," Gina proclaimed.

"Tell you what," Jerry was surprised to hear himself say. "How about a two-for-one deal? You can keep my share of the money if you join Barbara."

The tall blonde looked over at her girlfriend and got a warm smile. She and Paul had dressed as 1950's teens and the top of her costume was a form fitting cashmere sweater that was already open enough to show the tops of her breasts in a push up bra. So it didn't take many buttons to allow her to catch up with Barb, with her black bra exposed like Barbara's white one. Yes, the party had definitely gotten back on the right track, she thought wickedly.

O'REILLY'S -- 1872: Once they had gotten Jacob's shirt and undershirt off the two prostitutes stood in front of him and began undressing each other. The amazed silver miner stared as their beautiful forms were exposed. He was even more amazed when he looked past Ying Ma and Lee and saw his former lover's ghost take a seat in an arm chair directly across from him. While the China girls took off each other's tops and caressed each other's breasts and bellies, Molly played with her own large tits, squeezing them together and bending her head down to lick the hardening nipples. When the living whores stood completely naked with hands exploring their partner's black-haired cunt, the dead whore hooked her knees over the padded arms of the chair and played with her red-haired one.

'Mmm, it feels so good,' Molly "said", her musical Irish lilt echoing through her companions' skulls without going through their ears. 'So hot,' she felt at them about the visual image of her two Asian lovers pulling big Jacob to his feet so they could strip off the rest of his clothes. And the others... Jeannie was deep-throating Colin again, only this time they were in a sixty-nine and he was licking her the way only a woman ever had before; to her intense pleasure. Another of O'Reilly's Girls was also getting her pussy eaten, but this time it was by another woman, the town banker's wife. The banker meanwhile was kneeling behind the muff diver, slamming his balls up against her ass. The butcher and the once-injured carpenter who had swapped beef stories about Molly were now both supplying beef to young Trudy, the newest girl at O'Reilly's. And Erin and Seamus...

Molly sensed her old friend needed a little more help in losing her anal cherry, but she didn't really want to leave Jacob and the girls again. Then she realized that she was in Erin's mind, replacing her fear with curiosity and desire, but was still watching the Chinese sluts sharing kisses over Jacob's giant prick. And she was helping Colin do such a good job loving Jeannie's dripping flower while also relaxing Trudy so she could manage and enjoy a cock in her cunt and another in her mouth at the same time. She didn't have to go from one to the other, she was connected to all of them at the same time, bringing their energies together and passing them back out to wherever they were needed most.

Now that focus was on Erin as Molly coached her on how to relax and accept Seamus's cock in her ass and shared her own memories of how good and nasty it felt to have a man inside your shitter. Seamus put Erin on all fours and took his place between her legs, continuing his deep drilling of her tight cunny. He drooled warm spit on her puckered asshole and rubbed his thumb gently in circles; but not pressing, not threatening. Erin reached back between her legs and also started rubbing circles, on her swollen clitoris.

Jacob sat back on the edge of the bed and pulled the two girls to their feet. With an arm around each one's waist he drew them in close and began going back and forth between their breasts. Lee's sat round and high on her chest, like perfect apples, petite Ying Ma's were really just swellings on her chest, but the nipples stood out hard and proud.

O'REILLY'S -- PRESENT DAY: The next $20 had been bid by Jerry and that had earned the boys the rest of the girls' buttons undone and blouse and sweater pulled aside to fully expose the bra-covered breasts. "I have to admit, I've always been a bit envious of those beauties," Gina said, nodding at Barbara's double-D's.

"Oh, yeah," her friend laughed. "I can just imagine you trying to get over the volleyball net for one of your deadly spikes with these melons hanging from your chest. Besides, yours are so perfectly shaped. When mine are hanging down to my waist yours will still be sitting up high and proud."

"Listen to you," Gina cheered. "You sound like me. How much of that wine have you had?"

Barbara smiled and blushed, but only a little. Gina was right, she was speaking much more freely than usual, not to mention exposing her breasts like this. Was it the wine? But she'd only had a glass and a half. Somehow this felt different. Not fuzzy and drowsy like a buzz, but clear and energizing. She just felt so alive, so excited, so... "So, what do I get for my $20?" she said with a challenging look at the boys.

"Hear, hear, I want some of that action," chimed in the blonde.

The two 18-year-old star athletes got up on their knees. Jerry theatrically pulled his western shirt tails out of his pants while Paul slowly rolled his v-neck sweater up from the waist. Once his shirt was clear the short wrestler began unbuttoning it from the bottom. His basketball-playing friend whipped his sweater off with a final flourish, exposing a polo shirt underneath. The girls groaned.

"I don't know," the tall boy mused. "I'm thinking you got your $20 worth."

"Is that right?" said long, lean Gina. She nodded at Barb and suddenly the girls' tops were closing, covering up their smoothe bellies and round breasts.

"Well, maybe a special deal just for Halloween," Paul quickly countered, undoing the three buttons of his polo shirt and starting to roll it up from the bottom. The girls let their tops fall open again.

"And how about you?" Barbara asked Jerry, who had undone the last button on his shirt, but was still holding it closed.

With a sly smile her curly-haired boyfriend pulled his shirt open, only to expose a muscle shirt underneath. "Hey, you heard the deal," she threatened, reaching to pull her blouse closed again.

Jerry shrugged his shoulders and peeled the flannel shirt off his arms, exposing his beautifully sculpted torso under the form-fitting cotton. "Well?" Barbara demanded.

"Well," he drawled. "I figure I've exposed as much skin as you two, but if I take this off you'll have gotten a lot more for your $20 than we did."

"That's right," agreed Paul, stopping the removal of his polo shirt halfway up his body so only his chiseled abs were visible.

Both boys turned their heads slightly toward Gina, naturally expecting her to take the lead when it came to answering a dare. But it was Barbara who rose up on her knees and teasingly stripped the calico blouse off her shoulders and arms, leaving just her brassiere covering her upper body. "Gina?" she tossed at her friend.

The tall blonde grinned from ear to ear at her suddenly brazen girlfriend; then quickly stripped down to her black silk push-up.

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