tagLesbian SexWill You? Ch. 01

Will You? Ch. 01


Authors Notes:

The events in this story take place in Pembrokshire, Wales, a part of the UK. The "caravans" referred to are static homes, or trailer homes (for our transatlantic cousins). Yes we Brits hire these things by the week to go on holiday (well some of us do).

This is my first ever story. I hope at least some of you enjoy it. All constructive criticism is gratefully received.


Beth jogged effortlessly through the woods, the well worn path illuminated by dappled sunlight breaking through the trees. As part of her daily ritual the five mile run hardly fazed her these days, but the scenery was certainly a welcome change from the suburbs she usually ran through. She splashed through a shallow stream, the icy cold water harsh against her bare calves, the chill soon washed away by the heat of her exertion. Her gear was light, a necessary concession to the heat of the mid summers day. Black lycra shorts extended half way down her firm thighs, their tightness looking as if she had applied them with a spay can. Her modest B cup breasts were supported by a white sports bra, leaving her well defined abs on open display. As usual when she worked out Beth's curly mane of red hair was tied back in a pony tail. Beth would never be a makeup model, she knew that. Her tom boy features and freckled complexion made sure of it, but she'd had her own fair share of admirers. As she broke through the tree cover the caravan site she was holidaying at spread out before her.

Beth's relationship had broken up last autumn, shortly after her 24th birthday, and she'd spent all the following winter moping about and feeling sorry for herself. One thing that had stayed with her through those long dark months was her addiction to exercise. Ironically one of the things that had put a strain on her relationship was also the thing that kept her functioning as a human being after her heart break. As the winter nights grew shorter so her spirits finally started to lift until one fresh spring morning she decided enough was enough and booked an extended 8 week holiday in Pembrokshire, South Wales. Her only plan for these two months was to relax, exercise, read a pile of books and generally feel more like a human being and less like a disposable napkin thrown in the trash. As for a relationship, no she wasn't ready for that yet. Her heart was still too fragile to risk getting involved, and when her body craved release there was always masturbation, something she had found herself doing several times a day since arriving at the camp.

As she rounded the corner she saw the new occupants of the next door caravan had arrived while she was on her run. A car was surrounded by half unpacked bags, evidence of a very disorganised and hectic unpacking session. The joyful laughter coming from inside the caravan brought a smile to Beth's lips, it sounded like some people were already in the holiday mood.

A blond haired young woman, in her late teens, came bouncing down the caravan steps and waved at Beth who came to a halt panting slightly.

"Hi there, you must be my new neighbours, names Beth."

"Hiya, I'm Suzie," The girl flashed a bright smile back, "we just got here. Having a few issues unpacking, no idea where half of this crap came from and even less of an idea where we're going to put it. But then who wants to waste time unpacking when you're on holiday!"

Suzie looked like she could hardly contain her excitement and Beth found herself grinning at the younger woman.

"Yeah, I know that feeling," she chuckled.

Overhearing the conversation outside two more women emerged from the caravan, happy grins on their faces. Suzie flicked a lock of golden hair out of her eyes and made the introductions.

She gestured to a tall girl with wavy black hair and a Mediterranean complexion, "This is Keena, we call her the man eater." Keena scowled mockingly at Suzie but clearly took the jibe in good humour. Keena, like Suzie was dressed quite casually in shorts and a sleeveless t-shirt.

"And this little pixie we call Pip." A girl with delicate, almost elven like features smiled back at Beth. Her hair was platinum blond and cut short and spikey. Unlike her friends Pip was dressed in black leggings and a long baggy white t-shirt.

Beth smiled warmly at her new neighbours, "Hi guys, my names Beth, and I'm stopping in that delightful palace," she gestured over her shoulder towards her caravan before wiping a bead of perspiration from her brow.

"Damn girl, look at you, you been running or something?" muttered Keena as she looked Beth up and down.

"Just a quick five miles." explained Beth dismissively as she stretched out her tight leg muscles, unconcerned by her revealing attire and the sheen of sweat covering her exposed skin.

Suzie quickly quipped, "The only running Keena does is to the bar!"

A big grin spread over Keena's face "Hey, we hardly know Beth here and already you make me sound like an alcoholic tramp!"

Suzie looked admonishingly at the dark haired girl, "And your point is....?" All three young women broke into fits of giggles at what must be an ongoing joke, Beth grinned at their banter.

"Aaaaanyway," spoke Suzie "when we've unpacked we're off to the pub, get a few drinks, check out the talent, have a bit of fun!"

Keena grinned wickedly as she turned to Pip, "You hear that, drinks and talent, better make sure you got a few condoms in your purse," she teasingly nudged a deeply blushing Pip.

"Errr Keena?" interjected Suzie. "I think you're confusing sweet innocent Pip with yourself again."

"Hey she knows I'm only teasing," said Keena as she gave to short haired girl a sisterly hug. "How about you Beth? Want to come with us? Drinking is compulsory, getting laid is optional, but firmly encouraged."

Beth watched Pips eyes roll at the last comment. She felt some empathy for the teenager as it certainly wasn't her idea of a night out. She knew she still wasn't ready to hit the town again, not yet, and besides the young men these girls would be looking for held no interest at all for Beth.

She gave a wry smil, "That's a tempting offer but I'll pass thanks, I'm just looking for a quiet time this holiday."

"You're not the only one," sighed Pip, a slightly worn look on her elfin face.

Keena playfully hugged Pip closer, "Awww ain't she cute," she teased as she pecked Pip on the top of her spikey hair. "I brought her here a girl and it's my mission to make sure she goes home a woman!"

Pip wrestled out of Keena's playful grasp a look of exasperation on her face, "I told you, I'm not interested in that sort of thing!"

"Girl! I promised your mom I'd get you laid!"

"What!" exclaimed a shocked Pipa as she stared aghast at the smiling Keena.

"Oh..no...thats not right," Keena said with a laugh. "Maybe she made me promise not to lead you astray. But dammit girl, you're 18 years old and never even held a cock in your hand."

"Keema for gods sake! Can you embarrass me any more in front of a total stranger?" Pip blushed deeply as she cast a worried nervous glance at a bemused Beth.

"Keena!" snapped Suzie. "Pips right. You really need to learn how to reign it in. Sometimes you just go too far." She shook her head at the dark haired girl an annoyed expression on her face.

For a moment Keema stood there, her mouth opening and closing as she thought about what she'd done. "Oh...Shit... sorry Pip. Me and my big mouth eh?" She smiled apologetically at Pip, a genuinely sad look on her face.

"Hey Pip." Pip looked round to see Beth smiling warmly at her. "If its's any consolation I'd rather spend the night with a good book in my hand than a cock too."

A sigh came from behind Pip followed by stage whispered "Fine, why don't you two start a book club." Pip ignored it and shyly smiled her thanks at Beth.

"Anyway, you guys need to finish unpacking and I need to go get a shower. Have a fun time tonight, whatever you decide to do." Beth turned and strolled back to her caravan, unaware of the three sets of eyes glued to her taut ass cheeks flexing with each step.

"Great ass," whispered Suzie.

"I'd love an ass like that," said a whistful Pip.

"Got no tits though. Ow!" exclaimed Keema as Pip playfully poked her in the ribs.


Beth lay back on her bed, her head buried in the latest book she was reading. She'd finished her shower hours ago and had been lying naked on top of her covers ever since. With a sigh she carefully she placed her book mark in the paperback and laid it on the bedside table. She'd found herself reading the last passage twice, something was clearly breaking her concentration. As she reached over to place the book down her arm brushed a nipple, sending a shiver through her body.

"Hmmm..thats what I need."

She hadn't masturbated today yet, she'd been delaying it as long as she could, knowing the her orgasm would be all the more intense because of it. But she couldn't deny it any longer, she knew when her body needed to cum.

Gently her hands encased her modest breasts. Strong fingers kneaded the soft skin as rapidly hardening nipples pressed against her palms. She brought the fingers of her left hand up to her mouth, and liberally coated them with saliva. She moaned softly as her fingers returned to start teasing the now slippery nipple. Each gentle squeeze, each slimy tug sent a spark of arousal coursing through her body. For an idle second she wondered if she could make herself cum, just by playing with her breasts.

The thought was cut short as she heard voices outside. The girls were back.

Maybe she'd try playing with just her tits another night, she thought as her right hand stroked over the soft skin of her toned belly. Her fingertips were just entering the silky patch of curls above her sex when a scream of anger came from outside.

"Get off me!"

Beth quickly rolled onto her belly and lifted the curtains, peering at the girl's caravan. It didn't take her long to work out what was going on. A drunken Keena was half supporting an equally drunken man, although her only means of support seemed to be the hand tucked down the front of his trousers. With the other hand she was trying to grab a clearly scared and angry Pip. Suzie, who had just managed to unlock the door, was falling into the caravan with another laughing young man holding onto her hips.

"Don't be such a prude," slurred Keena, "they're in the top bedroom, we get the rest area. Lotsa room fer a kinky threesome. C'mon it'll be fun."

"Yeah fuckin' fun." slurred her man.

"No! I don't wanna!" Pip hissed, her voice almost a shout. There were tears in her eyes which brought a lump to Beth's throat.

Beth opened the window and called out to the distressed girl. "Pip....Pip!"

Pip looked over towards the call, her expression one of utter helplessness.

"Heeeyyy Bethykins," slurred Keema. "Fancy a threesome. This guys got enough meat on him for two!" She snorted as she laughed at her own crude humour.

"No. I do not." Beth's voice was almost as cold as her stare.

The ice melted as she smiled reassuringly to a frightened Pip. "C'mon Pip, you're with me tonight. I've got some space in here, you can bunk up on the seats in the lounge area." She tried to smile as reassuringly as she could, which wasn't easy given how angry she felt with the situation.

The look of gratitude on Pips face spoke volumes as wordlessly she hurried round the other side of Beth's caravan, heading for the door. With a last look of disdain at Keena Beth slammed the window shut and closed the curtains. Pips gentle knocks could be heard at the locked door and Beth didn't want to keep her waiting.

"Shit!" She hissed as she realised she was naked. Quickly she grabbed a t-shirt and pulled it over her head.

She unlocked the door and a tearful Pip almost tumbled through, falling into her welcoming arms. Beth cradled Pips head on her shoulder as a wave of emotion flowed out of younger woman. Pip buried her head into the crook of Beths neck as she gently sobbed.

"I...I... hoped it would be alright, that we could just have a holiday. That we could just be friends having a laugh, like we always used to. But these days it's always just boys and sex." Pips arms were wrapped tight around Beths torso and she squeezed harder as pent up emotions burst out from her.

Beth placed one hand on the small of Pips back and stroked her short spiky hair with the other. "Shhh, it's allright now." she whispered in a reassuring voice.

For a full minute they stood there, each embracing the other, reassurance sought...and given. Beth's fiery red hair contrasted against the platinum blond spikes of Pips forming a curtain of safety as she tilted her head slightly and placed a gentle kiss on Pips forehead.

The kiss woke Pip, startled her almost. From anyone else she was sure the kiss would have freaked her out. But not now, not in the safety of this womans arms. For some reason it just didn't contain the threat she felt whenever anyone else had gotten close to her. And, she reasoned with herself, it was just a gentle peck anyway. But even so..it was still a kiss. Unbidden the old feelings of inner conflict and unease made their presence known and dictated Pips reaction. Reluctantly, and not fully sure why, Pip eased herself out of Beth's safe embrace.

"Thank you. I.... I should have known better agreeing to come away with them. But they promised we'd have fun, that it would all be a nice relaxing holiday with friends," she sniffed away a tear. "Hell, even my parents encouraged me to come, said it was an important part of growing up or something." Her delicate features twisted into a wry smile, "If they'd known the orgy it was going to turn into they'd have hit the roof."

Beth looked down into Pips bright blue eyes, red rimmed with tears but beautiful none the less. She was only taller then Pip by a couple of inches if that, but it was enough to amplify the feeling of safety she gave to the younger woman.

"Well you don't need to worry at all about that," she said softly as she comfortingly resting her hands on Pips shoulders. "You're safe and sound in the library now, nothing more racy going on here than what you'll find in between the covers of a book." She smiled warmly as she said it, hoping to put Pip at ease.

"Beth...I don't know how to thank you for...this." Pips smile faltered a little "It must be a real imposition, I really..." Her words were cut short as Beth placed a finger on her lips, gently shushing her.

"Sweetie, I honestly don't mind. It really is my pleasure to help you out. I...." Beth paused, closing her eyes as she took a breath, searching for the right words to say. When they opened again they carried a deep sadness. Her voice wavered as she spoke.

"I was in that situation once, when someone I thought I knew tried get me to do things I didn't want to with people I didn't like. I know that pain. There's no way I'd have abandoned you, no way at all."

Now it was Beth's emerald green eyes that started to tear up, the wounds of her broken heart had not fully healed and certain memories still brought pain with them.

Beth's discomfort was clear, even to Pip. But what should she do? She knew she should hug Beth back, reassure her, comfort her. But that would mean getting close to someone and that's not what she did, fear of the unknown made sure of that. But this woman helped her, helped her when she needed it the most. Clumsily she embraced Beth, and not knowing what to say squeezed her in close.

Beth's mind was in turmoil. She had been unbelievably horny when this whole situation started, then memories of her failed relationship had sluiced over her like a bucket of cold water, making her feel almost as miserable as the person she was meant to be comforting. And now here she was, wearing nothing but a flimsy t-shirt, holding the most naturally beautiful girl she had ever seen in her arms.

Her sorrow was deep, but there was something she felt that ran even deeper. Her arousal gently made it's presence known again. Smouldering deep in her abdomen it slowly burned the sadness away. She knew every second she held this elf like girl she was feeling increasingly horny. But as the seconds grew into minutes her earlier arousal returned ten fold. She could all but feel the wetness growing between her legs.

But as turned on as Beth was...she wasn't stupid. This sweet innocent thing had no awareness of what she was doing to Beths libido, and to even try and initiate anything would send her running in terror. No. Beth might have been hot as hell, but she was no bitch. All she could do was repeat one thought to herself, "Please...don't let me drip on the floor"

Pipa felt herself melting into Beth's safe embrace. She had no explanation why the older woman made her feel so safe, so secure. But it felt nice and she wasn't sure she wanted to let go. For several minutes the two women hugged each other, not a word being exchanged. Pip could feel the warmth of Beth's breath as it gently washed over her ear. It was surprisingly relaxing.

Slowly she became aware of the tingle in her lower belly, the same feeling she had before those rare moments when she masturbated. But why now? With growing unease she realised she was getting turned on. But why? This was another woman! This was so wrong! Her mind whirled as she sought an explanation, maybe Keena had slipped something in her Pepsi. Typical of the cow. A sudden fear gripped her, what would Beth think if she knew? She might even throw her out. With surprising reluctance Pip broke away from the embrace and pointed shyly at the bathroom door.

"I just need to pop to the loo."

As she disappeared through the door Beth called out, "I'm forgetting my manners. Can I get you a tea, coffee? Beer even?"

"No I'm fine thanks, been drinking diet Pepsi all night, a drinks the last thing I need." The door clicked shut behind her.

Beth went to make up a spare bed for Pip acutely aware of the dampness between her legs she silently cursed herself for not slipping on a pair of panties. As she laid out the sheets on the wide couch she heard the sound of Pip peeing in the loo, a stark reminder that these caravans were not really built with privacy as a major concern. She straightened up as she heard the sound of the door opening.

"I've made you a bed here. There's some blankets in the cupboard but in this heat," she grinned and shrugged her shoulders.

"That's fine thank you," Pip replied gratefully, "don't think I'll....." her voice trailed off as her eyes widened.

Up to now she'd been standing too close to Beth to notice, after all, she'd never look at another womans tits, but there was no missing it now. Beth's nipples were almost poking two holes in a thin t-shirt that was only just long enough to cover her down below. Pip swallowed as she realised that each time Beth had raised her arms to hug her, the hem of the t-shirt would have ridden so high there would have been nothing covering Beth's modesty.

Beth gave a puzzled look at the speechless Pip, then followed her gaze. She chuckled disarmingly, "It's my nips isn't it? Sorry they spring up at the slightest excuse. Never fully go down truth be told. Bit of a family trait."

I'm sorry," stammered Pip "it was totally wrong of me to stare. Now I've gone and embarrassed you, after you've been so generous too."

Beth gently shook her head and softly chuckled as she walked up to Pip. "Don't worry, I'm not one to embarrass easily." Gently she leaned close and kissed Pip on the cheek. "Sleep well sweetie, we can talk more in the morning."

As Beth walked past her Pip found her eyes glued to the sight of Beth's bum cheeks just visible under the t-shirt as she walked away. "Beth.."

Beth paused, her hand on the bedroom door handle. "Hmmm?" she asked as she looked over her shoulder.

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