tagInterracial LoveWill You Do Me A Favor?

Will You Do Me A Favor?


It was a nice night, but she was really nervous as she watched Ray's car approach. Would he like her when he saw her? Would he find her attractive? She knew she already had one strike against her because she was a good 14 years older than he was. He said that wouldn't bother him.

They met on one of those online networking sites. She thought he was adorable and, after sending emails and messages back and forth for several days, they finally exchanged phone numbers. They talked for hours, laughing and teasing and just enjoying getting to know each other. She found him to be a very intelligent and sensitive man. He was also very shy, which really turned her on. She loved shy men, especially those who were younger than she was. So, after all those conversations and a few text messages back and forth, they had decided to meet face to face.

He pulled his car up next to hers and the first thing she noticed was his smile. Damn! His smile could light up the night! And as she got out of her car and got into his, she thought to herself how cute he really was. His picture had not done him justice, by any means.

He said, "Hi, Lynn." She just smile at him and told him how sexy he was. As they sat there talking and laughing out of nervousness, Lynn found that she couldn't keep her hands to herself. She reached over and rubbed his bald head and stroked his ear. He just giggled. She just kept thinking how adorable he was.

Finally, she got tired of waiting and looked him in the eyes and asked, "Will you do me a favor?"

He said, "Sure, what is it?"

"Come here and give me a kiss, please." He smiled and leaned in to kiss her. Oh, man, It was so good. His lips were amazingly soft and delicious. She licked his lips as she moaned and probed the inside of his mouth, wanting the kiss to never end. She could feel him smiling as he told her she kissed good. She told him that it took two.

That first kiss changed the whole relationship. Things got hot fast. Damn! She wanted him so bad! She was so wet just thinking of how he would feel with his naked beautiful black body next to her white skin. Mmmmmm was all she could think. They decided that they needed to take themselves to a more private spot.

After locking her car, she rode with him to a secluded dirt road. They began to kiss again and touch and tease. He released his huge erection. She smiled just thinking how that thing was going to feel sliding inside her wet pussy. She reached over and began to stroke his beautiful dick. He began to play with her small but sensative tits. She was going crazy. She wanted him so badly. And when he leaned over and took her nipple into his mouth, she thought she had died and gone to heaven. He slid his hand down into her jeans and began to stroke her wet pussy while saying how good it felt. She didn't know what part of him she wanted to kiss first. She took his hand out of her panties and sucked his fingers. She tasted her juices on them. She could tell he liked that.

She got on her knees and began to suck on his beautiful hard dick. She loved licking it and hearing him moan. It turned her on even more. She stroked it with her hand as she sucked on the head, rolling her tongue around it, teasing him.

Finally, she decided she had to have him inside her.

They decided to get out of the car. It was a beautiful night, nice and cool, the stars were out. It was so romantic. She loved his body. His nice chest and stomach were taunt as she ran her nails over them. He held her close as they kissed. She ran her hands over his back and grabbed his fine ass in her hands. She loved a man with a nice ass and he definitely had one!

He took his shirt off and she pushed her jeans and panties down. She turned around and bent over as he approached her ass. He slapped her ample ass with his stiff dick and then he filled her hot pussy up with that long, thick black dick. She gasped because it felt so damn good. She wanted it all, every inch. He began to move, stroking her pussy with his hardness. She gasped as he gave her naked ass a nice firm smack. Damn, that turned her on. He told her how good that pussy felt as he moaned and began to stroke faster, getting deeper and deeper with each thrust. When he finally exploded, she could feel his dick throbbing inside her as he groaned and leaned over her back and planted a kiss on her back. She could feel his body trembling as his hands moved over her body giving her goosebumps of delight.

She turned around and they kissed some more. Deep and good. As they stood there, under the stars, she turned him around and pressed her breasts into his back. She began to whisper into his ear what she would do to him when they got to a room with a bathroom and a bed. She gave him a scenario of giving him a hot, warm bubble bath and washing his beautiful body with a soapy bath mitt. She described washing his legs and stroking his dick and balls. She told him that she'd gently wash his ass while sliding a finger over his asshole. He moaned in anticipated pleasure.

She whispered into his ear while flicking her tongue over it that she'd then dry him off. And dry his dick off with her mouth. Then she'd take him to the bed and have him lie face down. She'd take an ice cube and run it down his back followed by her tongue, licking and sucking her way down his spine. When she got to his ass she would do the same. She'd rub ice on his ass and bite and kiss his cheeks. Then she'd allow the ice to slide in between the cheeks and she'd follow this with her tongue as well, teasing and kissing until he screamed. At this point Ray moaned out loud again.

The combination of her soft body against his back and her hands rubbing on him, along with her warm breath in his ear as she whispered her promises, had all worked together to give him another throbbing hard on. Lynn knew that their time was limited that night and she wanted to make sure that she left him wanting and craving more of her. He was such a delicious man and she wanted as much of him as she could get. She couldnt wait to get him in a bed lying down so she could devour him.

Lynn also realized that she could not make love with this man without sacrificing part of her heart. His manner, his gentle way of touching and soft spoken voice would make it almost impossible not to fall in love with him. There would be some hot times in their future. She could see that already, and she couldn't wait! As they drove back to her car, they quietly talked and gently touched each other. There were so many levels of sexual pleasure she wanted to take him to. And he seemed to be a willing student. Who knows, maybe he would teach her something. They quietly kissed goodnight,making promises to meet again soon.

She could not stop smiling as she drove home that night. Her mind was so full of expectations for this new found friendship. Before falling asleep that night, she couldn't resist touching herself remembering all the places his mouth and hands had touched. And she called out his name as she brought herself to a wonderful orgasm and then fell off to sleep dreaming of that beautiful smile.

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