tagBDSMWilling Slaves Ch. 04

Willing Slaves Ch. 04


Chapter 4


I was pissed. The last thing I expected was Sasha and Mary to get into a fight while I was away.

A little background, I had been in Israel in a consulting capacity for a few weeks and had arrived back on a late night flight. They were several messages on my phone.

The first was from Mary," Sasha and I had a fight, call me to discuss."

Then Sasha, "Mary is being unreasonable; you are going to have to calm her down."

Mary, "That bitch, I hate her!"

Sasha, "It's me or her!"

What was going on? I knew it could not be about me, the two of them had been involved before I came into the picture. Except for a legal technicality our threesome was as binding as any couple. Both of them were Alpha bitches outside our relationship and that's where the problem was. A little internet research was all I needed.

Mary had hired a chemist to work for her and he had been on the opposite side of a divorce Sasha instituted. To make matters more contentious, Sasha actually lost the case.

What should I do? Make them sweat.

I didn't return either of their calls and let some of the industry sources know, I was thinking of relocating. Finally I put my home on the market.

That achieved the result, Mary barged in, "What are you doing?" she demanded.

I looked at Sasha who had come in 5 minutes earlier.

"Neither one of you seems to care about our relationship, so I am leaving."

"Wait," the lawyer said. "It's not that simple."

"Don't worry, I'll keep our non disclosure agreement, "I told her.

"You bastard," "Mary shouted. "Do we mean so little to you?"

"Shall I play your phone calls?" I responded.

"That won't be necessary," Sasha said humbly. "I can guess that Mary's were similar to mine."

I breathed, "So let me get this straight." Pointing to Mary, "you hired Mr. Katzman who worked for a rival company whose head fired you."

Mary nodded.

"And Sasha represented that head that divorced Katzman?"

"I did."

"And you lost!" Mary sneered.

"You hired him to steal information." The lawyer responded.

"Shut up both of you!" I ordered them. "From my perspective the only hurt parties are Mr. Katzman and me. Sasha you tried to make him pay alimony when your client was worth 10 times as much."

"My job."

"Than you tried to attach his earnings and Mary said no."

"Damm right I did."

"Mary you hated your former employer and you hired the guy to steal secrets. Did you know Sasha was involved?"

She looked down, "Yes."

I stood up, "You are both acting like spoiled children and you deserve to be punished like that. Do you agree?"

"Yes." They replied in a quiet voice.

"Better. Mary I want you to walk to the corner of the room and face it. Sasha take off your clothes and lay on my lap." I sighed, "You both have been acting like brats so I am going to treat you like brats."

I began a hard spanking on my brunet's ass. Mary could hear the slaps. I continued some time and made her a bright red.

"Switch", I instructed them.

Repeating the process with Mary I gave her a matching color.

"You two need to learn some humility," I grabbed some ankle chains to hobble them. "Crawl to the kitchen. I had modified ball gags to sponge gags. "Make this room spic and span."

Mary and Sasha wielded a lot of power and making them do this menial task was far greater than their spanking in terms of humiliation. While they were working I teased their tits and pussies but gave them no relief.

"You two need to reflect. " I bound their arms and attached a shared collar. Than to add to their misery I put on chastity belts and blindfolded them.

The next morning I came down and released them and had them sit at my feet." "Are you sorry now?"

"Yes we apologize, Sasha said."

"We do, please stay." Mary added.

I smiled, "I had no intention of leaving. I just had to get through to my two stubborn bitches. What about the two of you? Do you forgive each other?"

They nodded.

I relaxed, "Well I have had three weeks with no release. You two can start by undressing me."

"Yes Master," they replied. They exchanged a look and then jumped on top of me.

"We had no release either," Sasha said.

Mary ripped off my shirt, "You're sex slaves are back!"

I squeezed them both, "Right now, I want some aggression!"

"Our pleasure," Sasha responded, kissing me deeply.

Mary quickly removed my pants and started on my cock.

All of our tension and anger melted away

"What am I going to do with you two?" I mused

"Fuck our brains out!" Mary suggested.

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