Willingly Cuckolded for Love


"Kkkkkk," I whimpered, like a school-girl, trusting my wife who was sodomizing me.

A minute or two of slow burn and my wife announced, "You took it all, baby. My cock is all in your pretty ass."

Having her call my ass 'pretty' was slightly humiliating, as was a cock in my ass I suppose, yet the compliment turned me on. "I am going to slowly begin fucking you, baby."

"Kkkkk," I again whimpered, gripping a pillow for comfort like a baby.

I felt the cock slowly pull out and return. It was like getting hit with an ocean wave of pleasure. In one movement everything changed. The pain was still there, although just enough to remind me of the taboo sin I was allowing to happen to me, and yet an odd pleasure was building that I couldn't place. It was like the brief chill I get when my team scores a touchdown to win with no time left, although instead of just a few seconds of utter exhilaration, it was a constant chill that had rapidly getting lightheaded.

I couldn't believe the next words out of my mouth. "Harder, Laura, fuck me harder."

"You want me to fuck your ass harder, baby?" she questioned, obviously wanting me to say it.

"Oh God, Laura, I can't believe how good it feels," I moaned, whimpered, like a girl in heat. "Oh yes, please, fuck my ass. Harder, please, I need it harder."

She began constant thrusts into me, and I began squealing, "Ohhhh, fuuuuck, yes, baby."

"You like that baby, you like having your wife fuck your ass?"

"Oh God, yes, I can't believe how good it feels."

"I can do it again another time?" she asked.

"Anytime you want," I moaned, my ass beginning to move back to meet her thrusts.

"You dirty boy. You can't get enough of my cock deep in your tight little ass, can you?" she teased, slapping my ass playfully.

"Oh god, so good, so good, so good," I babbled like a fool.

"What's good?" she asked, pushing my submission to her further.

"Your cock in my ass," I admitted, "I love your cock in my aaaaaaasssssss."

"Maybe I need to get a bigger cock for your eager ass?" she asked.

"Oh God, yes, I need more, baby," I moaned, the thought of Phillip's cock popping into my head as I began to fuck myself on her cock.

"Beg for it!" she demanded.

"Oh yes, Laura, please fuck my ass. Make me your ass-slave," I moaned, knowing there was no going back from this feeling, this submission, even as shame overwhelmed me at the pleasure I was experiencing.

Suddenly she pulled out and I whined, again like a girl, "Noooooooooooo!"

I looked behind and she reached into a bag on the floor and pulled out a wider, longer black toy.

She returned to the bed, lubed generously the toy as I watched and explained, "I knew you would love it Michael and in case you did I bought you your very own butt plug."

"Butt plug?" I asked, having read about them recently but never actually saw one.

"Yes, that way you can wear it while you watch TV, are at work, and think of your lovely wife you owns that sexy ass of yours," she explained, going behind me. As I felt the cold lube on my ass, she warned, "This is a lot bigger than the cock I was just pounding you with. The pain may come back for a bit, baby."

"Kkkkk," I said, wanting the emptiness of my ass filled again.

Laura started pushing and I could feel my ass widening, stretching, and burning. The pain was more intense than the slim cock Laura had first penetrated me with. I gripped the pillow for comfort as the wide plug slowly drove into my restricted ass. Finally, Laura announced, "Fuck, baby, you took it all. How does you feel?"

"Full," I whimpered, still trying to get used to the object lodged inside me.

Laura reached from behind and began stroking my cock, leaning against my ass, accidentally pushing the plug deeper inside me and in less than thirty seconds I felt the most intense pleasure ever shiver through me and the dam burst as I coated our sheets with a load of my cum.

Laura let go of my still-pulsing cock and teased, "Well, that was a quick trigger, baby."

I didn't reply as the uncontrollable pulses continued, my orgasm lasting way longer than any I had ever had before.

Laura got off the bed and took off her cock. She returned to the bed and ordered me, "Onto your back, baby."

My knees sore, my ass tingling, I obeyed, moving slowly as to not push the plug deeper in me. Once on my back, Laura straddled my face and demanded, her tone playful and yet bossy, "I got you off baby, now get me off."

I began licking my wife's already very wet pussy, a taste I could never get enough of. I licked, I sucked on her clit, I bathed in the sweet scent of the hot box surrounding me. As I licked, I realized the submissive position my wife had deliberately put me in. I had a plug in my ass and my wife had me pinned down. As I took her clit in my mouth, desperate to have her juice flood onto me, I assumed that everything my sweet, innocent wife had done to me was because she was told to by her ex-boyfriend. It also occurred to me that my wife was preparing me for Phillip. She was preparing me to be a cuckold...and strangely the idea excited me.


The next few days we had sex every day. Laura fucked my ass a couple of more times and finally she made me eat her cunt after I had came in it, a new submission that was both humiliating but equally thrilling.

The next day, four days before Phillip was to arrive, I got home and was surprised to see supper was not started, something very out of the ordinary at our house, as Laura loved to cook.

Laura wasn't in the kitchen or the living room, so I headed up to the bedroom and was shocked to see my wife on our bed, only wearing black thigh high stockings, her vibrator in her vagina while she chatted on her laptop.

She greeted, "Hi, honey."

"Um, hi," I replied, confused.

"Phillip wants to talk to you," my wife informed me.

As I stood there confused, I heard a male voice demand, "Get your queer ass over here, Michael!"

I tentatively joined my wife on the bed and looked at a live chat with a completely naked Phillip. I didn't say anything, just stared at a naked man, just stared at a big, thick, nine-inch cock.

Phillip seemed to notice my trance-like state and smiled smugly. "Like what you see, faggot?"

The derogatory name was a slap to the face. Even after allowing my wife to fuck me, and reading about anal sex, I had never considered myself even remotely gay. I stammered, "W-w-what?"

His tone shifted from smug to condescending. "Was the question too complicated for you, faggot? Are you impressed by my big cock?"

I looked at my wife, who gave me just the slightest affirmative nod. I whispered, almost inaudible, "Yes."

"Speak up, faggot!" he demanded.

"Yes," I said, loudly.

"Yes, what?" he asked, sneering.

I had no idea what he was expecting. I looked for help to my wife, who leaned into me and whispered into my ear, "Master, he is your Master."

I stared at her in shock. This was extreme. Her eyes pleaded for me to go along with the absurd suggestion. I paused, trying to really grapple at this extreme expectation, before I looked back to Phillip and said, "Yes, Master."

He smiled, "Yes, Master what?"

I sighed, but answered as he expected, "Yes, Master, I am very impressed by your massive cock."

"I thought you would be, faggot. By the way, I really enjoyed watching you lose your anal cherry to my slave," he announced.

"What?" I gasped, again looking at my wife.

"As if you didn't know. The laptop was staring at you the whole time you became your wife's bitch. You whimpered like a high school girl, so my buddies and I really enjoyed the beginning of your feminization," he announced, my humiliation burning even deeper, yet my cock growing in my pants simultaneously. After a pause, he smugly added, "You had to know."

I didn't, although in retrospect it definitely made sense. A slight bit of anger at my wife lying to me began to build. Our relationship had always been built on honesty, even the crazy idea that she could submit to her ex-boyfriend was dealt with honesty. I suddenly wondered what else my wife wasn't telling me, besides what I had already read online between the two of them. "I didn't," I responded, giving Laura a glare that told her I was not happy.

Phillip saw it too and scolded, "Don't you dare blame your wife for this. You gave her permission to be the slave slut she craves to be and you can't provide for her. You allowed her to fuck your ass without even slight resistance. A real man would never allow his beautiful wife to become a submissive sex slave to another man; a real man wouldn't whimper like a girlie-slut and allow his ass to be fucked. Only a cuckolded faggot would do this. You are to blame for this, not your wife. Laura did as she was told, like the good slut she is. Aren't you, Laura?"

"Yes, Master," she quickly agreed, smiling sexily directly at the camera, her obedience and eagerness to obey obvious.

"And you want your faggot husband to submit to me too?"

My wife looked at me with a look of guilt on her face, yet her words didn't match her apologetic eyes. "Yes, Master. I think Michael will make a good faggot sub."

I stared at her in shock. Even though I had read their chats, and knew the orders Phillip had given Laura, I never thought I would hear such words from her.

Phillip smiled, "You two need time to talk. Laura, you are to refrain from sex until you see me. Is that understood?"

"Yes, Master," she agreed without the slightest hesitation.

"And faggot. You will wear that plug in your ass at all times, except the obvious time it needs to be removed, until we meet. Is that clear?"

"Yes, Master," I agreed, although not as enthusiastically as my wife, a growing hurt at my wife's betrayal increasing.

"Good," he said and disappeared off the screen.

Laura instantly turned to me, tears welling in her eyes, and apologized profusely. "I am so sorry, Michael. This is getting out of hand." She paused, but when I didn't respond, she continued to try to excuse herself. "I tried to keep you out of this, but each time I tried to protect you he punished me with more extreme punishments and expectations."

I should have been angry at being lied to, I should have been angry at her so willingly obeying another man, and I should have put a stop to this before it got out of hand. Yet, seeing her wounded has always been my weak spot, and instead of doing what a real man would do, I responded, "It's ok, Laura. It is not your fault."

"He will make you submit to him," she warned, her eyes big, her concern for me authentic.

"I know," I replied, beginning to understand the full consequences of our predicament.

"No, I don't think you do. He will make you suck his cock, he will humiliate you in front of me, he will fuck your ass," she explained, her concern for my well-being actually making me feel all warm and gooey inside.

"I understand," I replied, "but I will do anything to keep you, Laura. You are my everything."

"We can still say no to him," she countered, although her conviction was not believable.

"Can you?" I asked.

She didn't respond, her brief moment of strength already weakening. She whispered, "I don't know."

"And do you want to resist him?" I questioned.

"I don't know," she repeated, her eyes implying her mind was already elsewhere.

After another lengthy silence, I said, "I will do it, Laura."

"You don't have to," Laura replied, although I think she knew that actually I did.

"Yes, I do," I said.

"No, you don't," she replied. "I got us into this and it is my responsibility to get us out."

Although her words were convincing, her tone wasn't. I put my hands in hers and said, "We are in this together now, Laura."

"Really?" she asked, surprised by my tenderness.

"Yes," I replied, looking into the eyes of my beautiful, vulnerable wife. I wanted to comfort her and make her feel safe for me, I wanted to be the protector I promised when I said 'I do'. I know it was absurd, but I knew that to make my wife completely happy, I had to submit unconditionally to Phillip and give him my wife. "You want me to submit to him, right?"

She sighed, breaking eye contact, "I never in a million years thought this would happen. I never wanted this. But...."

"It's OK," I interrupted, pulling her in for a warm embrace and admitted the reality. "We both need this, Laura. I didn't know this part of me existed, but since this whole crazy roller coaster ride began I have found parts of me I never knew existed."

"You have?" she asked, surprised.

"Yes," I admitted, "As much as I hate the thought of Phillip, I have loved being submissive to you."

A smile crossed Laura's face, as she spoke all sultry, "You want to be my pet, baby?"

A chill went up my spine at the term 'pet'. Going for broke, I smiled back and replied, "Yes, Mistress".

"Fuck," she cursed, "I wish Master hadn't ordered us to not have sex. I would devour you whole, my little slave."

I suggested, desperate to submit even more to my beautiful wife. "What he doesn't know won't hurt him."

"I could never lie to him," she replied, crushing my hopes, "and if he learned the truth he would punish us."

"OK," I said, bummed at the thought of celibacy until Phillip arrived.


The next four days crept by at a snail's pace, but eventually we were driving to the airport, the butt plug still lodged in my ass and my wife dressed in a fire engine red dress and mocha colored thigh highs that screamed 'fuck me'. As instructed, she was not wearing any underwear.

At the airport, when Phillip saw us he suavely walked to Laura, a smug smile on his face as he pulled her in and kissed her with the passion and urgency of a man returning from war. My wife melted into her ex-boyfriend's arms oblivious to the thousands of passengers walking by and her own husband who watched helplessly.

Finally breaking the kiss, Phillip ordered, "Go get my suitcase, faggot. It's the purple one." Although it wasn't loud enough for all to hear, anyone close enough to us definitely heard the humiliating order. I winced at his words but obeyed.

In the car, my beautiful wife sat in the backseat with Phillip. As soon as we were out of the parking lot, Phillip took control. "Laura, why don't you get reacquainted with an old friend?"

I looked in the review mirror as my wife's head disappeared from view. A zipper sounded quickly and my wife was sucking her ex-boyfriend's cock while I chauffeured them around. I should have been mortified, but instead I felt aroused as my cock betrayed me, growing in my pants.

Phillip groaned, "Fuck, I missed those sweet, eager cocksucking lips."

My wife surprised me when she replied, "I missed this delicious cock too," my shame building and building.

"Get back to sucking slut," he demanded, before talking to me. "Fuck faggot, your wife is an amazing cocksucker."

Shame burned and burned as I continued driving, my wife and her ex-boyfriend to OUR home, while he thoroughly prepared to abase me beyond words. The only sound for a few minutes was the clear slobbering of my wife's lips around Phillip's cock before Phillip asked, "Do you want to suck my cock, faggot?"

I stammered in fear, "I-I-I don't know."

He said, "Stop sucking slut. I am really close, but I am not rewarding you with my cum until your faggot of a husband answers the question."

My wife snapped at me in a way I had only seen once when we had a nasty fight years ago, "Fucking answer the question, Michael!"

I was shocked by my wife's harsh tone, especially after our long talk a few days ago, and stammered, "Y-y-yes I Want to suck your cock."

"And take it up your faggot ass?" he questioned.

"Yes," I admitted, my shame burning through me.

"Yes, what?" he snapped.

My wife added, "Answer your Master properly, faggot."

My cock, desperate to be released from his cloth constraints, and the reality being that I was eager to submit to this stranger, I replied obediently, "Yes, Master, I want you to take my ass," before adding, "I am yours to use with as you please."

He chuckled harshly, clearly content with my submission. "You may finish what you started, slut."

"Thank you, Master," she replied, her voice sweet and submissive.

As if attempting to humiliate me herself, the sloppy sounds of her cocksucking seemed to echo in the confined space.

"I'm close, slut," he moaned, "take all your Master's cum in your mouth."

At a red light, I saw the woman in the passenger seat of a truck beside me, staring with her mouth wide open, clearly watching the sex act behind me.

Shame compounded shame, as the light turned green and I made the last right turn to our humble home.

I pulled into my driveway as Phillip grunted, "Here comes my cum, slut."

I put the car in park and waited as my wife finished swallowing Phillip's cum. A minute or two later, Phillip complimented her. "Still as amazing as I remember, slut."

"Thank you, Master," my wife replied, sitting back up, a look of euphoria on her face that I had never seen before. Jealousy bubbled in me as I realized I was not capable of giving her the happiness she apparently needed. Had our whole marriage been a mirage?

My wife looked into the mirror, her eyes reflecting into mine, a look of do-as-you're-told boring into me.

Phillip suggested, his pleasant tone so absurd considering his filthy intentions, "Why don't we take this inside?"

"Yes, Master," my wife concurred.

As my wife and Phillip went to the house, I brought in his bag, a servant in my own home.

When I entered the house, Phillip instructed, "Put my suitcase in your bedroom. You will be sleeping in the spare bedroom during my stay."

"Yes, Master," I replied, my head down.

When I returned a couple of minutes later, Phillip was sitting on the couch with a glass of wine and my wife on her knees, slowly sucking his cock again.

"Why don't you replace your beautiful wife, faggot?" he asked smugly.

This was the moment of truth. It was one thing to say I was a faggot and to obey online commands, but it was another to actually commit to the act in real life...shifting from role-play to reality.

My legs felt like cement. I couldn't move. It was my wife that cemented my submission and began officially my cuckolding. Laura, her tone dominant and showing a lack of patience, ordered, "Get your pansy ass over here, Mike, and do as your master tells you to."

Startled by her cold tone, I quickly obeyed and soon was on my knees in front of Phillip's big nine-inch cock. Staring at it I couldn't believe my predicament.

"OK faggot, it is time you start earning your keep. It seems you can't properly satisfy your wife, so let's see if you can satisfy your wife's lover," he said, his smug tone adding insult to injury.

I stared at Phillip's cock, still unsure. Laura, my wife of eight great years, grabbed my head and pushed it forward. Instinctively, I opened my mouth and soon it was full with Phillip's cock. Continuing my humiliation, Laura grabbed my head and slowly began moving it back and forth, forcing me to give a blow-job to her ex-boyfriend and current Master. The humiliation was overwhelming, but as I was forced into a steady rhythm I began to focus on the cock in my mouth. It was a couple of minutes later before I noticed my wife's hands were no longer on my head and I was giving head to Phillip voluntarily.

Phillip talked to my wife as if I wasn't there, continuing to add to the humiliation. "So how much did you miss me, my slut?"

"I have never stopped thinking about you," my wife admitted, hitting me in the gut with an invisible punch.

"Even when your husband was fucking you?" he questioned.

"Especially then, Master. I love Mike and he is actually a very caring lover, but even though I tried to give hints to my submissive needs, he couldn't just fuck me and treat me like the whore I wanted to be...like you used to do," my wife explained, my inadequacy of being a man again thrown at me.

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