tagAnalWill's Story Ch. 01

Will's Story Ch. 01


Sat there on my uncomfortable swivel chair, my suit jacket draped over the arm, I undid the top button on my shirt, revealing some of the sensitive flesh on my neck that had been thrashed at many times, in many ways the night before in the heat of passion and unbelievably pleasurable sex. Little drops of sweat now formed under my Adams apple and slowly started to drip into the neck of my shirt and down my chest, my body quickly heating up, my blood pumping furiously down my veins to a place I really didn't want it to go, again, for the fourth time this morning! Trying to shake it off when I gladly welcome a big gust of wind that's just suddenly blew noisily through my room from an open window, giving me some well needed air, cooling me off a little, freshen up a bit.

I was the head of science at a high school, the benefits that came with this new promotion were very rewarding, I had the right to ban all students and teachers from the science section whenever I deemed fit... this me a very happy man. All my suits to work were personally fitted, cut and seemed, I paid quite a lot for them if I'm honest, the funniest thing is, I'm not very materialistic in the slightest, I've burned a few of my suits myself... some just for the sake of it, to give me some sanity back that I felt I was loosing (today could be one of those days), some because of crazy kids and there science projects blowing up in my face, you gotta laugh though right?

I try my best to come across as a nice sweet humble guy, but I just seem to come across as an arrogant womanizing prick with a huge dick and a rising bank balance. It's not me, not me at all, well apart from the big dick, and maybe I have got a little more cash than others but I worked hard to earn it. I guess if they want to know what I'm really like though they'll have to get to know me. My closest friends Michael and Dan do, they grew up with me in the states. Then there's my close gay friend Charlie, he knows me like no other! I'll go into detail later.

I am 6'4, slim but extremely toned as I work out in my spare time, I do things like martial arts, dancing, gymnasts, and various sports. Which give me good definition, I am well defined... though I refuse to let anyone I know be aware of this. It would add to my cocky image which I don't want. My waist is skinny, slender, yet muscular and thick. My eyes are dark, hazy green which I've heard tend to sparkle a bit, apparently spots of light blue, which I find a little strange, strong eyelashes and masculine features, short dark hair, though long enough for fingers to be entwined in and pulled.

It was ridiculously hot outside, the blaring sun shining on top of my head, my face, my body, even making my desk too hot to touch. Usually on days like this id get up and fidget with the blinds trying to defend myself from the attacking sun, but today it only brought fond memories of the heat I had experienced the night before, a smirk stirring upon my face as I begin to blush. I knew better, but I also knew that last night was the best orgasm I have ever had in my entire life, and probably the best sex too... in fact, yes, definitely the best sex ever! Admitting this to myself though was tough, through gritted teeth, shame, embarrassment, I still managed to feel good about what I had done that night. I had done something no man is permitted to do and it certainly shouldn't have come so natural to me, it also felt damn good. With my tall muscular manly appearance, and womanising status (as others described) I definitely can't have anyone suspect anything like this from me.

I can't risk putting my own foot in it, so I'm hiding out in my own classroom, I'm worried people will see the flashbacks that keep replaying if they were to look directly in my eyes. Maybe I'm getting a little paranoid. But either way, I am not leaving this room today! See, last night, was the first time in my life that I had ever had sex with another man.

I think I should take you back a little bit.

I was born in San Francisco in 1975, I lived with my father until the age of 13. I fell in love with an older woman, I had took her to a local motel for safety and we accidently slept together, she was drunk, if a little drugged up to be honest, and I was young, horny, she didn't take too kindly of this news however when she awoke that morning. she found out she was pregnant however, and failed to mention it to me until she was 7 months, she gave birth to our triplet sons, Chris, Dillian and Ryan. Things were rocky between us, as expected, she felt terrible as I was only 15, but we ended up having 10 children in total (I know, I still pinch myself at that) and we got married, I was 18 when we married, she was 32. Our last child together was when I was 22, though we had broken up when I was 21 when she was 7 weeks pregnant claiming it wasn't my child, which shamefully led me to get DNA tests for all ten, I was both pleased and shocked to find they were all mine. Then I moved to England, to better my career life for my kids, I took full custody of our children with full support from Kym (my wife) as she also thought our children would benefit here, which they have.

Me and Kym were great in bed, you have probably already come to that assumption however as the number of children we have is considerably high, though I would like to point out that we did use condoms and she was using the injection contraceptive, but somehow we just kept making babies. I had always found her insanely attractive, she was a tall woman at 5'11, luscious blond hair that curled when wet, a trait that all my girls have took from her, with golden soft skin, and ocean blue eyes with hints of green, she was stunning, quite chiselled features but not masculine, very Pamela Anderson! Pouty lips, skinny frame but firmly toned body with cute little abs and biceps to boot, very stunning, with a petite chest and arse that I loved so much.

I had five jobs to maintain the cash flow to look after our ten children, our 'home' was no more than a shack, with three small bedrooms running along a skinny corridor between the kitchen and living room. The youngest girls shared with me and Kym, I put up a partition wall as the girls complained. The middle aged girls sharing a very cramped room, and our three boys in a room only a foot bigger. It made me feel better though on the days that I could at least bring home enough to feed everyone and even give our children the luxury of choice at the table.

I worked everyday of the week, mornings and nights, and only got four lousy hours a day when I wasn't working, usually spending it with the kids, the times varied, sometimes id come home late having worked all morning, coming straight from a night time shift somewhere ... desperate for sleep! But this was my life, Monday to Friday, so I had to fit in the time for my kids, after all, I was doing this for them. I came in at 8pm cleaned the place, shouted at Kym for not cleaning it as she has been in the house all day, put something on to cook for us all, I do a lot of home cooking, especially nowadays as I have the time, but It was also a cheaper option for us then. After tea or during we'd sit and draw pictures together, play games or put on Disney films and snuggled up on the couch, then me and Kym got the three youngest bathed and put to bed, and if I was lucky I would take me about 3 hours to do all this, so long as the kids didn't play up, which only left me with one hours sleep. Then back to do it all again the next day, usually falling asleep whilst on my breaks, this was all before I turned 20.

Weekends were great, I only worked nights which meant all day with my family, after spending all day having fun with the kids they usually went out on their bikes or went to their friends' house at around 4pm, so Kym and I took the opportunity upon ourselves to have a little fun! She was a very wild woman, very sexually orientated, she could have been a man! our sex nearly always ended in multiples and groupies, she loved inviting other woman along to join us, which I of course didn't have a problem with, I didn't see her as gay, I just knew she loved screwing other women with dildo's and often used strap-ons, though I think a lot of it she did for my benefit as I always let her know how much I loved seeing her perform these acts on woman, we had rules though, I wasn't allowed to have sexual intercourse, receive or give oral sex to any of the girls, she did invite men too, just one other guy, two to three girls, me and the guys never did anything sexual together nor did I have any desire to. Same rules to her, she couldn't be fucked or give oral, but I like seeing another man eat her out.

She was keen on anal pleasure and during one of our sessions when we weren't inviting others, she convinced me to try it myself, telling me of the pleasure I would get from and saying I will never experience anything more intense. I was keen to experience my heights and boundaries and to fully reach my pleasure zones, so I agreed, however I told her before we started that I would not be willing to encounter any male on male activities just in case she got her hopes up and formed ideas. With a hint of disappointment she agreed giving me a sexy pout and giving me the puppy dog eyes.

She had us lying comfortably on the bed, stroking over each others sensual bodies, I received quick brief kisses to each part of me while she worked her way down, going slowly past my stomach she brushed her sweet seductive lips very gently over the now sensitive skin just above my crotch, my dick twitching slightly with the need for her wet lips to make contact, at not even an inch away from my cock I feel her hot jittery breath lightly brush the tip of my cock head that's peaking out past my foreskin, sending shock waves to my balls making them quickly jump and tighten, they relax as she slowly moves her focus down my shaft, still just an inch away, breathing getting heavier as her eyes widen at the sight of my pre-cum glistening at her lustful eyes, she knows how to tease me and boy does she enjoy it, smiling cheekily up at my wanting face. My dick still going back and forth from a semi to a near erection as she continues teasing me till she reaches my toes. Lifting my legs in the air she places them on her shoulders... toys and lube all prepared on the bed beside us, my arse awaiting her attention, I pulsate my dick for her first, to tell her I need more attention.

She leans forward, my long muscular legs sliding down her petite frame to rest on her hips, feet jutting out past her cute butt. She takes a firm hand and grabs the base of my hardening dick gliding her long pink nails up my shaft pushing my foreskin up over my head spreading my shiny pre-cum, her fingertips working around the head lubricating it to her satisfaction, she brings it her lips, teasing me "you wan it babeeee, oooh yeah you need to show me how much you want sucked baby" without warning I grab her by the back of her head and press my cock head to her lips, coating her pout with my pre-cum. She then takes me into her mouth as I release my grip, getting nearly half way in, a real good mouthful on her part.

See... I have never been deep throated and sometimes my wife can't take all of me in during sex, especially anal sex. I have an 11 inch cock, its also very thick, women cant get there hand around it, and I can't even get my hand around the base. Women say it's a godsend, but what kind of 'godsend' is it when I can't get my full use out of it, id love to feel the pleasure of being deep throated. Though in retrospect I hate when women gag trying to get it in, it's a real turn off, id much rather see them enjoying it and gaining pleasure themselves from sucking me off.

After working me into a full erection, she takes each of my balls into her mouth, moaning whilst she flicks her tongue all around them, she knows that sends me wild! She picks up the lube, holds it in the air and squirts it out over my body, all over my cock letting it run over my abs that are now taught as I strain forward to watch her lubricated hand reach down behind my balls, tickling around my furry butt I feel her finger sliding over my hole, I realise that her nails are extremely long and will hurt if she tried to finger me, so I point this out to her as I'm a little nervous. She picks up a skinny metal vibrator, about the width of two fingers, but a little longer, she lubes it, getting it ready when I ask her to go down, "what do ya mean babee?" she asked, "honey I want your tongue to tickle my arse, work it, make me want this" I reply. A little hesitance on her face but she complies, moving my legs up I spread them wider, she holds them in place gripping my thighs just above my arse, her strength still surprises me, licking her lips I have a nice view of her sexy body between mine, feeling very submissive in this position, but loving every minute of my wife's dominance, I find myself wanting her to screw me like I screw her...

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