Wilmington Woman's Club Ch. 65

byParis Waterman©

"Please!" Natalie pleaded, as she writhed on the floor.

"Not enough, darling," Katy teased. "Please what?" she asked, as her palm ground itself into the dewy fragments of matted hair covering Natalie's open hole, sending unparalled shivers through the both of them.

Natalie's voice shook with desperate desire. "Please don't stop, Katy. Please make me cum."

"Better. Much better."

Katy's fingers thrust deeper and harder into her sex. Natalie's pussy clenched around them, drawing them deeper, fighting to pull them inside. With practiced, knowing strokes, Katy drew shuddering waves of pleasure from Natalie's body.

Each thrust pushed her further over the edge. Natalie cried out, her voice echoing throughout the room. And Katy lowered her mouth to Natalie's throbbing genitals and sent her tongue swirling here and there and seemingly everywhere.

Natalie, laughing hysterically, came, in the process ejaculating a tremendous jet of whatever it is that women spew when coming as profusely as Natalie did at that moment.

Katy let some minutes pass by without saying a word, and then finally asked softly, "So, did you enjoy eating me out?"

Ten seconds passed. Natalie's breasts rose as she took in a deep breath. She responded then, saying, "Almost as much as having you go down on me, and you damn well know it."

"I want you back here tomorrow."

"All right... same time?"

"Can you make it an hour earlier?"

"Yes, no problem."

"Good. I have a strap-on I want to try out on you."

A sensual thrill shot through Natalie's body as she envisioned Katy fucking her with a giant phallus.

"I... I can hardly wait," she said, pulling her top back on and smoothing her skirt out. "You know... I really want to have a baby," she confessed to her new lover.

"I know," Katy said smugly, congratulating herself on finding a new lover and hopefully a sex-slave. And to herself, Katy thought, Maybe we'll work on that too.

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