tagNonHumanWings of a Lover Ch. 02

Wings of a Lover Ch. 02


As I've decided to keep this story going, I spent some time in this chapter developing my characters. There isn't a whole lot of hot and heavy in this chapter, but there is a nice shower scene. :) Enjoy.


Kelly placed the last stack of documents into the "finished" box next to her manager's cubical. Her manager looked up at Kelly, gave a charming smile, and mouthed a "thank you" before continuing her customer call. On her way back to her own three walled cave, Kelly stopped to say hello to her best friend, Tammie.

"You seem to be feeling a lot better," Tammie noted.

"Yes. That day off really helped a lot," Kelly said.

"As you're feeling better and it is Friday night, do you want to go out tonight?"

Kelly thought for a moment. She had discussed possible plans with Brooklyn and she was extremely excited to see him again. Still, he would not be available until full dark and she was interested in visiting with Tammie.

"Okay, but it will have to be a little earlier in the evening. I have plans."

Tammie's eyebrows shot up. Four years of friendship and she had rarely seen Kelly give much of a thought to men. Sure, she went on dates here and there, but they were rare and usually only happened if Tammie or her mother set her up with someone they thought she would enjoy. The thing was, nobody ever seemed to spark an interested in Kelly's meticulous heart.

"I want all the juicy details after work! Don't you dare think you're going to get out of telling me who this 'date' is," Tammie said with a wag of her finger in Kelly's direction.

Kelly laughed. "Whatever, Tam-Tam. I'll meet up with you after our shift is over."

A few hours later and the women sat together at the bar sipping at their mixed cocktails and enjoying a light appetizer. Kelly said she didn't want dinner because of her date and Tammie made a comment about being dateless herself for a change.

Being without a male counterpart was somewhat unusual for Tammie, who was an attractive woman in her 30's. She had a teenaged daughter at home and was divorced, but she always found time for enjoying her freedom and the men that came with it.

"So, who is this man? Is that why you were sick yesterday?" Tammie said with a chuckle.

"No, I actually really wasn't feeling very good, but he made me feel a whole hell-of-a lot better. His name is Brooklyn."

Tammie looked at her and shook her head. "Brooklyn? Is he a gangster or something?" she asked.

"What? No! He's definitely not a gangster. He's just. . . Different."

"Different, huh? Well, where did you meet this 'different' man."

Kelly sipped thoughtfully at her colorful drink. She knew this question was going to come up and she had to create a clever tale that would be convincing enough for her friend to believe.

"I met him at the park not far from home. I was going for a walk and I kind of bumped into him," she lied.

"The park? He must be pretty amazing if he's gained your attention for more than one date." "What the hell is that supposed to mean?" Kelly asked, annoyance in her voice. There were times that she believed her mother was conversing with her best friend, but she never had any solid proof of it.

"Chill. It's just that I have hooked you up a hundred times with very good looking men that have great careers and would be perfect for you, but you have never given any of these guys the time of day."

Kelly gave Tammie a knowing smile. "Trust me, it isn't my day I am giving this man."

"So what then? Are you just sleeping with the guy? I didn't think that was something you did." Kelly thought about the wonderful night she had spent with her winged lover. She thought about his husky voice as he whispered his desires into her ear, thought about his beautifully inhuman physic, and thought about the protective manner in which he guarded over her when she dozed off while wrapped warmly in his wings. She blushed a bit and her entire lower half throbbed painfully with a carnal and distinctive need.

Conscious of her crimson color, and her friend's smirk, Kelly grabbed her glass and drank from it quickly while diverting her eyes to the ancient tin advertisements that decorated the bar's walls. When she risked putting her now emptied glass to the table and looked at Tammie, the woman was already gathering her things to depart for the evening.

"I think it's a good thing that you've found someone to enjoy. It's about damn time! Listen, I don't want to pressure you into giving me all the juicy details but I do want to make sure you're happy and you're sure this guy is worth sharing your bed with. Unless you're really great at keeping those kinds of secrets from your best friend, you haven't been intimate with any of your other dates. So he must really be special and we all have needs that must be met," Tammie said.

When Kelly began her employment at the insurance agency, Tammy took her under her wing and showed her the ropes. She explained the complex social ladder that resides at the core of all businesses ran almost purely on the emotions and thoughts of women. She was also frank with her but understanding. It was terribly difficult for Kelly not to spill the entire truth, but something within her knew that no matter how understanding Tammy was, she was not ready to absorb the reality of it. Plus, she had made a promise to her lover that she could not betray.

"I just want to make sure he's the right one before I start really falling for him," Kelly said simply as she gathered her own belongings.

The two women walked in thoughtful silence to the front door. It was a quarter past eight and the night crowd, eager to drink away a week's worth of slave labor, was starting to fill up the joint. Once they were outside, Kelly noted the setting sun. It was well into September and the nights were coming quicker by the day. This meant more time available to those who slept in the daylight hours.

Tammie embraced her friend in a welcoming but firm hug. "Just make sure he takes care of you." "Oh, I'm not worried about that."

"Mmm. You should always worry about that," Tammie said as she pulled away from her friend.

"True. I will keep in touch this weekend, okay?" "Yes, do. I want to know more about this Brooklyn fellow."

"I'm sure you do!"

The two parted ways and Kelly rushed down the street to her apartment. She pushed the button on the elevator five times in desperate irritation until it dinged and slid open. She wanted to shower and get things prepared. Plus, she needed to order something for dinner. She hoped he liked Greek.

In her apartment, Kelly was already on the phone with Pita City ordering up a couple of gyros for pick up. She stripped off her heels and threw them into the closet next to the door along with her purse. After hanging up the phone, she went to her window to throw it open. She scanned the skies but it was still twilight and she doubted the gargoyles had awakened from their stone slumber. Quickly, she rushed to the bathroom and stripped off her clothes. The last thing she wanted to be in when he arrived was her brown slacks and pheasant-top that smelled of the office.

The water was warm and soothing. Kelly moaned audibly and put her head back so that the warmth could travel down all of her Chakras. Once warm and feeling good, she grabbed her loffah and got to scrubbing. She watched the suds cascade down her voluptuous breasts and waterfall over her peaking nipples. She rubbed each of them rock hard and squeezed them between her fingers. She could not believe how incredibly turned on she had been all day. She pussy was slick with her juices that had collected there during her long day of saucy thoughts. She rubbed them away with the soapy loffah and opened up her lips to let the hot water lick her slit clean. She moaned and brought her hand down to rub the nub as she let the water dance over her body.

"I can help you with that," came a deep voice from beside her.

Kelly gave a jump and a gasp as she looked quickly to the corner of the shower curtain to find Brooklyn's smiling face. His eyes, glued to the water show at her chest, had a glossy look of desire in them. Kelly noted the distinctive bulging at his pants. She shyly turned away from him and attempted to hide her breasts.

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to intrude," Brooklyn said when she withdrew from him.

He went to close the curtain and exit the bathroom when Kelly quickly reached out and grabbed his heavy hand.

"No. I'm just not use to the attention, is all," Kelly explained.

She moved closer to him and moved his hand so that his palm could rest on her wet skin. She moved his heavy hand from her shoulder down to her left nipple. It was easily the size of a thumb tip and she used its steel-hardness to message the center of his hand. She watched as his eyes nearly closed and he swallowed a heavy ball of desire. She moved his hand even lower letting the sharp talons whiten the skin of her vulnerable stomach. She stopped leading him when she got to her garden and smiled at him.

"It would be great if you helped me wash up," she said silkily.

Brooklyn did not withdraw his hand. Instead, he moved it between her thighs and forced Kelly to open her legs a bit so that he could get to her hidden jewel. With his free hand, he worked feverishly at relieving himself from his clothes. He stepped into the shower without stopping the rotation of his fingers on her growing clitoris. He opened his wings a little so that she could lean against him and moan into his shoulder.

Once her clit was pulsing and hard and her slit once again slick with her juices, he moved his hands around her waist to cup her ass. His hard member pushed against her lower belly as Kelly was forced against the cold tiled wall of the shower. Brooklyn lifted her so that her hips rested against his. She felt his cock slide between her lips and stroke her clit. Groaning, Kelly rocked against him and their mouths touched. His kiss was needy but passionate and it made Kelly's heart race with excitement. She felt herself gushing as he grew in size and motioned more urgently against her.

With his hands still tightly holding onto her bottom, he shifted her weight a little higher on his hips so that her angle matched his nicely. He moved forward and she felt his hard cock slide past her clit and plunge into her excited entrance. She gasped with the sudden fullness of him and he grunted with the satisfaction of her warmth.

Resting her head on the top of his muzzle, Brooklyn worked up the intensity of his thrusts. He lowered his muzzle to lick at her breasts as Kelly slipped up and down on the wet tile wall. She was moaning audibly as her womanhood buzzed with pleasure at his invasion. She easily reached a heightened sense of her being and sung with orgasm into the echo of the shower. Brooklyn growled possessively as he came violently inside of her.

Releasing his grip on her ass, she slid down to the tub floor but was not released from his hold. He wrapped his wings completely around her and she heard the water of the shower bead off the leather. He nuzzled her neck as he attempted to regain his breath and Kelly kissed his shoulder.

After washing the sex from their bodies, they exited the shower. Brooklyn did not remove his gaze from her as she dried herself with the towel. She blushed fiercely but managed a smile at him. With her towel wrapped tightly around her, she attempted to shimmy around him and out of the bathroom. He moved aside, but gripped the towel in his grasp and pulled it from her body.

"Hey!" Kelly complained.

She went to grab the towel from his grasp but he moved it out of her reach and said, "I want to look at you."

He had a serious expression in his eyes, a predatory look that frightened Kelly a little. She avoided his gaze but did not attempt to grab at the towel again. She left the bathroom and walked into her bedroom, Brooklyn followed closely behind her. He made himself comfortable on her bed while Kelly dug through her things to find something to wear. She tried not to make eye contact with the gargoyle, but his gaze was piercing and watchful.

"Are you hungry?" Kelly asked as she tugged on a silky thong. She risked a glance in his direction and immediately wished she had chosen her words differently.

"I will be in a moment. You are delicious."

Laughing, Kelly quickly hiked on a denim skirt and found a cute top. When she bent to grab her boots from the closet, she felt the gargoyle's hands move up her thigh and push up her skirt to expose the soft bulb of her ass. She reeled with sudden desire at his delicate touch, but pretended that he was not there.

After tugging on her boots, she faced him and gave him a gentle kiss. She was becoming better at kissing his strange, inhuman mouth. It was starting to feel more natural to her every time and her heart always pitter-pattered when she did.

"I ordered from Pita World. I hope you like Greek," she said.

"I like you. Are you Greek?" he asked coyly.

She laughed and pushed away from him. "No, stop! The gyros should be ready by now. We should go. What are we doing tonight, anyway?"

"I want to show you the city," he replied.

Kelly laughed. "I live in this city. What can you possibly show me that I haven't seen before?" "You'll see."

The two of them finished getting ready and Kelly went to the door. Brooklyn headed towards the open window. "We aren't taking my car, are we?"

"Why should we?" he asked. "Look, if you're going to be my mate, you have to get use to the flying."

Kelly's heart jumped into her throat. Not only because of the fear from the height and the flying, but also because of him claiming her to be his mate. She was not sure what that meant to a gargoyle. Were they just lovers or did this mean something more to him? She would have to find out soon, she would have to set that record straight.

"Okay, but don't do anything crazy."

She went to him and he stooped to pick her up effortlessly into his arms. Hoping onto the window ledge, Kelly looked down at the city six stories below. She felt the same sense of vertigo as she had the first time she was on the ledge of a high rise in the arms of the winged man. The sensation of falling forward and the two of them were racing towards the ground. The loud sound of wings catching wind and their decent ceased and they glided a hundred feet over cars and people.

The two traveled to a dark alley near Pita City. Brooklyn stayed in the shadows as Kelly ran in to grab their dinner and return. This time, Brooklyn did not pick her up but indicated that she would have to piggyback their way up the side of the building.

"You cannot take off from the ground, can you?"

"No, but just hang tight and we'll be tall enough to take off again."

Kelly felt a new fear as she linked her hands tightly around Brooklyn's neck. They began their ascent to the top of the building. Her breathing quickened and she did not dare to look below them. Brooklyn detected her stress and eased his tail up to be wrapped around her. Although she doubted the tail would act anything like a safety rope, it calmed her and gave her a sense of security.

"This will get easier with time, I promise," he assured her.

"Was it frightening for you when you first learned how to fly?" she asked.

"Yes. We didn't have nearly as many high places back then as you do in this city. We took off from cliff edges mostly. These were sheer drops to a jagged river bottom. When I was too small to fly, the hatchery mothers would take each of us on flights to get us use to it. We watched how it was done and we each practiced strengthening our wings and building confidence close to home with smaller cliffs. It does take time, but the fear passes. You must learn to trust your wings."

"But, they aren't my wings to trust," Kelly said.

Brooklyn did not respond to this as they reached the roof of the building. He leaned over and picked her up again before taking flight. Kelly was already beginning to feel more secure in his arms. Kelly tried hard not to watch the ground below her. She focused instead on the moon lite sky and the few stars she could see against the blaring lights of the city. Her lover would occasionally look down at her and give her a warm, reassuring smile. Kelly snuggled comfortably into his hold.

"You should look below. You think you have seen the entire city? You haven't from this view," he said.

Slowly, Kelly risked a look from around Brooklyn's supporting arm. Her hair blew back from her eyes and she gasped in wonderment at what was below. Town Square, hundreds of feet below them, glistened with LCD lights of all colors. Cars and people moved about in a chaotic dance of order. She knew that this kind of energy was noisy, yet from the rooftops of the mighty buildings, she heard only the wind and the leathery song of Brooklyn's wings in motion.

"Your world is beautiful, Brooklyn," she breathed as they moved away from the lights and sounds of the city and headed towards the East River.

"I think your world is amazing as well. It has changed so much. I wish I could take you to a movie or go to one of those dance clubs and have a drink with you."

Kelly was silent at this. She detected the sadness in Brooklyn's voice and pulled herself closer against his chest. His arms hugged her to him as they neared the Brooklyn Bridge.

Once on top the iconic bridge, Brooklyn put Kelly to her feet and took a seat at the edge, his talon feet hanging over without a hint of fear. Somewhat disorientated at the extreme height of this amazing feat of human architecture, Kelly seated herself heavily in the center of the structure and well away from the edge. She grabbed her bag that housed their evening meal and passed Brooklyn his gyro.

The two ate in relative silence. They watched the city lights reflect off the river and the cars parade below them. With a full stomach, Kelly let out a content sigh and stretched herself flat onto the cold stone. She watched the red, white, and blue as she waved beautifully at the moon. Kelly was tired, it had been a long day at work and she had not had a decent night's rest for many evenings now. She granted that reality to having a lover who only could be seen once the sun went down. Eyelids becoming heavy, she was vaguely aware that Brooklyn had moved up next to her. He laid a warm hand onto her stomach and encircled her with his heavy arm.

"If you need a night worth of sleep, all you need is ask."

"It complicates things, doesn't it?"

"What? Our schedules?"

"Not just that. I mean, you said yourself you wish you could do things with me that human men could."

"Ah, that. It would be nice to do those things with you, yes. But I still think I can show you amazing things."

"Yes. You are an amazing man, Brooklyn. I'm happy with you and think about you often. That's some of the problem," Kelly said.

She felt Brooklyn's hand slyly making its way lower to the hem of her shirt. She gasped when his talons touched her soft flesh.

"Kelly, I know we are just learning about each other, but I have wanted and waited for someone for a very long time. I am fortunate to have finally found you. I may not be a human man, but I know I can love you and make you happier than any human could."

Kelly tensed at those three cursed words. She was not at all ready to be loved by anyone. She certainly wasn't ready to love in return. Yet, her heart surged in her chest at his words and her thighs trembled with a deep, passionate desire that she had never felt before. She rubbed them anxiously with her hands.

"I. . . I don't know if I'm ready to love. I don't really know how or what to expect and this is all really new to me. And I have to take into consideration that you aren't a human man. I think that we both need to consider this reality before we make a mistake."

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