tagNonConsent/ReluctanceWinter Formal – By Her

Winter Formal – By Her


I surely got into this predicament by my own actions.

So you understand how I got to where I am you must understand who I am. I'm Bri, a sorority girl. You probably have seen girls like me on campus. I am 5 foot 3, blonde hair with highlights, blue eyes, a 34 inch bust, 26 inch waist, and 36 inch hips. I regularly go to class in only a sundress. Panties are over-rated! And my breasts are perfect and perky! There is not a day that I am not hit on and asked out on dates. I have to admit things have always fallen my way because of my beauty.

My sorority and the brother fraternity have an annual Winter Formal. I have remained single through college because it is so much easier and why limit myself to one guy when they all fight over me. So, it was the night of the Winter Formal. I prepared myself for my outing. It was my outing because everyone was going to be looking at ME! I shaved my pits, legs, and spent extra attention with shaving my "kitty." Everyone knows the power of the kitty is what makes the world go 'round. I put on my light blue lace thong. I stood in front of my mirror admiring my ass and how great these panties made my ass look. I fiddled with my breasts, creating effort causing them to bob up and down a bit. My perfect pink nipples erect as if they were ready to be sucked. I then put on my matching light blue lace strapless bra. I normally would not wear a bra, but since it was a formal... I decided to be "lady-like." I slid into my tight light blue strapless formal. It came mid-thigh and hugged every inch of me. My highest silver heels only accented my legs and therefore hips and thighs.

When I arrived at the party I saw nearly every guy staring down my low cut dress. I am short and all the frat boys seem so tall. My exposed cleavage made them all drool. All night different frat boys were getting me drinks and begging to dance so they could hold me close, pressing the thin layers of my clothing against them and stare down my dress. I have to admit it got me excited. Surely my erect nipples did not go unnoticed through the whole party. One of the boys had to have felt them piercing through my dress into his chest.

Like I said, I had a ton of drinks, mostly those girly fruity ones. And I awoke with my hands tied up in front of me, gagged and blindfolded. I couldn't remember a thing more of the party. I let out a moan as I woke up on a hard tile floor.

"Stand up"

Disoriented of where I was, I listened.

"Now, if you are a good girl, this will be painless for you. If not, well, we will say I may enjoy it more... Are you going to be a good girl?"

Being gagged all I could do was shake my head no.

"I am not surprised. In typical Bri fashion, you think you have the power here. Well, this time, I do. And if you want to do unharmed you best think this through Bri. You are blindfolded, gagged and your hands are tied up. I can easily bind you up in such a way to use you more for my pleasure. You have been a cock tease surely since before you entered college. And now I have the power and you will do as I please this time. Have I proved my case?"

All I could do was nod.

"Take 5 steps straight forward."

I felt the release of my hands being untied. "Remember to behave. That means do not touch your gag or blindfold and do exactly as I say."

The thought ran through my mind to remove my blindfold and run. But, where was I? For some reason I trusted I would not be hurt and decided to do as I was told. Besides, whatever happened did I want to see it?

"Take 5 steps back."

I did as I was told. I was beginning to tremble. The reality was setting in of my loss of control. I always was in control. And suddenly, a stranger had control.

"Reach around the back of your dress and unzip it."

I furiously shook my head no.

"That is fine. You don't want to play by the rules... I will slice it off of you. Then you will have nothing to leave here in when I release you."

I should have taken him seriously. I felt his hot breath on me. I was frozen in fear. Then I felt a knife slice at the bust of my dress. He must have seen a change in my facial expressions because I heard him say, "You going to do as you are told?" I nodded and reached the zipper of my dress, unzipping it fully.

"Now turn and show me."

I turned feeling the cold air hit my back and ass checks. I wished I had not worn a thong, but full coverage panties instead. I turned so I was facing the opposite direction. Being blindfolded, I could not tell what direction I was to face.

"Slowly push your dress off down your body. Do it slow and like a strip tease. We all know how you like to tease. This should not be hard for you."

I started at the bust feeling where the slit down the cleavage began. The air hit my breasts through the lace of my light blue bra. My nipples erect with fear and the cold air.

"Oh you are happy to see me. You never gave me the time of day before. But you are going to give me all your time tonight."

As I danced around turning about seductively and slowly removing my dress, I pushed the dress lower down my flat abs. Spinning about again as the dress hit the floor.

"Step out of it and throw it forward. If you continue to be good, it will be returned."

I did as I was told. I stood in my bra and thong, cold and fearful waiting for the next instructions.

"Slowly remove your bra."

I did as I was told. I unhooked the back clasp and lowered it a quarter of an inch at a time until my nipples were totally uncovered, my bra hitting the floor. I quickly covered my right breast with my left hand and left breast with my right, as I kicked my bra forward.

"You almost have it my dear. I want the clothes but I want to see you. I know you are turned on. Show me those perfectly pink and erect nipples. I saw them through the lace. Now show them without. Remember, this can be painless or painful."

I lowered my hands revealing my 34B's. I am not large busted, but they sure are perky! The cold air fully hit my breasts. I stood there terrified of what was next. I only had thong panties on.

"Turn around and walk 10 steps."

I did as I was told, utterly terrified.

"Reach forward, you will feel the wall. Spread your legs wide. Lower your body down the wall then down so your arms are shoulder-width apart, hands touching the floor."

I did as I was told. My breasts were surely showing from between my spread legs and my kitty peeking through the lace thong. This certainly was intended. I stood up, turning back. Thinking I was done.

"No, no, my love; back to your last stance. I don't think you were trying to disobey this time. But, there will need to be a small punishment."

I hesitantly turned slowly, and bent down my breasts lowering toward the floor and my wet pussy sprawled for my capture. Then I felt this featherlike tickle up each thigh, then touching its target. The featherlike thing was touching my kitty. It was no doubt becoming wetter. I was afraid to stand too early. What would he do to me next if he thought I was not obeying him intentionally? The tickler was arousing me more. I was dripping down my thighs. He must have noticed because he told me, "Move the crotch to the side. I want to see your dripping pussy." I did as I was told. The cold air completely hitting my kitty, I think for a moment I stopped dripping. Then right back to the turned on sprawled naked girl that I was. The tickler felt so much better on my bare kitty. I could feel it was completely wet with my juices when it touched me. I nearly came from the tickler. I was embarrassed. I could feel my skin reddening. I certainly did not want this. My body was betraying me. This guy must think I am really enjoying it, wanting it.

"Don't be embarrassed Bri, you are beautiful, a fact you know and flaunt. I am just admiring you in all your beauty. I like seeing you in such a personal manor. You can stand and fully remove those thong panties. They seem quite useless at this point."

I slid them to the floor. It seemed like an eternity since my last item of removal. Oh yeah, my bra.

"Kick it to me Bri."

I did as I was told. Then I covered my breasts with one hand and kitty with the other.

"Will you do as told if I remove your gag?"

I nodded. He removed it quickly and easily.

"Are you cold?"

"Yes," I replied.

"You didn't seem cold a bit ago. You seemed pretty hot. But, I am a nice guy. I will let you get warmed up. Remember, as always, if you are good. It is painless. I don't make the same guarantee if you don't listen. Do you want to warm up and listen?"

"Yes," it was all I could reply after being gagged.

"I want you to masturbate for me."


"Now that bought you a penalty. Now you must tell me what you are doing while you do it. No stifling back when you orgasm. I heard your breath as my tickler touched you. You didn't want me to hear your arousal. Your dripping proved otherwise"

"Okay. How do you want me?"

"Excellent question; but, how do you do it alone?"

"On my back."

"Then on the floor you go. Don't forget to tell me what you are doing and what you feel."

I got down on the floor, spreading my legs. He no doubt moved to watch from between my spread legs.

"I am spreading my legs. The air is hitting my kitty."

"PUSSY!" He interrupted me. "It is your pussy and you should call it such!"

"The air is hitting my pussy. It feels for a minute as though the air will dry my pussy off. But my urge to pleasure myself is so strong; I cannot let it dry me. I am running my hands over my breasts."

"TITS!" He interrupts me again. "This is my fantasy. Say it how I want."

"I am running my hands over my tits. I feel my erect nipples piercing at my hands. I am bounce them up and down. I am imagining riding a guy and my tits bouncing up and down with each of my thrusting him into my pussy. I am just enjoying the bouncing of my tits as if they were bouncing from intercourse."

"FUCKING! Stop using girlie jargon! You have fucked many times. You don't have feeling toward the guy you pleasuring you. You just want to get off. So call it what it is. FUCKING!"

"I am just enjoying the bouncing of my tits as if they were bouncing from fucking. I slowly move my left hand down my abs to my shaven pussy. I finger between my lips. A bit of my juices wet my finger. Then I go to my clit." My feet instinctively raise my legs off the ground my knees bent and legs wide open. "I rub it in circles. Always counter clockwise circles. My right forearm over my face almost burying it." As my counter clockwise circles grew faster, I buried my face into my arm harder, and my breath panted. "Uh uh uh uh uh uh uhh uhhh Uhh," my moans come out. "I, want, my tits, mauled! I... am... bouncing... my tits... I wish... I had... my vibrator." Speaking became difficult. "I... am... gonna... CUM!" I mauled at my tits as I said this. "UHHH UHHHH UHHHH UHHHHH UHHHHH OOOOOOOHHHH." I pinched my nipple as I came. "Oooo... oooo...ooo..." I laid there in the afterglow of a wonderful climax, catching my breath. My captor gave no instructions. I was glad. I needed to regain my composure.

"Do you feel dirty?"

"Yes. I have never done that for someone before."

"Well. Have I hurt you?"

"No." I hesitated. I was confused. What did that have to do with what I said?

"I am going to tie you up for this next part. But, if you are good, I will not hurt you and will let you go. Don't make me have to gag you."


I felt a bar between the straps he fastened my hands into. He led my somewhere in the room. Then I heard water running. My strapped hands were raised above my head. My tits rose as he raised this contraption of sorts so I could not move myself.

"You said you were dirty, so I am going to bathe my dirty girl. You also said I had not hurt you. So, you must trust that I will continue to not hurt you."

I could feel him close as the water touched me. I could feel his breath on me.

"I am going to remove my clothes. If I am to bathe you, I don't want to get my clothes wet."

He turned the water off. I felt him as he bent down, his breath on my tits. My chest heaved.

"Oh my dirty girl likes it."

He soaped up my tits. He spent so much time on them, rubbing and rubbing them with his calloused, manly hands. But I began to enjoy the roughness of his hands, groping and bouncing my tits. I felt myself begin to pant again. I could feel his body lower, him kneeling on the floor. He spent a decent amount of time on my abs. My panting grew faster. Then, I knew he would give my pussy all the attention in the world. But, instead he rose up. My breath slowed. He lowered my arms slightly and used the contraption to quickly flip me facing the opposite direction. He kissed my shoulders, and I felt his erect penis at my ass. A subconscious moan came out." Then he washed my back. He moved down my body washing as he went lower. He bit my ass before washing it. I squealed. Then he spun me around again. I felt he had lowered himself to a kneeling position again and his face has at my pussy.

"Spread your legs."

Come on. I am enjoying this mysterious man at this point. I am going to listen. I spread my legs and felt his fingers touching my lips. I did not feel soap. I just felt my own juices being rubbed around my lips and thighs. He continued playing his fingers around the outside of my pussy.

"FUCK MY PUSSY!" I screamed. "I felt your cock! I want it in me!"

"You miss the point."

"No I felt your point and I want it!"

He just continued playing my pussy. He rubbed my clit to the brink of orgasm. Then I no longer felt his breath on me. And heard the water start again. He rinsed me off.

"I am going to untie your hands. Count aloud to 50 and I will let you see the man you will fuck tonight. Then you may remove your blindfold."

I counted through quickened breath. And when I removed the blindfold, he was gone. There was a towel and my clothes. I quickly dressed and tried to escape this place.

When I made it home, I was still so turned on I had to pleasure myself again and again. Oh how hot! All I could think was how I wanted him! I hope I get captured again by him.

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