tagLesbian SexWinter Of Angela

Winter Of Angela


When I first arrived at the University of Maryland in 1998, I was more than a little intimidated. The campus seemed huge and since I was from out of state, I didn't have any friends attending with me.

I had initially been drawn there by the excellent reputation of Maryland's engineering program. And, once classes got underway, it became apparent that the reputation was well deserved. The curriculum was challenging and most of my teachers kept me on my toes. I thoroughly enjoyed being made to think in new ways.

After class, though, was another matter. I had always been shy and this was the first time I'd ever been away from family and friends for an extended period. A month into my first semester and I was acutely homesick and second guessing my decision to attend a college so far from home.

Which is why I was so fortunate to have had Angela for a roommate. Her personality was, in many ways, a striking contrast to mine. She was vivacious and seemed remarkably comfortable in her own skin for someone so young.

Of course, I often mused, I would probably have radiated confidence as well, if I had her looks. I don't mean to say that I was unattractive; quite the contrary. My athletic 5'6" frame combined with my red hair to garner me my fair share of male attention. My 'A' cup breasts may not have been my favorite feature, but smooth skin, well proportioned hips and legs combined with a ready smile to more than make up for them.

But, Angela?

She was something else altogether.

Angela only stood five foot two, but the curves she packed onto that tiny frame were truly eye-popping. Her voluptuous breasts had hypnotized nearly every male pair of eyes that encountered them (and a few of the females to boot!). Beneath these treasures, her torso tapered to a trim waist which then flared to femininely wide hips with lusciously rounded buttocks. Anyone walking behind her found their gaze drawn irresistibly to that swaying 'oh my god' ass, which only led you to her alluring legs. To top it all off, Angela's skin was a flawless, creamy dark chocolate that seemed to radiate good health.

That rich, coffee complexion was the perfect setting for her large, expressive, amber eyes which were shaded by long lashes. Her shapely lips often widened into a dazzling smile that usually carried more than a trace of mischief.

But, enough, for now, of Angela's physical charms. It was her easy-going confidence and friendly demeanor that smoothed my adjustment to being away from home for the first time. We helped each other with our homework, checked each others' papers, and all the while, she slowly drew me out of my shell.

But as much as I enjoyed Angela's company, I was still frustrated by the lack of privacy there in the dorm. Back home, my sister and I had never had to share a room. As I've mentioned, I was somewhat shy. Angela used to ridicule me mercilessly for stepping into the bathroom every time I wanted to get dressed or change clothes. Eventually, I stopped doing this just to get her to shut up about it, but it definitely took some getting used to.

Worst of all though, was there was no opportunity to masturbate. After several weeks with no chance to relieve myself, I was getting pretty wound up.

I was still a virgin when I arrived at Maryland, though I had a boyfriend during most of my junior and all of my senior year of high school. Sander and I worked our way up to some pretty heavy petting, but I simply wasn't ready to go all the way yet. Whenever it seemed like I was going out of my mind with lust (which was way too often by twelfth grade!), I would simply promise myself a pillow-biting climax as soon as I got home that night.

By the summer before college started, it seemed I was treating myself to a long, drawn out session of self pleasure damn near every night. And here I was, four weeks into my first semester at University and not a single orgasm; not even a quickie! Day by day, I was getting hornier and grumpier. Something had to give, and soon!

It was with this uppermost in my mind, that I walked into our dorm room after classes one Friday evening. It looked as if I'd arrived just after Angela, since she was just hanging up her coat and hadn't yet unloaded her backpack. As I closed the door behind me, she beamed that cover-girl smile in my direction and said, "Emma, I've been wanting to talk to you about something... delicate. Would this be a bad time?"

That, of course, piqued my curiosity, but I was also ravenous, so I answered, "Would you mind if we ordered some pizza first?"

"That sounds perfect. Extra cheese and green peppers, right?"

I nodded assent at our frequent compromise, since she didn't like my artichokes and I wasn't too crazy about her mushrooms.

While we waited for the pizza delivery, we both started getting out of our clothes to change into our PJ's. As Angela undressed with her back mostly turned my way, I found myself checking out her figure. When she had removed her blouse and bra, she bent down to take off her socks and then pull off her jeans. I stopped what I was doing and found myself staring at her opulent breasts hanging down as she leaned over. It was a little cool in the room and I could see even from this three quarter rear view that her nipples were protruding.

My eyes wandered from her breasts to the smooth expanse of skin across her well toned back. Her flesh was so lustrous and supple that I felt an urge to reach out and run my hands across it. That impulse didn't exactly weaken as she slid her pants off and I got an eyeful of her glorious backside. As she lifted her left leg to pull completely free of her jeans, I also got a glimpse of her sex. Did I detect a gleam of moisture there or was that simply my overactive imagination?

I was pulled abruptly from my reverie by Angela's voice, "Are you gonna finish getting undressed or do you have to watch me to see how it's done?"

My complexion must've deepened by three shades and I was about to stammer out an apology when there was a knock on the door.

Angela threw on a robe and called out "Who is it?". As she opened the door to the pizza guy, I realized the tone of Angela's question to me had been flippant and she probably hadn't meant anything by it.

But, I also was suddenly aware that my mouth had damn near been watering while I watched her disrobe and that there was a familiar tingle between my thighs. Jesus Christ! What the hell was wrong with me!? Was I so horny that I was now salivating over a female!?

Obviously, I had to find some way to get some time alone; some way to relieve the mounting tension before I made a fool of myself.

After the delivery man had left, Angela and I each spread out across our respective beds and started to chow down. I looked across the few feet that separated our beds to see her trying to subdue an unruly string of cheese that hung between her lips and the pizza several inches away in her hand.

I suddenly remembered that she had wanted to talk. "What was the 'something delicate' you mentioned earlier?"

"Oh yeah. Look Em, I don't know about you, but I feel pretty lucky that we ended up with each other as roommates. Especially when you consider some of the horror stories you hear."

"I got somebody who's smart, funny, easygoing and considerate. I couldn't have gotten a better roomie if I'd been able to pick one myself." I warmed at her praise while bracing myself for the "but" I sensed was imminent.

Angela continued, "So, my problem isn't with you so much as with our situation. I've hesitated to bring it up because I know you are a private person and somewhat bashful. But things are coming to the point where I felt I had to speak up and I'm hoping we've gotten close enough that you won't be embarrassed." With that, she swallowed the last of her pizza, wiped her hands and mouth with a napkin and looked me squarely in the eye, "After all, sweetie, just remember... it's only me."

The smile on Angela's face was disarming. It made me feel safe. "We've been rooming together for about a month now. Our schedules this semester are nearly identical, so, for the most part, when I'm here, you're here. When I'm away, you're away."

"In many ways, that's been a blessing. After all, it's allowed us to get to know each other pretty well and to become really comfortable with one another. In fact, the only drawback I can think of is that neither of us had had any time to ourselves."

"Well, I don't know about you, but I am getting SERIOUSLY horny. I mean, I'm talking head-exploding, fuck-anything-that-moves horny."

I must've been staring at her with a stunned look across my features. Of course, I'd been thinking exactly the same thing, but I would NEVER have had the nerve to say it out loud.

Finally, Angela giggled, "Close your mouth, Emma. The look on your face right now is priceless."

"I know we haven't really talked much about sex, but I assume you're in the same boat too, right?"

I looked down, but nodded my head and replied quietly, "yup."

"We're both from out of town," Angela pointed out, "and neither of us had boyfriends in the area. And, with our schedules, it's not like we've had time to socialize much so far. To tell the truth, I don't really want the distraction of a boyfriend until I've got a full semester under my belt."

"I'd wondered about that." I replied. "When I first met you, I was worried that I wouldn't be able to study in the room with the inevitable deluge of guys I figured you'd be attracting."

"Why, thank you." Angela beamed. "That's a wonderful compliment. I have been asked out a few times and I have to tell you, I'm gettin' so horny, my resolve is beginning to weaken."

We both giggled at that.

"Back home," Angela went on, "the answer would've been simple: I would've just 'taken care of business' myself. But, as I mentioned before, privacy has been at a premium around here, so there hasn't exactly been the opportunity. If you're agreeable, I think I've figured a way to change that."

"I'm all ears." I answered in a low voice.

"I've talked to some other dorm dwellers who are dating. Some of them use a system where one of them disappears for a previously agreed upon time. While that one is gone for, let's say, a couple of hours, the other roomie gets some alone time with their date. Of course, the previously deprived roomie gets their chance another time."

"There's no reason, this system couldn't work for us, except we won't be, you know... with dates."

I didn't respond, but my nervous fidgeting, downcast glance and deepening complexion must've spoken volumes.

"Oh, c'mon, sweetie. I figured this might be outside your comfort zone, but I had to speak up or I was gonna burst!"

"I mean," Angela continued, "isn't it getting to you too, or am I the lone 'bitch in heat' here?"

I cleared my throat and tried to find my voice, "No, you definitely aren't the only one. In fact, despite my obvious embarrassment, I'm glad you brought it up. I was getting pretty desperate myself, but I didn't have the faintest idea what to do about it."

My words quieted even further, but at least I finally looked Angela in the eye to say, "It needed to be said and I'm grateful you took the initiative. Thank you."

Angela rose to her knees on her bed and bowed mockingly in several directions, as if playing to a large crowd. In a preposterous approximation of a baritone, she said, "It's all in a days work for your friendly neighborhood knight in shining armor. We rescue damsels from dragons, evil sorceresses... and horniness!"

"Give me a break!" I jeered as I lobbed a rolled up pair of socks at her. They struck her squarely between the eyes with a satisfying plop.

Before the socks had even settled on her comforter, she had sprung across the space between our beds and pinned me to my mattress. Continuing in her counterfeit baritone, she cried, "Oh thou foul knave! You dare assault one of the king's own? Surely, you know the penalty?"

With that, her hands released my wrists to begin tickling my sides and under my arms mercilessly. I am extremely sensitive there and began laughing uncontrollably.

After writhing and shrieking under her for a couple of minutes, I finally managed to gasp, "Pleasepleaseplease! No more! If you don't stop, I'm gonna pee!"

Again with the silly voice, Angela replied, "Dost thou yield?"

"Yes!" I answered breathlessly. "I yield... I surrender... I give! Anything you want! Please... no more!"

Still straddling my hips, Angela rose up. I was aware of the warmth of her body on mine and the thought flitted through my head that she felt nice, before I forcibly chased that thought away. "Ooooh!" Angela cooed. "You'd better be glad I'm not a guy or that 'anything you want' stuff might get you into trouble."

With that, she rolled off of me and stretched out beside me, giggling, "Hell, girl. As horny as I am, it still might get you into trouble."

Before I could respond to that, Angela continued, "Speaking of 'horny', it occurs to me that tomorrow is Saturday and neither of us have classes. This is like the perfect opportunity to give this 'schedule' we discussed a chance. You game?"

I blushed again and hid my face in the bedspread, meekly uttering "Yes."

"Oh, stop being such a chickenshit, girl." Angela chided. It's the most natural thing in the world and the fact that we've both been deprived for so long is downright unnatural."

"Besides", Angela added, "haven't you gotten comfortable enough with me yet to talk about this stuff without working yourself into a tizzy?"

I looked up at her and said, "Angela, you shouldn't take that personally. It's just that I've never talked much with anyone about sex. Not my sister, or my best friend back home. I mean, we've skirted the issue a bit, but none of us were as bold and up front about it as you are. I'm kind of envious. I wish I had your confidence. But, give me some time. I'll get there."

Angela put her hand on my shoulder, leaned close and gave me a peck on the cheek. I liked that, and damn it if she didn't smell good, too. "I'm just giving you a hard time, hon. Take as much time as you need."

She lay flat on her back, but with her head still turned to me, her eyes on mine. "You know", she said in a contemplative tone, "I had a good feeling about you when we first met and it's only gotten better since. I'm surprised at how much I've come to care for you in such a short time. So, if it makes you any more relaxed with me, keep in mind that I won't ever knowingly do anything to embarrass or hurt you. OK?"


Angela's eyes held mine for a moment more, then her lips parted in a radiant smile. "Good." She burbled. "Now that that's settled, my one-track mind wants to get back on track. So, about tomorrow, do you wanna go first, or shall I?"

"Well, it was your idea," I responded, "so, you should have first dibs." Wow, I thought. Here I was calmly discussing with another girl arrangements for masturbating. I really was a long way from home!

"I'll tell you what." she moved across me to reach for the jeans she'd left draped across the chair beside my bed. As she rummaged in her pants pockets, I was keenly aware of the heft of her breasts on top of me. The closeness of her warmed through me and the scents of her soap and shampoo were heavenly. Once again, I found myself fighting the impulse to touch her, to pull her to me. I mused that tomorrow couldn't get here fast enough, because I was quickly turning into a sex-crazed perv.

Angela held up a quarter she'd found and said, "We'll flip for it. You call it in the air." As the coin arced through the air, I chimed "Heads."

Angela won the toss and was instantly solicitous. "Are you sure you don't mind? 'Cause I can wait and go second. I really don't mind." I assured her that I was fine and she drew me into an embrace. A part of me ached to hold onto her, while another part of me felt really uncomfortable with the sensations she was arousing in me.

While still holding me in her arms, Angela pulled back a bit so she could look me in the face. "God, I can't wait!" she gushed. "I don't know if I can even sleep tonight for thinking of it!" She was so close and so beautiful, I just wanted to reach out and caress her cheek. Taste her lips. What, I wondered, would she think of that?

"I'm an idiot." I thought. Here I was about to jeopardize a friendship that might last through college and beyond. And why? Because my head was so filled with lust, I couldn't see straight.

Luckily for my sanity (and rapidly wavering willpower), Angela moved away to get ready for bed. While she was puttering about, we agreed that I would leave around ten in the morning and not come back before noon. After that, it would be my turn to have the room to myself for a couple of hours.

After the lights were out that night and we were both in our beds, Angela turned in my direction and spoke in muted tones, "It occurs to me that I must've sounded like some kinda nymphomaniac earlier. All hyper about getting off tomorrow. It's just that I've got a pretty active sex drive and this is probably the longest I've ever gone without... you know... 'taking care of business'.

"Still," she resumed, quieter still, "I should've shown some restraint. I apologize if I spooked you or grossed you out."

"No, no, not at all." I declared emphatically. "Like I said earlier, you've got a spontaneity... no, that's not really the word I want. More like 'abandon'... that's infectious... hell, just about irresistible. So, I admire that. I hope some of it rubs off on me."

"Besides", I continued, "Talking with me so openly, so freely... must mean you're comfortable with me... you trust me. How can I take that as anything but a compliment?"

"Good." Angela answered. "I'm glad you see it that way. But, we should stop yakking and get some sleep. Big day tomorrow." I couldn't see her face in the shadows, but I could hear the smile in her voice.

Unfortunately, I found it difficult to follow her instruction. Sleep was held at bay by a jumble of thoughts that would not be ignored.

Again and again, I thought of Angela undressing earlier, memory stubbornly lingering on every aspect of the act:

Her hair falling back to her shoulders after pulling her blouse over her head. Her silky skin pulled taut over her raised should blades. Bra-encased breasts drawn up with her lifted arms.

Slender, graceful fingers reaching back to unclasp her bra, and set free her bounty.

Supple back bending to remove her socks, breasts pendulous, waiting to be cradled... nursed.

Jeans gliding down to pool at her feet, confessing flaring hips, rounded derriere; inspiring wanton thoughts.

Leg lifting to pull free from jeans, revealing more coveted spectacle still: shaven, sepia outer lips slightly parting with her movement to reveal a glimpse of pink, succulent inner lips.

Was that the gleam of moisture I detected? Why not? She'd admitted that she'd been beside herself with lust recently.

What would that taste like? How would it feel? To her? To me? Would Angela want me to...

Waitwaitwaitwaitwait. I couldn't believe my mind was taking me down that path. What in the world was happening to me?

Was I bi-sexual? Was I a lesbian? Is that even possible for me not to know this late in life? Could I have gone eighteen years and not have some inkling about myself?

That didn't seem likely.

Well, then, is it something specific to Angela? Something in her chemistry, some quirk of her makeup, that held special allure for me?

Ha! 'special allure.' That's a laugh. Angela is drop dead gorgeous to anyone with eyes.

But, I've known beautiful people (male and female) before and they never had this effect on me. I took to Angela immediately and I've never felt so close to anyone so quickly.

But, of course, caring for someone and lusting after them are two entirely different things.

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