I should start by saying that, while I love my daughter, I never looked at her as anything other than my little girl when she was growing up. Her mother and I had a wonderful marriage and a wonderful sex life. She passed away when Laura was 14 and since then, I've raised her on my own. I dated on and off but never met anyone who made me want to settle down, so it's just been me and Laura for the last 5 years.

When Laura came home on break from college the first time, I could tell that a lot of things had changed because she was dressing much more provocatively and it almost seemed as though she was teasing me and enjoying the involuntary reaction a man gets from seeing a beautiful woman. I just chalked it up to her college life teaching her how much power a woman has over men. I shook my head when she flaunted her body or said inappropriate things.

I never imagined that things would end up the way they did but I'm getting ahead of myself so let me start the story.

'Is that really an appropriate outfit for getting your wisdom teeth pulled?' I asked as Laura appeared in the living room in a jean mini-skirt and a red tank top.

'It's hot daddy, I don't want to get all sweaty,' she whined.

I shook my head and got my car keys. She was standing at the door smiling at getting her way when I opened the door and led her out to the car.

I shook my head again when the dentist came in and almost choked when he saw her sitting in the chair with one leg propped up and her ample breasts thrust out in front of her.

'Good morning Laura, Mr. Sanders,' he said once he gathered his wits about him.

'Good morning,' I replied.

'Hi Dr. Masters,' Laura said in a sing-song voice she'd only recently started using.

'Are you ready to get started?'

She nodded, showing her nerves for the first time since she'd found out she had to have 4 teeth pulled at once.

He sensed her nerves and patted her arm.

'Would you like your dad to stay until the anesthesia takes affect?'

'Would you please, daddy?' she asked, the nerves clearly apparent in her voice.

'Of course pumpkin,' I smiled, remembering the little girl she'd once been.

I took her hand in mine and the nurses and the doctor prepped her for the minor surgery. She held tight until her hand went limp in mine.

'I think she's out,' I announced.

'You can have a seat in the waiting room, the surgery shouldn't take more than an hour and then she'll be in recovery until the anesthesia begins to wear off. We'll let you know when we're through.'

I stroked her hair and looked at her beautiful face.

'I'll take good care of her,' Dr. Masters said.

I nodded and followed the nurse to the waiting room.

I picked up a magazine and found myself flipping pages and lingering on ads of scantily clad women who could be easily interchanged with my Laura. She had become quite a woman in the months she had been away.

Before I knew it, the nurse was showing me into recovery where Laura was sleeping peacefully. I pulled a chair up next to her and took her hand in mine.

'How long before she wakes up?' I asked.

'Shouldn't be long,' Dr. Masters assured me. 'She'll be groggy for a while after she wakes up and don't be surprised if she asks you the same questions a few times. A side effect of the anesthesia is that she won't remember much of what you say or do for the first few hours. It's probably best to just take her home and put her to bed. I'll give you a prescription for some pain pills that she'll need once the medication wears off.'

I nodded as I listened, remembering my own wisdom teeth surgery.

'Thank you very much doctor.'

Moments later, Laura began to stir and, although she protested, I carried her out to the car.

During the ten minute drive home, she must have asked me how the surgery went at least 5 times. I kept smiling and telling her that she was fine and we were headed home.

She fell asleep again before we arrived and I carried her into the house. I was about to lay her into bed when she woke up.

'I feel sticky daddy,' she said in a little girl voice.

'What baby?' I asked, not understanding.

Laura reached up and ran her fingers across her chest and I saw for the first time that there was blood and saliva splattered across her cleavage.

'It's sticky.'

'I'll get you something to clean it up,' I say, trying to pull my eyes away from the beautiful mounds peeking out of her shirt.

'I want to take a bath, daddy,' she whined.

'You're too sleepy to take a bath, you could drown,' I answered.

'Help me daddy. Give me a bath like you used to when I was a baby,' she replied.

Something in her voice would not let me turn her down. I carried her into the bathroom and held her in my arms as I leaned down and started the bath water. She held tight to my neck and I felt her breasts pressing into me. It was an involuntary response and I would have done anything to be able to control it, but I felt my cock stiffen.

As the water began to fill, I started to undress my daughter. Her body revealed itself to me as her clothes hit the floor. She was so beautiful. I hadn't seen a body so perfect since her mother. I tried to force myself to look away as I bared her whole body and lowered her into the water.

'Oh thank you daddy. The water feels perfect,' she said, almost moaning the words.

I cringed at the little girl sound in her voice and how she called me daddy. She'd done it her whole life but something about hearing her say it while completely nude was almost unbearable.

I reached for a washcloth and squirted some body wash onto the material. Slowly, I started at her neck and down to remove the remnants from the surgery. I wanted to stop there but something in me made me continue further south. As my fingers, covered by the thin cloth, caressed her nipple, her mouth opened and a small coo escaped and my cock twitched in my pants. She arched her back and wordlessly urged me to continue. Under the pretext of cleaning my lovely daughter, I continued to explore her body. She laid her body back against the tub and I raised her leg above the water. I could barely stifle a moan when I saw the tuft of blonde hair between her legs.

I looked up and saw her eyes closed and her head rolling back and forth on the tub ledge.

'Are you okay baby?' I asked.

'How did the surgery go, daddy?' she asked.

'It went perfectly baby. We're home now. I'm helping you clean up,' I told her.

'Okay daddy,' she said, looking up and smiling at me before closing her eyes and laying her head back down.

I raised the other leg and took my time rubbing the washcloth up toward her center. I held my breath as my fingers came within an inch of the most beautiful pussy I had ever laid eyes on. I rationalized that I was only cleaning her and that it wasn't touching if the washcloth was between my fingers and her clit but there was a surge of electricity that ran through my body when I grazed over it and heard a small moan come from between her pouty lips.

I continued to rub my fingers across her little nub as I reached up with my other hand and let the water out of the tub. As the water level lowered, my fingers explored further down. I dipped my fingers, covered with the washcloth just inside of her tight channel and swirled them around slightly. Her legs opened up and her lips curled into an involuntary smile. I looked up at her, waiting for her to protest but she said nothing so I continued my exploration. I was so intent on lovingly caressing her pussy, alternatively rubbing her clit gently and dipping my fingers inside of her, that I didn't notice the water was completely gone until the goosebumps appeared on her legs. I quickly turned on the water and rinsed her off and then lifted her out of the tub and carried her into my bedroom.

'All clean daddy?' she asked as her head hit the pillow.

'Yes baby. I'm going to go grab your pj's,' I told her as I turned away and tried to dismiss the picture of her naked body from my brain.

I went through her drawers and came across a long t-shirt and shorts that she'd been wearing around the house during the break and found what I assumed she considered to be panties, although the size of them made me question their usefulness, and returned to my bedroom. She was laying on her side, my pillow tucked up under her head. Her legs were curled up under her body, hiding her center from me. It should have come as a relief but I found myself disappointed.

I sat on the edge of my bed and started to towel her off. I started at her feet and slowly made my way up her body. I resisted the urge to remove the water droplets with my tongue by reminding myself that she was my daughter and continued to rub her skin with the towel. When I reached her waist, she rolled onto her back and exposed herself to me. My cock was suddenly rock hard. She looked phenomenally beautiful.

'I love you Laura,' I whispered.

'I love you too, daddy,' she responded.

Her words scared me. I thought she was asleep but clearly she had only been resting. I couldn't imagine why she wasn't covering herself up or asking for her clothes.

'You ready to get your pj's on, baby?' I asked.

'My mouth hurts daddy,' she said in response.

'Let's get your pj's on baby and then I'll get your medicine and get you tucked into your bed.'

Laura sat up, exposing her beautiful breasts to me. 'Can't I sleep with you tonight, daddy?'

My cock stirred throbbed inside of my jeans and I couldn't help imagining what I'd like to do if I could release it from its prison.

She looked up at me with such a look of desperation in her eyes, I couldn't refuse her.

'Of course, baby.'

She closed her eyes again and laid there, legs open and breasts perched perkily on top of her chest as though she was offering her body to me.

I took the opportunity to run the towel over the inside of her legs where I hadn't been able to reach before. As I leaned down, I could smell her scent and I became intoxicated by it. I leaned closer and closer until my nose was almost touching it. She stirred and her leg rubbed against my cheek. I almost died right there waiting for her reaction but there was next to none. She laid her leg back down as I laid motionless between her legs.

I don't know what came over me but my tongue snaked out and touched her clit. She didn't move and at first I don't even think I was aware of what I was doing. It was as if I was above my body, watching what my mouth was doing. I ran my tongue from the bottom of her pretty pussy to the top and sucked her clit into my mouth.

She moaned and her legs came together, trapping my head between them. I continued licking and sucking like a man possessed. I forgot who I was and who she was and concentrating only on giving the pussy in my mouth a good orgasm. I heard her moans grow louder and felt her body begin to twitch and shake. I could tell she was getting close and my desire to taste her spurred me on. Soon, she exploded in my mouth and my face was coated in her juices. I lapped at her pussy, drinking her juices down. She tasted like honey.

I'd like to say that my guilt took over then and I apologized to my daughter for what I had done, but that isn't how it happened. My cock was throbbing and my jeans were squeezing it too tight. I tried to adjust it but ended up having to unzip my pants to relieve the pressure.

I didn't intend to go any further, I really didn't.

I looked up and saw my Laura looking down at me.

'Daddy,' she said quietly.

'Yes, baby,' I responded.

'I love you,' she said.

'I love you too Laura.'

'Can I tell you something?' she asked.

'Anything baby.'

'That's never happened to me before,' she said quietly.

'I'm so sorry baby. I shouldn't have done that,' I said, looking away.

'I'm not sorry daddy. I mean that no one has made my body feel like that. It felt really good daddy.'

She reached for me then and looking down at my little girl I could do nothing but go to her. She wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled me down to her.

'Thank you, daddy.'

I held her tight, fighting all of the urges inside of me. I had to get away. I tried to pull from her but before I got very far, her hand was on my cock.

My cock twitched against her hand and she squeezed. I was ready to explode.

'Baby. We should stop this.'

'I don't want to stop daddy. I want you to make love to me.'

Her words nearly stopped my heart.

She started to pull my jeans down and rubbed my cock through my boxer briefs.

'I love you daddy,' she whispered.

I barely heard her over the sound of my own beating heart.

'I love you pumpkin.'

I didn't fight against her when she pulled down my underwear and freed my cock. Her hand circled it and stroked it slowly up and down. I had to make a concerted effort not to cum immediately.

I placed a kiss on her forehead and then made my way down to her neck. I began to kiss and lick her neck and she moaned as my fingers found her clit.

'Oh, daddy,' she moaned.

I pulled my cock from her hand and moved over her body. I didn't enter her right away. I needed to calm myself first or I knew I'd never last long enough to please her.

I continued to kiss her neck before moving on to her nipples. Laura was running her fingers through my hair and moaning to make her pleasure known.

When I thought I had myself under control, I propped myself up on my elbow and lined my cock up to her entrance.

'Are you ready, baby? Are you sure?' I asked, giving her one last moment to change her mind.

She nodded her head yes and I pushed forward, entering her with one long thrust.

I watched as her eyes widened and her mouth formed an o. I kissed her lips gently as I struggled to hold myself still inside of her.

'Are you okay, baby?' I asked again.

She nodded again.

'I'm ready daddy,' she whispered.

I started to stroke in and out of her, her pussy feeling like a velvet glove wrapped around my cock.

'You feel so good baby,'

She opened her mouth to reply but only a moan escaped from within her.

'I love you baby,' I said, starting to stroke her deeper and quicker.

'Yes, daddy, yes,' she moaned as she started to buck up against me.

'God baby, you are so tight,' I moaned, struggling to keep my composure.

I watched intently as my baby girl closed her eyes and her body went rigid. I could feel her pussy tighten around my cock.

'Cum for me baby,' I told her.

'Yes daddy, make me cum,' she called out.

I started to pump into her harder and faster.

Her body shook with no abandon and I kept thrusting in and out of her.

'Oh God yes daddy,' she screamed out.

'Fuck baby,' I moaned as I exploded inside of her.

We laid there for a moment, neither of us moving or speaking. My guilt was wrestling with my pleasure for control over me.

'I love you daddy,' Laura said, pushing my pleasure to the surface.

'I love you too baby.'

I rolled off of her and kissed her cheek. She curled up into my pillows and closed her eyes.

I slipped her clothes over her body and pulled a blanket over top of her.

I sat on the chair across the room and watched my beautiful daughter sleep peacefully. My brain was running a mile a minute, wondering if she would remember any of it when she woke up and wondering more importantly, if I wanted her to.


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