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Leaning out of the bedroom window, Maria savoured the feel of the ocean's cool breeze against her skin, offsetting the sun's relentless heat. Closing her eyes, she took in a deep breath of fresh sea air, absorbed in the sound of seagulls and waves crashing against pebbles. Feeling refreshed, she turned back towards the bedroom.

"Having fun?" She smiled sweetly as she looked down at her helpless captive, Susan. She was squirming around on the freshly made bed's soft duvet for all she was worth, getting herself worked up into a frenzy again. Dressed only in a white string bikini that Maria had picked out for her, she looked hopelessly vulnerable, only a few gentle tugs away from being completely naked. The sight of her alternating between pressing her lightly freckled body against the bed and writhing around, a pleading look in her eyes, was a potent aphrodisiac.

Susan's wrists and ankles were encased in cuffs that were joined to a single short chain behind her back using four padlocks. The hogtie forced her to arch her back, as if she was proudly displaying her body for her lover. Her luscious lips were wrapped around a bright pink ball gag held in place by a padlocked head harness. Her ginger hair was tied in pigtails, partly because of the harness, and partly so it didn't get in the way, but mainly because Maria thought it made her look irresistibly cute. Small puddles of drool had already formed on the various parts of the duvet where she had managed to hold her head up or rest it face-down.

Squinting as she looked up into the harsh sunlight, Susan cried out a muffled protest, a whine that turned into frustrated sobbing, drowning out the noise of the waves outside. Maria felt her labia tingling with arousal.

Sitting down on the bed next to her helpless captive, Maria took off her spaghetti top, unzipped her boots and slid off her miniskirt, leaving only her underwear - a sheer bra, thong, suspenders and stockings.

Maria lay down on the bed next to Susan, inhaling deeply again, this time to take in the scent of her lover's arousal. "You don't mind me joining you, do you?" Susan let out another half-whine, half-sob. "It's just you look so tempting like that, you're getting me hot." Maria started to caress her own body, leaving Susan alone. She slid her hands up and down herself until caressing turned into groping, squeezing her breasts and clasping her crotch.

Maria glanced at her lover. "Want a hand?" She idly caressed Susan's body, starting at her navel and ending with the gentle tickling of a nipple, its outline visible through the tight fitting triangle of spandex.

Susan nodded frantically, humming loudly through her gag.

"Oh, that's right." Maria switched to Susan's other nipple, gently caressing it. "You said you wanted to be tied and teased, didn't you? Are you sure I can't change your mind?"

Susan nodded frantically as she squirmed around, awkwardly inching herself closer to her lover. She tried to convey how frustrated she was, but although her muffled whining made her burning desire clear enough, Maria was still playing dumb.

"I guess not." Maria withdrew her hand. "After all, you were pretty specific about me not caving in and untying you no matter how frustrated you looked. And you do look pretty frustrated." She started to caress her own labia, enjoying the sensation. "I'll just have some fun by myself then, hon. Try not to distract me, OK?"

Maria pulled her thong to one side, revealing her freshly trimmed mons venus as she savoured the feel of the fabric stretching tightly against her groin. She licked her finger before plunging it deeply inside herself, exploring her most intimate region. She slid her finger out and in again, slowly building up a steady rhythm. It was no use, though - Susan had managed to crawl up to her, and had started nuzzling her cheek with her own. Sighing, Maria withdrew her finger, licked it clean, and slid off the bed.

"I warned you," said Maria sternly. Susan looked up at her with puppy-dog eyes and whined pathetically, but it was too late. The damage had been done; Maria's flow had been disturbed. Walking over to their blanket box, she retrieved a pair of nipple clamps, knowing how much Susan disliked them.

Susan's eyes widened in horror as she saw Maria approaching her with the clamps. She shook her head frantically, humming short bursts of protest one after the other.

"You should have thought of that before nuzzling up to me." Maria untied Susan's bikini top, watching it slowly make its way onto the duvet as Susan writhed around, trying to wriggle away. She savoured the sight of her squirming lover for a while, partly to increase Susan's fear while she put off the inevitable, but mainly because she was getting her arousal back, watching her lover's breasts swaying back and forth.

Finally tired of watching her lover squirming, Maria applied the clamps. She carefully pinched a nipple before gently releasing her grip on the clamp, then repeated the process, watching each clamp fasten around her lover's naked, helpless areolae. Susan practically screamed into her gag. Maria had never seen her so alive. She playfully tugged at the chain connecting the two clamps before letting it fall onto her lover's chest.

"If you can calm down long enough to let me pleausre myself in peace, I'll take those nipple clamps off you once I've finished." Maria watched her lover control herself with great effort, her breathing gradually slowing down until her breasts were proudly thrust forwards with each deep breath. "That's better." Maria affectionately cupped one of Susan's breasts in her hand, and when she finally withdrew it, Susan only let out a faint whimper.

This time, Maria wasn't interrupted. She slowly built her rhythm back up, taking her time. Looking at her helpless captive for inspiration, she started to rub her clit. She moved her finger slowly at first, in gentle little strokes, soon building up her pace until her hand was a blur, and her breathing became short and erratic. Finally, she reached a loud and satisfying orgasm.

After lying down contentedly for a minute, Maria jumped back off the bed and put her clothes back on before turning around to glance down once more at her lover. She firmly groped Susan's breasts with both hands, savouring their feel before gently releasing her nipples from the clamps. Susan briefly gasped in pain, or perhaps intense relief.

"I'm going to watch TV for a bit now, hon." Maria strolled across the room to the door.

Susan squirmed around frantically, making desperate muffled protests as she tried to turn around and face her lover.

"Oh, you want to have some fun too?" asked Maria innocently. Susan nodded. Maria put the clamps back in the blanket box, and after a bit of rummaging around, walked back over to her captive. "Here you go." She threw one of Susan's vibrators onto the bed next to her. "If you try hard enough, you might even manage to use it for a while before I come back in half an hour or so."

Susan tried to protest again, but she squirmed towards the vibrator, showing Maria what she really wanted.

"Actually, make that about an hour," decided Maria. She ignored her lover's pleading moans as she strolled out of the room.

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