tagNonConsent/ReluctanceWishful Thinking Ch. 2

Wishful Thinking Ch. 2


Angelica, my liberator, had me going insane from sweet lust. We didn't meet on a daily basis, but she was always on my mind. Sometimes she would send me pictures of herself leaning forward while watching me, or rather the camera. I made a promise never to masturbate without her presence, and in all honesty it was a promise that was easy to keep. It simply was no good when she wasn't around to guide me. Even though we had only known each other for three months, I felt as if I had known her my entire life, and Angelica's angelic innocence combined with the elegance of her entire knowledge and the way she implemented it on me made me feel lost when she wasn't around. During the days when I didn't get to see her hair fall over those slender shoulders, or even for a brief moment see the flashing whiteness of her smile, emptiness moved in to my heart.

So it had been a three days. I had received an email from her during Sunday evening with a short movie sequence where she was leaning back in a ruby red couch. Her left hand had been slowly caressing a dildo with her delicate fingertips, all while she whispered with a voice that promised so much more pleasure than anyone deserved. She spoke of a trip she would take, that she would be gone all week, but that she would take the time to plan something special for me. That of course didn't make me any calmer, or miss her less, but I had no other choice than to wait.

A Wednesday with no plans, what would I to do with my evening. I found myself sitting at the counter of the bar around the corner with a glass of beer, sipping it slowly as if I was trying to avoid choking on the alcoholic liquid. I was eyeing the room through the large mirror behind the counter, and I saw plenty of men with slutty women warming up for whatever activities that they would share during the night. There were all kinds, the businessman with the black mistress across the table, the young man with the equally young woman, the white businesswoman with her black lover, and so on. Even though there were many women sitting alone, they all faded in comparison to the image I had in my mind of my angel that I would get to see again in just 48 hours.

The half empty glass I held in my hand no longer contained anything I wanted, and the damp street outside didn't invite to any discoveries, so I made the only sensible decision I could make in the almost depressed state of mind I was in. I walked out into the illuminated night, feeling the small drops of rain against my face, but I didn't make any efforts to shield myself. I looked up, hoping that my wish for a star bright night would make the rain go away, but the sky remained black as I walked home. The apartment was in perfect condition, sparely furnished, the way it always looked when I got home.

I went through my evening routine as if I was a mindless robot, placing clothes in a certain place, in a certain place, in a certain order. Moving on to the bathroom where I urinated, flushed, washed my hands, brushed my teeth, flossed, washed my face and so on. With almost no thought at all, I was suddenly in bed, knowing that I had walked through the entire apartment, turning some lights off, others on for the night, while some were set to go on and off during the night with a timer. I laid down on my back, stretched out and let out a loud sigh of relief. The alarm clock on the nightstand was showing 11:42, and I closed my eyes. I wouldn't sleep before I had turned to lay on the side, but it was in my routine to lay on my back first, even though I didn't know why. I laid thinking of Angelica, how I wished that she would be back soon, so that I could gaze at her beauty.

My thoughts were shattered by the sharp sound of the telephone ringing next to my ear. Startled by the sound I reached for the receiver and answered.


"Yes you are."

The entire room was filled with vibrations when I heard her voice.


I had said her voice as if I had sighed of relief to hear that she was alive. The effect she had on me was amazing, even though she was thousands of miles away.

"Did I wake you, Todd."

"No, I had just laid down."

"So you are in bed? Good, and laying on your back?"

"Yes, so far."

"Good Todd, I only wish I were there to see you laying there in your boxers, and be able to stand at your feet and slowly dance before you. Would you like it if I danced for you?"

"Yes, I would."

My throat was beginning to feel dry, so I licked my lips while I awaited Angelica to speak.

"I've had such a good day today. Apart from finalizing a four year deal, I've also had the time to shop. I've found this elegant black dress with a rather simple cut. As soon as I saw it I simply knew that I had to have it. It shows off my right leg so exquisitely, I simply can't wait to show it to you. It's exactly what you want in a dress, the simple cut, the tight fit around my body, showing a little of my full bosom and of course my legs, but it also starts in a thin collar which I know you love so much. It will look so good together with the black heels that I have bought as well."

She suddenly paused, and whispered.

"I know you're getting horny from me describing the dress for you. Close your eyes Todd, your cock is getting hard from hearing my voice, isn't it? Just let it grow inside your cotton boxers, and think of me at your bed, slowly swaying from side to side. Can you see me, Todd? Can you feel the air vibrating from my presence?"

"Mmm." I silently replied.

"That's good, just lay still and watch me show off my new dress for you. Am I making you horny by dancing for you? Is your cock growing even more to a stiff pole in your boxers? It's starting to look like a small tent, eagerly awaiting your hand or would you prefer my lips around your cock?"

I couldn't help moaning at the thought.

"Do you like when I say cock? Cock, your big hard cock. Does that turn you on, Todd? I know it does, but it's a good feeling to be turned on by me, to be horny simply from listening to my voice. It's a good feeling to lay on your back with your hard cock standing before me. A very good feeling to show your cock for me as you keep watching me dance for you. I want you to be this way all the time, it's such a good feeling for me too, to know that you are so horny and unshamelessly showing yourself off to me."

She silenced for a while, before she continued with a different tone of voice.

"Todd, are you enjoying the way I have dominated you? Am I all you ever wanted in a woman, a dominant strong woman that can anticipate your every need, almost as if I was able to read your mind at times?"

"Yes Angelica, yes, oh yes."

"That's good, I want you to feel secure that I would never do anything to harm or humiliate you intentionally, only control you in such a way that your body is in heat from the moment you wake up until the moment you fall asleep delightfully exhausted from the lust I bring you. Do you remember how it all began with your own stories finding their way to me?"

For some reason the reminder of that mistake made me blush in my laid back position, and I found it difficult to answer her question even though I didn't find it a hard question to answer. I remembered the files I printed out ending up in the wrong printer, how I thought I had erased them, but how I had been proven wrong by the gorgeous and wicked woman.

"Yes, I remember."

"Do you see how it was your own subconscious mind that wished me to find them and initiate first contact with you? How your own mind betrayed you, but how rewarding it was that you stayed truthful and honest about your wishes. I want to keep rewarding you for your honesty, you know that is true. Just feel how your body is feeling so perfectly warm and relaxed in your bed while you are listening to me. Your cock, that naughty cock of yours, is screaming for attention inside your cotton boxers. Would you like to touch it?"

"Oh please, can I?"

My answer came from the heart, not from my mind. The eagerness in my voice had for certain given her all the signs of my predicament. Yet my hopes were still the same, that she would tell me that I could grab my hard shaft and jerk off while I panted out my pleasure before her.

"You know I will guide you. I love to listen to you while you stroke your naughty cock, but not yet. I want you to move your right hand to your right nipple and pinch it gently. I know you love that feeling, to caress and pinch your sensitive nipples. It makes your long cock even harder, doesn't it?"

"Yes Angelica, you know it does." I panted into the receiver that I now had secured between my ear and pillow.

"Yes I know Todd, but I love to hear you say it. I love to know that I can give you so this much pleasure, that your honesty allows me to. Just hearing your breath tells me that you are enjoying it so much. Now see how I turn around and show you my back and ass. See how much of my back the dress reveals, almost down to my wonderful ass that you love so much. Watch it as I dance for you, moving gracefully back and forth. Is my dance making you even harder than before, Todd?"

All my intentions were to speak up with a correct response, but to my amazement and shock all that came out from my mouth was something that would sound sophisticated only to a cavemen a couple of thousand years ago. The gargling sound sounded horrible, and returned the blush to my cheeks, but it didn't appear to mind to Angelica, who continued to tease my senses with her lovely voice.

"Yes you are, horny, needy and eager. Three such noble and wonderful qualities, in the hands of my expert hands, making you feel things you have never felt before. You've got such power in your body, and I'm here to show you what capacities you have. Horny, needy and eager, watching me as I dance for you. Would you like to see pull up the dress so you can watch my ass? Would that make you even more eager? Would that make you want to stroke your cock for me? Hmm, that big hard cock that's throbbing inside your boxers. Would you like to touch it for me?"

"Yes please Angelica, I would love to jerk off for you. Please let me."

I heard my own voice and I was almost afraid of the way I felt and how I expressed it. My cock was aching for attention, and just to hold it in my hand would be such a relief, to stroke it would be fabulous.

"Todd, are you begging me to let you stroke it? My, my, aren't we the horny one. Your cock will get what it deserves. All good comes to the one that waits, right? Move your left hand to your left nipple and pinch both of them for me."

As soon as I had raised my hand to my chest, I let out a loud grunting sound, because it felt so good to pinch and caress my nipples.

"That's it, feel how good it feels to watch my beautiful ass move back and forth. Watch my hands closely now. Do you see how I grab the thin fabric and pull it up? See how I slowly begin to show you more and more of my sexy long legs. Can you see it Todd? Do you want me to show you more? Would it make your cock harder if you got to see my ass?"

"Oh please let me, please Angelica."

"Yes Todd, you would grow harder and bigger from seeing my ass, and your mouth would water at the very sight of it. Caress your hard nipples with the palm of your hand. Just let your hands soar on top of them. That feels so good, doesn't it? To do as I tell you and the rewards that comes from obedience."

I could see her dancing gracefully before me, some distance from the bed, and feel her eyes upon me as I let me hands be guided by her voice. With floating motion over my chest, my hands moved slowly, scraping my nipples with light contact and I wasn't holding back my expressions to the wonderful sensation.

"You're so good Todd, so greedy for anything I offer you, and that hunger makes my pussy all wet. Would you be able to hold back if I came closer and let you see my wet cunt, or would you cum right away? Would it be to much if I showed you how wet I get from dominating you?"

I didn't know what to say. The very thought of her coming close to the bed and raise her dress high enough to reveal her pussy for me was a vision that exploded in my head. I was breathing heavily as if I had been out running for ages.

"Remove your left hand and place it on top of your cock. Don't grab it, just let the palm of your hand soar against the boxers as you are doing to your nipples. I know you want to grab your naughty cock, but you would come right away if you did, and I want you to enjoy this to the fullest, so just let the palm of your hand slide in circles over the top."

I moved my left hand and it felt so intense to finally feel the light touching of my cock head through the boxers. I could feel that there was a small wet stain already and moaned out as I felt how good it was to finally be permitted to touch myself.

"Yes, that's it. Slow circles, nice and slow, it feels so good, and you look so naughty laying there touching you stiff cock. Just look at me, see how I raise my dress for you, so that you get to see what you want to see, my beautiful ass. Just see how well my dress is showing it off, even though it's covering my ass, it really enhances the perfection of it. Gaze all you want, it's permitted to gaze at my ass, it just makes me feel so beautiful in your eyes. Watch me raise the dress some more. Do you think I'm wearing any panties or not?"

Her question startled me, but the thought of her uncovered ass and the sight of her pussy as she would lean forward was breathtaking, and she must have noticed how I stopped breathing for a moment.

"Oh yeah, you're wondering if I have panties on or not, and if I have, if they are sliding in between my lips and teasing my clit too. Nice boys don't get to know, but you're so naughty with your hard cock straight up, so you will get to see. Your hard cock is so powerful, and I know exactly what it needs, probably more than you know yourself. Your hard shaft needs a tight fit around it, and your cock head something wet that teases it with small but perfectly implemented motions. Do you feel the cum in your balls boiling? Oh they are so big and needy, grateful for the attention they will be getting. Just look at my ass while your cock head receives the worthy reward in the palm of your hand. The wet stain is getting bigger and bigger, making it easier to slide all around the head. It looks so good and nasty, I love having you this way."

"Oh God, it feels so good. Please let me take out my cock and stroke it, it's hurting ... in a good way."

"Yes Todd, it's such a sweet powerful pleasure that you are embracing, and I know that you long to grab your cock with a firm grip and let your hand slide up and down. You wouldn't hold back on me, but rather stroke it long and hard to salute me with your glistening thick white cum. Grab your cock through the boxers, and hold it absolutely still."

I didn't wait before my hand was tightly wrapped around my cock inside the boxer coating. I held it still, and watched her continue her dance. The full shape of her ass was showing, and she had no panties on her. That made my entire body shake in anticipation.

"Such a beautiful ass, and no irritating panties to remove either. This is what many men fear, a beautiful strong woman who knows what she wants, and isn't afraid to get it. I'm sexually dominant, but not in a harmful way. I'm more like a naughty caretaker, taking and receiving with the perfected control. This is what I offer, the sweetness of losing control but where you'll be perfectly safe. Isn't that what you want?"

"Yes Angelica, I absolutely want you to be in control, and I want to receive whatever you have planned for me. I'm safe in your hands, yet it's a bit scary to loose control."

"Undoubtedly so, you want the paradox though. You want to eat the cookie and still have it, and with me you can, over and over again. I'll make you cum when you least expect it, hold you off when you least expect it, and anticipate your every thought and sometime act differently then you might expect. Like now, when I tell you to remove both your hands and place them next to you."

"What?" slipped my lips when I moved away my hands from pleasuring the small selected zones on my body.

"It's alright, remember that you are safe with me. Do you see on the inside of your eyelids my naked ass? Now watch me turn around as the dress falls back in place. Just keep your eyes closed and look into my face. Don't you see how friendly I am, even though I'm totally controlling you?"

"Yes, you are right. Being without control in your presence feels safe, but I want so much...."

"You want to touch your cock, I know you do, but you feel so good right now even though you're not touching it. Just imagine what it would be like if I would climb into bed with you, and lean forward and stroke it for you. Would you be as eager to stroke it if I could do it for you instead?"

"You would?"

"I could. Would you cum hard if you felt my delicate fingers wrapped around your shaft? Todd, the wet stain on your boxers is showing that you would. Is that a dream of yours, to feel my hand slide up and down your hard cock until you're ready to explode?"

All of a sudden, being honest felt like a burden, and in shame I whispered silently.

"Yes Angelica."

"I know you dream of doing more than that with me, but is it possible that you are ashamed of admitting that you want to make love to a beautiful woman like me?"

It didn't matter what I tried to do, she always seemed to read my mind, and I sighed heavily as I began to admit to myself that I wasn't sure what I had done to deserve the one thing I had hoped for so much.

"Todd, just relax and count down from ten to one, slowly. Can you do that for me?"

"Ten... Nine... Eight... Seven..."

Suddenly I felt something against the inside of my thigh and I sat up and saw how Angelica was letting her ruby red fingernails run up my thigh. I had forgotten that she was away. My visions of her had been intense, but somewhere inside I had all along known that she wasn't there until now when she was. My eyes must have been as large as saucers, but she didn't wait for me to say anything. Instead she placed her hand on my chest and gently pushed me back into bed.

"Todd, I told you that I had planned something special for you, and here I am. I've been watching you since you got home, and you've certainly been just as naughty as I hoped you would be. You're cock looks so good, and the wet stain here is getting bigger."

She placed her index finger against the darker spot on my boxers and slowly let it run in circles. I couldn't help panting from her touch, and when I looked at her, she smiled back affectionately.

"Such a hard cock, eagerly awaiting to cum."

She leaned down against my raised pole and looked into my eyes as she whispered.

"Would you cum if I licked your balls, or sucked your cock with my soft, wet, lips?"

She let her tongue sweep over my boxers without touching, and I felt as if my entire body would break into atoms. I realized that the tension was so intense that I couldn't move. Every muscle in my body was tense, and I panted as she continued.

"Yes Todd, you would love to feel my mouth around your hard cock, wouldn't you? Just imagine what it would look like when I wrap my hand around the base of your cock and guide it in between my lips."

She let her tongue slide over her lips before she continued.

"How my pink tongue would lick the head and coat it with my saliva. Would you cum hard for me if I did that, Todd?"


"Yes you would, and I would suck you dry from all of your tasty cum while I let me fingers work your balls at the same time. Once you begin cuming you wouldn't stop until I have drained your balls from all of your juices. It would be so nasty to feel your cum slide down my throat and feel your cock throbbing between my lips."

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