tagSci-Fi & FantasyWishing: A Sex Genie Story Ch. 04

Wishing: A Sex Genie Story Ch. 04



Ruri slapped at Walt's chest in a playful manner as his shout had elicited some chuckles from the others waiting to board the train.

"Walt, you are such a Nerd."

Walt grinned "Well I guess it's a good thing I found a girl into Nerds then. Most aren't."

They filed in one by one, Walt halting at one point to let an elderly lady and her granddaughter go first. The granddaughter was a hot little thing. She looked to be twenty or so. Her black hair was luscious and her skin had a nice bronze tan. She had on a knee length grey skirt and a white blouse. Her legs were shapely and clad in dark panty hose and she had on a pair of two inch pumps.

The elderly lady smiled at Walt's chivalrousness and boarded. The granddaughter smiled too, but it was defiantly not at Walt's chivalrousness. Her eyes roamed him for a hungry second before seeing Ruri. There was a brief flash of envy and then disappointment.

"She..." Ruri's gaze was following the granddaughter as she boarded the train "doesn't think you are a nerd. In fact her thoughts should get her arrested."

Walt just shook his head at Ruri and turned towards the back of the train, but was slowed as Ruri was walking mostly backwards as her eyes were still locked on the granddaughter.

"Ruri, she is going to think you're a psycho girlfriend if you keep that up."

"Me psycho? Walt, if you knew just half the things that girl is thinking about doing to you... you'd call her a psycho."

"Ruri!" Walt wasn't sure if he was more surprised at the thought that Ruri was rooting around in the girls head or about what she had found there.

"Hold on Walt, I'm leaning some interesting things here. Trust me, you'll benefit from this later."

Walt turned her head towards him, breaking her line of sight, and kissed her. Their lips parted and Walt looked her in the eye. "There is nothing you need to learn to please me. You please me just because you're you."

Ruri pointed "I think this is us."

Walt looked at the cabin door. "Yep it is." Walt opened the door and they found a small, but nice cabin. It had a bench seat and a fold out table. The window was open but had some curtains that would give them some privacy.

"Trading in the plane ticket for a train cabin was a great idea." Ruri was looking around the cabin's small bathroom.

"Yeah, I don't like to fly much anyway. Besides the flight was full and a train is a bit more private."

Walt wrapped his arms around Ruri and pulled her close. Her lips were sweet and warm and Walt gently lifted her up to carry her to the bunk. Walt grimaced as his back gave a twinge of complaint. Ruri immediately picked up on it.

"Walt. Please reconsider. You're still very weak from the other day. You need to recharge your reserves...." Walt's face took on a disapproving look.

"Ruri, I told you last night that I don't want anything to do with that. I am not going to eat somebody's Soul!"

Ruri's voice took on a patient but frustrated tone. "Walt, you are the most handsome and loving Master a Genie could ask for, but you can be so hard headed sometimes." Ruri shook her head at him. "I never should have mentioned how Sorcerer's regain their strength. It isn't the same as what you can do, Master."

Ruri wrung her hands in frustration as she tried to think of how to word her explanation."Every human gives off energy, and interaction between humans, especially intense emotion, creates vast amounts of energy. It is a natural byproduct of life. Most people don't even realize that this energy is around them."

Ruri started to pace back and forth and Walt had the sudden thought that she would look insanely sexy in a school girl outfit.

"Sorcerers have learned to store and use this energy to affect the world. When their energy stores are low they have to replace it. Sorcerers can't absorb this energy naturally and must take it directly from someone, usually resulting in that person's death. You on the other hand can absorb this energy because of your status as a champion... "

"Alright you've made your point. Sit down before you wear a path in the floor." Ruri frowned at him but did indeed stop her pacing.

"So how do I... absorb energy?"

Ruri had a wicked little smile on her adorable face and Walt had a feeling he already knew the answer to the question.

"It's easy Master. You have sex."

Walt smacked the palm of his hand against his forehead in an "I could have had a V8" gesture. "I should have guessed. Wait, if it's that simple why haven't I recharged? I've been having plenty of sex with you, haven't I?"

Ruri shook her head. "I'm a Genie. Our energies are incompatible. The only intimacy that you have experienced since draining yourself was with Sarah."

Walt thought about this for a moment. "So you're saying that if I keep using these powers I am going to have to sleep with other women to keep from depleting myself?"

Ruri nodded "Other women, other guys, it doesn't matter. It's the intimate contact that gives you access to the energy."

Walt just shook his head "Well, other women I can deal with, but other guys... I don't swing that way."

"Champions have always absorbed energy by way of their nature. There was one back in ancient Greece that could only absorb energy while debating philosophy."

"So my nature is to have sex?" Ruri laughed again. "In a roundabout way, yes, because of the bond we share. Otherwise your nature is kindness. In fact you can absorb energy that way too, but it's not as effective because of the bond."

"So I regain energy by fucking and random acts of kindness?"

He sat down as Ruri came over and put an arm around her waist. He pulled her close and rested his forehead against her flat stomach. "I need to think about this."

Ruri caressed his hair in a gesture of understanding. "Do you want to be alone?"

He tightened his grip on her a bit but loosened it a second later. "Yeah, I think I need some rest."

"Do you mind if I explore the train then?"

Walt pushed her back with a laugh. "You're like a big kid, you know that?"

"Technically, Master I am only four days old."

Walt groaned "That just doesn't sound right. I don't mind if you explore, but stay out of trouble. Please."

Ruri's face became angelic "Me?" she said, her voice incredulous. "Why I am a perfect little angel." As she closed the door to the cabin, Walt was sure he saw the horns holding up the halo.


Walt couldn't sleep. His head pounded and his body ached. Maybe Ruri was right about needing to replenish his energy. Walt sighed, it wasn't like he would hurt anyone, and it was sex. Walt couldn't lie to himself, he was very interested in sex. He could be content with Ruri for the rest of his life, but if she was encouraging him to sleep with others why shouldn't he.

Walt heard the cabin door open, Ruri must have finished exploring. Walt stopped and revisited that thought. Ruri had only been gone for ten minutes. Either she wasn't that interested, which Walt would bet money was not the case, or she was more worried about him then she was letting on.

"Ruri, you don't have to worry so much, I'll be fine. You're right and I should listen to you more often." Something odd occurred to Walt then. Ruri hadn't spoken or even made a sound, and it felt wrong. Walt turned toward her and opened his eyes.

Walt's eyes widened. The woman standing over him was not Ruri, and if the knife in her hand was any indication, she was not friendly either.

Walt rolled as the knife came down. He fell off the bunk and into the woman's legs. She tried to kick him but his mass took her feet out from under her. She fell into the bunk and Walt heard the knife skitter away. Walt had pushed himself to his knees before she had regained herself. She flung herself at him, her nails raking at his eyes. He managed to grab her wrists before she could blind him.

Walt finally got a good look at her. She was pretty, with dark hair and tan skin. She was about five foot nine inches and one hundred and twenty-five pounds. Her lips were a rosy red, and her eyes were a deep sea green, bereft of any emotion or mercy.

Walt didn't think about it, he just jumped into her mind.


Walt found himself staring at the field of a ravaged mind. Whatever this girl had been before was gone. All that was left were skills and experiences, but there was no individuality. No independence, just obedience. It was the most awful act he had ever seen.

Walt wanted to vomit.

Dark tendrils of energy descended from the blackened sky and wrapped around the few landmarks that were left of her psyche. Walt could feel the foreign power of these tendrils and knew they needed to be dealt with if he was going to help her in any way. Walt steeled his resolve and got to work.


Walt blinked as his mind returned to his own body. He was still holding the woman's wrists, but she no longer struggled against him. She stood stock still, her eyes staring blankly.

Walt felt a wave of exhaustion wash over him and his legs buckled. He released the woman before he could bring her down on top of himself.

Ruri would pick that moment to come back to the cabin. "Walt! My Gods! What happened?" She bent to Walt and cradled his head. "Walt, you shouldn't have done that. You were already weak."

Walt smiled faintly. "Had to. Couldn't leave her that way."

Ruri looked up at the woman and Walt saw her eyes flash. Then she spoke and her voice held a tone of command that he hadn't heard before. "Kneel down here now." The woman did as she was told, no complaint, no hesitation.

Ruri unzipped Walt's fly and fished his cock out of his pants. She grabbed the woman by the hair and guided her to Walt's shaft. "Suck it."

Walt didn't protest, even though he wanted to, as the woman's red lips slid over his cockhead. Walt felt a jolt of pleasure run through him. Until that moment, Walt hadn't realized just how horny he was. His cock went from hard to "rock hard" to "careful girl or you'll chip a tooth" hard. Waves of pleasure rolled over him as the woman's head bobbed up and down.

The blowjob was exquisite. At Ruri's direction the woman would use her tongue to swirl over the tip on the upstroke and as she started on the down stroke she would swallow against his shaft. Together the combination was quickly bringing him over the top.

Walt grunted as he came in the woman's mouth. It dribbled out and down her chin as Ruri pulled the woman's head from Walt's lap. "Stand." Again the woman complied without objection. Ruri reached up and with deft movements she had the woman's belt undone and her tight pants unfastened.

"Take them off."

Walt, just now recovering from his climax, was feeling better. His head had stopped pounding, it had receded to a very dull roar in the back of his mind, and his body had stopped aching. Walt noticed one more thing that was surprising; he was still hard and still horny.

Ruri had the woman mount him as she guided him into her. The woman was tight, really tight. Walt grunted as she started to grind her hips against him at Ruri's direction. Walt wasn't content to let Ruri just run the show. He made a wish that removed her pants and pulled her over to straddle his head, and started to kiss her. First he started with her left inner thigh, traveling cross her panty clad labia to her right. He traversed again, but lingered on her pussy. He kissed and gently nipped at Ruri through her panties and was rewarded with moans and yips of pleasure.

The woman was riding him hard now, slamming down on him with abandon. Her face reflected the pleasure her body was experiencing and Walt could hear a few sub-vocalized exclamations from her, yet her eyes remained blank and thoughtless. It was a bit disconcerting.

Walt shifted Ruri's panties to the side and attacked her hot wet core with his tongue. Ruri let out a gasp and pressed her hips into him. Walt wrapped his arms around her hips to give himself some leverage. He continued to eat her out as the woman rode him closer to release. Walt crossed his tongue over Ruri's clit and felt the little nubbin harden and swell. He latched on to it, forming an "O" around it with his lips, and started to suck on it.

Ruri let out a little scream as he did. She started to massage her breast with one hand while holding onto the woman with the other. She started to buck her hips and squirm, this just made Walt suck harder.

Ruri screamed as her orgasm slammed through her. She clamped her thighs down on Walt and shuddered. This triggered Walt and he shot his load deep into the woman. Ruri relaxed, and stuttered a bit as she ordered the woman to stop and get off of Walt, Ruri did as well.

Walt just laid there for a minute. He could feel the energy coursing through him, taking care of the small aches and pains. His headache was completely gone and he felt better than ever. He still felt tired, but it was a natural tiredness that sleep would fix.

Ruri, too, seemed a bit tired, and the woman was actually swaying on her feet. Worry hit Walt, had he taken too much? "Ruri, is she alright?" Ruri looked at her and nodded. "She'll be fine. Nothing a little sleep won't solve."

Walt released his worry, trusting Ruri to be right. He laid the woman down on the bench and told her to sleep. She immediately closed her eyes and her breathing became steady and rhythmic. Walt checked her mind one more time. It was still as blank and ravaged as the first time he had seen it. At least the tendrils were gone. Walt covered her with a blanket and then joined Ruri on the bunk and they all slept.


Walt awoke to the stirrings of the woman. She was starting to thrash in her sleep and was tangled in the blanket. Walt went to her. He placed a hand on her head and on her flat stomach to keep her from falling off the bench. Walt peeked into her mind, and to his dismay, the tendrils had started to take hold again. They were tenuous and few in number but growing stronger. Walt took a second to again sever the tendrils. It took less energy this time as he did. Either it was because they were weaker than before or because he didn't have to figure out how to do it this time.

Stepping back to himself, Walt considered what to do. It was obvious that the tendrils were controlling her and were responsible for the condition of her mind. Also whoever her controller was he wanted Walt dead.

"Ruri? You awake?" Ruri sat up. "Yes Master." Walt looked back at her. Somehow she had lost her top during the nap. Her breasts where unencumbered by a bra and Walt licked his lips at the sight of the perky pink nipples. "What do you make of this?" he gestured at the woman's head.

Ruri's eyes hardened. "She's a Thrall."

Walt's brow drew together. "What's a Thrall?"

"It's a person who has had their free will completely subverted. They are mindless and totally obedient. Sorcerers have a tendency to collect Thralls and it is one of the ways they are tracked down. Taking a Thrall inevitably leaves a trail, as most Sorcerers are indiscriminate. Some are smarter and take Thralls from where they will not be missed, but they all screw up at some point and are noticed. It has led to the deaths of many a Sorcerer."

"What happens to the Thrall once the Sorcerer dies? Do they regain their free will?"

Ruri grimaced a bit. "Without someone to control them they die."

Walt was shocked. "They fucking die? Kill the Sorcerer or cut them off and they just..." he made a sweeping gesture across his throat.

Ruri nodded. "Yes."

"Then why hasn't she died?" he indicated the woman. "I severed her connection to whoever was controlling her. Yet she lives."

Ruri smiled "They don't die immediately. I meant that because they don't have anyone to control them they will do nothing. They won't eat unless told to, they won't sleep, use the bathroom... They just waste away and die."

Walt looked frustrated. "I can't accept that. I won't accept that. Can't I give her back her free will or something?"

"You can't give free will. A Major Djinn wouldn't even be able to do that. Only the Great Spirit has that power. A Thrall can be programmed, at that point they are referred to as Vassal, and they will carry out any instructions, even after the death of their programmer, but will slip into a depression and eventually die without his presence. There have been attempts to reprogram Vassals in the past, all have resulted in failure."

Walt thought for a bit. "What if I controlled her? Could I program her? Would it be evil if I did?"

"Sure. You have the ability. As for the morality of it... you're not the one who took away her free will, Djinn's equate that with murder by the way, so there is no wrong in it."

"I'm going to try. Can you show me the basics?"

"I'm sorry Master, but I don't know how."

Walt took a second to think on that. "I wish I had the knowledge to program a Thrall."

"A good try Master, but it's not a sexual wish or a wish that falls within the things I am allowed to teach you about your powers, and actually comes close to knowledge that I am forbidden to teach you."

"Why is it forbidden?"

"I am sure it is because it is too dangerous, as only a Sorcerer would want to create Vassels."

"Ok, I can accept that, but I have a counter argument. I need the knowledge to deny Sorcerers any further use of Thralls that they create and to continue the attempts to reprogram Vassals."

"I will have to check on that."

Ruri stared for a minute with blank eyes and Walt had the smallest inkling that she was having a conversation in her head. She blinked a few times and her grin was huge when she came back to herself.

"You are a very clever Master, Master." Her eyes flashed. Walt felt a tingling in his mind and then knowledge was just there.

"You now have the basics of programming a Vassal, but are only allowed to use it in the course of freeing a Thrall or Vassal."

Walt nodded. He looked at the woman again and he had made his decision. He stepped into her mind once more.


Walt found himself back in the woman's ravaged mind, and again he saw the leading strands of the dark tendrils beginning to take hold. Walt was dismayed, "These things just don't give up." He again severed them and scattered them to oblivion. Walt then set out to program her.

It wasn't an easy task to begin with and with what Walt had in mind the task became extremely difficult. Walt hadn't set out to just program a slave, he wanted to give as much back to this woman as possible.

First he started to dig in the rubble, bringing up any parts of her original mind that he could find. There was quite a bit of it left and this was very encouraging to Walt. It took a while to uncover everything that was salvageable and Walt had to stop several times to again repel the tendrils.

By the fifth attack Walt was getting annoyed. Inspiration hit Walt and he went about setting up his idea. The next time the tendrils attempted to invade, they hit a shield that protected the entirety of her mind. It wasn't a powerful shield, just enough to stop them for a minute or two while the second layer of defense kicked in.

The turrets Walt had set up tracked and fired on the offending tendrils. Lances of pure energy tore the tendrils to shreds as they flailed against the shield. The turrets went silent as the tendrils withdrew hastily. Walt, extremely proud of himself, returned to programming the mind he was in.

He was able to salvage most of her original personality and skill sets. What he wasn't able to salvage he replaced with what he thought would work best. Unless it was damaged or missing, Walt went about his work without prying into her memories.

It didn't take long for Walt to feel the fatigue of his exertions. He was about to step out for a bit of rest and a recharge when the fatigue suddenly lessened. After several minutes he felt ready to get back to work. It was curious but unimportant at the moment. He was just glad he didn't have to start over as he would have if he had stepped out.

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