tagFetishWith My Best Friend's Mom Ch. 04

With My Best Friend's Mom Ch. 04


I was through my first month at school when I first started to really think about the crazy summer that had just passed. I had never in my life ever looked back on anything with any sort of perspective. Now I was. I felt a tinge of sadness about my behavior with Kimberly and Lois. Obviously Kimberly had her demons as did Lois as did in some ways so did I.

In addition to the perspective I involved myself in was that I also had a raging case of horniness. I would get flashbacks of primarily Lois with those long legs and then a little of Kimberly spread on her kitchen table. I was always jerking off and I always did so in a stall of the men's room located near my doom room.

It was becoming difficult to really consider having sex with any of the girls at school. They all sounded the same. They all dressed the same. They were either giggly and whinny or both. The focus of their attention was their cell phones. Maybe it was me. My experiences with Lois and then Kimberly had shown new light on the possibilities and plusses of being with older women. I liked the no bullshit and no prisoners' attitude that Lois and then Kimberly had displayed. I never felt used. I just felt overwhelmed.

Why I had the sudden case of guilt and remorse while I was with Kimberly I did not know or understand. Maybe I was not used to so much attention from women. I may have had a sense of guilt over the sudden embarrassment of riches. I do not know. If I had to do it all over again I just would have continued fucking both of them. I mean I knew I was going away to school and no one would have known. These women were not looking for a husband. I do not specifically know what they wanted aside from a young and hard cock. I sensed maybe that there was more but I could not be sure.

But then the news that Kimberly and her husband had put the house up for sale because Kimberly was pregnant cast a temporary pall on my memories. I would try to forget that. I also did not want to deal with the fact that Lois also had become pregnant and then lost her baby. I did not want to deal with those parts of my summer experiences. That part of my summer was permanently in my rear view mirror.

My first trip home was for Thanksgiving. I was able to get an early flight out of Boston on the Tuesday prior to Thanksgiving. Bobby got a flight later in the day and that was a relief as his mother was going to pick him up at the airport. I mean I was actually scared at the prospect of seeing her. My father picked me up and my reception at home was great. It was nice to be home sleeping in my own bed and having an unrestricted access to a refrigerator that had food in it. Bobby got home late the same night and called me the next afternoon. We chatted and he said he would meet up with me the same night as we planned on having a bite to eat together. He picked me up and we went out to the house of one of his old girlfriends. They had stayed in touch but had not had any romantic feelings for each other in a long time. There were six other kids from my graduating class there and we all went out together to a diner for something to eat. One of the kids there was Leslie Johannson. I had taken her to the prom the night that Lois and I first got together. It was nice to see her. She looked a lot hotter than I remembered. She had on a tight pair of jeans and she was very friendly. We exchanged e-mail addresses and promised to keep in touch. Bobby dropped me off at about midnight and we parked in front of my house and talked before I got out. I had never mentioned Kimberly Williams after he gave me the news at school. He mentioned that for whatever reason the Williams house had been taken off the market. He did not mention any pregnancy. I did not ask him about it. I asked him how his parents were doing and he said his mother looked and sounded upbeat. He said that she actually looked younger and happier than she had when he left for school. He said she did ask about how I liked school. I could feel my face start to get red when he told me that.

He wanted to see me on Thanksgiving and I agreed to drive over after dinner. My family eats dinner on that day at 1:00 P.M. He asked me to come over after I had dessert and then we could watch the Cowboys play as their game started at about 3:30 P.M. I was a little nervous but agreed.

My family Thanksgiving was uneventful. I ate far too much as my mother remarked that I looked like I had lost weight. She kept on trying to feed me more turkey. My sister said I looked the same.

I drove to Bobby's house and was greeted by his mother and father as well as a couple of the Shaw's old friends the Jacksons. Renata Jackson had gone to college with Lois. She was a paralegal in a law office. She originally was from Germany. Her husband Gerald on occasion had gone fishing with Bernard Shaw. They had no children. Renata was a petite woman of about five feet in height. She did not fit the typical mold of large boned German women. She had what appeared to me to be large breasts. She had a very small waist and her butt looked firm and shapely. She had blond hair and brown eyes. She had what I would call a mischievous smile. She had a black pants suit on with black pumps.

Before walking into the Shaw home I did notice that there were cars at the Williams home. It appeared that there was company there. I did not see a For Sale sign in front of their home.

Every one was extra nice to me at the Shaw home. Any concerns about being around Lois disappeared. She was very smiley and appeared to be happy to see me. They all had eaten dinner and Lois and Mrs. Jackson were in the kitchen cleaning up and getting dessert ready. Mrs. Shaw looked especially radiant. She had done something with her hair. It was different. She had lightened it and she had changed her hair style. Her clothes were not so old lady like. She had a pair of medium height pumps on that were green in color. She had on a green knee length dress and wore makeup and red lipstick. She wore an apron while she was clearing up the dishes and was preparing the dessert. She had on a neutral shade of stockings. I was not sure whether she had on pantyhose or was wearing a garter belt. I thought it best not to ask. I made a conscious effort not to leer at her legs. Looking at her legs briefly brought back memories. I thought about her legs wrapped around my face and back and my cock plunging in and out of her pussy. I had to stop as my mind was going to dangerous places once again.

We watched the game in the living room and the dessert was coordinated with halftime. I had already eaten dessert at home but I made room. It was served in the dining room. Mr. and Mrs. Jackson had brought for dessert a homemade apple pie and two bottles of Schnapps that they had purchased in Germany while on a recent visit to Mrs. Jackson's family. I did not care for the taste of the Schnapps but Lois asked Bobby if he wanted to try it and he did and he liked it. He had a few glasses of it and then we watched the second half of the game. I also noticed that Mr. and Mrs. Jackson were doing a good job on the Schnapps as was Lois and Mr. Shaw.

I was seated on the floor of the living room watching the game when I glanced to me left. At this time Bobby was lying on the living room floor and was on his stomach watching the game. He appeared to be a little out of it from the schnapps and was smiling at no one in particular and for no apparent reason. The Jacksons were seated together with Mr. Jackson seated at one end of the sofa. Mr. Shaw was seated next to Roberta and he looked like he was ready to doze off. On the opposite end from Mr. Jackson and next to Mr. Shaw was Lois. As I glanced in her direction she looked at me with what appeared to be lust. Her legs were crossed but she was dangling one of her shoes on the end of her foot. She was licking her lips as she gazed in my direction. My pulse rate jumped and I quickly left her gaze and looked at the game. I felt her eyes drilling a hole in the side of my head. That cock of mine was trying to make an appearance. Fortunately I was seated and could control its display.

The game ended and the Jacksons stayed for a while. I went upstairs to use the bathroom and after doing so and washing my hands I opened the door to the bathroom and was surprised to see Renata Jackson standing just outside the door. She had an odd look on her face as if she was ready to say something. I basically had spoken to her very little since being introduced to her only hours earlier. I was walking out of the bathroom and she tried to squeeze in the doorway at the same time. Her breasts were at below my chest level. We both stopped and I guess I had a startled look on my face as I looked down at her. She smiled and she grabbed my neck with one hand and reached up and kissed me and tried to put her tongue in my mouth. I initially did nothing and she pressed against me. Her other hand found my crotch area and because of Lois and her dangling foot, it did not take long for my cock to get hard. She smelled a little of the schnapps on her breath but her taste was not unpleasant. She really could kiss. She had great lips and I returned the kiss licking her mouth. She raised one of her legs and rubbed it against my leg as if she was going to climb me as if I were a tree. This was the first kiss and first woman I had gotten this close to since the night with Kimberly. We were there for about thirty seconds. I had one of my hands against her very full breasts and one hand around her tight little butt and I pulled her against me. She was grinding against me. I broke off the kiss. Her lipstick was smeared. She looked at me for a moment and excused herself as she walked into the bathroom. She took a tissue and wiped my mouth with it. She then handed me a business card with her name on it and whispered for me to call her cell phone number on it and said nothing more. She smiled and closed the bathroom door and I walked down the stairs totally befuddled.

I got ready to leave. Bobby did not look well as the schnapps had really hit him hard. I do not know how many glasses he had of the stuff but he apologized and went to bed. Renata came down the stairs and said nothing and did not provide any little cutesy clues as to what had just occurred. Not long afterward the Jacksons left and Mr. Shaw went to bed.

I was ready to leave when Lois pulled me to the side and asked to me to stay. I expressed to her how sorry I was about the loss of her child. She thanked me. My instincts told me to leave. For some reason the same feeling I experienced with Kimberly returned. I felt sad and guilty and I became agitated. I stayed. We sat in the kitchen and talked. I told her the way I felt. I told her that I was so fearful about causing problems in her marriage as well as to my life but that I always seemed to jump at any opportunity that she presented. I told her that I was not sure I could maintain any type of relationship with her but that she still turned me on. She said she understood. She apologized for making me feel uncomfortable. She became tearful. She said that part of her felt guilt about what we had done. However there was another part that was not guilty and was needy. She said she missed me and wanted to still see me when we could.

While speaking to me she ran her hands over my crotch and she leaned forward and kissed me. I returned the kiss. She pulled me to me feet and stood me at the top of the cellar stairs near the back door. She then walked down two steps and then faced me. Down came my pants and underwear and her mouth sucked my cock all the way down her throat. She sucked and had my cock in and out of her mouth slowly at first and then with a real desperation. I lasted maybe two minutes. When I came I was looking at her face and I could see the surprise in her eyes as my load was one for the record books. She stared at me while she swallowed and gulped. I could hear her gulping and swallowing as the streams and spurts made their way into her pretty mouth and down to her stomach. I held the back of her head to make sure none of my come leaked out. She did not pull her mouth off of me until I had started to get soft. She seemed to savor my come and seemed to hold some of it in her mouth before swallowing.

We both heard a sound from upstairs and then Bobby's voice could be heard asking for his mother. Evidently he was sick and wanted an antacid. She kissed me quickly and then she made her way from the steps and then towards the living room. I pulled up my underwear and pants and quietly walked out of the rear door.

I walked to the driveway facing the Williams home. It appeared to be dark with the exception of the family room. There was a light possibly from a television on and I swore I saw some movement in that room as I turned to walk down the driveway towards the street and my car. I had walked about thirty feet towards the street when I heard a loud whisper that said, "Danny!" I froze and looked towards the sound.

It was Kimberly and she walked quickly from the side entrance of her home. It was nearly pitch black where I stood. I was trembling and wondering what she wanted. She walked up to me. She initially said nothing. From up close it appeared that she was trembling. She moved closer.

She asked me how I was doing. I said that I as okay. Words came out of my mouth. Those words were a heartfelt apology for what had occurred. I told her that I was very sorry for my behavior. I told her that I was just overcome about what was going on in my life at the time and that I was not an experienced person with regards to relationships or how to care for another person. I told her that my prime motivation was always sex and that I had real difficulty in keeping those feelings under wraps especially under the circumstances that had presented themselves to me.

She asked me for a hug. She then said to me she was sorry for her behavior. She said that she took advantage of the fact that I was a young guy and her behavior was way off. She wanted to know if we could be "friends."

I said we could. I told her I had heard that she was going to move. She said those rumors as well as the rumors of her being pregnant were started by somebody (as she looked at the Shaw house) but that there was no truth to any of it.

I was ready to leave. Kimberly would not let go. She grabbed my face and kissed me. I kissed her back. My cock got hard as if by magic. I asked where her husband was and she said on his computer. We both looked towards the Shaw's garage. We giggled and crept around the side of her house and then around the backside of the garage and then through the side door. It was so dark but there was some familiarity to the place so I knew where to go. She had on a housecoat and slippers. I picked her up and placed her on the tool bench. She felt so light in my arms. I looked for her pussy. She had a thong on so I pulled it to the side. My pants went down to my ankles with my underwear not far behind. I leaned over and gave her pussy a quick lick and then placed the head of my cock into this incredibly tight pussy. She moaned so loud I placed my hand across her mouth. I pushed until my head finally cleared her entrance and her juices took over. I pushed and had a great angle. She whispered that she could not believe how deep my cock felt inside of her. I did not want to linger. I fucked her hard and fast and within about five minutes I got ready. I picked her up and held her impaled on my cock as I came. I was surprised how much I spurted given that I had my cock sucked so well less than a half hour before. We kissed and after I softened I let her down. My come evidently ran down her legs as she tried to catch it with her hands. One more kiss and we crept out into the night. She snuck towards her home and I got into my car shell shocked and went home.

I slept like a baby and did not get up until 11:00 A.M. I got up had some cereal and took a shower and tried to make sense of any of it. It is as if I had awakened one day and landed on Planet Pussy. Rather than get all melancholy I decided to keep my options opened. I mean it felt better to feel good than to feel bad.

Everyone was out of my house by the time I got up. Bobby called and said he was going to stay in bed for the rest of his life as the hangover from the schnapps had given him the headache from hell as well as the runs. I told him I would talk to him the next day.

Just for the hell of it I called the cell phone number for Renata Jackson. She answered the phone. She said she was at work alone. I asked her for the reason for the kiss at the Shaw home the day before. She said she could not explain it but just went with her instincts. She said she saw me looking at Mrs. Shaw's legs and figured I was a horny guy. She said that if she had worn a skirt then she would have been the one I would have looked at. I did not ask her about her marriage as I did not care. She did not volunteer it. She worked for a law firm near a mall that I was familiar with. She asked me if I was free to visit her at work. She said she was alone because it was a holiday. She told me to call on her cell phone when I arrived. I got dressed and looked in the mirror and still had trouble figuring it all out.

The mall was a twenty minute drive and I used my father's car as he was out with my sister and mother and must have used my sister's car. I left a note for them.

I arrived at the building. There was a black Mercedes parked in the lot that I figured belonged to Renata and I parked near it. I called and went to the rear entrance of the building. Renata appeared. She had on a black turtleneck sweater with a pair of probably too tight jeans. She let me in and we walked a few feet. She stopped and turned around and kissed me and said she just wanted to fuck. She did not want any conversation. We went to her office. I pulled off her top and then she took off her bra. She had gorgeous tits with large nipples and a tiny waist. Her black silk panties came off. She looked like someone that I could have spent hours with on a bed just sucking and fucking. I sat her on the desk and was going to taste her when she stopped me and said she preferred to be fucked in her ass. Out of nowhere a tube a KY appeared. She spread it on her backside and then on my cock. She bent over away from me and I slipped my cock rather easily into her butt. It was a different experience for me. It was tight and hot and surprisingly flexible. I was not the first here but who cared? I rode her like a jockey at the Kentucky Derby. For some reason I was not anxious to come. My cock made its way to my balls and then back and from side to side. She was playing with her clit as she suddenly screamed something in German and then went limp. As she did so I held onto her hips and shot my load. There was little to say to each other afterwards. Out of her pocketbook she pulled out a hundred dollar bill and gave it to me. For her this was like a business deal. I guess I could have been offended but I was not. I took it. She said she wanted to see me when I came home for the holidays. She walked me out to the door and I drove home after dropping a load and picking up a hundred. Not a bad day if I said so myself.

I went home. Lois called me on my cell phone. She wanted to chat. She whispered that she was horny and needed me. I told her I had plans. She sounded disappointed. Fortunately she must not have known about Kimberly and me in her garage as that would have pissed her off for sure.

I met Bobby and we went to the house of Leslie Johannson and just hung out and watched television. Leslie was looking good. There were just the three of us there and then her parents came in and we all talked for awhile. At about midnight we got ready to leave. A nice touch was when Leslie gave me a kiss before I left. She smelled edible and her lips were like soft pillows. She said she wanted to see me during the holiday break the next month. Things were looking good.

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