tagLesbian SexWith Strings Attached Ch. 02

With Strings Attached Ch. 02


Alice's mind was lost and spinning from all of the emotions and feelings she was experiencing. Here she was bound to the back of a girl on a bike and no underwear. It was scary but at the same time Alice was happy she could not see anything during the ride. With the air flowing past the bike she felt her ass must have been exposed for the entire trip and it was cold enough that by the time they stopped her legs were num.

Alice breathed a sigh of relief as her hands where freed and she was able to remove the helmet. Looking at her surroundings Alice knew they were in a wealthier suburb and Nicole's house was huge, Kim was right Nicole was loaded. As she moved to get off the bike Alice felt the wetness of the seat. During the ride over she had forgotten how excited she was and now realized that she left a fair amount of juice on the bikes leather seat. Alice was frozen with embarrassment; all she could do was stare at the seat.

As Nicole dismounted the bike she noticed Alice's trance and looked to she the item that had her attention. Nicole looked at the seat and smiled. Alice's trance was broken when she saw Nicole finger slide across the seat and placed it in her mouth. Nicole winked at Alice as she pulled her finger from her mouth.

"Come puppet," said Nicole as she reached out and took Alice's hand.

They entered the house and Alice was lead to the sofa in the living room. With a smile on her face Nicole placed an old blanket on the cushions and patted the top signaling Alice to sit down. Alice was mortified by the act and just took a seat on the blanket and looked at her hands sitting on her lap. Nicole placed her hands on either side of Alice's head and turned it to face her. To her horror Alice saw Nicole moving in for another kiss.

In a state of panic Alice reached up and grabbed Nicole's wrists and tilted her head down to avoid the kiss.

"Do I have to get the handcuffs back out puppet," inquired Nicole in a stern voice.

Alice just wanted to go home and hide. She did not want to kiss Nicole and she definitely did not want to be handcuffed again. Thinking of her situation just reminded Alice that she was stuck and had to go along with whatever Nicole wanted, and if she wanted to kiss she would kiss. At least it would keep the dreaded handcuffs away.

Alice raised her head and dropped her hands. "No ma'am, it's just that I do not have much experience kissing," Alice meekly replied.

"Well not to worry puppet," said Nicole. "By the time I through with you, you will know exactly how to make the experience pleasurable for your partner." With that she leaned in and proceeded to press her lips tightly to Alice's.

Alice felt that the kissing and groping was going on for hours. Given the night she had she didn't really care what Nicole wanted to do so long as she did not have to think about it. It was easier just being her puppet, that way she did not have to take responsibility for any of her actions.

"See puppet, life with me is not that bad," said Nicole as she continued to rub Alice's thigh.

All Alice could do was just sit their thinking about that hand and how she wanted it off and how good it felt to have it on. However she know the answer she had to give but could not bring myself to say it. Turning her head to face Nicole she could only smile and nod.

Nicole just smiled at the answer and then looked down at Alice's legs. "I just love that contrast in your personality. On the one hand you like to show off," Nicole stated as she slowly lifted Alice's skirt and proceeded to play with her clitoris.

All Alice could do was close her eyes and push her hands into the couch at her sides. She wanted Nicole to stop but it felt so good and she was afraid of the consequences if she tried. However Nicole's other hand grasping her chin and turning her face to meet her gaze interrupted her internal conflict, only inches away all Alice could do was look into her eyes like some sort of sick puppy.

"And on the other you seem so unsure so new to all this."

Alice could only nod again.

Nicole smiled once more and leaned in for another kiss.

Alice just closed her eyes and accepted the kiss. She was on autopilot and simply went along with anything Nicole wanted. When Nicole started to press her tongue against Alice's mouth she willingly accepted it and spread her legs to give Nicole better access. As the kiss and group continued Nicole became more daring and more demanding. Alice was at a loss as to how to stop the assault until the moment was broken when Nicole's fingers probed a little too deep and Alice let out a gasp and broke the kiss.

"Sorry puppet," said Nicole removing her hands from Alice's body. "Sometimes I just loose control. However it is good to know you trust my lead."

Alice didn't trust her lead she didn't have a choice. Looking down Alice could only straighten her skirt.

"I tell you what we both need to cool off a little," stated Nicole. "Why don't you go into the bathroom over there and fix your make-up while I go upstairs and get a few things."

Nicole did not wait for a reply. She just got up from the couch and proceeded to walk to the stairs. Alice felt relived. For the first time since meeting Nicole she was alone. Alice immediately got up and started to walk around the room. However Alice's relief was only short lived. She my have been alone but she was anything but free. She was in a strange house with no easy way to get home. She could not call anyone because she did not have her cell phone. And even if she did use a phone whom would she call, her parents where out of town and Kim would certainly not be answering her calls. Then what of Susan? She was the reason Alice was there in the first place. If she left her parents would then be in deep trouble. Feeling once again trapped with no way out Alice slowly walked to the bathroom to freshen up her make-up for her 'girlfriend.'

Alice took her time, she didn't know if Nicole's parents were home and she didn't want them coming down and meeting her like this. As she finished with her make-up she fluffed her hair and started her return to the living room.

At first she thought she beat Nicole, but then heard some noise coming from the basement. Alice quietly walked down the steps and let out a gasp as she saw what Nicole was doing.

"Excellent job puppet, you look as beautiful as when I first saw you, just keep in mind that I expect this level of beauty from you at all times. Even when you are not expecting to see me, I want everyone to see what a sexy creature you are," said Nicole as she finished setting up the camera equipment and walked over to Alice.

"You do remember me telling you that photography was one of my hobbies right?"

Alice just stood frozen at the bottom of the staircase staring at Nicole.

"Well given your obvious interest in exhibitionism and the potential of the images I can capture of you in that outfit I just have to do a quick photo shoot of you. I think I will call this series 'Introductions'. What do you think?" asked Nicole as she placed her hand around Alice's waist and started to pull her towards the camera setup.

Pictures, thought Alice as she walked along with Nicole, she wants me to pose for pictures dressed like this, and without underwear! This cannot be happening, why does she want these pictures. Stupid question, but what does she plan to do with them. Alice did not want a bunch of pictures coming back to hunt her in the future if this goes bad, or worst yet Susan decides to use them to exact revenge on me for not going along. No, Alice did not want to do this.

Alice suddenly stopped just before getting in front of the camera and prepared to make her feelings known to Nicole.

"Puppet don't worry," said Nicole as she placed her hands around Alice's waist. "These pictures will not be seen by anyone but us. Like you I love the female form and enjoy capturing it at its best to be revisited in the future. You have to understand that this is a major part of my life and if you want to be a part of it you will have to go along. So way not give it a try, we will look at the pictures later and see what you think, okay?"

Nicole leaned in and gave Alice a soft kiss in an attempt to reassure her.

Alice just stood there still frozen, playing the part where she would have to play along if she wanted to continue a relationship with Nicole. If she wanted to protect her parents she would have to go forward with this. Now not only would she be outted with a girlfriend there would be erotic photos to back up that image. Photos controlled be a girl who was acting more like a boss or owner than a girlfriend. However Alice knew she had to keep the relationship going and once again could only nod.

"Excellent puppet," Nicole said with a smile. "Now just stand against that wall and give me that sexy innocent look you do so well."

Alice complied with the request and simply went back to autopilot moving and posing as Nicole directed and not even thinking what the camera was capturing. Given some of the poses it would be obvious that Alice was not wearing any underwear and Nicole assumed that Alice was willing to show all for her new lover if that is what she wanted and it was.

"Ok great," stated Nicole, "now stand up and slowly lift the front of your skirt."

"What," shouted Alice coming out of her trance, feeling this request crossed the line.

"You heard me puppet," stated Nicole in a demanding voice. "I want you to lift the front of your skirt and smile for the camera."

"I've went along with your requests but that one just goes too far," said Alice as she walked behind the couch for protection.

"What did you just say," growled Nicole as she shot from behind the camera and pulled Alice over the couch leaving her ass exposed. Nicole knelt on the couch pinning Alice's head and hands down and giving her perfect access to her ass.

SLAP. "First how are you supposed to address me!"

"Ma'am, mistress sorry mistress," pleaded Alice. "It's just I never let anyone photograph me naked before."


"Well tonight has been a night of firsts for you puppet hasn't it?" Asked Nicole.

SLAP. "Ahhh, yes mistress it has," answered Alice with tears in her eyes.

"And you want a relationship with me, don't you puppet?" Inquired Nicole as she gently rubbed her ass.

Alice could not believe the question. Here she was in the basement of a strange house dressed like a slut and getting beaten to admit something she does not want but her tormentor believes is the case.

Alice did not want to give an answer but was scared of getting hit again. "Yes mistress, I do want a relationship with you."

Nicole just smiled. Like at the club she was worried that she went to fast and pushed to far. However, if Alice were willing to do this then she would be willing to do any pose she wanted and if she accepted her bondage later tonight well then the sky was the limit.

"Very good puppet," said Nicole as she released Alice and walked back to the camera. "Remember if you want a relationship with me you have to remember that I'm in charge, got it?"

"Yes mistress."

"Good, I like my girlfriends to understand my desires and my hobbies. So if I tell you to pose for some pictures what will you do?"

"I will pose for them mistress."

"If I ask you anything else?"

"I will do as you ask mistress."

"Excellent," stated Nicole. However given the recent events I think it would be better if you came to this side of the couch and leaned over showing that nice red ass to the camera."

"Yes mistress."

Nicole just smiled and she continued her photo shoot.

Alice was still in shock and ashamed about the activities that happen at Nicole's home and just waited patently cuffed on the couch as Nicole cleaned up and prepared to leave for her home. Alice felt defeated. In the last 12 hours she had her first date ever, and it was with a girl. Her first kiss, again with a girl. Groped for the first time, again by a girl. Found out she was going to have to keep up this demented relationship for the next eight months and lost her best friend. Posed for a nude photo shoot and now sat handcuffed waiting for her mistress to retrieve her, as she could not see Nicole as her girlfriend, and drive her home.

Nicole on the other hand could not be happier. After years of failed relationships she had found someone who shared her interests and enjoyed playing her little games. She had pushed her puppet quite a bit tonight and each time she accepted what Nicole wanted her to do. After the photo shoot she knew that Alice was the girl for her. She was shy and hesitant but in the end was willing to comply with her orders. Yes Nicole was enjoying her new conquest as she finished packing an overnight bag and grabbed a few items to introduce Alice to her other hobby and walked to retrieve her puppet.

The ride was quite and uneventful and Alice was happy to be using Nicole's sports car and not the bike. Alice was still in shock and ashamed about what had happened in Nicole's basement and for what she had done since the start of this nightmare. All she could do was look at her lap and announce directions to her house.

"It's ok puppet", said Nicole as she reached over and started to rub Alice's exposed thigh. "I know tonight was a hard night but you did very well. You just have to get used to listening, it will come in time."

"Yes mistress," was all Alice was able to say.

"Will you take it easy, Nicole barked. "You're dressed like a slut and you yourself told me about your no panties days, you are an exhibitionist who is looking for an excuse to show off. Well now I'm that excuse. You will dress in what I say where I say. You agreed to this relationship and I do not want to see this attitude. So step up or get out."

"Yes mistress, I'm sorry mistress," replied Alice as she turned to look at Nicole. The exchange hit Alice hard. She was not a slut that much Alice knew; she was a virgin and so far has only been touched by one person. However she had a harder time countering Nicole's argument about being an exhibitionist. Yes she was used to being seen in skimpy cloths thanks to growing up doing ballet and her normal school uniforms are short. But all of the girls at school wear them and most participate in the no panties days. Ok maybe not as much as Alice did but they all did it. It is like undressing in the locker room, it's normal. However if you like girls it would not be normal. No her activities would point to something far more risqué. Had she been building an image of enjoying being exposed in public all these years now to have it taken over by another?

"That is much better puppet, I like that enthusiasm," stated Nicole as her hand returned to Alice's thigh. Only this time the action was greeted by a smile from Alice. "Now tell me which Driveway I'm supposed to turn into."

Alice just lay naked on the four-legged ottoman in her living room, her nipples just visible at the front end and her hips over the back. Her face pressed deep into the cushion of the sofa in front of her as Nicole was finishing braiding a rope into her hair. Nicole thought about how great it was to finally find a girl who was such a willing participant in her hobby. Yes she was able to practice the art of shibari on others but they did not appreciate it as an art form and kept asking her how much longer it would take or be hesitant after the their first experience. However Alice did not mumble a word for the hour it took her to bind her in such a complex hog-tie. With a little bit of luck, and some tenderness, Alice would enjoy this hobby as much as Nicole. With a pull of the rope Alice's head was lifted from the couch and faced strait ahead.

"How does that feel puppet, not too tight I hope," inquired Nicole.

"No mistress it feels fine," answered Alice and she meant it. After having to endure what felt like hours she did not feel sore. Her ankles crossed one over the other and secured together, her wrists were tied similarly. From there the rope ran up to her elbows which were tied together with five inches of space in-between and held apart by a coil of rope. A rope was wrapped around her chest above and below her breasts and was coiled from the mid point between her breasts until it separated and circled her neck where they went down her back and secured the elbow rope to her torso. The harness was then wrapped around the two front legs of the ottoman and secured to the rope coiled to her collar. Her hips where similarly tied to the rear legs. Her knees where held apart by a rope tied to each of them and pulled to the front legs of the ottoman and tied, separating her knees and exposing her pussy to anyone standing behind her The ropes held just enough tension that her mussels were not getting fatigued but where not so tight that they caused any pain.

"Good, I would hate it if my puppet was uncomfortable," said Nicole as she stood up and slowly circled Alice admiring her work. "It would mean I did not do a good job." Walking to the side Nicole reached into her bag to retrieve the camera.

Alice closed her eyes and shuddered when she saw the flash and heard the snap of the camera. She is taking more pictures thought Alice. She wanted to tell Nicole to stop, to hide her head in shame, but she could do neither. The ropes kept her from moving; in effect they made her a puppet, held in place by her strings keeping her out in the open and in front of the cameras eye. Alice also remembered the events from earlier that day. If Nicole wanted to take pictures of her she would let Nicole take pictures of her. However to Alice this was worse than being photographed naked. Here she was completely under the control of another, her mistress. These photos are not merely sexy or erotic these were going to be pornographic.

Nicole took her time snapping pictures from different angles. This was the first time a partner was willing to let her do such a complicated bondage configuration and she did not want to pass it up. She also loved the erotic appeal of these photographs and was very pleased she how not only had a willing participant but someone who seem accepting of her photographing them in some very exposed and potentially embarrassing ways.

Putting down the camera Nicole knelt by Alice's side she slowly started to caress both Alice's chin and pussy. "You have been very good and patent puppet and disserve a reward," purred Nicole.

"Thank you mistress," replied Alice relived that the photo shoot was finally over, her second of the day.

"Don't mention it puppet," said Nicole now coxing out her clitoris. "It cannot be work and no play no matter how much fun work is, right puppet," Nicole punctuating her statement with a gentle pinch of the Alice's clitoris.

Alice let out a quick gasp and she tried to pull away from Nicole's hand. However the ropes where tied perfectly and the tension throughout her body kept her from doing anything but tense up. A slight squirm was all the evidence of Alice's instinctive reaction to try and close her legs, move her hands to protect herself or move her body out of the way.

"Ahhhh, yes mistress your right mistress," grunted Alice. Given a choice she would not want to be in this situation but for some reason the attention was not turning her off. In fact she could feel her pussy throbbing. Her mind went back on autopilot as she felt her body warming up once again, her pussy once again becoming wet.

"That's it my puppet, relax and enjoy the ride," said Nicole as she inserted her finger to once again examine the hymen that had become hers.

Oh my God though Alice as she felt the finger go in and out in and out teasing her clit and rubbing along her slit. Alice had never felt anything like this before. Yes she masturbated many times before but now that she felt the touch of another, one much more experienced than herself, she realized the full potential of what her body had to offer.

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