tagNonConsent/ReluctanceWith Strings Attached Ch. 12 Pt. 02

With Strings Attached Ch. 12 Pt. 02


'Cousin.' That single word sent Alice into a full panic as she spun around to come face to face with her blackmailer.

"Happy new year," announced Susan as she strode past Alice to give Nicole a hug.

Still chained to Nicole's wrist Alice had to follow her captor and watch. The nervousness she felt from being out with Nicole and what Nicole and Kathy were planning for her future completely washed away by the appearance of her tormentor.

"And look at you," stated Susan as if talking to a five year old, an evil smile on her face, "all sweet and sexy in that tinker bell costume. It's perfect!"

Alice could only swallow as she looked at Susan, still stunned by her arrival. She looked so beautiful, so powerful, and so evil. The bodice of her black satin dress fit her like a second skin and highlighted her ample cleavage. The skirt ending just above her calves was covered in a black mesh. Her arms were encased in long black satin gloves the ended just below her shoulders, a shawl in the form of bat wings was secured to the length of the gloves and attached to the back of a black chocker she wore around her neck, a silver bat hanging on the front. A mask in the shape of a bat and black lipstick completed her sinister look.

"What's the matter," laughed Susan, "is the tinkling of that little bell the only sound you can make? Well I can see by the looks of things that the two of you are working out well."

"Yes things are working out very well," purred Nicole as she spun Alice around and pulled her to her side. "It is the best Christmas present I have ever gotten. Thank you."

"I knew she would be," replied Susan, "Alice seemed custom made for you."

Susan's statement sent a chill through Alice. She truly did feel like a present to the dominant lesbian, Susan's blackmail made sure she complied with Nicole's wishes and desires and in effect custom made Alice to fit Nicole's perverted desires.

"And it's good to see you too Kathy," continued Susan who turned her attention to the blonde. "How are things working with John?"

"Things are working out fantastically," announced Kathy. "My parents think he is just great and his are happy he is now dating a girl. Everyone is very pleased we are a couple and best of all no more pressure about being perceived as a lesbian."

"Excellent," replied Susan. "So are you planning to find a new playmate?"

"Why, are you in the market?" asked Kathy in a playful tone.

"No," laughed Susan looking towards Alice. "I prefer the company of men."

Alice knew the statement was meant to be a slap in the face and unable to confront Susan she simply dropped her gaze wishing the floor would open to swallow her up and end the nightmare. Per her habit, Alice started to bite her lip as she began to cross her arms under her breasts in a defensive posture. However instead of giving her a slight feeling of comfort she felt a sharp pain as pressure from her arms caused the corset to press on the nipple clamps. Dropping her arms quickly Alice concentrated on not drawing attention to herself or her plight. Her mind completely unaware of how her body and clit tingled from the stimulation as she subconsciously rubbed her thighs together.

"Still it never hurts to sample what is available," purred Nicole as she gently stroked the back of Alice's hair.

"Yes," added Kathy while turning to Nicole, "and you can always go back to what you like."

"Really!" stated Susan, turning her attention to Nicole. "I thought things were going very well between you an Alice."

"They are," replied Nicole. "She is an absolute treasure willing to anything for the one she loves. Isn't that right puppet?"

"Yes mistress," answered Alice once again tuning her eyes to the floor but stopping her arms from crossing under her chest.

"Anything," purred Susan as she placed her finger under Alice's chin forcing her to look at the smile across her lips. "That is just what I like to hear."

"As do I," added Nicole turning to look at Kathy, "and I try to test Alice on her devotion often and so far she has not failed. So knowing that I would enjoy Kathy's company she unselfishly suggested that I should be intimate with Kathy as well."

"Well given the number of other woman you have allowed Alice to be with I'd say it was only fair that she let you play a little too."

"Oh she is going to do more than play a little," laughed Kathy, "if we have anything to do about it."

"First we have to settle on a few things," stated Nicole as she unclipped Alice's leash from her wrist. "Would you be so kind as to mind my puppet?"

"I would be happy to," replied Susan as she took the leash from Nicole.

Alice stared at the hand off in panic, for her the leash symbolized ownership. Even though it was Susan holding the threat over her being tethered to Nicole, it meant she had to obey Nicole. Now that symbol was being handed over to her blackmailer placing her in control of the one she feared more than her mistress.

"Come my fairy princess," ordered Susan as she pulled the leash causing Alice to move quickly to her side in hopes of hiding her tether.

Nervously Alice followed Susan across the room. A quick glance over her shoulder confirmed that she was forgotten by her girlfriend as she stood deep in conversation with Kathy. Returning her gaze forward she followed Susan around a decoration at the side of the dance floor and into a small woman's bathroom. Alice was pulled to the center of the foyer and released as Susan began to slowly circle her pry.

With the wing like shawl fluttering around her with every movement of her arms, Alice truly felt like a fairy trapped by a depraved bat. Crossing her arms once again over her chest Alice was again reminded of the evil clamps that held her nipples as she let out a gasp and dropped her hands to her sides. The action drew a small laugh from Susan as she stopped in front her.

"My, just look at you," purred Susan. "What have you got yourself into?"

"Me!" squeaked Alice trying to hold back the tears; she had done nothing put try and get out of the mess she was in. But with the threat of losing her parents she had no choice but to go along with Susan's demands. "You are the one making me do this."

"True," laughed Susan, as she closed in on the nervous girl before her. "But you were the one who talked behind my back making me out to be some sort of bitch acting all high and moral. Well you got in the way of the bitch and the bitch scooped you up and put you in your place. Now you are nothing but a very kinky lesbian slut. And I have seen the evidence on all those pictures and videos. Yes, what would happen if some of the more risqué ones got out?"

Alice could no longer hold back the tears as they began to stream down her face. All the depraved things that she agreed to do with Nicole, all the pictures and videos. Alice cringed in horror as her mind tried to think about what she had done, and the choices she had made. She had lost her virginity to a girl. She had let herself become the sexual plaything of a lesbian. If those got out they would follow her forever, she would be humiliated.

"Yes my fairy princess," stated Susan as she begun to circle Alice once again this time sliding her hand around Alice's tightly corseted waist, "I have access to everything, all the pictures, all the videos, even Nicole's and your computers along with those voyeur cams in your house. So the more you try to fight it the more comes out. I even setup a facebook page and flickr account for you."

A cruel smile forming on her face from her victory; it was always a power trip for her when she got someone completely under her thumb, but this time it was different; stronger, more exciting... arousing. This was a whole new level of control and decadence, Alice had to be what she wanted her to be. The shy girl who liked to hide in the background now had to show off as a sexual lure. The completely innocent girl who had very limited contact with boys now had to shun the male sex and solely interact with women. The straight girl now had to be a lesbian, and like any good lesbian her sexual desires were to focus on pleasing and attracting women. The best part was she barely had to do a thing as her cousin kept tight control of her prey.

"You mean I have to do more," squeaked Alice as Susan guided her over to the sinks.

"I'm afraid so my fairy princess," cooed Susan in a breathy, sexy voice as she placed her hand on Alice's back and slowly drew her fingers down over the laces of the corset and coming to rest over her ass. "And the more you do the fewer pictures will be released." Her hand continued its journey down her skirt, reversing course after the hem and began its assent between Alice's thighs towards its final target.

Alice let out a surprised grunt as the leash was pulled taut and Susan's hand was planted on the middle of her back forcing her to lean over the vanity and look into the mirror. She could only gaze into her own eyes and brace herself as she felt Susan's nylon covered finger caress her labia. Her desperate desire to run was suppressed as she knew the consequences of not obeying, as she was owned now, a sex slave to another woman.

Susan smiled as she felt Alice obey her and that she was already wet. Slowly moving her finger up and down she took her time, making sure Alice knew her body was willing to suffer as maximum humiliation possible. Applying a little pressure her finger disappeared between the folds of her lips and into Alice's body.

Alice closed her eyes, mentally from the assault and physically from the arousal her body was feeling as Susan's finger slid across her pussy. It was bad enough that Nicole knew she became aroused from rubbing against her thigh but this was a whole new level. Susan knew the truth; knew she was not interested in women and yet here she was bracing herself against the vanity of a public bathroom with Susan, a woman, knowing that her body was ready and wanting attention, attention from a girl.

"Yes you are going to have to do much more," explained Susan her voice sounding sultry and almost hypnotic, her own vagina moistening from dominating and humiliating the little fairy. "Not when your body so craves the attention, the humiliation. You will continue down the rabbit hole."

'No, this can't be happening, I don't want this,' thought Alice but the only sound to escape her lips was a soft whimper. She did not want to be in a relationship with another girl and she did not want her body to become aroused from the contact it was receiving. However as Susan maintained control of her life and she felt her pussy hot and wet she knew both would ignore her wish. Her eyes sprung open and she let out a loud moan as Susan pulled her finger back and thrust deeply within her, then continued to piston in and out and she could feel her arousal increasing with each push.

Susan smiled as she continued to tease and probe Alice's tight pussy. She could not believe how aroused she was becoming from controlling this naïve girl. She could tell that Alice wanted her to stop, to tell her to stop, but all resistance was forced out. "Yes, you are nothing but a little lesbian slut."

"I'm not a lesbian," gasped Alice as she tried to hold on to her identity.

"Really, not a lesbian," spat Susan as she pulled her finger out of Alice's pussy causing a loud slurping sound and a moan from Alice, the smell of her arousal now dominating the room. "Look at me," ordered Susan as she gave a tug on the leash.

Opening her eyes Alice could see Susan's gloved hand covered in her juices with large amounts dripping down the middle finger. Rubbing her thumb against her middle finger Susan moved her hand to her nose and took a quick sniff.

"For a girl who has not been close to a boy all night you sure seem to be very aroused," stated Susan. "How about it Alice what made you this wet? Some boy you were dancing with? No? How about Nicole? Was she the one that caused this.... or was it me?" Susan placed her fingers in front of Alice's face and slowly moved them back and forth under her nose. "So my fairy princess, was it me?"

"No," squeaked Alice, not wanting to let Susan know she was becoming aroused by her actions.

"So it must be my cousin," replied Susan. "She is very sexy and desirable, but she is a girl."

"It's just..." muttered Alice letting the sentence trail as she did not know how to finish it.

"No buts! Did your girlfriend make you wet or not?" injected Susan in a firm tone. She stared into Alice's face and was happy she did not try to argue back. "So tell me my little heterosexual, have you ever kissed a boy? Has one ever seen you naked? Touched you intimately?"

Alice just stood frozen in place, too embarrassed to confront Susan. She knew that the fact that the answer to each question was not proof that she didn't like boys, but it highlighted the fact that she had no heterosexual experience.

"Cannot answer," laughed Susan. "How about the other side, have you ever kissed a girl? Has any girl seen you naked in a sexual situation? Touched you intimately? Well my little fairy princess, too ashamed to answer? Who did you lose your virginity to? Don't just stand there, answer me! And you better answer me correctly."

"Nicole," cried Alice, "I lost my virginity to Nicole!" Alice hated this line of questioning as the answers did not match her desires. For her it was mortifying that she not only lost her virginity to another girl but had it filmed like some porn star.

"Yes," purred Susan, "And have any girls seen you naked?

"Yes," replied Alice remembering when she flashed the three girls at the movie theater.

"Touched you intimately?"

"Yes," whispered Alice as her encounters with April and Vicky went through her mind.

"All of your sexual encounters have been lesbian," stated Susan, "so saying you're not a lesbian when you are only intimate with woman is incorrect, right?"

"Yes Susan you're right," whimpered Alice unable to say the word.

"Good girl," sang Susan. "I also noticed you did not dispute the fact that you are a slut. So you agree that you are a slut?"

Yes," replied Alice not wanting another confrontation with Susan.

"Excellent," purred Susan, "We are making progress. So since you are both a lesbian and a slut, you are a lesbian slut, correct?"

"Correct," stated Alice hoping this would come to an end.

"And a lesbian slut is a woman who is sexually promiscuous with only women, so therefore you are sexually promiscuous only with women?"


"Now what does a teenage girl who believes she is a lesbian slut do," inquired Susan.

"She would want to be with women, think about them," whimpered Alice.

"Correct," replied Susan, "and which women would you be thinking of?"

"Nicole, Alice, and Vicky," answered Alice.

"Yes and who else," pressed Susan.

"Any women I see," replied Alice.

"Very good," laughed Susan. "But I want you to look for more. The internet is full of pictures and movies of beautiful women, celebrities, cheerleaders, ballerinas, women in bondage and women experimenting with other women. Just like the ones of you. You should be looking at them too, collecting them."

"I have to look at women on the internet," stated Alice.

"Yes, I'm glad we are now in agreement," stated Susan as she pushed her finger back into Alice, a slurp sound announcing its return. "You were even involved in a threesome with two other women, all very lesbian acts. In fact I'd bet you are the most sexually experienced girl in your school. Not bad for just starting a few weeks ago."

Alice remained quite, not wanting to have to continue the conversation, and only let out a sharp gasp as Susan's finger reentered her. Alice closed her eyes as she remained frozen in place, too embarrassed from how her body reacted and nervous of the confrontation with Susan.

A cruel smirk appeared on Susan's face as she drove her finger back into Alice's wet cunt. Feeling her body stiffen Susan pulled the leash tight and placed her hand on Alice's back. Pushing forward and she pulled her finger back and pulling on the leash as she thrust forward. Alice could not stop her body from reacting to the command; squirming and moving her hips in time with Susan's finger.

"That's it you lesbian slut, ride my finger," stated Susan, a tone of satisfaction in her voice. "Now its time to discuss how things are going to play out."

As everyone got ready for the countdown Alice took her position next to Susan with Scott filming with his phone to their left and Kathy standing across from him on their right, John stood slightly behind her. Susan stood across from them completing the square. On cue the performance began.

"Come on Susan let her do it," laughed Scott as he filmed the event.

"I'm not making out with a girl for your perverted pleasure," shot Susan.

"It's not for his pleasure," injected John. "Alice said she would love to kiss you since you have no one to kiss at midnight."

"Scott has no one to kiss either," replied Susan. "And I don't see you trying to convince her to kiss him."

"Don't worry about me," laughed John, "besides she said she wanted to kiss you."

"She did say that," injected Kathy in a drunken tone.

"I'm sure she would be just as happy kissing you," replied Susan.

"Sorry, I have no interest in kissing a girl," replied Kathy. "Besides I have John."

"You don't have to kiss me," shot John as he started filming with his phone.

"You want me to kiss someone else!" replied Kathy on a shocked tone.

"A girl is not someone else," answered John.

"Well you may not be kissing anyone at midnight either," spat Kathy. "I have enough trouble with people thinking I'm gay without my boyfriend pushing me to kiss another girl. Not for me."

"No sidetracking," shouted Scott. "This is about Alice kissing Susan and that's what I want to see."

As the countdown approached zero Susan started to respond to Scott's comment but didn't have a chance as Alice took her cue and lunged to Susan grasping the back of her head and sealed her lips against Susan's before any words escaped. Acting surprised Susan placed her hands on Alice's shoulders in a mock attempt to hold off her unwanted suitor. As the crowd yelled 'Happy New Year!' Alice and Susan kept up the kiss. She knew if she didn't things would be worse. Susan would release pictures and movies of her. As Scott and John cheered the two of them on Kathy and Nicole laughed.

As Susan finally broke free of Alice's grasp and push away she too began to laugh. "Wow, that girl friend of yours is really a good kisser," stated Susan, joining the playful banter.

""And aggressive to- mmph!" was all Kathy was able to say before Alice pulled her in close for a passionate kiss. Kathy pretended to gasp in surprise Alice drove her tongue into her mouth for a very aggressive French kiss as Alice's right hand held Kathy's head firmly in place she slid her left over Kathy's breast resulting in a moan from Kathy before dropping it down along Kathy's side and grabbing her ass cheek; squeezing it resulting in a muffled yelp and a laugh from the group.

"Looks like you aren't getting kissed," stated Scott.

"I don't care," replied John as he focused on the show put on before him.

Breaking the kiss Alice moved back to Nicole's side, her arms thrust up in victory. Taking her cue Nicole grabbed Alice by the waist to pull her in for a passionate kiss.


She could not believe her situation; her first real New Years Eve kiss was not only with a woman but three, filmed so the scandalous videos could be sent to the boyfriends of Kathy's fellow cheerleaders. It seemed like an ever deepening perverted nightmare for which she was a reluctant participant, unable to change or escape it. Not wanting to deal with the situation Alice simply sat obediently on Kathy's lap as Nicole drove her two lovers to her home, lacking any mental restraints, her body instinctively responding to Kathy's gentle caressing and the grinding of her ass. However Alice tensed up as she felt Kathy's breath on the nap of her neck. Knowing she was about to slip deeper into the abyss Alice pressed both hands onto the leather of the seat cushions gripping them tightly as she felt Kathy's wet tongue slide up along her spine from her shoulder blades to the top of her neck.

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